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Jo Nakashima - Origami Tutorials
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  • Angel Perez
    Angel Perez Minute ago

    Diabolical. It's gonna be hard as BALLS.

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    biku roy 2 minutes ago

    Iam 2nd jo nakashima Nice

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    Who can help me

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    witty Smaller 3 minutes ago

    Nice 😍😍👏👍

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    È bellissimo

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    Anil Nambiar 5 minutes ago

    I'm first. But I don't care

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    Nicole Atenako 12 minutes ago

    Idk y but origami is better than anything bruh xd

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  • 。・゚・Will Amajiki・゚・。

    Aahh i'm so sad i can't from the moment 3:00

  • WorldWide Paige
    WorldWide Paige 3 hours ago

    Question. How did you add the stem at the back of it in the thumbnail?

  • Eti Naz
    Eti Naz 4 hours ago

    Thanks for doing it slowly.

  • 50211林仕祐林仕祐

    Can fast?

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    여기 한국인 추가요

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    Dibby_ UwU 9 hours ago

    Объяснять в слух не умеешь!!!

  • Minh Thien
    Minh Thien 9 hours ago

    OMG too hard lol

  • Hoan nguyen
    Hoan nguyen 11 hours ago

    In Japan, it is a children’s game, but it is also used to decorate gifts and religious shrines .

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  • Ana Santillan
    Ana Santillan 12 hours ago

    Nosabes aser tutoriales

  • Lua Freire
    Lua Freire 13 hours ago

    This is so pretty! I love it, but I have a question, can you make it using a 10x15 paper? Or is it best if it's made with 10x20? (My sheets of paper I reserve for origami is ending, so I need to cut it carefully)

  • Ohana Chiropractic & Wellness

    My 14 yr. old son was able to make this with (amazingly) a 7" origami paper! I guess he was up for the challenge.

  • Noods
    Noods 14 hours ago

    please don't use thick paper for this.

  • ardilla feliz
    ardilla feliz 16 hours ago

    No muy dificil

  • That FEZ
    That FEZ 21 hour ago

    i now see why the paper is so big i almost ripped mine ._.

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    Bro you deserve million views

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    Yeah, I love it

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    Me: Brings one at school Every boi: i WaNt 1 dRAGon

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  • Chin Zee Yuen
    Chin Zee Yuen Day ago

    Follow me too guys if you guys wanna learn to fold origami monsters!

    CYBER BOY Day ago

    Why did u speed it up horrible

  • I'm still deciding on a cringe name

    Im haveing trouble shapeing the rose

  • hung do manh
    hung do manh Day ago


  • Neeraj Nandan
    Neeraj Nandan Day ago

    The way he attached the magnets was satisfying. But the way he TWISTS the cube is VERY DISSATISFYING.

  • Cat Pham
    Cat Pham Day ago

    You know what took u 22:54 minutes took me almost 2 and a half hours, 3 hours, perhaps you should have dialogue instruction and more detail maybe you'd even get more views ?

  • Yeong Kim
    Yeong Kim Day ago

    I was doing so well until I had to do this 17:05

  • Cat Pham
    Cat Pham Day ago

    That is a very fancy turtle

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  • 10,000 subscribers with?

    I was halfway through when i realised i made a mistake 😂💀

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    So easy 15÷5=3 ;)

  • Fernando Torres

    it so hard

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    Hildunio Day ago

    awesome :o

  • Those Dead Memes

    Just made one about a half hour ago gave it to my dad and then I've come back again to make another one cause I forgot how to make it. ('Cause I usually remember how to make the origami i had watched a video on). This was the longest one I've ever made tho. I loved it! Thanks! Keep up the amazing origami!

  • Uma Mohanty
    Uma Mohanty Day ago

    I made it again and again did The anew paper

  • Bruly Flores Velasques

    que chulo me salio

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    berat ayci Day ago

    Thenk you

  • Jonty Roy
    Jonty Roy 2 days ago

    Does anyone know what happened to artist Tadashi Mori? I'm glad Jo Nakashima is still regular. Thank you. :) I love your artwork & tutorials.

