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  • Bryan Hancock
    Bryan Hancock Day ago

    Lion Around is my favorite Donald Duck cartoon.

  • Rochen lou Cretesio
    Rochen lou Cretesio 10 days ago


  • ScorpioBornIn69
    ScorpioBornIn69 16 days ago

    2:43 - 2:59 Back when shows were very educational and had many meanings. It all disappeared years ago, nothing but pure uneducational rubbish, mean spiritness and meaningless garbage to dumb down today's kids and future generations.

  • Jacob Powell
    Jacob Powell 17 days ago

    7:19:55 Why does it sound like Donald was Cussing?

  • Margreet Eeuwijk
    Margreet Eeuwijk 23 days ago


  • Tess Peng
    Tess Peng 23 days ago

    Donald Trump is just a temporary president, but Donald Duck is forever and ever. I knew him since I was kinder and it has been 45 yrs long. Still love

  • Pepsi Tate
    Pepsi Tate 25 days ago

    The Flying Jalopy is one of the best moments of sheer Donald Duck badassery.

  • Noah Lemoine
    Noah Lemoine Month ago


  • C.S. Lewis
    C.S. Lewis Month ago

    I just keep seeing Donald Trump...

  • Bryan Hancock
    Bryan Hancock Month ago

    But if it happens this year,... the supreme penalty!

  • Bryan Hancock
    Bryan Hancock Month ago

    I like that mountain lion eating a pie. Guess he likes it.

  • Bryan Hancock
    Bryan Hancock Month ago

    That’s odd... I didn’t know that mountain lion likes eating pies. Guess he’s can eat anything.

  • Institucija Bakina Unuka

    No-one is gonna talk about the great history lesson that was given to us? 2:41:30

  • Boucha Khamphanh
    Boucha Khamphanh Month ago

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  • SuperCrazy Fawful

    10 hours? Jesus Christ!

  • Superdarkninja ‘

    Omg tik tok

  • Hassan San
    Hassan San Month ago

    منحى روممنة نمطي

  • Rose Zamarripa
    Rose Zamarripa Month ago

    I loved this cartoons every since i was a lil girl. Know my kids see's them

  • Doug Morrisett
    Doug Morrisett 2 months ago

    Yeah win I was a kid use to read Donald duck comics, at nite with a flashlight, such good memories

  • Zed Main
    Zed Main 2 months ago

    1:23:36 does that count as cannablisim

  • Nick Lackey
    Nick Lackey 2 months ago

    Well clearly ducks are bat chit crazy...

  • Hager Kotry
    Hager Kotry 2 months ago

    Assalam alaikum, thanks for the upload: nice memories. Does anyone know if Disney could alter - if not render - their productions in 3D (three dimensional) hologram form? Thanks.

  • sabiha sutana
    sabiha sutana 2 months ago

    How many videos are there ?

    ZOË! COLLINS! 2 months ago

    Bees are good for your flowers!

  • Le W
    Le W 2 months ago

    3:02:08 Rescue Rangers

  • Le W
    Le W 2 months ago

    3:02:08 Rescue Rangers

  • John Psaros
    John Psaros 3 months ago

    Donald got no chill

  • Sri Hartati
    Sri Hartati 3 months ago

    Im 25 and still watching

  • Kevin Persaud
    Kevin Persaud 3 months ago

    This cartoon sucks

  • Kei Kei Gacha
    Kei Kei Gacha 3 months ago

    Donal is so cute ^w^

  • Larry Mann
    Larry Mann 3 months ago

    My dad made me each this crap 😡 I told him he comes from 1980's I come from 2010

    • JoMi Animations
      JoMi Animations Month ago

      Larry Mann I come from 2007 and I love it lol keep it to yourself

  • faaskee
    faaskee 3 months ago

    The old donald has a funny voice than new one or just dutch language

  • Justin Newbold
    Justin Newbold 4 months ago

    Donald Wins

  • jayson tomas
    jayson tomas 4 months ago


  • Brayden Rollins
    Brayden Rollins 4 months ago

    1:19:10 that's a really sad ending :(

  • TheNintendo Maniac
    TheNintendo Maniac 4 months ago

    Some are actually funny! Dang and 30 minutes goes by fast when your watching this!

