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  • Susann Minall
    Susann Minall 30 minutes ago

    The recipe looks wonderful and I am anxious to try it. However, that has to be the most awkward looking hand potato masher I have ever seen. You may want to try something more efficient.

  • Patti Hayden
    Patti Hayden 48 minutes ago

    Is there any other way to not use aluminum foil? I worry about getting to much metal into my system because my grandmother had Alzheimer’s disease which could be linked to too much metal in our diet? Thank you for sharing your Mother’s stories...she’s a wonderful woman ❤️

  • marghini
    marghini 52 minutes ago

    Do you know where I can find good restaurant quality aprons? The ones chefs use... mine are old and falling apart.

  • Dolores Butler
    Dolores Butler Hour ago

    That recipe looks amazing!!! It is my favorite. You are such a great cook mija. Shour out to Cloud for being such a good sister and assistant.♥️

  • Ssvmvnthv
    Ssvmvnthv Hour ago

    I’ve watch so many cooking videos I mean many videos since I’m now a mom and a wife who likes to make sure my husband eat good especially now we have our own place I’ve been trying to learn more and more about cooking. I have to say you are one of my favorite!! You made it so easy and I understood everything you were saying. I can’t wait to re watch your video, will definitely be making this one of these days. your new subscribe lol!

  • Elizabeth Coronel
    Elizabeth Coronel 2 hours ago

    Oh amor, using your hands. I never thought about that. I stopped because holding a spoon was to difficult. Love you both.

  • Lana and fam Life
    Lana and fam Life 2 hours ago

    That bread looks delicioso mmm rico

  • Lana and fam Life
    Lana and fam Life 2 hours ago

    I love bread saw and going to make that bread it looks delicious thank you for recipe mmm

  • Mari Icecream
    Mari Icecream 3 hours ago

    Those look amazingly delicious!!! Can you show us how to make sweet tamales? ❤

  • Cyrixiss Glave
    Cyrixiss Glave 3 hours ago

    OMG can I come live with u ur food looks so good cant wait to try this out with the fam for the holidays when I go back to TX

  • Rupi Kaur
    Rupi Kaur 3 hours ago

    Ur recipes r good but vedios r too long plz try to describe it short

    • Views on the road
      Views on the road 3 hours ago

      My recipes are step by step. My viewers range in age and cooking expertise so, I am here to help them with every single detail. I appreciate you being here but don't want to disrespect your time as my videos will continue to be around this length.

  • Estefania Amaya
    Estefania Amaya 3 hours ago

    I just made this and it was great! Thank you for sharing yourself and your recipes, Steph! 😊 You have been so helpful, I'm 23 and an orphan. You are a blessing to someone like me. 🙂 I enjoy your videos daily! Dios te bendiga. 🙏🏼😘🥰❤💜💓💞💌

    • Views on the road
      Views on the road 3 hours ago

      You are part of my family and I'm happy to share everything I know😘🥰

  • Maureen Perez
    Maureen Perez 3 hours ago

    my mexican mother in law used Basmatic rice and it is too strong and overpowers the rice. I don't recommend it. Better for indian rice dishes.

  • Rose Rodriquez
    Rose Rodriquez 4 hours ago


  • Jeanette P
    Jeanette P 4 hours ago

    Pizza!!!!!!???? UM no

  • Melody Sullivan
    Melody Sullivan 4 hours ago

    Stop coping recipes from other channels, PARA DE Copiar Recetas de otros canales . Be Original . Copiona...

    • gmaplugo
      gmaplugo 2 hours ago

      Oh, Ms. Sullivan...get a life.

    • Views on the road
      Views on the road 4 hours ago

      Oyes me preocupa que me estes acusando de pendejadas. Esta receta es de mi familia por muchas generaciónes. Porfavor si tienes el canal al que le copie ponlo aqui. Lo que estas haciendo es gastarme el tiempo. Que no te diste cuenta que mi madre esta en este video? Osea que mi madre es una mentirosa y copiona? Te espero aqui mija.

