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  • Ruta Vitello
    Ruta Vitello 18 hours ago

    God bless everyone safe in Jesus Christ name Amen

  • Chris Sellick
    Chris Sellick Day ago

    Great quality video.Very clear.

  • Betelhem H
    Betelhem H Day ago

    GAWD another video I'll have block from my 6 yr old. First with those darn transforming Transformer costumes and now this, aint no way I building a cockpit in his room!

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer Day ago

      Nothing wrong with it! Good father and son bonding :)

  • Adnanjutt 00966531947679


  • Calensk Kaschak

    Tiny slip. The pilot of Air Canada Flight 143 side slipped a Boeing 767.

  • Brandon.fletch 22

    The engine is silent! 😲😀😂

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer Day ago

      And this is not even the neo! Check out my latest upload featuring the neo!

  • Olaf Boezelijn

    Good evening I'm addicted to your videos. They are great. Thanks for that. Greetings from Holland.

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer Day ago

      Thank you so much for being around! Greetings from Cyprus!

  • Hacı ÖZKURT
    Hacı ÖZKURT 2 days ago

    Ayyy cok tatlı hostes bununla yolculuk yapmak isterim selamlar

  • Ssuubi Conrad
    Ssuubi Conrad 2 days ago

    Nice 😂

  • Voreo mehu
    Voreo mehu 2 days ago

    Love your Videos what do you use to edit your videos?

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer Day ago

      Thanks for watching! I use Sony Vegas Pro.

  • Will Fellows
    Will Fellows 2 days ago

    Another great video, please could you answer theses questions would help an aspiring pilot so much. 1. Do you have any regrets of going to FTA or any regrets while at FTA? 2. What was the most difficult aspect of pf Flight school? 3. What's been the process like getting a job after? 4. What's the best piece of advice you could give me about flight school?

    • Will Fellows
      Will Fellows Day ago

      GreatFlyer Thank you so much this is so helpful. I’ll let you know if I have any other questions !

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer Day ago

      Hi Will! Thanks for watching. In a nutshell: 1) No regrets. 2) ATPL Theory and trying to cram knowledge while answering poorly worded or ambiguous questions. The IR is challenging as well but it's all practical, so it's a skill to acquire and has a lot to do with workload management. 3) You can apply straight after, most airlines require an MCC course, I did the MCC/JOC course at Simtech (simulator videos available in my channel). 4) Best advice? Do NOT end up paying 100.000 for your flight training if it can be done with half that money. Do your research and perhaps avoid the big names/pilot factories. Choose what's best for you. Please do let me know if you have any further questions.

  • Madeira Airport Spotting

    Really nice catch mate!

  • Steven Bradl
    Steven Bradl 3 days ago

    Man that computer sure is rude, calling the bird a retard and such!

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer Day ago

      Unacceptable computer behaviour.

  • mylosairplanefan
    mylosairplanefan 3 days ago

    Nice close-up shots mate, enjoyeed! :)

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer Day ago

      Glad you enjoyed it, stay tuned!

  • Amar Mams
    Amar Mams 3 days ago

    Hi thanks a lot it is my son's birthdays he feel in love with pegasus. He was very happy when he saw the vidéo.

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer Day ago

      Glad your son liked it! Stay tuned for more.

  • Otniel Naranjo
    Otniel Naranjo 3 days ago

    you speak spanish

    • Otniel Naranjo
      Otniel Naranjo Day ago

      @GreatFlyer Hola,mi pregunta es como o donde puedo comprar las piezas para hacer mi overhead panel? Saludos desde Miami👍👏👏👏good vidéo

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer Day ago

      Si, un poquito. Saludos desde Chypre!

  • Andrew Tubbiolo
    Andrew Tubbiolo 3 days ago

    I look at that plane and I think "". I like my version better. Pork airlines, it's gonna happen one day. The NEO is a fine airliner to travel in. I love it.

  • Martin Skov
    Martin Skov 3 days ago

    What a beautiful aircraft!

  • Chilly Pandora94
    Chilly Pandora94 3 days ago

    Fantastic shot of the Pegasus Airbus A320Neo taking off at Athens International Airport mate

  • Patrik Chatrnúch
    Patrik Chatrnúch 3 days ago


  • xhag1x
    xhag1x 4 days ago

    loooooovvee biplanes

  • AdseAviation
    AdseAviation 4 days ago

    Those dislikers is so busted for the smooth takeoff

  • dhdy1213
    dhdy1213 4 days ago

    how long does it take?

