UN Human Rights
UN Human Rights
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Fight hate Speech
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Abogando por la igualidad
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Marriage Equality
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UDHR@70 - UDHR Art. 1: Zoni
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  • Dictator. info
    Dictator. info 3 days ago

    Thanks almost

    TIM ALI 4 days ago

    Screw Bolivia,the Pharoah will rise again

    TIM ALI 4 days ago

    It's 2019, this devil still calls us slaves

    TIM ALI 4 days ago

    The devil divided the African world wide

  • Cindy Rolle
    Cindy Rolle 6 days ago

    The white man has destroyed the world

  • Salvador Guillen
    Salvador Guillen 10 days ago

    Publicidad manipulada. Leyes impuestas que van contra las leyes ya establecidas por los pueblos. Por humanidad y ética, ningún ser humano debe ser agredido por otro que no comparte su forma de vida. EL EJEMPLO LO DA JESÚS CUANDO ESTA FRENTE A MARÍA MAGDALENA....( VETE Y NO PEQUES MÁS.) Pero otra cosa es que la ONU diga o quiera hacer creer que su conducta es natural.( Ese es tema central.) La ideología de género son creencias acientificas que quieren manipular las formas de vida apoyados por el estado para facilitar su imposición. Aún vallan contra las Ciencias, la ética, el derecho natural. Todo es un plan de quienes pretenden una sociedad en libertinaje. Saludos

  • Dyz Handy Mandy
    Dyz Handy Mandy 10 days ago


  • Queer Cafe
    Queer Cafe 11 days ago

    Powerful message. Let's celebrate LGBTIQ people everywhere. And let's do everything we can to defend, support, and affirm them. www.queercafe.net

    TAPAN BORAH 12 days ago


  • Ica ro
    Ica ro 15 days ago

    Many are mixed with indigenous people, even some have learned the native language. I am of indigenous roots but I have cousins who have African roots. They have both identities.

  • Anne-Marie G.
    Anne-Marie G. 18 days ago

    Congratulations for your commitment. Your cause is important. Too much discrimination and violence in this world. I encourage you to continue with the current youth and accompany them on the right path.

  • Slater Meade
    Slater Meade 19 days ago

    School anyone

  • QQminusS
    QQminusS 20 days ago

    Freedom of opinion may be a UN value, but in America and among its serious ally, freedom of expression is protected while freedom of opinion is not. So technically, the government can make it illegal to think something with which they disagree, even if they never catch you saying it. The distinction doesn’t seem important, but it matters. May I remind the world that true freedom can only be had in a criminal context? What criminal lacks the freedom of opinion? For me to say what I write here belongs to me is to steal. Therefore, I tell you that my words are my own and also that I’m a thief. Every thought I think and write and then say is my own is a stolen thought.

  • oyunadawa lokiyisangkim

    my favorite remark is when she commented on grown adults picking at children and not understanding their immaturity. people are different are more smart than people who are mainstreamed and dominant phenotype. the people who are most arrogant and judgmental are the most ignorant and the most heartless and they are in no position to judge and to say. just listen, just be quiet, just try to be understanding and compassionate. its funny how so many of things are derived from education science knowledge deep scientific concepts and can be so distorted and taken out of hand in society. it is really real featurism, image-ism, its all real.

    BRIGITTE JÄGERS 21 day ago

    This was in 2014. I'm wondering what the situation is like now in 2019/2020.

  • FarRight Girl
    FarRight Girl 26 days ago

    Deport them to Africa.

    ILUZIONIST 27 days ago

    .. and somehow she ended up SJW

  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet 28 days ago

    Exotically sexy, beautiful and I love her accent.

  • Ivana
    Ivana 29 days ago

    Whose human rights? Dictators' and criminals'? What a joke...

  • Winston Churchill

    She's very beautiful, looks like a super hero character.