  • Pancho Garcia
    Pancho Garcia 4 months ago

    Glad to say my childhood was badass. Cartoons and cereal 👍👍✌️

  • Icky Sticky
    Icky Sticky 4 months ago

    Born in 2000s and love this stuff now 18 still watching it.

    • Harry Raymond Dias
      Harry Raymond Dias 16 days ago

      @ScorpioBornIn69 thank you for the appreciation.

    • ScorpioBornIn69
      ScorpioBornIn69 16 days ago

      @Harry Raymond Dias You're Gen Z then. At least you like great old classics that vast majority of today's generation do not like watching.

    • Harry Raymond Dias
      Harry Raymond Dias 2 months ago

      Oh My Gosh, Me too. I was born on 30 December, 2000. Which Date Were You Born On?

    • Icky Sticky
      Icky Sticky 3 months ago

      Yes Mr ghost IDK Tf you talking about its 2019 but like Its not even my birthday

    • Icky Sticky
      Icky Sticky 3 months ago


  • baraneng
    baraneng 5 months ago

    How to draw Donald Duck

  • Farm boy
    Farm boy 5 months ago

    Awesome for kids

    • Golden Watson
      Golden Watson 4 months ago

      Yeah, especially when Donald is a Nazi, and Daisy almost commits suicide.

  • Lmao_Scozzy
    Lmao_Scozzy 5 months ago

    Time to binge *grabs the popcorn*

  • Lildeanya Winfrey - Fredrick

    Donald was clear at 4:46

  • enderman with a lower case e

    Now compare these to what passes as "cartoons" nowadays

  • OSSEF9
    OSSEF9 5 months ago

    They changed the voices...why? This is not original voices

  • Ajw Wtsl
    Ajw Wtsl 5 months ago

    17:57 applecore, valtumore, who's your friend ......... him (splat)! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • imdyinghelpme
    imdyinghelpme 5 months ago

    You know you’re in for a treat when Donald is holding a shotgun in the thumbnail lol

  • Heather Huertas
    Heather Huertas 5 months ago

    3:39:13, I've always wanted to do that

  • Mardriquez Miller
    Mardriquez Miller 5 months ago

    Added to Favorites before it began!!

  • DarrenCriss'sGirlfriend Babe

    Donald duck annoys the hell out of me really bad! I hate him!

  • Sofia Christi
    Sofia Christi 6 months ago


  • MiaSuz
    MiaSuz 6 months ago

    All the memories! This was literally my childhood! ;0; (Edit: I am 16 now)

  • wkachikyan
    wkachikyan 6 months ago

    Hiya toots

  • erytyhj6jhjfh5jg6
    erytyhj6jhjfh5jg6 6 months ago

    woaw iaaaaaaaam spanogsh likea u gan saa * in normal inglish* wow im spanish like you can see

  • Andres Ruiz
    Andres Ruiz 7 months ago

    Het is te leuk! ★★★★☆

  • Vili Halonen
    Vili Halonen 7 months ago

    32:43 mafia city sound effect

  • Cakenaddo
    Cakenaddo 7 months ago

    After this I wanna crush chip and dale

  • Cakenaddo
    Cakenaddo 7 months ago

    32:02 COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE b word

  • Andrew LaGow
    Andrew LaGow 7 months ago

    Who's got the sweetest disposition? One guess, guess who? Who'd never never start an argument? Who'd never show a bit of temperament? Who's never wrong but always right? Who'd never dream of starting a fight? Who gets stuck with all the bad luck? No one, but Donald Duck!