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer Day ago

      The IR? Mine took 1.5 months approx.

  • Zamir Tagiyev
    Zamir Tagiyev 5 days ago

    Can I have you compared to like you’re playing something like

  • Laborchef Dr. Klenk

    You don't have to confirm fuel cutoff and fire handle pull of the affected engine on ground, do you?

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer 4 days ago

      As per the QRH memory items, you need to confirm in order to avoid confirmation bias in other situations.

    IMOSEMI JAMES 5 days ago

    Practice makes perfect... great flight

  • Mostapha Bengharbi
    Mostapha Bengharbi 5 days ago

    X-plane 10 hhhhhhhhh

  • spadgm
    spadgm 5 days ago

    Very cool, would have loved to have seen that in person, but this is the next best thing!

  • maori warrior
    maori warrior 5 days ago

    Well done mate

  • jeff manuel
    jeff manuel 5 days ago


  • Angutinnguaq pike
    Angutinnguaq pike 5 days ago

    How did you buy that?

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer Day ago

      No, I built it. Check out my build video!

  • Pankaj Jaiswal
    Pankaj Jaiswal 5 days ago

    Great video ! Even at 360P its wonderful watching.

  • Pankaj Jaiswal
    Pankaj Jaiswal 5 days ago

    Noise is loud for comfort.

  • Gaming Ocelot
    Gaming Ocelot 5 days ago

    Really good airline!

    • Gaming Ocelot
      Gaming Ocelot Day ago

      It was really good since I have flown with it this summer

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer Day ago

      Have you flown with them recently? What was your experience like?

  • Sk Sk
    Sk Sk 6 days ago


  • Gam Vib
    Gam Vib 6 days ago

    What is this name

  • موسى فارس
    موسى فارس 6 days ago

    I love the big plane

  • Touchdowns Only
    Touchdowns Only 6 days ago

    Baby bus doo doo da doo doo doo

  • Yilmaz Arslan
    Yilmaz Arslan 7 days ago


  • Jesu C.
    Jesu C. 7 days ago

    That was cool

  • Eclipse Group USA
    Eclipse Group USA 8 days ago

    Thanks for sharing! Really love your channel. Nice work

    FSX CHANNEL 8 days ago

    Italians here😂😂

  • Adil Rahmani
    Adil Rahmani 8 days ago

    where did you buy your yoke?

  • Umer Khan
    Umer Khan 8 days ago

    So nice your video 😊😊😊

  • Itchyfeet
    Itchyfeet 8 days ago

    Wow that's amazing, great passion for aviation will certainly make you the great flyer in years to come...will certainly keep posted !

  • MasterOneLew
    MasterOneLew 9 days ago

    Love this plane. There’s one of these at East Midlands Aeropark and usually they give you a tour of the cabin and the cockpit. It’s a really cool looking aircraft, and the cockpit looks really complicated 😂😂

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer Day ago

      Been to EMA Aeropark! The Nimrod was my personal highlight.

  • Will Fellows
    Will Fellows 9 days ago

    Hi anyway, I can contact you and ask some questions about FTA from a student's perspective, as I’m thinking of joining. I love the videos, many thanks !!

    • Will Fellows
      Will Fellows 6 days ago

      @GreatFlyer 1. Do you have any regrets of going to FTA or any regrets while at FTA? 2. What was the most difficult aspect of pf Flight school? 3. What's been the process like getting a job after? 4. What's the best piece of advice you could give me about flight school?

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer 8 days ago

      Feel free, thanks for watching!

