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  • Woolly Alpaca
    Woolly Alpaca Day ago

    Bunny and MOUSE lol

  • DTB 1217
    DTB 1217 6 days ago

    Btw her name is Dove Cameron not Cameron Dove

  • Grace Puckett
    Grace Puckett 9 days ago

    Unbox Carlos doll cause Cameron Boyce passed away.

  • Amber Hall
    Amber Hall 16 days ago

    I have a Barbie that is from Barbie spy squad and you can change what she looks like by doing that kind of stuff

  • Amber Hall
    Amber Hall 16 days ago

    I have that mal doll!!!

  • Katie Marie
    Katie Marie 17 days ago

    Twyla is a freshman.

  • forza 73
    forza 73 17 days ago

    I love that your husband appreciates your love of dolls!!!! You guys keep my childhood innocence alive. Thank you

  • Lexia B.
    Lexia B. 18 days ago

    She is so pretty I want her but I think her eyes are green

  • Melanie Martinez
    Melanie Martinez 18 days ago

    Only two times have I watched it...

  • Baby Blake
    Baby Blake 27 days ago

    I just got the boomerang one from fred meyer for $7, sooo happy

  • Unicorns Nursery
    Unicorns Nursery 27 days ago

    Did you delete the mommy and gracie show channel for good?

  • Galka Prodelaylo
    Galka Prodelaylo 28 days ago

    I have one glitter girl doll and her name is eline

  • Joanne Lindley
    Joanne Lindley Month ago

    Aww love them gorgeous boys we need more 18inch boys

  • Melanie Martinez
    Melanie Martinez Month ago

    OMG i haven’t seen u in over a year I cried because I haven’t seen “mommy” or “Gracie” in so long I’m CRYING 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fancy Emma
    Fancy Emma Month ago

    I went to Hawaii and went to pearl harbor I have nanea she's my favorite doll

  • Grace Donovan
    Grace Donovan Month ago

    Love “Cameron Dove”❤️😂

  • Joanne Lindley
    Joanne Lindley Month ago

    Beautiful doll i would love to have in my collection

  • Aldair Garcia-Lueza

    Can you give me jane Carlos

  • Kate The lama
    Kate The lama Month ago

    Waddles needs to be there! /} {\ (.- .) />🐷

  • rosalie xoxoxo
    rosalie xoxoxo Month ago

    Did you take down all the videos with Gracie in it

  • josylee33
    josylee33 Month ago

    I watched it 5 times

  • Griselda Mayer
    Griselda Mayer Month ago


  • Lexies Zside
    Lexies Zside Month ago

    Mine was £14

  • Ally Ball
    Ally Ball Month ago

    Your stupid

  • Shondra Rener
    Shondra Rener Month ago

    14 time I watch d3

  • Pallas Cats Are Awesome

    They're so cute! And I love the wing hairpins Angel comes with, I want them!

  • Mlp Flutters
    Mlp Flutters Month ago

    Im like 11, am i allowed to play with this? I meen, shes a dance and sing doll like every dancer would love this

  • GamingWithGeorge
    GamingWithGeorge Month ago

    she is so beauitful nanea i like her outfit sincelery nicole

  • gisell Giboryy
    gisell Giboryy 2 months ago

    So funny an old lady laughing

  • Chase Mernaugh
    Chase Mernaugh 2 months ago

    I looked on Amazon and she was $100

  • vic jasenn b. micutuan

    wow 😇😇🔝IG:vic_jasenn

  • Wolf Guns
    Wolf Guns 2 months ago

    I have horses

  • Renee Perry
    Renee Perry 2 months ago

    My kid is dying for this little cutie

  • Katie Paquette
    Katie Paquette 2 months ago

    I love horses so much and I ride horses 🐴 you unbox Breyer horses

  • Zaria Palmer
    Zaria Palmer 2 months ago

    I had to order it off Amazon

  • smart cookie
    smart cookie 2 months ago

    Idk how many times I have watched it

  • ArmiGirl90
    ArmiGirl90 2 months ago

    Dizzy is so cute! You should see her in emoji form from Descendants 2 As Told by Emoji!

