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  • Imme F
    Imme F 2 months ago

    Yeah you don't "come back with a razor blade and scrape any debris thats in there" for the rear window. Say goodbye to your defrosters if so.

  • Hassan Alheibi
    Hassan Alheibi 2 months ago

    Nice job I learned a lot from you guys go ahead. Next time if you don't mind put the camera inside to se all the details .

  • Hussein Abboud
    Hussein Abboud 3 months ago

    So your just showing off your software snd mschine? Cuz this video was full of just you pointing out obvious.

  • JBIRD575
    JBIRD575 4 months ago

    No razor blade on defroster dude your scary....!!!!

  • The Talent Connect
    The Talent Connect 7 months ago

    Can I get by with using a cheap harbor freight heat gun?

  • Kyle English
    Kyle English 7 months ago

    It's crazy how many effin times I've read ppl make cheap shots about ppl rubbing the cord on these cars...ITS A CORD!!! and none of these cars have custom candy paint! Chill ur tits and b thankful there's ppl that make how to videos! They help you learn what 2 do and what not 2 do! If you dont have any common sense then YOUR the dumb ass! Not the ppl making the video!

  • Esteban Velazquez
    Esteban Velazquez 11 months ago

    That was the wrost , he really mest up that corner jajajaja much better way to do it

  • Jodie Simms
    Jodie Simms Year ago

    U helped me !👌 I can't fault you in any way, u pretty much nailed it for me, all ur instructions were in "plain English" lol😋 and easy to understand! Great job👍 100% cheers mate😉

  • Jerome Askew
    Jerome Askew Year ago

    I need this dude to do my tint.. He is really good

  • Jon Dawson
    Jon Dawson Year ago

    Just buy the kit on ebay $12

  • kitty 1905
    kitty 1905 Year ago

    Thank you that's very helpful especially hand cut I'm practicing to do the back window

  • ricardo navarro
    ricardo navarro Year ago

    lol get tha fuck out off the way lol

  • Trump-a-tron 5000

    Yeah, LOL, don't actually use a f***ing razor blade on the inside of the rear window!! xD What a troll advice!Clean it good, but never scrape! Those defroster wires are a bitch to repair!

  • Maya Roque
    Maya Roque Year ago

    gesus after spending 1000sounds of dollars u still have to cut the machine cut precut AND THE MACHINE DOESNT PREHEAT THE MATERIAL ON THE REAR WINDOW?

    ΣDM LӨVΣЯ Year ago

    Nice very helpful video

  • FolientuningTV
    FolientuningTV Year ago

    Super 👍

  • Qureshi Imran Ahmed

    Yor are just a time wäster

  • ThIzZoLaS channel

    Lol who still wet shrinks??

  • Aj Cazares
    Aj Cazares Year ago

    All these Videos All i see is Eazy back window

  • Aj Cazares
    Aj Cazares Year ago

    There Is another way to do the back window faster

  • Aj Cazares
    Aj Cazares Year ago

    He is slow

  • JBIRD575
    JBIRD575 2 years ago

    What solution do you install with baby shampoo or dawn or tint slime????

  • Susan Vue
    Susan Vue 2 years ago

    Excellent video - I have 2 cars to tint and the local shop wants $300 each. I can buy the tools and quality tint for $120 saving me $480 - Of course the trade off is I will give up a full day of my time to install the tint.

  • d eminovic
    d eminovic 2 years ago


  • John Able1240
    John Able1240 2 years ago

    looks easy with the precut film

  • Alotta Money
    Alotta Money 2 years ago

    The man doing the tint seems like he is having a bad day and is annoyed AF with other dudes questions. lol.

  • juan Parrilla
    juan Parrilla 2 years ago

    wht heat gun is tht

  • Slartibartfast
    Slartibartfast 2 years ago

    Before trying this yourself there are 2 things you need to know. 1- You will screw it up cos its a 100 times harder than this guy makes it look. 2 - The finished result will look crap because of 1.

  • Bouboune
    Bouboune 2 years ago


  • Al Lewis
    Al Lewis 2 years ago

    A1 u for got to mention that u need to heat shrink ur computer cut patent as well

  • Clockwork_Ø
    Clockwork_Ø 2 years ago

    Which side do you put down after you wet the window to shrink it?