  • Heather stubbs
    Heather stubbs 9 days ago

    Hi there, Dimitrius; (I hope I spelled that correctly), and please correct me if I'm wrong. I know you made this over 6 years ago. You always make such amazing videos, so keep up your amazing work. I hate to put a damper on something, so I'd rather see it as a positive learning experience. In the title to Blog #4, you left out the letter n in the word "dagerous." I quoted it as you typed it, so you'd notice it and if possible, you can correct it. Also, when making your flight videos, I'd love it if you would record them in true, surround-sound stereo like you do with your plane spotting videos, because it distributes the sound in such a way that it sounds like we're inside the plane with you. Fortunately, the GoPro 7 in Black seems to do this well unless you bump the camera or if there's a loud sound that blocks out what you're recording. It's the healthiest type of audio, because it covers a much broader circumferance of the ears. When the audio is like all the older GoPros, it's too narrow, and the sound is aimed directly over the Vestibular Nerve right at the top of your head and squished right between the ears over the inner ear. Unfortunately, this can create a hissing or buzzing sound and a tingly feeling all over and can interfere with the fluid inside the inner ear. It may even result in the production of much more earwax than usual. I didn't realize this until I experienced a rash of massive ear infections, and being blind, I rely on my hearing like you would rely on your eyes. And yes, it can even cause people to lose their hearing if the volume is turned up too high. I hope this helps you to do the very best job you can do, and please educate others about this, too. Oh how I wish I could afford to travel to Greece, and especially to Aegina to visit Holy Trinity Cathedral and the Monastery that St. Nektarios started, because I want to experience his annointing at his shrine. I suffer with a condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia which is also called the suicide disease, because the pain is so intense that people take their own lives to make the pain stop once and for all. Fortunately, I no longer want my life to end here in this world, because I have so many beautiful people in my life from the Holy Orthodox Church. They're my family, or as they put it, I'm in their family now, and that says a lot. I've been blind since birth, and it hasn't done me any harm, because I do have four other senses which I've learned to use to God's glory. I also don't live *with* my condition but ***through*** it which makes it easier to go out in public, because I'm no longer afraid of having an attack while I'm out there anywhere. I also know how good it is to have my mobility, because I've had to have both knees rebuilt over the years, because I don't want to ever have to wear an artificial knee replacement. I suffer with brittle cartalage that can break up, so I take supplements to keep that from happening. Anyway, keep making these amazing videos, and please light a candle for me if you do go to church. I really hope you'll become a commercial pilot, unless you're already one now. I also hope they also crack down on drunk pilots over there, because they shouldn't be drinking and flying. I read the title of a video that said that a drunk pilot was doing ayleron rolls over there. If you come to Atlanta, look me up. I'd love to meet you, so you can link a face with my name. I live about 8 miles or so from PDKA. Hope to hear from you soon. PS: I'm probably old enough to be your mother, so it's not like I'd be a romantic thing. Still, it'd be cool to shake your hand. Take care, and happy travels!

  • sweet lady
    sweet lady 9 days ago


  • MBS Travel & Photography

    Nice airplanes, Thanks for sharing, good wishes 👍

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer 9 days ago

      Thanks for watching, stay tuned for more!

  • Celtic
    Celtic 9 days ago

    So cool, mate, thanks for sharing....

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer 9 days ago

      Thanks for watching, please check out my new videos from Skiathos!

  • DrRandom
    DrRandom 9 days ago

    when you drop your phone at the seat your sitting in a commercial jet, why doesn’t your phone go flying back at 500 mph

    • DrRandom
      DrRandom 9 days ago

      GreatFlyer Lol I know, because if the plane is moving at 500 and you are in it, the phone is moving at the exact same speed. Newton’s laws of motion.

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer 9 days ago

      Because its relative speed was zero the time it was dropped?

  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar 10 days ago

    Rahul Kumar

  • Sam Both
    Sam Both 10 days ago

    Ghh n Ljjp99i90⅚ is 9q5 Yc,,g,fhjv chc, hbh,- ga.

  • Kerewin Tom
    Kerewin Tom 10 days ago

    Just watched blue thunder and I just had to know if helicopters can actually do loopings. Guess this answers that. Amazing!

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer 9 days ago

      Thanks for watching, please stay tuned for uploads from the 2019 version of this airshow

  • Mohammad Bino
    Mohammad Bino 11 days ago

    My god .. Our beloved AGR ... Worked for 15 years on this a/c . Its out of sevice now , been sold somewhere in africa now or spare parts . Nice vedio man .thanks .

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer 9 days ago

      Thanks for watching, please check out my other videos plane spotting at LCA!

  • Mark Goodman
    Mark Goodman 11 days ago

    I’ve been in that exact model as you

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer 9 days ago

      What a thrilling experience.

  • Sebs
    Sebs 11 days ago

    Nothing is more beautiful than this!

  • Pleiades
    Pleiades 11 days ago

    Fantastic!!! Keep it up!

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer 9 days ago

      Thanks for watching, stay tuned!

  • Matteo Mariano
    Matteo Mariano 11 days ago

    RIP Adria :(

  • North Guy
    North Guy 11 days ago


  • Purjelentovlogi
    Purjelentovlogi 12 days ago

    Now who brings a dog along to watch airplanes take off 100ft away?

