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  • Random Centurion
    Random Centurion 5 hours ago

    I needed this clip today. Wisdom of Vito Corleone.

  • Jesse Moore
    Jesse Moore 20 days ago

    We need Don Corleone to collectively slap every current generation male with his ultimatum.

  • Ernest Boykin 3rd

    Classic man Pac and the Dpg man Death Row uncut was my video

  • Manolo Jimenez
    Manolo Jimenez Month ago

    Rey 2pac en cabina 👑 el mejor 👑

  • Holy Lion Of Judah
    Holy Lion Of Judah 4 months ago

  • Holy Lion Of Judah
    Holy Lion Of Judah 4 months ago

  • Holy Lion Of Judah
    Holy Lion Of Judah 4 months ago

  • Holy Lion Of Judah
    Holy Lion Of Judah 4 months ago

  • Miguel Rivera
    Miguel Rivera 4 months ago

    The Diss of Eazy-E Dresta BG Knockout and Ruthless Group

  • sinai faumuina
    sinai faumuina 6 months ago

    Where does this beat originate from?

    • Byron Jay
      Byron Jay 2 months ago

      Switch-There'll never be

  • livin life
    livin life 6 months ago

    Cause im exposed victum

  • Ronald Ariola
    Ronald Ariola 6 months ago

    The slap of the Don owned Johnny, the mock cry of the Don owned Tom

  • Kitty Trisha
    Kitty Trisha 7 months ago

    tupac is a jojo reference

  • Ovik2k
    Ovik2k 8 months ago

    Only time Vito lost his cool

  • Arthur Stomae
    Arthur Stomae 8 months ago

    Ahead of his time 🙌🏿

  • Akira Kurusu
    Akira Kurusu 10 months ago

    Is this a JoJo Reference?

    • zillafire101
      zillafire101 7 months ago

      Narancia's favorite musician is Tupac.

    • Lil Numb
      Lil Numb 9 months ago

      actually jojo is referencing Jodeci - Freek'N You its a group of guys friends with 2pac lil fact one of the members is named jojo.

  • Lance V
    Lance V 10 months ago

    First time I watched this scene I cried tears of joy as I laughed. Motivated me to find my gf

  • Judah Cochrane
    Judah Cochrane Year ago

    Dam my cable is off 🖕🏾

  • Mr. Nice Guy
    Mr. Nice Guy Year ago

    "You can act like a man!" *slap him* What's a matter with you!?" LMAO Love that scene...

  • brittlia
    brittlia Year ago

    For them people that say Dalvin was just for show, you can hear him perfectly on here! I’ll be looking for this audio for the longest btw!

    • Matthew Vap
      Matthew Vap Year ago

      brittlia Dalvin was crucial for the Jodeci harmonies.

  • betelgeuse21
    betelgeuse21 Year ago

    I wish the video of this still existed, what a beautiful performance, tbh I'm holding my tears, 2pacs voice and the beat is phenomenon.

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia Year ago

    Tupac is the realest

  • Evan Ishida Mídia

    Can't imagine K-ci and Jojo in the same concert. =D

    RESTDA SOUL Year ago


  • Anthony Sefo
    Anthony Sefo Year ago

    2pac is the boss! greatest of the 90's

  • Usman Ali
    Usman Ali Year ago

    never had this on my dvd

    • Miguel Rivera
      Miguel Rivera 5 months ago

      @TheMick2639 just a Audio of This on CD but never on DVD

    • TheMick2639
      TheMick2639 11 months ago

      It isn't on the dvd of the House of Blues concert?

  • mohammd omran
    mohammd omran Year ago

    best slap face ever

  • Jimmy Jc
    Jimmy Jc Year ago

    8 bullied nerdy millennials voted down. #Pussies

  • Casey Smith
    Casey Smith Year ago

    2pac was a monster.

  • Makaveli Raider Productions

    2pac sounds dope live. It gives me chills.

