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Beat Saber Walls (LEVEL 4)
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Beat Saber Walls (LEVEL 3)
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A Beat Saber Tribute..
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Important Announcement.
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Beat Saber Walls (LEVEL 2)
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your shoulders = game over
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100,000 Subscribers.
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the DARK SIDE of claviers.
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beat saber aimbot 2.0
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Capture your VERY OWN CROWN
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This will be fun to watch
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lift your spirit (FIN4LE)
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Please, take a break.
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  • Throwout123 Games
    Throwout123 Games 11 minutes ago

    i was listening to this song before wow

    MISTI KILGORE 18 minutes ago

    The kid sounds like me from 2nd grade but if i was white lmao

  • Failure Education
    Failure Education 21 minute ago

    This was physically painful to listen to HE WAS SO OFF BEAT

  • Oofpoof Gone
    Oofpoof Gone 29 minutes ago

    When he said “do do da do do da do da do do” I felt that

  • Lise Kuck
    Lise Kuck 33 minutes ago

    Honestly I think this is better than the original reality check through the skull '-'

  • REZ- Reviews and More!
    REZ- Reviews and More! 35 minutes ago

    Is this map ready?

  • Kate 505
    Kate 505 41 minute ago

    Someone walks into a room and you see someone doing this “Sir are you ok.” “I’m a little messed up.”

  • Jacob Camerupt
    Jacob Camerupt 41 minute ago

    I saw this one live and I knew it would make it to RU-clip so I knew I had to write something important...

  • REZ- Reviews and More!
    REZ- Reviews and More! 50 minutes ago

    I wish I had Twitch.

  • IguanaGang17
    IguanaGang17 Hour ago

    I'm going to be 100% honest. I thought this was Bandoot for a second singing into a microphone alone with the song.

  • Nicetro The Skywing/Icewing

    I found this after watching Shrek

  • Rxyal?
    Rxyal? Hour ago

    I found this song in SoundCloud...

  • Void Trial
    Void Trial Hour ago

    Why did you almost double all of my scores in 1 day

  • Troglodude
    Troglodude Hour ago

    are we not going to mention this mother fuckers reflexes

  • Oayx
    Oayx Hour ago

    Oh no, camillia is about to destroy us

  • Maddog Gaming
    Maddog Gaming Hour ago

    That's gotta be a 9

  • juqpiter J
    juqpiter J Hour ago

    this kids beat boxing skills are legendary

  • Spooky Mimi
    Spooky Mimi Hour ago

    The body that my soul is inside is a Homosexual guy who has an interest in fetshes involving animals covered in fur.

  • NiliMoto
    NiliMoto Hour ago

    Yay i was there! Awesome level. If you can try in person its crazy

  • xmantnt 555
    xmantnt 555 Hour ago

    Yes getsix sweet

  • Omari Hodge
    Omari Hodge Hour ago

    Can confirm that something better than a 1060 is definitely required to play maps like these 😅

  • dalkgamler
    dalkgamler Hour ago

    Rip video compression.

  • TbnrDevon 232
    TbnrDevon 232 Hour ago

    Actually it’s quack

  • Kryptik
    Kryptik Hour ago

    65th one to comment and 433rd one to like hehe

  • Ryan Fecarotta
    Ryan Fecarotta Hour ago

    i'd honestly rate it an 8 or 9 out of 10. If i had a history of epileptic seizures i'd have to rate it a iohs;dfh;avihe;ivsijnv;ia;dhfv;ois

  • Eli Groden-Thomas


  • Carter
    Carter Hour ago

    “There’s a lot of walls” -Bandoot 2019

  • Roblox Life
    Roblox Life 2 hours ago


  • Yato Bro
    Yato Bro 2 hours ago


  • Vince Gaming
    Vince Gaming 2 hours ago

    I just realised his sabers are infinity blades, thats bad ass

  • PZ M7
    PZ M7 2 hours ago

    Is it the song or you making the sounds? Asking for a friend.