  • Paolo Figallo
    Paolo Figallo 2 months ago


  • Sarah loves dolls
    Sarah loves dolls 2 months ago

    Unfortunately I don't have that much money.

  • Sarah loves dolls
    Sarah loves dolls 2 months ago

    Omg she's so beautiful I really want Nanea.

  • Ashley Idon
    Ashley Idon 2 months ago

    You mean Stanford, to bill prof the shack

  • Ashley Idon
    Ashley Idon 2 months ago

    The last Mabelcorn

  • Giselle Barragan
    Giselle Barragan 2 months ago

    I love JoJo Siwa “Kid In The Candy Store”

  • Mel A
    Mel A 2 months ago

    My holy Grail dolls! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🦄

  • Joanna Sieradzińska
    Joanna Sieradzińska 3 months ago

    I have frankie stien from the emoji line

  • Jennifer Vigil
    Jennifer Vigil 3 months ago

    I am getting her

  • Makelle G
    Makelle G 3 months ago

    Can I just say that you are beautiful and I love your videos

  • Braedon Belair
    Braedon Belair 3 months ago

    The Bluetooth feature should allow you to play the story’s on Apple Books. Imagine that thing reading Stephen Kings It!

    OKA BEAUTIFUL 3 months ago


  • my Thomas channel my Thomas channel

    I have this version I got it has a present yesterday

  • Leo Rodriguez
    Leo Rodriguez 3 months ago


  • Daniel S Toribio
    Daniel S Toribio 3 months ago


  • Julia Nagle
    Julia Nagle 3 months ago


  • I woke up like this flawless

    I love all tree he dolls but If I could pick a favorite it would be the green dress with the bun and one more thing I love you mommy doll corner😍😍💋💗

  • I woke up like this flawless

    Moms and daughters have a special bond and a relationship

  • I woke up like this flawless

    This is so funny

  • Aidyn The cake
    Aidyn The cake 4 months ago

    It looks green to me

  • my Thomas channel my Thomas channel

    I have two original one with two servos in the hinge battery cover I also have the 3 servo version

  • Maria American Girl dolls and more

    I’ve been to Hawaii !!

  • YøItzMatthew :3
    YøItzMatthew :3 4 months ago

    6:43 “King Mal and Isle of the Lost Evie” Wow lol 😂🤣 I laughed much more than I thought I would’ve

  • Savior Knight
    Savior Knight 4 months ago

    😂😂😂king mal and isle of the lost evie😂😂😂

  • my Thomas channel my Thomas channel

    I hacked one made by Ken foresee five worlds of wonder but he had no vest but he speaks in Mandarin Chinese I connected him to an MP3 converted the airship cuz I only have the Chinese one available edit I got the English and in my safe I forgot about this is a video I happens to see

    G'S FAMILY 4 months ago

    I love spirit

  • Sharon's Sanctuary
    Sharon's Sanctuary 4 months ago

    Ohhhh, they are sooooo adorable! I have two little girls from Babyland on the way to me. 😀 I haven’t been there but would love to; it’s on my bucket list.

  • Kelly Hood
    Kelly Hood 4 months ago

    These are some of the most beautiful dolls I've ever seen! 😍😍😍

  • Becky Beets
    Becky Beets 4 months ago


  • lola rainbow2
    lola rainbow2 4 months ago

    I like both. I cant decide between the two because they both have good details that i like

  • Mal Keenan Tan
    Mal Keenan Tan 4 months ago

    I want the eviedoll please😊😍😙😚❤💕💖👄

  • Aishath Humay
    Aishath Humay 4 months ago

    I like the candy store dall

  • Marinette dupain-cheng

    I think she look better with it off

  • EclipseTheMaster
    EclipseTheMaster 5 months ago

    Why is pru so underrated?