  • ethics3
    ethics3 Month ago

    Say hello to this guy in the video link ru-clip.com/video/Wve2qGoEmpU/video.html

  • amanda drew
    amanda drew Month ago

    she’s so beautiful omfggggg

  • Jefferson David Iguago Imbaquingo

    Buenas tardes. Quiero hacer una consulta. 😞😢. Como podemos o cuáles son los pasos a seguir para denunciar al gobierno de lenin Moreno en Ecuador. Por el préstamo millonario del FMI. que llevo a un enfrentamiento de tres meses. Civiles con militares y policías por violentar los derechos humanos . Como consecuencia ya hay muchos muertos 😓😢😢😢😢 y ya hay presencia de alimentos en los supermercados y micromercados. El pais esta en guerra. Por asi llamarlo por favor les pedimos ayuda para que tomen represalias con Lenin moreno. Ya hay muchos muerto y los responsables son policias 😢😢😢 10 de octubre del 2019. Ayuda por favor 😢😢😢😢😭

  • uno mas
    uno mas Month ago

    Puro cuento ..., los paises que mas se rompen las vestiduras por "derechos humanos " son los que más los violan y son los más corruptos 😈👹👺

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius Month ago

    I as an Italian, can not tell the Black French Rapper in France to stop rapping songs about killing white babies and hanging their parents, but the United Nations wants to tell us Italians not to heckle players that are black

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius Month ago

    The United nations must go!! The United Nations must go! The United Nations must to! Right now in South Africa, the black government is standing back while white farmers are being murdered, and the anti-white United Nations is worried about white hecklers at a soccer team in Europe.

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius Month ago

    Every face on Nigerian Television is black! Every singer in Nigeria is black! Every member of the Nigerian Soccer team is black. SOOooooooo, when France won the 2018 World Cup, the Nigerians were jumping up and down thinking their team had won!

  • Nivea Hannibal
    Nivea Hannibal Month ago

    When clothes and shoes and different looks are subjected to discrimination on the accord of the feelings of someone is aginst the law. I have been dealing with this in my family and didnt know it to make other people feel accepted because they didnt want certain people in the family to achieve. And African American people are the first to cry out Discrimination. When they discriminate aginst thier own what is it called. My rights as a human have been subjected. And by my family. To not reach my full potential.

  • Ryan Morgan
    Ryan Morgan Month ago

    Rights are NOT given by Man, they are Inalienable from Man. This means you and everyone else is born with them and they should never be made alien (taken) from you. The definition of a Human Right is simple: ANY action that does not harm another. Governments are only there to take (alienate) Natural Law Rights from the people. Understanding and upholding Natural Law and Objective Morality is the ONLY solution to Man's enslavement. Unfortunately, the human population has been deceived into believing that Man's Law supersedes Natural Law and that Morality is Relative. This is why humanity will continue to be Enslaved by it's Masters.

  • Alperen 0485
    Alperen 0485 Month ago

    Shouldn't the UN be unbiased considering most countries are not supportive of lgbt

  • Angel rabbit Strawberry rainbow

    Na parte do brasil foi um mini carnaval kskks, teve ate confete, mais foi lindo s2

  • Earla Weese
    Earla Weese Month ago

    *I can’t even begin to describe how horrifying my life has been. I really can’t. PEOPLE ARE EVIL.*

  • Vili Miki
    Vili Miki Month ago

    you fuckin hypocrates no UN HUMAN RIGHTS ever prevent or save a victime of torture of children becase the law of that can mach a Satan priest catolic law of them ...so who you lie to UN HUMAN RIGHTS?

  • Chenu Chimuela
    Chenu Chimuela Month ago

    Todos somos humanos, debemos defender y respetar a nuestra familia aunque seamos diferentes.

  • Chenu Chimuela
    Chenu Chimuela Month ago

    😉 todos a apoyar este movimiento

  • o Shego o
    o Shego o Month ago

    "But it's not natural" If we were to go by natural law, money, technology, clothes, farming, tools, language and religion would not exist.

  • Gamora DaughterOfThanos

    But I do agree that you LGBTQ people shouldn’t be mistreated. It’s completely wrong to mistreat you guys. But I still don’t support it.

  • Saswata Bhattacharyya

    Please stop violence sir

  • Rajesh Biswas
    Rajesh Biswas 2 months ago


  • Ridha Gherri
    Ridha Gherri 2 months ago

    end racism 🐵🤜🤛🤠

  • Abe Froman
    Abe Froman 2 months ago

    Freak show.

  • DonaldWilliamsSPE
    DonaldWilliamsSPE 2 months ago

    Hollow words from a hollow antiquated organization steeped on doing nothing of real significance.

