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  • Brotuberxd21
    Brotuberxd21 3 seconds ago

    Spongebob anime op 1 2 3

  • Axe in the gameTM
    Axe in the gameTM Minute ago

    I used to be in all of your videos and you used to read all my comments but now you just forgot about me

  • Garbinove
    Garbinove Minute ago

    Aw man you cut it right before one of the best parts

  • gach ice
    gach ice Minute ago

    I know you ain't talking with y'all messed up hairline with your glasses looking faces with your ugly ass shirt looking asswhich horror shirt looking like a whole Staind looking at with your itsy bitsy spider we can head up

  • cookie rider
    cookie rider 2 minutes ago

    Hey prince

  • Makaii Cenatus
    Makaii Cenatus 3 minutes ago

    Like or you will never get a girlfriend

  • Miles of Toys & Games
    Miles of Toys & Games 4 minutes ago

    Exactly, just like Sanfinsisco from the movie inside out. Thanks Mario! You ruin pizza!

  • Triggered Gamer
    Triggered Gamer 5 minutes ago

    Can you watch Bryce Breaker The box part 1-5 because I found it enjoyable and funny

  • Jayson Hart
    Jayson Hart 6 minutes ago

    I live in New York

  • Joshua Jimenez
    Joshua Jimenez 6 minutes ago

    Dude wait till you get to the last 10 min mark

  • Dynamic toxic
    Dynamic toxic 8 minutes ago

    Finally. Why is it in parts though

  • Tyger Vu
    Tyger Vu 9 minutes ago

    Charming your eyes are so closed you look like Jackie Chu from SML

  • Nancy Michel
    Nancy Michel 10 minutes ago

    hi prince

  • Twisted Wizard
    Twisted Wizard 10 minutes ago

    Dude, I don't really like react channels that much, but your voice is so soothing.

  • ST1234 V5678
    ST1234 V5678 10 minutes ago

    I am the youngest but you might think this is different just tell you right now because my sister gave me her phone and this is my phone now

  • Godzilla King of all monsters

    Prince 1 what's up yo and 2 *alaster*:why do people do anything. *sherk*:good question.

  • Scottland Wilcox
    Scottland Wilcox 11 minutes ago

    5:15:tell the miss I said hi😝 They be snapping hell

  • Purple Vlogger
    Purple Vlogger 13 minutes ago

    I’m addicted to playing PrinceCharming’s mobile app!

  • Edgy Assassin
    Edgy Assassin 16 minutes ago

    Prison thank you, this is an amazing reaction.

  • Cres Garcia
    Cres Garcia 16 minutes ago

    Little Caesars

  • Connor Wiggins
    Connor Wiggins 17 minutes ago

    Hi price

  • AVGamingYT
    AVGamingYT 17 minutes ago

    I’m doing jiu-jitsu

  • Mitskuni Uchiha
    Mitskuni Uchiha 18 minutes ago

    Yesss I've been waiting for this for so long!!

  • itzKiyome
    itzKiyome 18 minutes ago

    Really disrespectful

  • J Mastered
    J Mastered 18 minutes ago

    Prince can you react to anime force a video I made on my channel can you check it out

  • Scientific Edge
    Scientific Edge 20 minutes ago

    I love ❤️ your reactions.

  • Angelo DiMeo
    Angelo DiMeo 21 minute ago

    *oh harder daddy* *son*

  • The PSXR
    The PSXR 22 minutes ago

    At 5:42 you can see the eggs kissing and one running at 5:48

  • Isaac Espinoza
    Isaac Espinoza 23 minutes ago


  • cookie rider
    cookie rider 24 minutes ago

    No! The song is very good

  • Thepower 1987
    Thepower 1987 24 minutes ago


  • Mei Rose
    Mei Rose 24 minutes ago

    Now I see why they say don’t meet your hero’s or idols

  • The Fajardo Brothers
    The Fajardo Brothers 25 minutes ago

    0:16 this is sml

  • King Of Games
    King Of Games 25 minutes ago

    Damn girl

  • devin weathers
    devin weathers 26 minutes ago

    Its an marvelous pilot and keep watching it's good good goood Angel dust is a spider

  • Crafting Killa
    Crafting Killa 27 minutes ago


  • FNAF king
    FNAF king 27 minutes ago


    BLACKPANTHERBROS 28 minutes ago

    I love ur videos been a fan since 2017 keep up the good work

  • Keibryn Jackson
    Keibryn Jackson 29 minutes ago

    Love u

  • ThatOneGuy Chuy
    ThatOneGuy Chuy 30 minutes ago

    Have you seen an MMA fight? Those are expert fighters and they can't catch punches my guy. Fighting isn't like the movies or tv shows.

  • Kpt_Kez
    Kpt_Kez 31 minute ago

    If you want to you don’t have to but can some people subscribe to me

  • Byron Rios
    Byron Rios 31 minute ago

    I love this Chanel can you subscribe to mi Chanel please

  • Aneeq300
    Aneeq300 31 minute ago

    Whats up Prince

  • Glitchyy
    Glitchyy 32 minutes ago

    Hey, do you know about what's happening between the FTC and RU-clip? If not, you should do some research on it. Your channel could be in danger.