  • Young Queen Cole
    Young Queen Cole 7 months ago


  • Hamdi Ahmed
    Hamdi Ahmed 7 months ago

    10 hours of the best duck

  • Alma Friese
    Alma Friese 7 months ago

    Det er sjovt

  • Harriet Shearsmith
    Harriet Shearsmith 8 months ago

    Oh I just love Disney :)

  • Mr. RobloxHelpWorker
    Mr. RobloxHelpWorker 8 months ago

    53:20 is darkest not for kids

  • Crystal Huddleston
    Crystal Huddleston 8 months ago

    funniest 10 hours of my life

  • cristina ioana Anton
    cristina ioana Anton 8 months ago


  • CGI Future
    CGI Future 8 months ago

    You have 10 hours left to live Me:

  • Mark Wilmont
    Mark Wilmont 8 months ago


  • Mark Wilmont
    Mark Wilmont 8 months ago


  • krazziejrboi
    krazziejrboi 8 months ago


  • Johnathan Murrietta
    Johnathan Murrietta 9 months ago


  • Knight Of ANGUISH
    Knight Of ANGUISH 9 months ago

    So this is how he learned Zettaflare...

    • Cakenaddo
      Cakenaddo 7 months ago

      Knight Of ANGUISH LOL but he kinda died when he did that soooo

  • T Clip
    T Clip 10 months ago

    This is my childhood in nutshell

  • yee livvakt
    yee livvakt 10 months ago

    The high dislike ratio bug me.

  • Chiara Cesarini
    Chiara Cesarini 10 months ago

    1:49:02 my favorite ❤️😍

  • Peter Marcus
    Peter Marcus 10 months ago

    I watched the entire thing #noregrets

  • x cmt
    x cmt 10 months ago

    13:53 that kid got what he had coming to him

    • Cakenaddo
      Cakenaddo 7 months ago

      Christian Tortorici IKR

  • Yandere
    Yandere 11 months ago

    Back then :,)

    • Lillie Council
      Lillie Council 5 months ago

      Do you got two messages or this is another one of somebody else's

  • Video Game Massacre
    Video Game Massacre 11 months ago

    56:00 why did he need to whisper if they were alone?

  • Logy Sameh
    Logy Sameh 11 months ago


  • jason Shores
    jason Shores 11 months ago

    When I was a kid, I'm 41 now, I would watch these all the time and I didn't care if I had seen them one hundred times I still watched and loved it. They were just so beautiful and how cartoons should look, to me. They were fun, I guess getting old really does suck. Lol

  • keith Roper
    keith Roper 11 months ago

    I love cartoons

  • ScoopyDoo
    ScoopyDoo Year ago


  • James C
    James C Year ago

    Thank you for this wonderful gift you have bestowed upon us! ❤️😂👍

  • Smith Venturo R.

    Jajajajaja i really enjoyed classic ones

  • Shweta kothari
    Shweta kothari Year ago

    My heart feels heavy. I have a lump in my throat. I m old now

  • Thomas Tarpgaard

    10 hours😶... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sunny child
    sunny child Year ago

    Lol I frickin love this show

  • Vegeta Black
    Vegeta Black Year ago


  • BearsHunnyPot
    BearsHunnyPot Year ago

    You have to admit that the classics were the best.

  • Ityoboy 1
    Ityoboy 1 Year ago

    If I had 1000000 phones I would subscribe on every phone

  • Adnan C
    Adnan C Year ago

    Disney was best animation studio until the 80's

  • Walt Life
    Walt Life Year ago

    Classic! Stay magical!!!

  • 2studio
    2studio Year ago

    53:21 *Don't let your kids watch it!*

  • Monika
    Monika Year ago

    viac dielov pllls

  • Nathan Earnest
    Nathan Earnest Year ago

    Terrible!!!! half this video is in German

  • Tony Graham
    Tony Graham Year ago

    Lol it’s so funny when Donald gets all pissed

  • Ka0skid 5
    Ka0skid 5 Year ago

    omg the last park of nuber 2

  • Charlie Premo studios

    My childhood. And I'm only 14

  • Lucas Haynes 19 (STUDENT)

    I did not know Donald smoked

  • Gabriel Nowicki
    Gabriel Nowicki Year ago

    they make me smile.