  • Mr. Projects
    Mr. Projects 2 months ago

    please help sign this petition ...... chng.it/6CKB8nRM Hereby we residents of Rehoboth Namibia, kindly wishes to appeal for your assistance pertaining to the following matter: The Rehoboth Namibia Council (R.T.C), in conjunction with and/or in co-operation with NamWater & Nampower, have embarked on a process of summarily disconnecting water supply, inclusive of pre-paid supply, to households and Businesses’ alike. This action affects the poor, the already disadvantaged, the sick, the old age, orphans and vulnerable children indiscriminately. Namibia, and for that matter Rehoboth, are co-signatory to several international connections on water supply, which, inter alia, stipulates that NO WATER SUPPLY SHOULD TOTALLY BE DISCONNECTED/DISRUPTED, but should be reduced to drip level. We consider the actions of R.T.C to be arbitrary and violatory of our Human Rights as enshrined in our constitution, hence our desire to acquire the service of one of your legal experts to formulate and present our case please. We consider the current situation to be very serious, therefore we would like to earn your response at the earliest possible convenience please.

    SAAD ALQAHTANI 2 months ago

    Thank god here in Saudi we do not have this shit

  • michelle belarmino
    michelle belarmino 2 months ago

    I wish i have an albinism because their colors are beutiful

  • Alejandro Perez
    Alejandro Perez 2 months ago


    • Rodrigo Rojas Vega
      Rodrigo Rojas Vega 17 days ago

      La ONU, es una organización, que crea vínculos, de entendimiento y respetó, entre los pueblos del mundo, y uno de los derechos humanos fundamentales, es la de tener la autodeterminación de elegír, la religión que mas te guste o no profetisar ninguna, al imponer tus ideas religiosas estas discriminando, a una gran parte de la población mundial, que tiene otras creencias y tradiciones. 😑; 🌎🌏🌍🌈.

  • Alejandro Perez
    Alejandro Perez 2 months ago

    creo que argumento mata a argumento , dime cuales pises son los que matan a los GLBT

    • felixelgato1968
      felixelgato1968 Month ago

      Ahi a esos paises deverian ir para que los diversos de alla disfruten igual que los diversos de aca

  • Alexander Schwarz
    Alexander Schwarz 2 months ago

    Still a beautiful light-hearted video in 2019 <3 .... let's laugh and make others laugh .... great message :-)

  • Karan Aroar
    Karan Aroar 2 months ago

    Kaish mera b koi bf hota...m still single koi h to whatappp me 7392998280

  • Bobby
    Bobby 2 months ago

    2019(Gregorian) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: (Idea) (“Photography?”) • “Respect and dignity, 2019?”

  • Roman Soiko
    Roman Soiko 2 months ago

    Wana araf hak7k al naseem wo da airenquan i love human rights je me Amor droits des les hommes я лубу права человекс yo meencanto derechos humanos

  • Aisha Aya Yasminah
    Aisha Aya Yasminah 2 months ago

    Thank you sister Tomiko for sharing this conference. Your representation was pivotal and powerfully stated!

  • Songs Lyrics And Poems by Narendra Rai

    I penned song lyrics against racism and racist in the wake of Trump's racism statement.... ru-clip.com/video/ad11lzqt2ws/video.html please like and share it for our rights... yes I am black deep down inside my heart...

  • daniel albo
    daniel albo 2 months ago

    You are such an evil organization

  • Nitesh Patel
    Nitesh Patel 2 months ago

    Loved it.

  • Absolute Stan
    Absolute Stan 2 months ago

    Crazy how people are hating on people for loving. Who really is in the wrong here?

  • 20,000 subscribers with no video challenge

    Thanks to you basterds my country is being flooded by immigrants

  • Mark Steel
    Mark Steel 2 months ago

    Negroes are about the only people on the face of Earth who still practice slavery but they want reparations for something they never went through. Did you know in Haiti the Negroes sell their own children into slavery for 300 dollars! If anything Negroes owe white people reparations for all the damage they have done to our cities and continue to do. But don't forget Negroes suffer from postpartum slavery disorder. On the same line if you had ancestors that fought in the Civil War and you get reparations too because you suffer from postpartum combat disorder for what they went through. And Negroes have nerve to wonder why everyone hates them so much.