    • Shawn Arellano
      Shawn Arellano 2 years ago

      Clockwork_Ø clear side is up so when you shape and put it on temporary glass you peel clear off and walk it to car

  • Koch 40
    Koch 40 3 years ago

    Be careful of the shops who use computers to cut tint, no matter how perfect the computer cuts the tint, the seals shrink over time, I took an older truck to a guy who did it on computer, there was a 1/8" gap in some places. He said he can't fix it because he can only use what computer cut, so I made him rip it off. A bunch of fly by night shops opening up and using computers and haven't did it old school way like this guy, he knows how it's done but beware of new shops, they have no idea what to do if computer doesn't cut it right..

  • SwitchDoctor
    SwitchDoctor 3 years ago

    I tried to pre-shrink my mirrored tint for the back and it wouldn't shrink. I did the best I could then I installed it and it still wouldn't shrink. I gave up and pulled it off. I guess I'll go old school and do it in halves and put the seam behind the defrost bars

  • Chew Chew Train
    Chew Chew Train 3 years ago

    Great video presentation. They make it look a LOT easier than it really is.

  • DZEyoyo123
    DZEyoyo123 3 years ago

    You really shouldn't tint over the high-mount brake light.

    • Megan P.
      Megan P. 2 years ago

      DZEyoyo123 how come? And what do you mean? Like just have a hole where the light would be?

  • Chevy Van Travel
    Chevy Van Travel 3 years ago

    i watched a lot of videos and this guy was the less clean of all. all other guys cleaned the windows about 2-3 times but this guy only went once... im really hoping they actually washed the window multiple times before recording this video. just honest feedback...

  • blaino1
    blaino1 3 years ago

    another good tip! Don't drag the heat gun cord against the car!

  • Numinous
    Numinous 3 years ago

    Is it normal to have some minor scratches on window tinting immediately post-install (auto tint)? I had some initially, and took it back. The new tint looks much better, but I still see some scratches. Does this just go with the territory when having tint down by hand?

  • Robert Trujillo
    Robert Trujillo 3 years ago

    Ha, this guy made this look easy. I used to do tinting when I was younger and it's a definite skill to do it well.

  • Tristen Fletcher
    Tristen Fletcher 3 years ago

    hey where did you get tha thing that hold your tint roll

  • Kevin Workman
    Kevin Workman 3 years ago

    winging it NOICE!

  • Antoine Tinker
    Antoine Tinker 3 years ago

    Nice vid. Wish I could tint like that.

  • Mike Fu
    Mike Fu 3 years ago

    Good video guys, slow and steady!

  • Denver Auto Tint
    Denver Auto Tint 3 years ago

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  • smolds87
    smolds87 3 years ago

    Razer blade on the interior is a baaaaaaad idea! your defroster wont work of you cut through the heating element.

    • Blake Sweeney
      Blake Sweeney Year ago

      I've had the rear window in my car tinted for over 10 years. Used the rear defroster countless times through the winters and never had an issue with the tint.

    • William Lockridge
      William Lockridge 3 years ago

      plastic razor blades work

  • Alex Toski
    Alex Toski 3 years ago

    hes a crook, but nice vid

  • Kamran Khan
    Kamran Khan 3 years ago

    I saw you used computer to precut the tint for ultima but then when it came to tinting you used a new sheet from the roll to tint the back glass?

    • C 5quared
      C 5quared 3 years ago

      they were just making an example of how inferior hand cutting is. didnt you see the side by side comparison. i think he did pick up the hand cut mind you. the customer will be piiiissed

  • William Cupp
    William Cupp 3 years ago

    Am I the only one annoyed by the unfinished Rubik's cube in the background?

    • PhillyGz1
      PhillyGz1 3 years ago

      I am also annoyed by that.

  • hayden pasternak
    hayden pasternak 3 years ago

    This guy has no idea. his worker should have done the video. You Never take a razor blade to the back window , you can scratch the defroster.

  • Kyng Fitness
    Kyng Fitness 3 years ago

    not helpful to someone at home like me who doesn't have a precision cutting machine

  • ganendra shahi samarthak

    gas heat gun work?if work then what type of gun is commanded?plz i need reply of this question thanks

  • Libertoir
    Libertoir 3 years ago

    Amazed how few people bother to watch this excellent video before adding ignorant comments.

