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  • Sohel Rana
    Sohel Rana 40 minutes ago

    Redmi note 8 Gcam vs Mi a3 Gcam

  • Shubham Dutta
    Shubham Dutta Hour ago

    Can I use my stock camera after installing gcam??

  • boliss sydhom
    boliss sydhom 2 hours ago plz bro, this link says that n 8 pro supports gcam is this right ?!

  • JAGAN Mj
    JAGAN Mj 2 hours ago

    We should think about resale value also because already poco f1 is one year older phone.. Please think and buy

    • JAGAN Mj
      JAGAN Mj 2 hours ago

      You will get only 3-4k after one year

  • Nawaf Kannur
    Nawaf Kannur 2 hours ago

    I couldn't find much difference in between two cameras ..

  • Yash Panchbhaiye
    Yash Panchbhaiye 3 hours ago

    Sir please tell me that how to solve DLL error please tell, I have installed iMac os on VMware but the DLL error iscoming

  • Shivam Dahiya
    Shivam Dahiya 3 hours ago

    Will I be getting any virus after downloading APK file for GCam?

  • Stonedsquatch 420
    Stonedsquatch 420 3 hours ago

    I was sold until......... I saw the camera was no good

    • gizmoddict
      gizmoddict Hour ago

      Watch my Google camera video on the ROG Phone 2. The camera performance has improved a lot and it is on par with the OnePlus 7T

  • Enter Posthuman
    Enter Posthuman 3 hours ago

    does it stream internal game audio through omlet arcade?

  • Aurg ONE
    Aurg ONE 3 hours ago

    Note 8 vs mi a3.. Gcam!

  • therockt11
    therockt11 3 hours ago

    From where did u the get the case of Asus rog 2????

  • Ronnie S
    Ronnie S 4 hours ago

    Is a screen guard pre applied?

  • Bhairab Deori
    Bhairab Deori 5 hours ago

    Will the HDMI work in one plus 6t

    PAVAN KUMAR 6 hours ago

    your way of english speaking is really nice and sweet. thankyou for yr suggetions im new subscriber and a fan from now

  • varun
    varun 6 hours ago

    Does this phone allow recording gameplay with in game sound that too good quality

  • No Curtains SD
    No Curtains SD 6 hours ago

    Sensational news......😲😲

  • bal kha
    bal kha 6 hours ago

    Real me isn't good to delivery. And it's own app view. Starting is from here so how can we believe

    NIKHIL PATIL 6 hours ago

    Now two Gcams are working for Redmi Note 8 Pro. Please make a video on it. Especially with Realme XT if possible. Google camera 5.1.018 and Google camera 6.1.021. I hope to see you soon. Do both from stock and GCam comparison

    • gizmoddict
      gizmoddict Hour ago

      No they're not working properly. I've already tried

  • Prateek Bhatia
    Prateek Bhatia 6 hours ago

    nice one bruv.

  • Vivek Malik
    Vivek Malik 6 hours ago

    Bhai realme 5 pro k liye gcam video bna do...ya bas apk bta do

  • Arif Hossain
    Arif Hossain 8 hours ago

    Comparison between redmi note 8 vs realme 3 pro chahiye

  • IMN Group
    IMN Group 9 hours ago

    Ye bjp ka agent hai

  • Soul Crusher
    Soul Crusher 10 hours ago

    Brother GCAM version 5.1 is working perfectly on RN 8 PRO. In 6.1 version it's poor optimisation problem. Once the devs will solve this, it will work flawlessly.

    • gizmoddict
      gizmoddict 9 hours ago

      Nope. 5.1 also doesn't support portrait and hdr+ hasn't gotten any improvement to the performance

  • Teddy & Varshu
    Teddy & Varshu 10 hours ago

    Bro, you mentioned recording with Avermedia, what connectioned you used as my Elgato is not capturing screen. Did you use Type C to HDMi connector. If yes share the product link. Rest I know all about HDCP and other tech thing. Looks like you mirrored your screen wirelessly.

  • Crowd killer pizza
    Crowd killer pizza 12 hours ago

    Bro plz do a detailed pubg review on oneplus 7t is the same as rog phone 2?

  • Mohsen Alizadeh
    Mohsen Alizadeh 16 hours ago

    btw stock camera realy doing good !!!!

  • itkuni
    itkuni 16 hours ago

    You're are too on settings unable to follow you

  • Dipesh Shrestha
    Dipesh Shrestha 16 hours ago

    which phone should i buy i need camera most of the people say readmi 8 pro camera is supop then other ? which phoneci should buy i m confused bro

  • Dimitrelos300
    Dimitrelos300 21 hour ago

    xiaomi just don't otpimise camera app properly for budget devices and has the same app for a variety of different sensors benefit the flagship more.lets not talk about post processing.Luckily good third party apps exist to take advantage of this precious hardware.lenovo z6 pro with the same Samsung gm1 scored 107 on photoscore(more than iPhone)Can you plz try open camera

    F K GAMER 21 hour ago

    Bhai k20 ka touch issue fix ho gya he

    MD SHAHAB UDDIN 22 hours ago

    Great work thanks. I would love to see the camera comparison of Note 8 and Note 7 Pro GCAM. please upload as soon as possible. Guys who wanna see the same please like.