    • Introvert Reed
      Introvert Reed 2 months ago

      Who would you say is more psychologically damaged from slavery? You claim white people suffer from postpartum slavery and are owed reparations from black people. You haven't made a valid argument,just a few empty sentences amounting to thin air. Black people suffer from a low self esteem that's been unconcously passed down from generation to generation. We were not the ones robbed of a knowledge of self,had our identity stolen,(A.K.A. lost tribe)had our heritage stripped away from us. Slaves were forced to sit in feces,had vitamin defienciency's, which caused a weakened immuned system ,leading up to diseases and death,thrown off slave ships while shackled,beat severely if they disobeyed orders. Black people were denied access to a good education,equal job opportunities,denied the right to vote,denied human rights. Red lining, Jim Crow laws,black codes,still have lingering economic and mental affects. White people have been the beneficiaries of slavery. Wealth gained from slavery was and still is being passed down from generation to generation. Slavery has given white people a sense of superiority. With this superior complex comes a great burden. Now a days white people complain about being victim's of discrimination from black people. We don't hold positions of power that have been historically destined for white people,we don't control society through laws and resources. Whites run all three branches of government,you get the best education,the best housing ,the best jobs,the most employed. So what exactly are you complaining about? Black on white racism never resulted in whites not getting a job or an education. You are not pushed to the back of the bus, separate water fountains and bathrooms,forced into ghettos,have underfunded schools with lowly qualified teachers,not enough chairs,outdated books,broken computers,you have not had the black experience. You want reparations? Well, you're not getting it. We owe you nothing,not a penny,nickel,or dime,nothing!

  • Kai James
    Kai James 3 months ago

    Albinism is so beautiful

  • HeyitsShay
    HeyitsShay 3 months ago

    British, Swedish, Mandarin accent 😁

  • AMD super
    AMD super 3 months ago

    Voilation of human right in kashmir please help kashmir

  • Cyrus The Red
    Cyrus The Red 3 months ago

    No intelligent persons takes reparations seriously. Modern African americans never experienced slavery in their lifetime so quit looking for hand outs. You dont see Irish people looking for money from Britain or Scandinavia for their 800 years of slavery and persecution. Like Candace Owens said, "African American" people need to work for a better future instead of being lazy and looking to their history to support them.

  • Chapman Fitness
    Chapman Fitness 3 months ago

    Being gay ain’t natural. If it was men would be ABLE to have kids with other men. But they can’t

    • Dinosaur Chicken nuggets
      Dinosaur Chicken nuggets Month ago

      vaLe yeet humans are extremely over populated hence why gays exist.

    • HyBye
      HyBye 2 months ago

      Better for us man we get all the girls and they also take a guy with them

    • vaLe yeet
      vaLe yeet 2 months ago

      @Chapman Fitness en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homosexuality_and_psychology

    • A random dude !!!!!!
      A random dude !!!!!! 2 months ago

      Chapman Fitness look it up asshole it’s in a whole bunch of documentary’s

    • Soviet Comrade
      Soviet Comrade 2 months ago

      Chapman Fitness homosexuality is present in many species but homophobia in only one which is unnatural now

  • Anne Nolan
    Anne Nolan 3 months ago

    This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase global citizenship and solidarity.

  • Max Jenkins-king
    Max Jenkins-king 3 months ago

    40 MILLION SLAVES TODAY UN WHAT ARE YOU DOING your organisation is a failure and waste of money

  • EsoterX
    EsoterX 3 months ago

    Who pays those reparations? Which white people? My father was born in Egypt. I'm 1st generation born here on that side of the family. On my mother's side they were northern abolitionists during the Civil War. So explain to me how I owe modern blacks reparations for slavery they never lived through and my ancestors had nothing to do with? Your reparations are 40+ years affirmative action. 40+ years of hiring quotas, preferential treatment for college acceptance and scholarships. Now you want more handouts from my tax dollars? I'm sorry but it's not "racist" to think that's a crock of shit.

  • Eugene Lee
    Eugene Lee 3 months ago

    Look into their eyes. When you realize they are just same human beings, you will have a harder time denying their existence.