  • pebbles
    pebbles 4 hours ago

    Yup, There's a bunch of us out here 🤗I'm new subscriber ,you got me hooked on watching your videos. Love your stories , I agree things that come easy don't last ,my husband had a crazy ex after him that would stalk both of us ,we even had to get a restraining order against her that's how crazy the phyco was,and now 15 yrs later we are still holding strong. That douchebag of your ex is a loser he lost a good thing,but God blessed you with someone greater. Where did you get your Chile grinder at ,its so cute. Saludos from California and keep up with the good work👍

  • Socorro Aguilar
    Socorro Aguilar 4 hours ago

    Looks amazing!! Thanks I’m gonna try it!! Yes what she said 👇🏼 U have a new subscriber!!!!! ♥️

  • Ely Carrillo
    Ely Carrillo 4 hours ago

    Can’t wait to make these! Also, your mom is the best!

  • Teresa Sanders
    Teresa Sanders 4 hours ago

    I agree it takes just a blink to go from crisp tender to mush.

  • Mary madrigal
    Mary madrigal 4 hours ago

    did you leave the bay leaves in there or did you take them out?

    • Mary madrigal
      Mary madrigal 3 hours ago

      Views on the road thank you for that, looks delicious and can’t wait to make my bf my husband after I cook this lol

    • Views on the road
      Views on the road 4 hours ago

      I leave the bay leaves in and work around them.

  • Pati Posod
    Pati Posod 4 hours ago

    Instead of dipping your tortillas in oil, You can wrap your tortillas in paper towels and microwave them for 1-2 minutes depending on how thick your stack is

  • canarsiemarsie
    canarsiemarsie 5 hours ago


  • Desert darling
    Desert darling 5 hours ago

    I always wondered how they made these!! Thank you , these are my favorites👍👍⚘⚘

  • Taylor's Getting Through Life

    I love udon Noddles with thai peanut sauce

  • Pati Posod
    Pati Posod 5 hours ago

    I make a Pina colada tres leche cake, but I use a cake mix. Next time I'm going to use the cake flour....

  • Taylor's Getting Through Life

    Thanks to you this is what we had for dinner!!! You help me fill in my week of meal planning

  • Taylor's Getting Through Life

    I'm sitting here editing my videos and bing watching you guys. I love everything you both bring not just the food but the beautiful energy.

  • Hedonist -
    Hedonist - 5 hours ago

    Subscribed.....this channel is going to get me some maaaaajor points with my lady lol

  • Makeup By Juelz
    Makeup By Juelz 5 hours ago

    Do chicken birria 🤗

  • Chris Falkowski
    Chris Falkowski 5 hours ago

    PLEASE girls, keep this channel exactly the same. Complainers should go find another channel. I love the both of you, your talking and Claud behind the camera.

  • Andrea carrera
    Andrea carrera 5 hours ago

    Can you make green chicken tamales. 😬 I have never made tamales before but am definitely going to try with this recipe

  • Maureen Perez
    Maureen Perez 5 hours ago

    I thought you were going to give us the chili oil after 200K subscribers?????? I'm glad you're making this for your hubby and I'm sorry he lost his mom. My husband lost both his parents 2 yrs apart about 8 years ago and it is so hard. But please come back with the chili oil recipe you featured in the crispy chicken cutlets with green spaghetti video.... please?

    • Views on the road
      Views on the road 3 hours ago

      Hi, So sorry for your loss❤️ here is my Chili oil that I promised:

  • Robert Bird
    Robert Bird 6 hours ago

    The Item used to scrub the clothes on is called a Wash Board... in the Caribbean they are made of galvanize and wood frame.... Smile ..Ninette Bird- The Caribbean Wife.

  • Sheila T.
    Sheila T. 6 hours ago

    Girl, that looks soooo Delicious! #LOVELOVE your time and effort, you make cooking look #tasty #Fun & #Yummmm 😊 #UGoGirl 👏 👏 👏 💖

  • Ashley Brown
    Ashley Brown 6 hours ago

    Can you make sweet tamales next

  • unicorn2345
    unicorn2345 6 hours ago

    Hi im so young and i want to be a baker when i grwo up so i tryed out this recipy im almost 11 and its in the oer i cook all by myself and so excited to try it!

    • Views on the road
      Views on the road 3 hours ago

      @unicorn2345 YAY!!! You make us proud🥳

    • unicorn2345
      unicorn2345 3 hours ago

      @Views on the road IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!