  • Al Kabab
    Al Kabab Year ago

    Words to live by

  • DH
    DH Year ago

    Whoever dislike this shit gotta be a yung jit, fasho 🔥

  • Amanda Santiago
    Amanda Santiago Year ago

    shit goes harder than on album

  • Dylan Kane
    Dylan Kane Year ago

    Whenever somebody bitches to me.

  • billthestinker
    billthestinker Year ago

    you can act like a man now bend over

  • Whyy Pree
    Whyy Pree Year ago

    I rather this version

  • Ryan Palermo
    Ryan Palermo 2 years ago

    the House of RAP

  • Valentin Outlaw
    Valentin Outlaw 2 years ago


  • Nephast Gweiz
    Nephast Gweiz 2 years ago

    Watcha matta witchu ??

  • Empowered CRB
    Empowered CRB 2 years ago

    I gotta be number one who done played this song on RU-clip every time

  • B Mac
    B Mac 2 years ago

    Reminds me of a friend of mine. I had to make a tough decision. I wrote to him and he gave me the best advice of my life: "Grow some balls and make a decision."

  • Mister M
    Mister M 2 years ago

    Evidence that Hollywood/entertainment industry turns men like Johnny into weak, limp wristed pussies too afraid to take charge and accept whatever is handed to them and say Thank You -- even if what is handed to you is a plate of shit.

  • Horace Gwaltney
    Horace Gwaltney 2 years ago


  • neffets kivøh
    neffets kivøh 2 years ago

    all the energy hes a trooper

  • Issie S.
    Issie S. 2 years ago

    Dolla Dolla bill y'all!!

  • wooo !
    wooo ! 2 years ago

    Remember buying this album , when i was like 16 , live sht

  • ivan Castañeda
    ivan Castañeda 2 years ago

    Makaveli the Don!

  • Jemar Lamb
    Jemar Lamb 2 years ago

    Underrated song, deserved a wicked video

  • Yvng_horse_.
    Yvng_horse_. 2 years ago


  • beep beep lettuce
    beep beep lettuce 2 years ago

    the most emphasis and energy and hypeness ive ever heard in such a short amount of time

  • Greedy D
    Greedy D 2 years ago

    Vito teaches a snowflake a lesson

  • Derrick Wright
    Derrick Wright 2 years ago

    Your gonna Act like a Man favorite scene 💯💯💯💯🔫💨

  • Slived Little
    Slived Little 2 years ago

    cries like a woman 😈😈😈

  • Rebel
    Rebel 2 years ago

    thats fucked up they didnt say dpg

  • Jacob Wimpee
    Jacob Wimpee 2 years ago

    I love tupac but this was bad.

    • Gengaymain
      Gengaymain Year ago

      Jacob Wimpee your a fucking shit. This was UNCUT and don't forget guys RAW we don't even have these anymore.

    • Thedeadbushgamer
      Thedeadbushgamer 2 years ago

      Jacob the fact that you liked your own comment when you said this was bad Is just sad. this isn't bad.

    • Dreadhead Perrion
      Dreadhead Perrion 2 years ago

      Yo name wimpee cause you a wimp

    • Dreadhead Perrion
      Dreadhead Perrion 2 years ago

      Jacob Wimpee hater old white boy

    • Aimazing_tv
      Aimazing_tv 2 years ago

      You probably a young thug fanboy

  • Luis Salas
    Luis Salas 2 years ago

    Tom Hagen's smirk in this scene is SAVAGE!

  • Lord Prutsikas
    Lord Prutsikas 2 years ago

    very 'natural' reaction, fantastic playing this must be also improvised

  • 부엉이TV
    부엉이TV 2 years ago


  • •Tha 5 Elements of Hip Hop•


  • Iyauna Shaniece
    Iyauna Shaniece 2 years ago

    Blazed out shedding tattoo tears!! my part!!