  • jorge Martinez
    jorge Martinez 3 months ago

    Como puede uno pedir alluda a la ONU contra el rrobo de nuestras tierras en vallarta jalisco mexico y los que reclamamos nuestras tierras nuestras propiedades nos asen nos fabrican recor criminales o desaparesen jente contal de que no reclame uno sus propiedades por goviernos corruptos y jente poderosa influllente en el gobierno o millonarios asosiados ala corrupcion contal de que uno no rreclame uno sus propiedades en jalisco mexico y vallarta jalisco mexico yo esido afectado no e podido recuperar mis propiedades en ese lugar mencionado

    • Citlalli Landa
      Citlalli Landa 2 months ago

      Debe acercarse a una institución de derechos humanos en su entidad y comentar su situación asesorarse y entonces actuar ellos harán notar su problema en la corte

  • jorge Martinez
    jorge Martinez 3 months ago

    Como puede uno solicitar una peticion a la ONU ?

    • uno mas
      uno mas Month ago

      Ja, ja, ja viajando hasta la sede..., primero tienes que ir a la embajada de E Undidos 🇺🇸🙏🏾a pedir visa y si te la dan tienes que comprar un voleto que te lleve a New York 💰💵💰💵y luego llegas al edificio y pides si te dejan entrar lo cual cuando sientas tendrás 100 policias armados con pistolas de balas y de electrochoque rodeandote y mientras les esplicas ya te están metiendo a la perrera para llevarte a Guantanamo acusado de terrorista 🤪 está facil 🙊🙉🙈

  • jorge Martinez
    jorge Martinez 3 months ago

    Buenos dias como se puede aser una peticion de ocserbacion sobre la biolacion de derechos por medio de organisaciones del govierno de estados unidos cuando una persona trabaja en el govierno y por su idea ocoraje con tra alguien aplica todo lo q puede o inbentan para perjudicar a alguien por todos los medios solo por ser ombre donde estan los derechos de proteccion para los ombres q son bictimas de las instituciones de gobierno con fin de perjudicar y por todos los medios de poder inbentan tuersen todo acto contal de aserlo ber lo mas malo q pueden po el coraje o odio q exixte en el corazon de esas personas

    • uno mas
      uno mas Month ago

      Para que te acepten una queja solo si es en contra de Cuba, Venezuela o Nicaragua..., hasta te llevan en hombros..., los demás paises que pisotean los derechos humanos si pertenecen a la elit derechista no cuentan..., ni lo sueñes 😖😝

  • Simon Hunter
    Simon Hunter 3 months ago

    The House has passed reparations for gay people $67 million!!!!!

    • Bobon Meiknob
      Bobon Meiknob 17 days ago

      @Simon Hunter So you're into size rather than quantity, got it.

    • Simon Hunter
      Simon Hunter 17 days ago

      @Bobon Meiknob One fewer than you

    • Bobon Meiknob
      Bobon Meiknob 18 days ago

      How many butt plugs would you like?

  • MadMax MFP 4703
    MadMax MFP 4703 3 months ago

    The UN is the biggest slave owner on the third rock from the sun. They need hunger, violence and greed to keep their coffers full. Should have never been created.

  • David Guez
    David Guez 3 months ago

    as a frenchman i demand reparations for greec colonisation .

  • sea monster
    sea monster 3 months ago

    Yeah, only an imbecile would take your commitment to human rights seriously. An organisation that had Saudi Arabia chair your Human Rights Council. Piss off.

  • 서가묘
    서가묘 3 months ago

    Thank you.

  • Belteshazzar Levy bar Roma

    🇺🇸🇻🇦🇮🇱 🔥

  • Quilt
    Quilt 3 months ago

    And? Whats wrong with the Death Penalty?

  • Patrick Palmer
    Patrick Palmer 3 months ago

    Anthony Johnson, a black man started and sued in court to have slaves in America. So sue yourselves. Look it up to its on record in New England courts. Also the Irish were also made slaves in America and treated worse than Africans. So you want to tax Americans for slavery then light that candle you, ignorant low life's.

  • Slaygear
    Slaygear 3 months ago

    If you want to tax me to pay reparations to a group of people who have never been slaves in their lives, then you're going to physically beat me down and take the money from my hands.

  • Sarhind Kumar
    Sarhind Kumar 3 months ago

    I am so happy

  • Aziz Shabazz
    Aziz Shabazz 3 months ago

    Dear United Nations, What we need as African descendants is education jobs and economic liberation of African economies. Here in the USA education is the key.

  • Robert Gauss
    Robert Gauss 3 months ago

    The UN needs to enforce this against the US presently 2019, for actions against CHILDREN, on our Southern border.

