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ГОСТ 18300-72
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Mercedes Benz w123, 1984 г
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  • Colin Lyne
    Colin Lyne Month ago


  • Vicki Gucci
    Vicki Gucci 2 months ago

    Saaaaaaang girl!!!!

  • thestranger11
    thestranger11 3 months ago

    The face of a man who's world is very different now.

  • Jay Cordero
    Jay Cordero 4 months ago

    Killed it!

  • Виктор
    Виктор 4 months ago


  • litayasia Lyles
    litayasia Lyles 4 months ago

    I think she killed it

  • gia chaturvedi
    gia chaturvedi 7 months ago

    we stan a queen y'all

  • Nathanael Ling
    Nathanael Ling 8 months ago

    Velocity is a factor of giving senses of being 'scherzando', but over-speedy may decrease the sense. I appreciate the capability of playing in such speed, but not the style in this piece. Thanks for sharing.

  • Honourable Scarlet
    Honourable Scarlet 8 months ago

    Yes girl

  • Callam Fortnite
    Callam Fortnite 10 months ago

    What shit is this she cannot sing at all

  • Alvidder Ave
    Alvidder Ave 10 months ago


  • Tatenda Chitondo

    nope not nop

  • ‘神々Eternal Ninja

    Zhavia needs more **EXPOSURE!** Help her by going to her channel!

  • Pamela Pilova
    Pamela Pilova Year ago


  • CyberspacedLoner

    God Bless Russia

  • Mitchell Milkov
    Mitchell Milkov Year ago

    She probably rushed the piece because she was tired of getting bit by is fast but everything is there. Beautiful piece by beautiful girl

  • Giacomo Bicocchi

    Who removed the old video?

    • dave krest
      dave krest Year ago

      on idea has taken me a age to find again :(

  • Gage Lange
    Gage Lange Year ago


  • Natalia Yakubenko
    Natalia Yakubenko 2 years ago


  • Андрей Подшивалов

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  • Kulfon Rudobrody
    Kulfon Rudobrody 2 years ago

    W 123 Tylko z silnikiem Diesla, najlepiej wersja 200 lub 340 l niezniszczalny !