  • Rickson Pedro
    Rickson Pedro 2 years ago

    Link to download all this album?

  • Jose Estrada
    Jose Estrada 2 years ago

    Turn that shit up man

  • Jorge Perez
    Jorge Perez 2 years ago


  • Valentin Outlaw
    Valentin Outlaw 2 years ago

    where gangster party???

  • Valentin Outlaw
    Valentin Outlaw 2 years ago

    that energy!!!!!!

  • Zaidi Saad
    Zaidi Saad 3 years ago

    Tom Hagen reaction is priceless....

  • Jason Sweet
    Jason Sweet 3 years ago

    His performance was so energetic and hyped you didn't even notice he was offbeat lol only a true legendary artist like pac could do that

    • Devaris Crayton
      Devaris Crayton Year ago

      Jason Sweet. Oh he FUCKED UP so many times on that concert but you didn't give a DAMN cause it was Pac R.I.H. G.O.A.T.

    • Borhene Belghith
      Borhene Belghith 2 years ago

      he did that on purpose being offbeat lol look at snoop and how he looked at pac waiting for the next verse to quick in lol

  • dahshinin91
    dahshinin91 3 years ago

    cyka :D nice one, dope instrumental. go play cs:go!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Green
    Robert Green 3 years ago

    Rest peace Tupac love you

  • Abraha, Al-Rai
    Abraha, Al-Rai 3 years ago

    My reaction when people tell me they play Pokemon go

    • Chicken Mike
      Chicken Mike 3 years ago

      @Carl Saberhagen You'll be surprised the stupid things people do for a few virtual pet monsters.

    • Carl Saberhagen
      Carl Saberhagen 3 years ago

      Who plays pokemon go while riding a motorcycle?

    • Chicken Mike
      Chicken Mike 3 years ago

      The next punk I find playing that game while riding a motorcycle - I'll run him over.

  • Malki W
    Malki W 3 years ago


  • Cornell Abrams
    Cornell Abrams 3 years ago

    Where is pac??? Tf

  • Vince Veloce
    Vince Veloce 3 years ago

    I thought fenochio was a vegetable like aniseed.

  • Ulysses North
    Ulysses North 3 years ago

    The House of RAP

  • Gustavo Maricate
    Gustavo Maricate 3 years ago

    In this country you need act like a men first

    • Z
      Z Year ago

      Gustavo Maricate Congrats your almost a man.

  • God Offall
    God Offall 3 years ago

    yee fucken haa

    NINO BROWN 3 years ago


  • Ryan Rosenhaus
    Ryan Rosenhaus 3 years ago

    2pac for life

  • Orlando Gregory
    Orlando Gregory 3 years ago

    Da shit

  • Antoine Ariel
    Antoine Ariel 3 years ago

    Actually sounds better live

  • Ronnie
    Ronnie 3 years ago

    Raw & uncut...... R.I.P Pac

  • Aidan Gunn
    Aidan Gunn 3 years ago

    so raw

  • Burnie99
    Burnie99 3 years ago

    ever heard of the Chinese godfather? he makes an offer you can't understand

    • Jose Vener Ibarra
      Jose Vener Ibarra 2 years ago

      fuck man..in stitches right now.

    • mo1
      mo1 2 years ago

      Your uncle Eckly spoke Chinese, anyways back to the Bada Bing girls.

    • שריאל לרר
      שריאל לרר 2 years ago

      88frogtoes Corrado Soprano

    • thekingchrissyg
      thekingchrissyg 2 years ago

      PAUL FT I get it, he drives a Lincoln.

    • doge fm
      doge fm 2 years ago

      that's good!!

  • Corey Carpenter
    Corey Carpenter 3 years ago

    July 4, 1996

  • Corey Carpenter
    Corey Carpenter 3 years ago

    .. uhh yeah what year was this and What HOB?

  • Daniel Forti Schnurr

    So much better live!

