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  • Robin Kocher
    Robin Kocher 3 hours ago

    I would love it if Elton would tell us who’s the father of which one. I’m 67 and I keep looking at those 2 we’ll behaved and beautiful children to see if I can guess, it’s really hard. Tell me Elton my brain is old and tired. 🙏🏼love you all and have a happy life with your boys!!❤️

  • Avineet Kaur
    Avineet Kaur 5 hours ago

    She’s so pretty

  • Rukia BlackBlazer
    Rukia BlackBlazer 5 hours ago

    Wow another Meghan and Harry an older biracial woman of African descend with another hot prized Caucasian guy. Look out Kim K. Mama's got ah brand new bag. 😘

  • Margaret Hawker
    Margaret Hawker 7 hours ago

    Thiis child is not happy at all . she looks very sad about something?

  • Livinpeace
    Livinpeace Day ago

    There’s a tremendous amount of respect and awe that comes over me when looking at this beautiful family in pictures. Love, love, love. They are everything! This is what we celebrate.

  • Mutiara Monika

    I love love love it celine dion im pray to you always your family gbu amin

  • oh yeah
    oh yeah Day ago

    02:30 is that Christopher on the right? He's a cute chubby guy :3

  • Soso Aso
    Soso Aso Day ago

    اريد حسابه عل انستا

  • อรทัย เซียมจีน


  • Paulette Kanoy

    Love those family pictures thanks for sharing !!! Love 💕 you !!!!

  • Marisa T.
    Marisa T. Day ago

    Wonder who their maid is now ...

  • Celiasilva Silva

    Lindos amei

  • Edy Marques
    Edy Marques 2 days ago

    A cara da Angelina joli

  • G GG58
    G GG58 2 days ago

    This little boy has really beautiful eyes!

  • Sherry Harmon
    Sherry Harmon 2 days ago

    Dam Blake you better eat ur wheaties..I mean three Damm Quinn threeeee

  • Sarah Leach
    Sarah Leach 2 days ago

    She reminds me of the beauty and style of jackie Kennedy .

  • Sarah Leach
    Sarah Leach 2 days ago

    Take good care of here george she is The most amazing woman.

  • Kathy Kaylor
    Kathy Kaylor 2 days ago

    What a beautiful family!

  • charles bromberick
    charles bromberick 3 days ago

    they deserve each other

  • omc
    omc 3 days ago

    RU-clip is for videos, no photos.

  • Estelita Perez
    Estelita Perez 3 days ago

    Very happy for you Rafa at Maria. You really great couple. Love each other for ever. Rafa is a great guy who stick to hisirlfriend for so many years. God Bless both of you.

  • Megho Hana
    Megho Hana 4 days ago

    Oh shit little baby saw his father penis fuck to this family worst animals in this world are those ugly

  • Akhil Yadav
    Akhil Yadav 4 days ago

    India nhi toh kya Pakistan rakhega India is great ❤❤

  • Shari Patrice
    Shari Patrice 5 days ago

    I see the Carters doing more humanitarian work in the earth!

  • Shari Patrice
    Shari Patrice 5 days ago

    How can a man let his family down its a low down dirty shame Kudos to Jay-Z and DJ Khaled!

  • Julia R Oyem
    Julia R Oyem 5 days ago

    Beautiful mansion beautiful family remember God loves you and He give His one and only son Jesus Christ to died and the cross off Calvary for you and I . Give your life to Christ Jesus because no one knew tomorrow.

  • smile Deeps
    smile Deeps 5 days ago

    Bro, u r soo caring nd loving towards your little siblings.....u r really kind person

  • Onica ella Magracia

    She so cute,she so lucky his brother is so sweet justine 💜💋

  • Nonik Catur rina
    Nonik Catur rina 6 days ago

    Your boys so handsome 😘😘😘

  • Kakadi Soumah
    Kakadi Soumah 6 days ago

    je vous aime

  • Amber Nelson
    Amber Nelson 7 days ago

    So cute x

  • Ashleigh Jaima Osborne


  • Suemadre Casillas
    Suemadre Casillas 7 days ago

    Beautiful family- I always thought Alec was a prick- until I saw how funny he was & till to day I'm a huge fan- much love- from Rosarito, Baja CA mexico

  • Magda R.
    Magda R. 8 days ago

    Que admirable mujer se ve que es una excelente madre.

