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  • Andrew Ciukurescu
    Andrew Ciukurescu 2 days ago

    Bro you saved my honeymoon! 2018 wrangler jk soft top from hertz couldnt figure this simple solution out. Everything I read said it’s too cold or the rear flaps need to be undone. Nay! Follow this video. Thank you!

  • Copper-Brass
    Copper-Brass 3 days ago

    A rwd wrangler? Those have only ever been 4wd. Are you sure it was a wrangler?

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed 2 days ago

      100% for a short period of time they made 2wd wranglers. Mine was a 2010, I think from (JK/JKU) 07-10 they had 2wd sports. My whole channel was about my Jeep before I got my Challenger.

    FEAR NO BEER 3 days ago

    FJ is a better vehicle

  • Ziggy And I
    Ziggy And I 3 days ago

    I’m telling you right now buddy it’s your Tayser and why people wanna race you all the time You are and I RT and you’re you connect says SRT People will call you out bro you don’t have to feel bad because I like that too I’ve had a 16 SXt 2017 RT blacktop package until they canceled the SRT 392 even the scat pack took bullshit from having SRT on their screen but my 2019 scat bag has all the SRT features plus the more so my screen automatically says SRT and that is cool I know where you’re coming from but people is going to use that On Get rid of that stupid taser be proud that you have a RT I was when I had mine actually that’s still my home screen on my phone my RT very proud of that car, My at pack I ordered it in February had it in March I have less than 1000 miles on it it stays in my garage staying clean and dry every time I shut it off it says SRT makes me feel real good I like the look I’m not going to deny when I had my IT I wanted that luck but I never compromised with a taserGet rid of it from one Challenger owner to the other era bad ass just owning a challenger believe me.I have 84 Corvette meant condition and A thousand four GMC pick up my daily meant condition .I was never more proud of the car then my 2017 dodge challenger RT the sound the looks it had it all So be proud of it just get rid of the Taser your problem will be solved

  • TheAlphaWolf Therian

    My mom doesn't like ferrets😒

  • Adttictoys
    Adttictoys 4 days ago

    I have never seen a rust fj cruiser ever

  • Adttictoys
    Adttictoys 4 days ago

    I like jeeps and fjs but my fj is definitely reliable. I have a 2007 no rust 214,000 miles on it! Keeps going. I like jeeps because I want a v8 hemi in it. Great video but have you ever seen a rust fj???

  • Mr 47
    Mr 47 5 days ago

    Lil jon 😂😂

  • July Fishy
    July Fishy 5 days ago

    I love the way you talk 👌

  • R/T Life
    R/T Life 5 days ago

    Nice job on the 0-60 pulls - My best was a 5.1 with a mid delete. Good stuff

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed 5 days ago

      Thank You! And I watch your videos too, I get some inspiration from them.

  • Nyt Owl316
    Nyt Owl316 5 days ago

    Sometimes I’m the right corner of the screen of the unconnect you can hold it down and it will reset and reboot and fix the problem or you can hold the hot and cold buttons simultaneously and get in the dealers mode or go to settings and to a fresh reset through radio and that should fix it

    • Nyt Owl316
      Nyt Owl316 5 days ago

      OmegaGreed yes sir no problem and it’s the hot and cold and defrost button on the drivers side that you hold simultaneously to get into the secret screen I was trying to remember which other button to hold I hope that helps a little and I enjoy your videos keep’em coming brother

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed 5 days ago

      Thanks I'll try that next time!

  • jrinck
    jrinck 5 days ago

    How do you get the slanted font on the dash?

  • Yo
    Yo 5 days ago

    Man when I got it done on my 2018 charger RT it was a whole new beast. Especially in sport mode it makes the car sound menancing on takeoff

  • M Rob
    M Rob 5 days ago

    Love your car. Agree with everything you said....all very valid points. Do you keep your Challenger in a garage or just in the driveway for the winter? Im up here in Boston area, no garage, snow is coming and want a Challenger so bad.......anyhow, great video. I like your style.

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed 5 days ago

      Last year I drove it during the winter, this year I'm try to not drive it as much. I plan on keeping it in the driveway and garage most of the time but I'll still move it around to plow the driveway. Hope that helps!