  • toopazio fonseca
    toopazio fonseca 3 years ago

    listen you dont scrape with the razor blade on the back window the interior>.. you just use the scotts , preferable the white or the blue one, ..they dont scratch...i advise you to go for course and learne it properly... even rene feels embarace by what your saying

  • benny meza
    benny meza 4 years ago

    THEE WORST DIY. been tinting for 20 years... is this a joke lmfao!

    • Tyrone Walmarty
      Tyrone Walmarty Year ago

      Kani put you in your place

    • Kani Fuker
      Kani Fuker 2 years ago

      Where's your videos Benny Boy if you're such an expert?. I'm a Painter/Decorator but i don't watch and comment on videos on how to do a skill i already know. Stop talking shite Benny Boy.

    • rob b
      rob b 3 years ago

      @benny meza yep ..u r

    • benny meza
      benny meza 3 years ago

      +rob b yup i am

    • rob b
      rob b 3 years ago

      +benny meza your talking shit..

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius 4 years ago

    You use a razor blade on the inside back window bye bye rear window defroster

  • john a. gorman
    john a. gorman 4 years ago

    thank you! great detail. great tips.

  • Craigbarker_calisthenics

    Nice job but as mentioned i would not be happy with that tool been chucked on my boot. Lid this guy is obviously not a detailer what would the junk man say

    • rob b
      rob b 3 years ago

      yes, as a 20 year spray painter...yes..yes i do

    • RipJawsX 95
      RipJawsX 95 3 years ago

      +rob b clearly you know alot about clearcoats on paint

    • rob b
      rob b 3 years ago

      +craig dk barker what ..a scraper will damage your boot ? lol idiot

    • RipJawsX 95
      RipJawsX 95 4 years ago

      +craig dk barker exactly and that is the very reason why i would go for DIY rather than get my car scratched up

  • Travis Rehkamp
    Travis Rehkamp 4 years ago

    What percent tint is that?

  • limey1YNWA
    limey1YNWA 4 years ago

    really? use a razor blade? this is the last and worst thing you could do to a rear window, using a razor blade will destroy the rear defrost lines and then you'll have foggy patches you cant get rid of.

    • lilkamabeast
      lilkamabeast 3 years ago

      +rob b *you're

    • rob b
      rob b 3 years ago

      +limey1YNWA bollox, your an idiot

    • Jack Pamm
      Jack Pamm 4 years ago

      @limey1YNWA You obviously shouldn't attempt to DIY, if you can't understand that they used razor on the outside, and defroster is on the inside.

  • Yeslikesband
    Yeslikesband 4 years ago

    Right Rene?

  • dorin2042
    dorin2042 4 years ago

    It's good that you've put this video on RU-clip for people to learn, but if you run that business, then run it right and have that fucking arrogant Renne use something to protect someone else's investment. It's not about "Oh, it will buff out, it's just a little scratch ", it's about respect for your costumer(in this case one that i hope will never come back). I hate idiots like you that will do anything they can to get in someone's pocket.

  • Knight Ryda
    Knight Ryda 4 years ago

    I thought they tinted windows from the inside

  • birdman3931ny
    birdman3931ny 4 years ago

    well done

  • Akinjide Agboola
    Akinjide Agboola 4 years ago

    In the case of some cars, There is the break light inside the mirror, which adds more complexities for DIY

  • Jamie Rutherford
    Jamie Rutherford 4 years ago

    its not very DIY seeing as most people dont have a computer programme or machine to cut film.

  • sparkyuiop
    sparkyuiop 4 years ago

    Nice video. Rene looks like he has done that once or twice in the past though! Oh well, here goes my first try...

  • Jose contreras
    Jose contreras 4 years ago

    What did you use to shrink it some people use baby powder I've seen others use deorderant help please almost got one today but having trouble on the corners? ??? HELP PLEASE !!!

  • Zak Deckich
    Zak Deckich 4 years ago

    decent window tinting but know have to get all the scratches out on the trunk.

  • ED PE
    ED PE 4 years ago

    he clearly over shrunk the film on the low left side.. use a glove or a mactac it helps..

    DJ RICKY EL PATRON 4 years ago

    just stay away from the screen .... !!!

  • Kevin Watson
    Kevin Watson 4 years ago

    any one know of a window tinting school in NC

  • tintdaddy
    tintdaddy 5 years ago

    Nice work.