    • Views on the road
      Views on the road 3 hours ago

      How wonderful! Please let me know how everything turned out ❤️

  • Where to Next
    Where to Next 6 hours ago

    With thanksgiving coming up do you have a recipe for turkey tamales or just any leftover recipes

  • Shawnna
    Shawnna 6 hours ago

    Oh My GoodNess Mujer!! I didn’t have shrimp but I had pork so I used the recipe u had for the Beef tamales for my red Chile pork and the Masa from this recipe and soooo Good! The masa is moist and flavorful! My kids were so Happy. They had been begging me for Tamales But the traditional is good but so much work. Lol Thank You So Much!!

  • Suburban Hillbilly
    Suburban Hillbilly 7 hours ago

    Sounds amazing.

  • Evangelina Yzaguirre

    I paused to tell you to try making the beef in an instant pot omg the shredding of the meat is effortless.

  • Breanna King
    Breanna King 7 hours ago

    When doing a chicken filling, can we use chicken bouillon instead of shrimp to mix with the maseca?

    • Views on the road
      Views on the road 3 hours ago

      Absolutely, you know I prefer the taste of chicken bouillon🤗

  • Terri dormer
    Terri dormer 7 hours ago

    Thank you so much for sharing you family recipes with us! I was raised in a small town in Oregon and we didn't have any ethnic restaurants close by. My boyfriend and I went to his friends house for dinner and his mom had brought him some tamales she had made. (She was from Mexico) we sat down to eat and my boyfriend looked over at me and commented how good they were and I guess I had a look of disgust on my face and he started laughing at me and told me I might enjoy them more if I didn't eat the husk! Oops! I had no clue. I was just a stupid gringo.

  • paul nielsen
    paul nielsen 7 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing your recipes and methods. I'm glad I found your channel. What is the difference between the maseca regular corn masa and the one that is labeled "for tamales". would the method and measurements be the same? Is the flavor the same? I am confused.

  • Kathy Villa
    Kathy Villa 7 hours ago

    Wonderful to know you are learning your husbands culture, food and language. And your indigenous language outside of English and Spanish. I am Fernandeno Tataviam. A tribe in South California. San Fernando Valley specifically. A byproduct of the California mission system from 1760s to 1830s in California. We lost our culture, native food and language during the mission period, then the Calif gold rush hit in the 1850s and we lost more of our land, language etc etc. But my tribe like so many other California tribes are now trying to capture what was lost. ❤🙏 I lost my dad on 6/2/19 to cancer. His father was Mexican American, mom was Apache and Jewish. Thank you for sharing your mama in laws pictures. She was a beauty! Peace be to her and all our loved ones on their eternal journeys and one day we'll take ride and pick up where we left off.🌷🍃💐🌹

  • Velia Casillas
    Velia Casillas 8 hours ago

    Oh dang...I’m gonna make this ASAP!!

  • Mike Lindsey
    Mike Lindsey 8 hours ago

    O M G... I just can't even describe. I look at food like that and I wonder if I was born into the wrong Latino culture.

  • Teresa Sanders
    Teresa Sanders 8 hours ago

    I love Mexican food. Oh, Yeah. I use soy crumbles as ground beef extender. This looks GREAT.

  • Safire 007
    Safire 007 8 hours ago

    Dammm now I want Tamales.... they look Bomb 💣

  • Calico BEE
    Calico BEE 8 hours ago

    I remember my parents home everyone called 'El Rancho" was the center of everything. I remember all my tias inside with my mom making tamales and capirotada and chatting Como gallinas culekas and my dad and uncles outside pistiando and chatting around the fire pit outside or making the poso for the cabeza de Vaca for barbaqoa to bury it in magey and would stay up all night partying and stoking the fire for barbaqoa and consomē for breakfast. It was magical times while me and my cousins ran around the yard playing all barefooted. I was happiest during those times which usually happened during the summer because I would be home from boarding school in England where I went to school for 10 years. I truly had a great childhood filled with great memories which always revolved around food and family gatherings. Now my husband and grown kids look forward to my tamales as the holidays approach.