  • TerrarianX :D
    TerrarianX :D 2 hours ago

    At the end when he yelled like a beast I was like YEAH HE DID IT

  • Meep 17
    Meep 17 2 hours ago

    Undertale is slowly dying because of low popularity 1 like 1save 👇

  • Shablam0
    Shablam0 2 hours ago

    Okay I've been watching this over an hour so far I really need to stop.

  • Midnight Fury
    Midnight Fury 2 hours ago

    The beginning I was falling asleep then you hit me with full on 100x speed nightcore

  • josh bannink
    josh bannink 2 hours ago

    “I just keep seeing the number 6, why do I keep seeing the number 6 three times” what are a small kid XD

  • JustMeNova
    JustMeNova 2 hours ago

    does this require mods to play?

  • Mora Africano Camilo Andres

    Ever wonder how a metal concert feels like ? This is really close to what it feels 💪

  • Waffles88990
    Waffles88990 2 hours ago

    Dude this gave me so much anxiety watching this

  • Sierra Rose
    Sierra Rose 2 hours ago


  • Cody The Black Chicken!

    Epileptic kid: roastes me Me: shows video *Ain't no one going to tango, with the Rango*

  • Sol Vincent Sartaguda


  • IskkudCJ R
    IskkudCJ R 2 hours ago

    All I heard: Anime Wut uder pop hear: good song

  • Naeklaer0r
    Naeklaer0r 2 hours ago


  • KingsMan
    KingsMan 2 hours ago

    This is the next level of beat saber

  • princegames
    princegames 3 hours ago

    How do you keep your computer from slowing to a stop on songs like this? I just started modded beat saber on a r3900x and a 2080ti and still can't play this song smoothly.

  • Christian Scott
    Christian Scott 3 hours ago

    I showed this to my brother and now he's doing a funny dance on the floor lmao. 😂

    • xmantnt 555
      xmantnt 555 Hour ago

      that's so dark 😂

    • Shablam0
      Shablam0 2 hours ago

      "No no no, that's not how you do the worm silly!"

  • Snart
    Snart 3 hours ago

    10/10, totally worth the coma

  • Ghost Assassin
    Ghost Assassin 3 hours ago

    This man must play code vein knowing the song for the menu on beat saber

  • Remula Evergaze
    Remula Evergaze 3 hours ago

    I still think that Air map from last week was cooler

  • Noisy lightning
    Noisy lightning 3 hours ago

    i was actually one of the first people to play this map, i was just on beat saber and i was like "let me try out this level" and i did and it was actually one of the coolest maps i have ever seen. its not difficult but its super cool.

  • Sophia Osuna
    Sophia Osuna 3 hours ago


  • Rubber Doozle
    Rubber Doozle 3 hours ago

    I want to be this kids friend

  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf 3 hours ago

    This map is not epileptic friendly, at all! Looked absolutely amazing regardless!

  • eli cromwell
    eli cromwell 3 hours ago

    Kinda sounds like bc kill

  • Shaochai Xu
    Shaochai Xu 4 hours ago

    **Bandoot equiped arm noodles* **Bandoot completed the song*

  • Koobitz
    Koobitz 4 hours ago

    Oh nooooooo a 6 run for your life!!!

  • Johny Sunil
    Johny Sunil 4 hours ago

    You suck

  • Lina Lahoz
    Lina Lahoz 4 hours ago


  • Ice Bagel
    Ice Bagel 4 hours ago

    Here it is bois

  • Ralsei
    Ralsei 4 hours ago

    I dont even See the saber XD

  • specture
    specture 4 hours ago

    How deos all the lights flashing not cause you to accidentally mess up

  • Red Red
    Red Red 4 hours ago

    3:24 He’s beginning to believe

  • LootRacoon
    LootRacoon 4 hours ago

    What the fuck indeed.