  • kiran Shrestha
    kiran Shrestha 5 years ago

    i cannot get why they did put it outside first after doing all the cleaning if need to keep it inside..cant we just clean inside and do it

    • Scarinflictor
      Scarinflictor 4 years ago

      Just to contour the film, its too hard to trim once inside.

    • Donald Duck005
      Donald Duck005 4 years ago

      @Manny Sun You never done it before and your going to tell someone who has been doing a long time how to do it.

    • RedxLilxSleepy
      RedxLilxSleepy 4 years ago

      yeah go inside to a limited space and shrink fit the film, genius!

    • Emmanuelviking
      Emmanuelviking 5 years ago

      You clean on the outside because thats how you shape the tint, and you need it flush on the window as you shape it.

  • Growtopia Fan
    Growtopia Fan 5 years ago

    Bullshit I rather get a professional

  • Brian Curry
    Brian Curry 5 years ago

    new company what should I charge for labor cost$ for a car not the cost of the tint live in Huntington west Virginia

  • Brian Curry
    Brian Curry 5 years ago

    which side of the tint do shrink on a back glass

  • Todd Konitzer
    Todd Konitzer 5 years ago

    I just read a lot of the comments and have to admit I laughed most of the way through. Really amazing the negative opinions when the whole intention was to help people that have never done it before. Yep Renee sure didn't want to talk so I did the best I could from what I was told each step of the way. I hope it helped someone out of 152,000 views. I am disappointed that nobody made of my shaggy hair...haha

    • Lo Olver
      Lo Olver Year ago

      I'm # 348,209 and I found it VERY helpful, thank you @Todd Konitzer and Rene' ! I thought that you were both attentive to what the DIYer might experience and/or ask . You've encouraged me that I can do it ;) Liked!

    • Mary Joe
      Mary Joe 2 years ago

      Todd Konitzer I laughed at the comments as well but I liked the video even though a hair dryer isn't good enough lol

    • Les J
      Les J 4 years ago

      +NICKELGHANDI it's because some states and countries require by law to keep the front windows without tint, for law enforcement reasons

    • Djrulez203
      Djrulez203 4 years ago

      You did good job cause of you I learned how to tint perfectly. Thanks

      NICKELGANHDI 5 years ago

      I thought you did a great job with narrating and explaining what was going on. Much clearer than any of my how-to videos lol. I am going to get my windows tinted soon. I don't know why Nissan did this, but in the R50 Pathfinders, they tinted the rear windows and the back glass, but they neglected the front side windows. It drives me nuts because it doesn't match and the front side windows are the ones that you want blocking out the sun in the summer. Oh well... This video was good and gives me a bit of peace of mind with seeing how a professional does the work.

  • mastertinter731
    mastertinter731 5 years ago

    Not a bad video. However, plotters cutting out the film are way overrated! I have used most cutting software and I still have better cuts freehand. The only exception might be Film Design.

  • Joseph Kingsbury
    Joseph Kingsbury 5 years ago

    Dude your a dumbass "BOZZ"... I just called and y'all are trying to get $185 just for a 5 year warranty film how pathetic. Where I'm from we charge $129 for life time warranty Film. And I bet it's 10x better than your job's. Also your video is so stupid. You sound like you know a little bit about window tinting but you really don't. And its very unprofessional to cuss out other people just for critizing you. If you don't want other peoples opinions then don't post a video on the internet. And you sure as hell aren't signing my checks.. You are a disgrace to the window tinting WORLD

    • The 412 Devil
      The 412 Devil 4 years ago

      Why are you watching how to tint when you work at a tint shop. Sounds like you don't know what your doing

  • Rogue River
    Rogue River 5 years ago

    First off if you know anything about paint you know the clear is the protection layer. It keeps the base color from fading and protects it from chips, scratching, ect... Yes he may be unprofessional by placing his tools on the car but does not hurt a thing. Ever heard of color sanding. Its were you purposely sand the clear (scratching it) to buff it later making a mirror like finish. Scratches in clear no big deal, scratches down into color bad deal. Still he should use a protection pad. As far as the plotter machine goes for cutting tint. Waste of time! You still have to shrink the film and final cut it to fit. Saves you no time at all. You have to go through program, pick windows you want done, load film and wait for plotter to cut out. Could have half a car tinted just as good if not better by the time machine gets done.