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer 9 days ago

      I've seen it all, parking a buggy right behind engine #2 or casually driving a van past the red lights during takeoff 🤦‍♂️

  • mitch vlogs & gaming

    love your vids mate !

    • mitch vlogs & gaming
      mitch vlogs & gaming 9 days ago

      @GreatFlyer going to check it!

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer 9 days ago

      Thanks for watching, you better check out my 2019 uploads from Skiathos airport!

  • jelmerpilotHD
    jelmerpilotHD 12 days ago

    Awesome video man!

  • 旅客機FAN
    旅客機FAN 12 days ago

    I watched your nice video. I also upload videos of Japanese passenger aircraft with Japanese music.I subscribed to your channel. Please come to my channel. waiting!

  • Madeira Airport Spotting

    Really nice pilots, waving the crowd :)

  • Gürhan Çağın
    Gürhan Çağın 12 days ago

    I try this my self also, and in second try I landed perfectly. teacher told me I was much way better than most of the pilot students. :)

    • Gürhan Çağın
      Gürhan Çağın 12 days ago

      But i can say, it was not easy, you need to follow all instrument panels and listen to the tower very carefully, its not as easy as in FSX. way harder. wind takes you to out of line in a second if you don't manage it closely.

  • Сеад Малај
    Сеад Малај 12 days ago

    What a good slovenian pilot

  • Σταυρος Ελλας

    Χαιρετανε κιολας χα χα..!!! :P

  • shivam kant
    shivam kant 12 days ago

    can you make another video from USA to Fiji

  • Jesmin sultana Sultana

    wow......very nice... vedio

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    Cantik Chawla 12 days ago

    Pilot nya 👍👍💟

    KB SOCOOL 12 days ago


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    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer 9 days ago

      Thanks for watching, stay tuned!

  • Ahmed Salum
    Ahmed Salum 12 days ago

    Thats a very good place for plane spotting and watching take offs&landings love it👍

    • Amar Mams
      Amar Mams 12 days ago

      Hii. Thanks for the video. Rip Adria. Sow what about you career dear friend. Hope next video with you in the flighdeck😉

  • Halima 78422
    Halima 78422 12 days ago

    አንድ እንድ ሌአላቅም

  • Norwegian Guy
    Norwegian Guy 13 days ago

    R.I.P tho🙁

  • poison 124
    poison 124 13 days ago

    Too im watching this on a plane and ignore all the haters you did good

  • B777 lover
    B777 lover 13 days ago

    1:06 air italy low landing Scary😱

  • 087772856 087772856
    087772856 087772856 13 days ago

  • HelloItsKen
    HelloItsKen 13 days ago

    uggh no sounds? But music?

  • Gab John
    Gab John 13 days ago

    Wow cool

  • Ardent Fan
    Ardent Fan 14 days ago

    Strong courage is certainly needed to fly a glider.

  • sharif likon
    sharif likon 14 days ago

    my deam to be a pilot.pray for me.

  • pedro alves de oliveira


  • Seldwin
    Seldwin 14 days ago

    Ye be the coolest cucumber. Nice landing!

    • GreatFlyer
      GreatFlyer 9 days ago

      Thanks for watching, stay tuned!

  • Kiran Babu
    Kiran Babu 14 days ago

    This action may weaken the wings.

  • karl sumner
    karl sumner 15 days ago

    Just like Gloucester on a Friday night.

  • Vidya Babla
    Vidya Babla 15 days ago

    Nice aeroplane charming hostesses.

  • Yurmila Khaytoo
    Yurmila Khaytoo 15 days ago

    That's a very nice video making. I always wanted to see how it is inside and also how do people feel when they enter in ,as i never went by an airplane.. but anyway ,am really really happy. I got to know how it is ,it's beautiful.. thanks for makinh this video. 😊💗

  • Typical Tech Gamer
    Typical Tech Gamer 15 days ago

    Whats the nname of those musics you used in the videos?

  • Ngatimin Inc.
    Ngatimin Inc. 15 days ago

    2:10 when u realized ure not a plane

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    Stephen Flynn 15 days ago

    Cyprus Airways ❤️

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    Gata's Aviation 16 days ago

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    jelmerpilotHD 16 days ago

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  • Paris Plane Spotting

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    costas290i 16 days ago

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    Zaddy Candy 16 days ago

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    Roula V. 16 days ago

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