  • Sam
    Sam 22 hours ago

    Quite Impressive! I am your new subscriber from today.

  • Akshay Saxena
    Akshay Saxena 23 hours ago

    Which Color should I choose?

    FRAIZ 23 hours ago

    Hey bro where did you get the Chinese beta version from please tell me i can't find it anywhere

  • Nawaz khan
    Nawaz khan 23 hours ago


  • Aasbin Karki
    Aasbin Karki 23 hours ago

    Realme x2 ka review and pubg test kro vai

  • RAD O
    RAD O 23 hours ago

    Don't be blind only seeing the AMOLED panel,there simple things that Xiaomi offers like IR blaster,P2I coating,alexa,liquid cooling ect...which makes a step ahead

  • Alwaz Malghani
    Alwaz Malghani 23 hours ago

    Bro can you give detailed review of realme 5 pro

  • Aravind Ks
    Aravind Ks Day ago

    plz do a comparison on *Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Realme XT Gcam* Is there any way to get Xioami's Protrait editing mode on a app. I really want *GCAM* But Note 8 pro is less expensive and is better in some other categories

  • mathesh kumar
    mathesh kumar Day ago

    Bro I just ordered it on Flipkart.I really wanted to buy through your affiliate link .But can't find one.

  • Divesh Pandey
    Divesh Pandey Day ago

    Poco F1 vs Redmi Note 8 Pro ??? Which one to buy??? Long term use

  • Sourav Prakash

    I was too lucky to buy 2 Note 8 pro... 6-128 variant

  • RAD O
    RAD O Day ago

    But all these are temporary issues, Gcam always outperforms every camera in the software side.

    • RAD O
      RAD O 23 hours ago

      @sheik muizz ahmed there is high chance,we'll get it when the brilliant programmers find a port for it to work.

    • sheik muizz ahmed
      sheik muizz ahmed 23 hours ago

      Will there be an update for note redmi pro with gcam in the comimg future?

  • Vivek bhoraniya

    compare performance & camera with note 7 pro

  • mohammad kaif
    mohammad kaif Day ago

    bro i have a question for example am a 4 finger claw player in pubg so the moment when i tap to shoot or scope in the game boost settings pop up at the same time, so what should i do to stop that

  • samtech
    samtech Day ago

    Google bhakt

  • Buğra Özkan
    Buğra Özkan Day ago

    So can you confirm that it has Level 3 support for Camera2api? Can you show me a screenshot of Camera2 Api scan result? RAW shooting is kin of important for me because as long as I can get RAW file, GCAM becomes useless because you can do better in post-edit.

  • All In One
    All In One Day ago

    Great job bro It's really working Bohot hard 😎 🔥

  • shivam kumar
    shivam kumar Day ago

    Please try this link I think it will work please reply

  • suri suresh
    suri suresh Day ago

    Note8,/note8 pro Which better mobile

  • Raghuram Somanchi

    Perfect observation....Reds are unnatural on One Plus 7T....correct... What's your observation on OPOO Reno 2....

  • Ajinkya Kore
    Ajinkya Kore Day ago

    You have to review indian unit only. There's much difference in performance of China's n indian unit

  • Deep Raj
    Deep Raj Day ago

    bro full review ban dijiye please. after so many updates and stable gcam how good this phone stands overall

  • Fazil Creator
    Fazil Creator Day ago

    does helio p70 in moto one macro or realme3 supports gcam🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄🙄.!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????

  • Amashikha Dutta

    Note 7 pro stock,gcam vs note 8 stock,gcam please bro.. I'm getting Rn7 pro at 9800 rs and redmi note 8 at 9999 rs.. which one to go for?

  • Raju Rajuu
    Raju Rajuu Day ago

    Mi note 8 purple color mil jya ga

  • shashank acharya

    In future will note 8 pro can get Gcam ??

  • pratik avlani
    pratik avlani Day ago

    I'm note gammer , but camera lover Normal game khele and regular usual usages k liye 7 pro vs 8 pro vs note 8 Which is worth buying? A

  • Nurwahyuni Maulidiah

    Bisa langsung pasang kan Slurr. Gak perlu Root dan Camera 2 api, infone Ndang Slurr

  • NoobSerious
    NoobSerious Day ago

    boring brother do this for some flagships like black shark 2pro redmagic3 s

  • Vikas yadav Yadav

    Compare mia3 gcam with note 8 gcam

  • ludo nguyen
    ludo nguyen Day ago

    can t find gcam on playstore , wha is the logo look like ?

  • subhash chourasia

    Also compare gcam of note 7 pro and gcam on Note 8 As note 7 pro with gcam perform really good

  • subhash chourasia

    Thanks bro I am gonna buy note 8 and save some money rather than redmi note 8 pro

  • subhash chourasia

    I Really appreciate that you used gcam on redmi note 8 Good work young man 💪

  • A J
    A J Day ago

    But why xiomi moved to mediatek ..Till now not a single mediatek processor is balanced in terms of isp battery durability ...