  • Shahzad Zoe
    Shahzad Zoe 2 days ago

    Can u make more origami bookmarks

  • Steve huckerson
    Steve huckerson 2 days ago

    i just finished one of the wings at 26:49 then im like wtf another???? Nah wait till next time, hands are too sweaty

  • Liran Harpaz
    Liran Harpaz 2 days ago

    Hello it's me

  • Mariana kitty Playes

    Me this looks easy also me WHY DID I EVEN TRYYYYYY

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  • Nahir denise Aquino

    Yo iba re bien hasta el 4:40 y ya después no me salió más nada

  • Xxitz_ wolfieplayzxX

    me:*makes my longest pet snake mum:hey sweetie what you doing me:look at my longest snake mum:oh sweetie is just a origami snake me:DONT CALL MEH LONGEST SNAKE ORIGAMI MUUUUUM mum:alright is real edit:btw IM MAKING A LONGEST PET SNAKE HEHE

  • Xxitz_ wolfieplayzxX

    does it work for any paper size Mr.Nakashima(btw the last part of your word is hard to spell apologize

  • Daniel Lopez Rodriguez

    Corte de esquina?

  • laxmi kumari
    laxmi kumari 2 days ago

    Daammm.. i just made this and then realise about that shape....😑😑😑

  • Mikael Palm
    Mikael Palm 2 days ago

    Nailed it

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    voçe capricou

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    Cool 😎!

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    *gets annoyed and tapes everything together* 😂😂

  • curiosidades de RS miau


  • Aymi Sanjuda
    Aymi Sanjuda 3 days ago

    Failed miserably in this... anyways I did it wrong... awesome tutorial dude..

  • Ꮓᴀᴛᴄʜ ᏴᴇʟʟᏫᏫ7

    Paper folding sounds can be used as a beautiful source of ASMR but unfortunately I never saw any YTuber with this technique

  • Jordan Chua
    Jordan Chua 3 days ago

    Click bait

  • Adriana salas palavecino

    Bueno lo intente 😂y no me salió 😂

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    Alyona Radchenko 3 days ago

    When you’re too broke to buy an actual rubik‘s cube

  • TacoManiguessidk 5999

    This is very creative but I damn near almost cried from frustration

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  • Janos Castro
    Janos Castro 3 days ago

    Origami slinky. 6:52

  • Janos Castro
    Janos Castro 3 days ago

    I’m reading the comments and a lot of them say this is hard. (Gulp)

  • Pinky Paller
    Pinky Paller 3 days ago

    Now I complete the tsuru(the feathered crane ). I gonna wait to see my origamis to my friends

  • Chez 0316
    Chez 0316 3 days ago

    I searched up hard origami in this with the first thing that came up. I now understand why

  • Paper world 312
    Paper world 312 3 days ago

    Hello from Paper World! Perfect origami,

  • Norma Rodriguez
    Norma Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Could you go slower I know I can play it back but still this is my first time making it and I wanted to enjoy it but I've had to retry more than 15 time that's a waste of paper please go slower next time

  • Judah Smith
    Judah Smith 4 days ago

    Thanos: An infinity cube?! Can it wipe out the whole universe with one fold?

  • paradesi naidu malla

    It is soooooooooooooooooo ooooooo dirty muddy

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  • Bilal Shaikh
    Bilal Shaikh 4 days ago

    Does it move

  • Karla Herrera
    Karla Herrera 4 days ago

    Me atore cuando se tenia que dar la vuelta y al hacer la cabeza y sus cuernos pero al final lo termines y lo amo 😍😍😍 Gracias por tu tutorial ❤️❤️❤️

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    Speedcubereview would just put stronger magnets in it.