  • Forgotten Heaven
    Forgotten Heaven 4 hours ago

    3:40 *10 INTENSIFIES*

  • VoidOnRR
    VoidOnRR 4 hours ago


  • Zercous
    Zercous 4 hours ago

    Hehe im in the video MHMHMHMHMH I died during the stream and now during the video D:

  • Nightcore Lore
    Nightcore Lore 4 hours ago

    Real talk: can we just please somehow get these on ps4 version as well I do know why that’s not that easy but come on now ... that literally makes me want to buy another vr equipment

  • Ben P.
    Ben P. 4 hours ago

    but I heard this song a moth ago when it came out

  • GoOseBumps Hiragi
    GoOseBumps Hiragi 4 hours ago

    Early squad where ya at?

  • Jesus Alberto
    Jesus Alberto 4 hours ago


  • ツボルIAmIdiotがに

    im followed to you on twitch how come i dont get the notification

    VORLDAMARE 666 4 hours ago

    If I could make custom levels then I would try to make it like this But I can’t really do that since I only have a ps4vr

    • Squidja Boy
      Squidja Boy 4 hours ago

      I have custom levels and a mapping software and bro it would take u months to make a map like this. It's not just:"Yeah, if I had it, I would also make this". That's just dumb

  • Eysox
    Eysox 4 hours ago

    Simon Cowell : "best singer I've ever heard"

  • ZeRoX880
    ZeRoX880 4 hours ago

    Whoaaaa...cant wait to try this map out myself, this looked amazing!!!

  • PowerMan
    PowerMan 4 hours ago


  • YWUHarriPlayz
    YWUHarriPlayz 4 hours ago

    I WAS THERE at the livestream! LEGGO!

  • Kirby, Pokémon And Art!

    Bandoot: WHAT IS THIS? Devil: it is satan your dealing with now >:3

  • andres zepeda
    andres zepeda 4 hours ago

    0:22 epilepsy warning.

    • Lex Files
      Lex Files 2 hours ago

      0:00 to 3:52 epilepsy warning

  • FridgeOfWar
    FridgeOfWar 4 hours ago

    Now we wait for someone to start making Guitar Hero charts in Beat Saber

  • MrBeefy
    MrBeefy 5 hours ago


  • mrmcnugget420
    mrmcnugget420 5 hours ago

    love me bandoot

  • Excession
    Excession 5 hours ago

    Send spooky some love for these walls, he spent a ton of time on them and they’re insane

  • Yugen
    Yugen 5 hours ago

    Welp i guess ima buy a new repmacement for my 1060 if i wanna play that

  • Moose Tube
    Moose Tube 5 hours ago

    Hmm 4 views 16 likes... ????

  • deiw11
    deiw11 5 hours ago


  • ExoticDagger
    ExoticDagger 5 hours ago

    This is giving me an epileptic attack rn

  • Dec
    Dec 5 hours ago


  • Tanger350
    Tanger350 5 hours ago

    best walls I've ever seen

  • ImNotMaximilian
    ImNotMaximilian 5 hours ago

    Question: Why are my walls not changing on beatsaber. Is a setting or how do I change that?

    • ImNotMaximilian
      ImNotMaximilian 5 hours ago

      Bandoot k thx dude

    • Bandoot
      Bandoot 5 hours ago

      You need to download the "Mapping Extensions" plugin in Mod Assistant

  • Your left big toe nail

    My head hurts from looking at the walls but it’s cool at the same time

    • specture
      specture 4 hours ago

      Your left big toe nail same

  • SaadForGaming
    SaadForGaming 5 hours ago


  • FireDrake 145239
    FireDrake 145239 5 hours ago


  • uchikokyu
    uchikokyu 5 hours ago


  • pr0xy
    pr0xy 5 hours ago

    Notification gang

  • Bishop Vick
    Bishop Vick 5 hours ago


  • McFudgy Face
    McFudgy Face 5 hours ago


  • SilentWolfy —JayZee


  • The Jaker VR
    The Jaker VR 5 hours ago