  • sheilia was
    sheilia was 8 days ago

    Beautiful Family ...Power Couple.. Just Taking a Break Relaxing... Keep on keeping on ..soar soar soar !!!

  • Red Door
    Red Door 8 days ago

    Beautiful kids. Hopefully his daughter won’t get treated the way he treated Demi Moore.

  • Jemine A
    Jemine A 8 days ago

    People made fun of her hair but look at it many bad people and plus she is cute

  • Cecilia Perez Suazo

    Yo queria q fuera pareja cn felicity en la vida real

  • Mrs.shawn’s wife Mendes

    I already love him and I love this vid

  • Aimee Webber
    Aimee Webber 9 days ago

    Who's the boyfriend?

  • Isadora Cardoso
    Isadora Cardoso 9 days ago

    Alquem do brazil

  • Gail Gaulden
    Gail Gaulden 9 days ago

    Nice pictures.. Cant say it enough....good luck... Happy lucky family...

  • Ronald Payton
    Ronald Payton 9 days ago

    I love her

  • Parbina Khatun
    Parbina Khatun 9 days ago

    She is looking cute and lovely

  • Cynthiandekha Katundu

    Like obama s family. I wish one day in life to meet you people ......

  • Real Deal
    Real Deal 10 days ago

    Her daughter looks so much like her dad!

  • jessica jurado
    jessica jurado 10 days ago

    Sandra glows every time she's around her children

  • Max Levine
    Max Levine 10 days ago

    Ugh this is so creepy

  • Cameron Cadet
    Cameron Cadet 10 days ago

    Sasha is beautiful

  • michael jackson forever

    I like paris jackson she is very pretty and her eyes is soo beautiful . Prince jackson is very handsome and he is very kind. Bigi jackson (blanket jackson ) is soo cute and i like his hear. They all like michael jackson. We miss a lot mj. Its been a long day without you my friend. And i tell you all about it when i'll see you again.😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Iveta F
    Iveta F 11 days ago

    Mabel is the most beautiful of Bruce Daughters . Doubt !

    YEHOSHUA’s ALIVE 11 days ago

    One of the twin almost looked like micheal jacksons son balkent whatever he is name is

  • Ningthoujam Johnson
    Ningthoujam Johnson 11 days ago

    King👑 Leo with his kingdom 👏👏👏👏

  • Wakeelah Muhammad
    Wakeelah Muhammad 12 days ago

    I just love Serena and her family. They're a perfect three some 😊

  • Carole Cook
    Carole Cook 12 days ago

    Awesome side-by-side pics. Anna Nicole's mother surely loves seeing (like having daughter back) but best Dad raises.Sweet Daniel😥deserved happy life/great Dad as much as Dannielynn. R.I.P. Daniel😔.

  • mohamed kerfal
    mohamed kerfal 13 days ago

    سبحان الله,أحلى أطفال بالدنيا!..,ماشاء الله.

  • chrisiden
    chrisiden 13 days ago

    im so happy u both were able to make ur long distance relationship work for the last 10 years! congratulations <3

  • Shouq
    Shouq 13 days ago

    he's one lucky man she's fucking beautiful

  • Angelee thompson
    Angelee thompson 14 days ago

    Adorable of each.... (girl)looks like Dad....(boy) looks like Mom.

  • Marty Lemons
    Marty Lemons 14 days ago

    Too beautiful 😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘

  • Paulette Brown
    Paulette Brown 14 days ago


  • zony 321
    zony 321 14 days ago

    Tan hermosa familia💖✌

  • ju ce
    ju ce 14 days ago

    uhh, as far as i know, the mother of justin is pattie malette? idk the spelling

  • Pink y
    Pink y 14 days ago

    Mila's daughter looks just like Katie Holmes daughter Suri, when she was even younger.

  • Kevin Byrne
    Kevin Byrne 14 days ago

    Good for Elton and David they deserve it. There kids are beautiful

  • Christianmark Manalus

    How i envy her😥 Shes so lucky to have a caring,hardworking and loving brother❤❤

  • Allyzon Bryant
    Allyzon Bryant 15 days ago

    I LOVE YOU DANE DEHAAN😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Miros Munro
    Miros Munro 15 days ago

    There are currently 356 cunts that "didn't" like this video, please don't be one of them !!!