  • Ashik N.G
    Ashik N.G Day ago

    3:39 Why ? Redmi Has released Note 8 pro

  • shadab456
    shadab456 Day ago

    realme xt ka contrast control kr skte h kya

  • Subbareddy subbu

    Redmi note 8 pro OR poco f1 who is better i m buy one mobile

  • HuntaKiller
    HuntaKiller Day ago

    Too bad 4+64gb rm799 redminote8 is expensive rm250 than realme 5,might aswell just get the rm899 same ram and storage redminote8 pro.. pricing plays a keyrole in choosing between all this,mi A3 though is rm689

  • Regina Bell
    Regina Bell Day ago

    That's for giving a review for this phone some. People are too worried about the features of a flagship specs and design that they don't give good reviews towards mid-range phones

  • Md zahid
    Md zahid Day ago

    Gcam for redmi 5 plz

  • AwesomeDale 11

    Unfair comparison. Its not just because the RN8Pro is missing the usage of Google camera it doesn't mean you have to use the gcam of RN8 to test the quality. Its a big NO NO. Use Both Stock Cameras for comparison, dont be unfair. ☺

    • AwesomeDale 11
      AwesomeDale 11 Day ago

      Yup. So what if there was no gcam? Or there was already a gcam for the Pro? 😆

    • gizmoddict
      gizmoddict Day ago

      What?😂 This is completely fair. Because the note 8 supports Gcam out of the box

  • Raktim Banerjee

    Bro please reply..if i buy glazedin tempered glass for my realme xt does it compatible with the back cover which company provide in box .? Please reply

  • Raktim Banerjee

    Bro is glesdinc tempered glass compatible with the case that company provide with box

  • Sanjaya Gurung

    Sir, we want to see the camera comparison between realme XT and redmi note 8 pro

  • Jyothish M
    Jyothish M Day ago

    It just an damn idiot

  • nikhil gupta
    nikhil gupta Day ago

    Only one flash light is working on my rog 2 any information regarding this?? If there is anybody else who have rog 2 and having the same issue?

  • Shivayogi B
    Shivayogi B Day ago

    Wow just to the crux. No gimmicks. Many of your videos are just perfection. And it grows with time. I wish rest youtubers learn from you instead of making noise and throwing series of ads in between.

  • abid sayed
    abid sayed Day ago

    great going bro ur revis r excelnt

  • Mujahid Sardar

    How is the speaker Audio quality? Is it enough louder as redmi note 5 pro?

  • Atul Joshi
    Atul Joshi Day ago

    Great camera review!

  • Rohit Rock
    Rohit Rock Day ago

    Redmi note 8 destroyed 'pro'😂😂

  • Harish Bagora
    Harish Bagora Day ago

    Bhai bolna kya chahte ho..... Alag alag feature alag alag mobile me best he to kya 5 6 phone le le

  • Gulaab Singh
    Gulaab Singh Day ago

    16 october ko launch hua h to 30 days review kse kr lete ho tm log public ko bs chutiya bnanane me lge rhte h ye sb

    • gizmoddict
      gizmoddict Day ago

      Bhai Kya kuch bhi. Bola toh sahi Maine start me Maine ye phone import kia tha

  • Shanu Khan
    Shanu Khan Day ago

    I like ur gcam vs stock camera comparison bro. . I realy love❤😘 it

  • Shanu Khan
    Shanu Khan Day ago

    Today i purchase note 8 . . .

    RH EDITS Day ago

    Vivo z1x suport gcam

  • Prakhyat Khatiwada

    Installed but night mode in back camera isn't working any suggestion

  • Kruthik A
    Kruthik A Day ago

    thank you boss i will buy redmi note 8


    Wait for Note 9 Pro February 2020

  • Amazing Videos

    Please realme xt ke liye koi badhiya google camera batao jisme slow motion aur photo wagaira badhiya aaye

  • Ezhil Shanmugham

    Bro please check out this article GCam for Redmi Note 8 Pro :

  • TT Legends 55
    TT Legends 55 Day ago

    Make a video on how to secure wifi..

  • Regen Gaming [YT]

    Bro pls make a video on poco f1 gaming review with miui 10 battery drain and heating test pls pls

  • Prashant Mohan

    Every chinese brand is worse, be it redmi, oppo vivo or anything.

  • Harsh3710
    Harsh3710 Day ago

    I think Indian version of Note 8 Pro has better image quality than the chinese version. Please look into this if I am wrong.

    • Harsh3710
      Harsh3710 Day ago

      @gizmoddict Yeah, I know they've the same sensors but maybe they have some updates for camera improvements.

    • gizmoddict
      gizmoddict Day ago

      Nope. They've the same sensor

  • Mahin Raja
    Mahin Raja Day ago

    Bro tell about the buying back case links for oneplus 7 pro..plzz

  • Vanec Simak
    Vanec Simak Day ago

    Not clear language

  • Om Gaikwad
    Om Gaikwad Day ago

    Can it fixed by software update if yes that's not concern atleast to me btw love the way u present pros and cons of device unbiased manner