  • Ahmed Alaa
    Ahmed Alaa 3 years ago

    rip 😢😢

  • Shah-Allah Shabazz
    Shah-Allah Shabazz 3 years ago

    Classic stuff... Real men. I remember when men crying was stigmatized. The good old days.

  • Bonnie79
    Bonnie79 3 years ago

    Well, he was only 25. So he was still childlike and innocent!!

  • Luis Angel Herrera Cota

    Its funny how Don Vito was all chill and calmed listening and suddenly he burst out

    • killer92173
      killer92173 2 years ago

      Marlon Brando has a reputation of being explosive. He can be calm and chill at one moment, and in the next he'll be explosive with his emotions.

    • Blkwolf24
      Blkwolf24 2 years ago

      Alexander Reyna maybe, now don't get me wrong but it is strictly business for sure but how he burst was like motivation to me. You know when he said "You can act like a man!" I thought that be motivation of not giving up sorta.

    • Alexander Reyna
      Alexander Reyna 4 years ago

      its not funny..its strictly business

  • Damien Demento
    Damien Demento 4 years ago

    5 Hollywood finocchio's thumbed this down.

  • Jerome D
    Jerome D 4 years ago

    whats the name of the first rapper (reagge )?!

    • ztpdx
      ztpdx 3 years ago

      +Jerome Grosser prince ital joe

  • Andreas748
    Andreas748 4 years ago

    Don Corleone could have saved Bruce Jenner with this talk

    • Dylan Kane
      Dylan Kane Year ago

      Andreas748 LMAO THIS IS AMAZING!!!

    • Z
      Z Year ago

      Andreas748 Why would he waste time on that ? Or it ?

    • Luis Ahumada
      Luis Ahumada 2 years ago

      too late for that...

  • Karlos Gish
    Karlos Gish 4 years ago

    must Bruce Jenner see this :p

  • Felipe Segura
    Felipe Segura 4 years ago

    I was taught at a young age never to cry. To always control my emotions, never let your loved one see you break when they need you the most. Now a days people encourage other to wear their emotions their sleeves, and that irks me the hell out.

    • doge fm
      doge fm 2 years ago

      +Leandro holy mother good!!

    • Leandro Carbonell
      Leandro Carbonell 3 years ago

      that made me cry

    • ECURB511
      ECURB511 3 years ago

      There's a difference between coming back stronger after crying and sitting around wallowing in self pity.

    • R TTT
      R TTT 3 years ago

      +Felipe Segura crying is not a bad thing if it is an emotional reaction you have to fight, for Johhny Fontaine to cry over here about not getting a part in a Hollywood movie and wondering if his his career is in jeopardy, that is a right reaction to slap him around

    • Alexander Reyna
      Alexander Reyna 4 years ago

      your damn straight felipe...theyrs a difference between dealing with your own problems than projecting them on everyone else..you can act like a man.

  • komjong
    komjong 4 years ago

    This scene was improvised. No one expected Marlon Brando to slap him. Marlon was known to occasionally improvise, he was so good that they couldn't help but use the material because it made the scene better.

  • Beat Detective
    Beat Detective 4 years ago

    has Bruce Jenner seen this ?

    • Your Dad Said
      Your Dad Said 4 months ago

      @אלון י You are disgusting for denying the true makeup of Man!

    • Marlon
      Marlon 3 years ago

      laughed way too hard

    • Felipe Segura
      Felipe Segura 4 years ago

      Haha nice!

    • אלון י
      אלון י 4 years ago

      @6hemi9 This comment is disgusting, you should be ashamed

  • komjong
    komjong 5 years ago

    Fontane is supposed to be Sinatra.

  • Quintino Sales
    Quintino Sales 5 years ago


  • HaCkMoDzZ BoDzZ
    HaCkMoDzZ BoDzZ 5 years ago

    Veel fouten vriend, DSE moet DHC worden en en straat blijven moet strak blijven