  • Basic
    Basic 32 minutes ago

    I See You Like KSI Wait Do You Like KSI

  • Yesenia Henriquez
    Yesenia Henriquez 32 minutes ago

    I'm sorry you have 10 likes😭😭😭

  • Jacob Sotelo
    Jacob Sotelo 32 minutes ago

    Wow another disney princess My cousin: Is she hot lol

  • CSB Bryce
    CSB Bryce 32 minutes ago

    Check out sml summer school or 1st grade

  • Xx ZFightersongoku
    Xx ZFightersongoku 32 minutes ago

    Hell yess he’s reacting to it

  • Bing Bong Studios
    Bing Bong Studios 32 minutes ago

    React to this

  • fortnite god11
    fortnite god11 32 minutes ago


  • Tyrone Dobbins
    Tyrone Dobbins 33 minutes ago


  • Sunflower •Gacha
    Sunflower •Gacha 33 minutes ago


  • Allan Labrie
    Allan Labrie 33 minutes ago

    Prince who is your favorite sml character?

  • el perro negro historias de terror

    When you sed lurn to rap

  • Cool lit Bro
    Cool lit Bro 33 minutes ago

    I heard a rumor saying that if you said your favorite youtube 3 time you will get pinned Prince Charming Prince Charming prince charming

  • Basic
    Basic 33 minutes ago

    Can You React To My Plush Videos Plz

  • Khaysar Ngandu
    Khaysar Ngandu 33 minutes ago

    lets go

  • aaa aaa
    aaa aaa 33 minutes ago

    Jolly song

  • Japan The Cat
    Japan The Cat 33 minutes ago

    Finally he watched it ! I have been waiting

  • true
    true 33 minutes ago

    She looks ugly fr..

  • Paulie Tolis
    Paulie Tolis 33 minutes ago

    I had a box fort and me and my brother would sleep in it

  • James Rhed
    James Rhed 33 minutes ago

    Yessss. I'm so glad you're reacting to this!

  • Amador Berrios
    Amador Berrios 33 minutes ago

    I am 11

  • RAID0Cypher
    RAID0Cypher 33 minutes ago

    NOTI GanG

  • Asher Hill
    Asher Hill 33 minutes ago

    What sup prince

  • YT anderson
    YT anderson 33 minutes ago


  • 904 kl9txh
    904 kl9txh 33 minutes ago

    First one to see the notification

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  • Jovell Smith
    Jovell Smith 33 minutes ago

    Wassam bro

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    itzKiyome 33 minutes ago


  • itzKiyome
    itzKiyome 33 minutes ago


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    Black Tornado 33 minutes ago


  • Vianney Caime
    Vianney Caime 34 minutes ago

    I have nothing to do año Why not see this

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    Black YoshiTV 34 minutes ago

    Her at 0 views 0 likes 0 dislikes

  • THE F•R•I•E•N•D• S

    First again

    MSM KID 34 minutes ago


  • Chad Garabiles
    Chad Garabiles 34 minutes ago

    hi i love your vid

  • Spinel
    Spinel 34 minutes ago

    wow im here again

  • billy boy
    billy boy 34 minutes ago

    Am I truly first? Maybe not

  • Hugh Michael Family TV
    Hugh Michael Family TV 34 minutes ago


  • Cool lit Bro
    Cool lit Bro 34 minutes ago


  • CapAmericaG
    CapAmericaG 44 minutes ago

    I hate ur joke

  • gareth james
    gareth james 45 minutes ago

    3thrd grade

  • Timothy Grant
    Timothy Grant 45 minutes ago

    girls chase me i didnt tell them to but what ever

    MIZEL ROBLOX GAMER 47 minutes ago

    Hey prince I need to tell yo somthing

  • Zayan World
    Zayan World 50 minutes ago

    This is a super entertaining video

  • esmefan16
    esmefan16 50 minutes ago

    10:44 Dat ass

  • Zayan World
    Zayan World 52 minutes ago


  • Zayan World
    Zayan World 52 minutes ago

    1 plus 1 is 2 bruh

  • Jaden Lorenzo
    Jaden Lorenzo 54 minutes ago

    Hey Hawaii called they want their shirt back

  • Jeff Westling
    Jeff Westling 54 minutes ago

    Hey man watch more undertal

  • Zayan World
    Zayan World 55 minutes ago

    Save Patrick! I liked the video!

    WWY TOX1C 56 minutes ago

    How the fuck did they get snoop

    WWY TOX1C 58 minutes ago

    I aint lying my bros birthday is on july 28th

  • Hunter Delano
    Hunter Delano Hour ago

    Not that creepy

  • Sapphire Paradise

    Don't worry about your weight too much, if it isn't affecting your health then don't worry about it. Your perfect just the way you are, don't listen to the haters. ÙwÚ

  • Ayoo Jaystubb
    Ayoo Jaystubb Hour ago

    prince blast should be a gaming channel

  • Makiyah Montgomery

    Hi Dad bye dad

  • Kevin Payton
    Kevin Payton Hour ago

    Knock knock who's there moo ho mooov