  • not_a_shorty
    not_a_shorty 8 hours ago

    girl just get yourself a wok

  • Mona Vallejo
    Mona Vallejo 8 hours ago

    You did a wonderful job on this video. I just love watching you girls.

  • Rebecca Alvarez
    Rebecca Alvarez 8 hours ago

    God !!! I'm dying while I'm watching this video. Yo quiero!!! Very good thank you

  • Chris Falkowski
    Chris Falkowski 9 hours ago

    Hi Ladies, I don't see the link to your Mom's recipe for pumpkin sweet syrup. I've never heard of it n it sounds very interesting. Maybe with the holidays coming you could do a video?? Thanks ... and I love your channel.

  • Kimberly Cruz
    Kimberly Cruz 9 hours ago

    I am definitely making them!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • G. Cordova
    G. Cordova 9 hours ago

    What if you can't find Shrimp bullion

  • Carmen Sanders
    Carmen Sanders 9 hours ago

    So many memories watching you and listening to you and your sister talking. Brings back times of making tamales when my grandma was alive and making them with my mom and sister. My mom has dementia now so it's up to me to make them and bring them to her. Her tamales are Sinoloa style. They are tied on the ends and filled with pork, a piece of carrot, tomato, potato, green bean, black olive, and jalapeno. She also made ones made with chicken and sweet ones with raisins in them. Thank you, even listening to you all speak Spanish brings tears to my eyes.

  • Patricia Green
    Patricia Green 9 hours ago

    Love you guys! Awesome vlogs.

  • Hennnsey Xo
    Hennnsey Xo 9 hours ago

    Holy mother of Jesus take looks hella bomb

  • Aspasia Tinsman
    Aspasia Tinsman 9 hours ago

    OMG !!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  • Veronica Noriega
    Veronica Noriega 10 hours ago

    Now i feel like eating tamales. Yum!

  • G Chav
    G Chav 10 hours ago

    Never heard or seen shrimp tamales bet taste good...BLESSINGS💕

  • Jessica Nieto
    Jessica Nieto 10 hours ago

    Kinetic sand

  • Dolores Butler
    Dolores Butler 10 hours ago

    I so enjoyed watching you make this Mac and Cheese dish. I have been making this for years and I never get tired of making it. You and your family are just so special. You remind me of my daughters. They are about your age and like their mother they love to cook and are very good at it. Besitos♥️♥️

  • Kristen Hernandez
    Kristen Hernandez 11 hours ago

    My heart is melting we love your videos. Thank you for sharing

  • stacy2524
    stacy2524 11 hours ago

    I do you keep the meat from being tough?

  • robin warren
    robin warren 11 hours ago

    That looks so delicious can't wait to make it 🤗

  • Elisa Benavente
    Elisa Benavente 11 hours ago

    This looks Awesome!!

  • oreosmama48
    oreosmama48 11 hours ago

    I love watching you two talking, that’s what makes your video work. Otherwise we would just read a cookbook. You guys make it so interesting. Keep it up please.

  • Cookiemix67
    Cookiemix67 11 hours ago


  • Joanne Robertson
    Joanne Robertson 11 hours ago

    OMG 😯 this is so good. I made one batch and instantly knew I had to make a second batch, so I did. Thanks for the recipe!

  • yeverino1970
    yeverino1970 11 hours ago

    I love to try other recipes. Because I sometimes find someone else’s recipe easier. So thank you for sharing

  • Tamara Brown
    Tamara Brown 12 hours ago

    I wish I had a stove like yours. Love it. Food looks amazing like always 🤤

  • AMC Loves Cooking
    AMC Loves Cooking 12 hours ago

    Hi, I've been watching your channel for months!!!! Just recently started on WW Freestyle but use some of your techniques so I can still deliver FLAVOR to my family meals. I saw how you added the dry chilies in the pot of meat and then pulled it out, puréed it and added it back to the broth. I made a pot of veggie soup and used that technique for my broth, IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! I watch you and your sister everyday ( silent watcher most of the time) it is my wind down after my busy day!!! KEEP COOKING LADIES

  • Xteena Stitcher
    Xteena Stitcher 12 hours ago

    I’m cooking this right now and it’s looking amazing!