  • Tina Humphris
    Tina Humphris 15 days ago

    When you want to watch the video because you like both of them and then decide it’s wrong to be invading their lives...

  • Leslie Killam
    Leslie Killam 16 days ago

    Beautiful family.

  • Martha Reyna
    Martha Reyna 16 days ago

    👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Beautiful ~Family!!! God bless.💕

  • pailin nirot
    pailin nirot 16 days ago

    เส้า 2019

  • J4joy Biss
    J4joy Biss 16 days ago

    Lets be honest. Those kids looks like inbreeds.

  • Yolonda Rose
    Yolonda Rose 16 days ago

    I so respect y'all for the way you're raising your children, bless you both

  • Michelle Olson
    Michelle Olson 16 days ago

    I can't wait to be a mother. I want to be as loving and as doted for my baby like Beyonce. She is a great mother.

  • Gillian S
    Gillian S 16 days ago

    I keep hearing he's an ass. After watching a few rude interviews with him I agree. He's either different in his personal life or things are well hidden. Sorry but usually assholes are also that way at home, even if it's not all the time.

  • Luz Perez
    Luz Perez 17 days ago

    Ricky Martín te admiro muchísimo como persona tu vida personal es sólo tuya

  • Bill Laspin
    Bill Laspin 17 days ago

    If i was born to 2 multi- millionaires I couldn't give a shit what people thought about my 2 dad's.

  • Ricardo Ayala
    Ricardo Ayala 17 days ago

    Qué linda Antonella

  • Veronica Archibald
    Veronica Archibald 17 days ago

    Matthew archibald you are truly blessed with a curvatious Figure choc.

  • Diane Long
    Diane Long 17 days ago

    I love ❤️ that Bey is a hands on mom and spends quality interaction with all her beautiful children Jayz hands on as well They don't over expose them either I love ❤️ The Carters ❤️💪🔥👶👶👶

  • Elenita Sayeed
    Elenita Sayeed 17 days ago

    Mybe his sons also gay, like father, like son😂

  • Elenita Sayeed
    Elenita Sayeed 17 days ago

    Sayang gay pla c ricky martin. Guapo pa nmn. 😢

  • Elenita Sayeed
    Elenita Sayeed 17 days ago

    Wer is the mother of tht twins???

  • World Peace
    World Peace 17 days ago


  • Nina
    Nina 18 days ago

    luckiest girl on this earth.

  • Nina
    Nina 18 days ago

    Wedding in 19 days!! Congratulations Rafa and Mery.

    STEFANY GOMEZ 18 days ago

    Todavia era plana ahi, tenía un cuerpo rectangular

  • Angela Casey
    Angela Casey 18 days ago

    She is very pretty

  • Branson Lafleur
    Branson Lafleur 18 days ago

    Not fair

  • Themboy Haokip
    Themboy Haokip 19 days ago

    May God be with u

  • Titan
    Titan 19 days ago

    2 benders adopting children morally not right

  • Adrian Aleksiev
    Adrian Aleksiev 19 days ago

    I see 237 Losers in this clip. How can someone don`t like this ?

  • Kari Nordmann
    Kari Nordmann 19 days ago

    I find her very annoying and I hate her "look how thin I am" like she wants to look underweight, yes I know she was eating disorder and that is exactly what I mean

  • Sudha Taneja
    Sudha Taneja 20 days ago

    Precious daddy's precious kids specially blanket he is so Micheal we all love u daddy is proud of u god bless u all

  • Ricardo Feitosa
    Ricardo Feitosa 20 days ago

    Pretty girl, good looking couple!

  • Maulana49
    Maulana49 20 days ago

    Beonce really enjoy being a MOTHER!!! AND IT SHOWS🤗😍😍😍BEAUTIFUL FAMILY❤

  • Supartini Briscoe Life's

    💖 it's 💖

  • francisco antonio ballesteros concepcion

    Ella ama.a.sus hijos

  • Virginia Coleman
    Virginia Coleman 21 day ago

    Why are there NO pictures of the other grandparents (Kobe's dad & mom) with their granddaughters???