  • Celyne Scheneman
    Celyne Scheneman 5 months ago

    Love Wonder Woman 😍

  • Sara Roberts
    Sara Roberts 5 months ago

    Agreed they should've done a Ford funko pop

  • lisa bouita-owen
    lisa bouita-owen 5 months ago

    one time

  • lisa bouita-owen
    lisa bouita-owen 5 months ago


  • Mushu The bearded dragon

    Pru and Abigail

  • Jagdeep Ghotra
    Jagdeep Ghotra 5 months ago

    I'm getting this for my birthday

  • Cindy Carroll
    Cindy Carroll 5 months ago

    I love winx club 🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏽‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️

  • Michaela Larios
    Michaela Larios 5 months ago

    Did you wach Descendants 3

  • parisLuvs
    parisLuvs 6 months ago

    Miss you guys😞

  • Makciklee Yong
    Makciklee Yong 6 months ago


  • hailey carr
    hailey carr 6 months ago

    Where did you get your pops from?

  • Safi Matthews
    Safi Matthews 6 months ago

    Love the dolls PS Judy Garland used to be my favourite actress and Wizard of Oz was my favourite film

  • David Smith
    David Smith 6 months ago

    If Only They would have a baby land General in each of the 50 states I'm wondering if that could ever happen where they start franchising they would make a lot of money I kind of wish they were

  • Reese R
    Reese R 6 months ago

    I'm a fan of dance moms

  • Kiss Zsófia
    Kiss Zsófia 6 months ago

    Jojo siwa🎀🎀🎀🎀😇😇😇

  • my Thomas channel my Thomas channel

    I'm still looking for one made by Worlds of wonder where can I find one of those working not expensive with tape and book and grubby in the outfits where can I find them all separately at a decent price and the cord and battery covers I was just in case I need them

  • Sammy Ariel
    Sammy Ariel 6 months ago

    These have just arrived in the UK but the girls have plastic molded trousers which is disappointing. I do like their facial expressions & appreciate that their skin tone is very similar to the show.

  • Tehya Brown
    Tehya Brown 6 months ago

    WHY? Haters hate things like this. But I like it. At least they are pretty!!!!!

  • Arisa de Olde
    Arisa de Olde 6 months ago

    I looovvveeed monster high, it was basically my childhood from 7~10, I loved the design and variety of monsters, not just humans like barbies which is the first reason I loved them. yes it was only 3 years but I learned a lot of English from the shows and movies, it also inspired me to draw more, Sing! And be my self... Yea, don't judge. I basically learned a lot. In 2016, I moved to America from japan which is around when MH started to shift to their "Cutesy cutesy" style. I hated the new style of the movies, sure better quality of animation but it just didn't feel like Monster high. After they made a complete shift, I stopped buying them which is probably the cause of me not playing with them anymore. Yes I am 12 but I still love the old style and Idrc if anyone says I'm too old for dolls bc I used them as inspiration and I love art so they could still inspire me especially if there are NEW dolls. 😢 I miss the old Monster High

  • mshowers3
    mshowers3 6 months ago

    those dolls look so pretty !

  • Tehya Brown
    Tehya Brown 6 months ago

    I have this doll. Earlier today her right elbow broke off her arm. Can you give me directions on how to easily repair her broken elbow without completely gluing it on.

  • Admalium
    Admalium 6 months ago

    QUEEN OF DARK FOREST is the prettiest! I like dolls that that can be redressed or "dressed down" as in putting them in real life clothing style.

  • Lauren Peters
    Lauren Peters 6 months ago

    The little sisters are so cute

  • Apol Hobbies Happiness

    I will always support you Mommy <3 More doll reviews <3 #SoProFresh

  • Nedaj Ayaj
    Nedaj Ayaj 6 months ago

    teddy rubskin teddy rubskin teddy ruxpin you got your fuggin' junk food nicholas cage sonic teddy rubskin

  • Super Ninja
    Super Ninja 6 months ago


  • Teresa Page
    Teresa Page 6 months ago

    Love your mom the reason I subscribed 😂the dark Chocolate is my favorite🥰

  • Hayden Mermaid Gamer
    Hayden Mermaid Gamer 6 months ago

    I only think about the Mackenzie her eyes are to big but jojo she so nice looking like her

  • Gemma Westcott
    Gemma Westcott 6 months ago

    I have 3 ponies Sandy , BillyBob, Blue🏆🏆🏆🏆🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