    • Harjeet Singh
      Harjeet Singh 2 months ago

      The problem is UN is just like league of nation don't have any power because of veto system independent vote will bring catastrophic for us and Israel

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius 4 months ago

    The anti-white UN is silent about the genocide of white farmers in South Africa. So go kiss my Italian ass

  • Name Again
    Name Again 4 months ago

    ADOS support our BDOS cousins!

  • Cowart David
    Cowart David 4 months ago

    You talk like we did something to them.

  • 진용준 기자
    진용준 기자 4 months ago

    We are deliberately complicating the definition of human rights. Because the person who has the money has to take more. The solution is simple. You have to guarantee your house, food, and clothes. But there is no country that does that.

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius 4 months ago

    Say NO to White Guilt!

    TIM ALI 4 months ago

    The white race hates Blacks

  • Francheska Vega
    Francheska Vega 4 months ago

    These victims are brave,God bless them

  • Barış E.
    Barış E. 4 months ago

    Olgun hoca izlettiriyor

  • Stax of Funk
    Stax of Funk 4 months ago

    Becareful what you ask for because after DNA testing to prove eligibility comes back child support and breaks in unsolved crimes.

  • Dr. Hyde The Werewolf
    Dr. Hyde The Werewolf 4 months ago

    Black man here. Get your sex trafficking in line first... Reparations are ignorant and stupid. Eat. Dick.

    • Doctor Tesla
      Doctor Tesla 2 months ago

      Yep, these UN commissions are useless

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 months ago

    Will the blacks pay back all the money they have taken in the way of welfare, prison stays, legal burdens paid by tax payers? I think not...

  • Anthony Quentere
    Anthony Quentere 4 months ago

    I can tell this video is being repressed.

  • Pavelescu Sabin-Stefan

    lgbt rights are absurd and total bullshit

  • lephtic131
    lephtic131 4 months ago

    We are in the 21st century ( who can still doubt it) and it is bitterly surprising to note that despite the multitude of testimonies that consider this kind of life as very unpleasant (I hope that no one doubts the veracity of this opinion) . However many are not yet able to express themselves in favor of correct and valid justice for all these victims. ( I hope that my english was understanding) :-)

  • K D
    K D 4 months ago

    Now let's talk about the French paying back us Africans also... Since you white racists wish to play the game of deflection, let's also include Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in this.

  • Ela94-rockz!!!
    Ela94-rockz!!! 4 months ago

    She sounds British

  • A1blkman KAG
    A1blkman KAG 4 months ago

    Reparations for Black American descendants of slaves, my reasons for apposing the American government compensation of to Black Americans are; How do we identify who are the actual desendants of slave and how is the subject intercultural mixing addressed. One example culture mixing would be the current state of Native American Indians, amongst all the tribes of NA Indians across the United States, genetically (genetically validated) members of the Indian Nations are primarily found to live on a designated Indian Reservation. Considering the fact, most of the registered tribal members on roles live outside the reservations and have a stronger genetic tie with another cultural ancestry, primarily of European descent. A second reason to appose reparations would be, the negative impact on all aspects of functioning government would be catastrophic across the board; socially, economically, culturally, building borders in places that previously didn’t exist or have long been mended. In the various cases when individual communities have received reparations from the American governmnet (Japanese American citizens placed in camps during WW2, and survivors of the Jewish holocaust), they are ethic communities who are known to culturally isolate themselves form others within our society. In the case of Black Americans, they are socially and culturally integrated into the white communities across America, truth is that Black and White Americans are more interrelated then are apart. If any reparations are ever to be given the Black American slave descendants, it must be made clear that this debt is owed by existing Government agencies and Institutions, and not by the Indevidual White American citizen. For any debt owed by any White citizen has surly been paid from the many instances in American history of white people fighting, protesting and giving of their own lives in the cause of freeing slaves. It is a fact, that primarily by the efforts of majority of White America did Black American obtain freedom, did discriminatory laws get passed, and that current Constitutional rights of Black American are upheld. This conversation must remain a rational one, the majority of Black Americans are not living in poverty and are mostly law obiding tax paying citizens, the majority of White Americans feel as comfortable around Blacks as they do Whites within their own community and seek interaction out of sincere earnestness. Reparations at this point will be like “Throwing the baby out with the bath water”.

  • SMEGY 89
    SMEGY 89 4 months ago

    so will you people demand reparations from black families that onced owned black slaves? because it is known black people owned black slaves or are you going to demand this from white people?