  • Suicidal Maniac
    Suicidal Maniac 12 hours ago

    Shrimp tamales 🤮🤮🤮

  • MsLanny9
    MsLanny9 12 hours ago

    YES please do the Chicken one!!!!

  • MsLanny9
    MsLanny9 13 hours ago

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK U!!!!!

  • Addison Foxfire
    Addison Foxfire 13 hours ago


  • Ashley P
    Ashley P 13 hours ago

    Omg so much better next day..flavors really get to mingle. I can’t stop eating them! Thank you :D

  • Rebeca Garcia
    Rebeca Garcia 13 hours ago

    My mouth is watering so bad!!! Thank you guys for these delicious recepies sending love desde Oregon 🥰

  • awesome food
    awesome food 13 hours ago

    Wow 🤩 this tamale recipe is amazing thank you sooo much for your hard work. Your mom is awesome ty for showing your expertise cooking tips. I remember when my grandma would make tamales she would have a pot of beans cooking while making tamales and we would make tacos and sometimes have Mexican sweet bread or Mexican cookies with coffee or hot chocolate it was delicious 😋

  • Emily Thornton
    Emily Thornton 13 hours ago

    If I could eat your food everyday I would 😭 ugh to live in your home would be a dream! Haha

  • LJT Sugarkiss
    LJT Sugarkiss 13 hours ago

    I'm so exited to try and make this! Birria is my son's and I"s fav dish. Thanks for sharing 🤤

  • Izzy Bella
    Izzy Bella 13 hours ago

    I'm such a ranch snob and yours is definitely the!! 💣😋👌 Also, damn! Thanks for the 🔔 notification!!! Until you said it, I noticed mine went away!

  • zoanmancenido
    zoanmancenido 14 hours ago

    I loved when your mom joined in the fun! I lost my mommy 18 years ago and not a day goes by that I don't miss the wonderful leife lessons she taught me. Especially the lesson of loving your family through good food. Seriously, Thank You! Tearing up here watching and listening to the spanglish banter between you all.

  • Noemi Lemus
    Noemi Lemus 14 hours ago

    Love them😍😍😍😍

  • Skinny Hippos
    Skinny Hippos 14 hours ago

    Your recipes are amazing! I’ve made the enchiladas sweet sauce and I’ve made the Birria oil. My kids literally ate a bag of tortilla chips with the oil on its own. Today I’m making the Birria soup!!! Your videos are so awesome!

  • Sabrina Brascomb
    Sabrina Brascomb 15 hours ago

    Delicious 🤤

  • James Malik
    James Malik 15 hours ago


  • Viv’s Tube
    Viv’s Tube 16 hours ago

    Chicken birria!

  • YackBackatcha
    YackBackatcha 16 hours ago

    Do you do slap pound technique with this. There is a Korean term just for slap and pound technique. It is used for meat mixtures. It could be used for the maseca too.

  • Gina R
    Gina R 16 hours ago

    Menudo??, haven't you made Menudo before, could u post or help me find it....,)

    • Views on the road
      Views on the road 3 hours ago

      Here you go amiga!

  • J R
    J R 16 hours ago

    "You think your done! Nah, keep blending it!" Lmao. Buen trabajo! Tresh Leches is my favorite.

  • YackBackatcha
    YackBackatcha 16 hours ago

    How many per person ?

  • YackBackatcha
    YackBackatcha 16 hours ago

    Oh okay! I get it!

  • purple rose
    purple rose 17 hours ago

    My mom used to use those aluminum pie pans

  • Toya Nunnally
    Toya Nunnally 17 hours ago

    Can you please do a video with a chicken ones please please. I have some family member’s that don’t eat beef.

  • Jaci Smith
    Jaci Smith 17 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing your recipe, and having your mom on, I loved it and would love to see your mom cooking with you more even if she is not on camera,

  • Mo S
    Mo S 17 hours ago

    Oh my, i can just sit and view your vids allday. I love your channel.. when your mom joined it was wonderful. Love her. I also enjoy the chatty part. No one should fast forward past it, it is so enjoyable watching a family cooking together. Thank you. I just lost my mom 6 months ago. We would always be in the kitchen cooking together. The coming holidays are gonna be a little tough. I have never made tamales but i do love them. Thanks for sharing.