  • S G
    S G 5 years ago

    That was so awesome

  • jessie morales
    jessie morales 5 years ago

    Great job i love it! If you were close i would it take my cars to you!

  • rodeo o
    rodeo o 5 years ago

    itz good to be the bozz, dont know sht of what im selling, but fk im making most of the money, so fk you all that think i dont know sht,,,cause you are right, but like i said im paying your salary...........lol

  • CommentKid
    CommentKid 5 years ago

    All he is doing is narrating. Like damn SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

    • The Yellow Cursor
      The Yellow Cursor 3 years ago

      +CommentKid you kumquat !

    • Jack Pamm
      Jack Pamm 4 years ago

      @CommentKid3000 no need to be rude. turn down the volume, if you don't like the sound.

    • detroitone
      detroitone 5 years ago

      You bold. Hes narrating because the guy doing the job obviously can't and im sure the other employees in the shop are busy as well.

    MIKE HAUNCHO 5 years ago

    Transfer is garbage!! All kinds of dust and micro stuff floating around that will get on the tint need to find a different way to transfer

  • Ben Franklin
    Ben Franklin 5 years ago

    Do not razor blade the back window you will destroy the window defrost

    • Tony Duncil
      Tony Duncil 3 months ago

      That's why your not tinting leave it to the pro I scrape daily

  • danolt87
    danolt87 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot ! That's something that I've been searching for a long time! Great job and very edducative! Now I know how to do this! As about the others that use to comment criticizing, take my advice : if you can do it better, show us, orelse, just shut up! Thanks again !

  • Badfish Music
    Badfish Music 5 years ago

    You're a douche hole too

    1UP ROOKIE 5 years ago

    How much would it cost to get my saab 2001 9-3 windows done

  • johnny zamlout
    johnny zamlout 5 years ago

    Renee is a moron when spraying a tint to move to inside keep the clear after you wet it an reduces dust plus I do this whole window dry under 15 min. This

    BMAC VAGS 5 years ago

    Good video, LIKED!!

  • Mrs. quick
    Mrs. quick 5 years ago

    I purchased mine from WALMART and it turned out great.Time and patience.

  • Garrison Finn
    Garrison Finn 5 years ago

    some serious swag going on in this video

  • jason jackets
    jason jackets 5 years ago

    whats the program called? to get the perfect car window specs

  • Alex Guptill
    Alex Guptill 5 years ago

    You should send me some tint ;) im desperate haha

  • John A. Sabha
    John A. Sabha 5 years ago

    why hair drier won't work ?

    • David Bey
      David Bey 5 years ago

      It will work, it just takes longer.

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B 5 years ago

    What's the thing his using at 11:15. The name of the tool?

  • O Gentle
    O Gentle 5 years ago

    i'm redy 2 tint my 72 nova myslf 2morow. dis vid was plain n simple, ez 2 follow. rite Renae?

  • jpabmx
    jpabmx 5 years ago

    I'm sorry but I would not bring my car here in a million years. This guy is pretty unprofessional (the guy doing the tint work). I understand that this car is just a piece of crap Altima but why would I go somewhere that puts there tools and spray bottles all over my paint? That's pretty unprofessional. .... and 30 minutes for a person who has never down this before in their life? really? Com on now.... His tint transfer technique is TERRIBLE.... and I'm sorry but he didn't clean that window enough.

    • Kani Fuker
      Kani Fuker 2 years ago

      Cars today have layers of clear coat and car paint today isn't like what it was in the 20's. Plastic bottle, rags and squeegee isn't going to damage a car.

    • Vijuel
      Vijuel 5 years ago

      i appreciate the how to, but i agree

    • rodeo o
      rodeo o 5 years ago

      fk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • FuckGoogle+
      FuckGoogle+ 5 years ago

      @jpabmx " It doesn't matter if the bottle will actually do damage to my paint or not" So he should be considerate of people with wild imaginations? People who whine about something that can't happen? And as for not cleaning the window enough, no doubt he completely cleaned the window before filming and for the sake of keeping the clip short just showed a brief cleaning. Something the viewer who isn't an anal retentive fucktard should appreciate. You seem to be "other".

    • Fabio
      Fabio 5 years ago

      altima a piece of crap? please give me the drugs you're on!