  • roy jaure
    roy jaure 7 days ago

    You my friend are a very good brother

  • Brother James Earls

    I don’t understand this at all

  • Yoopertube Jeff adamczak

    The worse part is having posi track n to get out of them skids is reaching for 4wd or taking out of gear cause rear brakes wont grab the back tires on the first brake press also abs module taps into the brake system n can be annoying when you just need that tire spin to get through or otta something... i used to drive an old 81 monte carlo for over 7yrs in yooper winters had my tools in the trunk was enough weight and had some mean knobby tires on the back for winter time- hell we hit the wellston Michigan fire tower road when i lived down in manistee county- 2ft of snow i kept them tires turning that car just dug and plowed through it. Lol was fun- not 17 anymore so more serious about driving and have purpose when leaving the house when its nasty out now

  • Dan Shuck
    Dan Shuck 9 days ago

    Dig the music man! Car still looks good and sounds sweet!!

  • kingmb
    kingmb 9 days ago

    Love the POV footage. I’m always trying to see if I recognize any of the places you go. Had two transmissions go in two separate vehicles before so I’m familiar with how much it sucks to deal with that. What does your lady think of the mid muffler delete? My vote is for a Blackout grill. I saw one in PA two weeks ago and it looked great.

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed 3 days ago

      @Tony MTA I think it depends on the year. Honestly any car can have issues but it all depends on how it was treated before hand. I did read about some lifter issues with some of the older HEMI's but I guess it all depends.

    • Tony MTA
      Tony MTA 3 days ago

      OmegaGreed question my bro , u think the Dodge Charger is good reliable car ? I saw people with water pump, lifter problem, alternator , and many more problem

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed 9 days ago

      Thanks much appreciated! She thinks the car is really loud but she thinks it's okay. And yeah I think I might go with the blacked out SRT grill, it just seems like a pain to try to swap it out lol

  • suhail ahmed
    suhail ahmed 10 days ago a brick on wheels. U never get better gas milage n thts the reason i sold mine. It was taking more fuel then my v8 ford expedition

  • suhail ahmed
    suhail ahmed 10 days ago

    Fake jeep no 4x4

  • Wantuil Lima
    Wantuil Lima 10 days ago

    Why does your dash say track. I got a 2018 challenger rt 5.7 and when I go to sport it shows a green flag. Mine don’t got the track

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed 10 days ago

      I used a Z Automotive tazer to unlock "track mode".

  • SmItH
    SmItH 10 days ago

    Im running those same bfg mt km1’s on my wk. I live in Minnesota an i love them for the snow, especially deep snow, if you get another set have the tread blocks siped as these do not come with siping. Helps alot for driving on ice! Costs about $15 per tire. Or you could get the BFG Mt km3 or km2 which have siping

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed 10 days ago

      Nice and thanks for the advice!

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez 10 days ago

    Nice ride and I really enjoyed the video format. Maybe the 0-60 improvement is partly due to the weather change? I have noticed my cars have run better when it is not hot outside.

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed 10 days ago

      Yeah that's what u was thinking as well, it was a bit colder out today so that probably helped

  • BonoDex
    BonoDex 10 days ago

    I've been watching your videos a lot lately! Waiting till Monday to pick up my 2017 Dodge Challenger R/T I just bought. I am so ecstatic! Keep up the awesome content!

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed 10 days ago

      Thank you, and congrats on the new car!

  • 2 Wheel Ej
    2 Wheel Ej 10 days ago

    Nice car bro , grabbing an RT myself

  • Jeff Bogue
    Jeff Bogue 12 days ago

    I have a 2011 Jeep Compass latitude and everything works fine on it thankfully

  • Ian VanBeek
    Ian VanBeek 13 days ago

    Dude the car is a POS because of the way your sister has taken care of it. the front left fender is crashed or at least dented which will screw up the hood, the suspension is like that because she probably hasn't fixed it since she bought it, the speakers can get replaced and she just hasn't done anything for it.

  • Cristian Barcenas
    Cristian Barcenas 14 days ago

    Thanks for the tips larry

  • Abdullah Hassan
    Abdullah Hassan 14 days ago

    Cam is too high man , great video never the less

  • Lovey James
    Lovey James 15 days ago

    Thanks for posting this. I'm coming from an E46 BMW & I live in Michigan. My car has rear drive & is scary to drive on Michigan winter roads. Was considering a Wrangler for the four wheel drive. My BMW isn't a smooth ride at all & I'm a sports car driver so roughness is OK with me. However, I have a long daily commute to work on the highway so I need a bit of speed & decent gas mileage. This video gave me all the info I needed. Maybe the Wrangler will only be a summertime cruiser for me eventuality.

  • Pancho Beltran
    Pancho Beltran 15 days ago

    You should have checked if it was your transmission mount, if you dont use the shift knob to change the gears and just leave it on D then yea its the trans, but if the trans hops when you put it on all gears then it can be the mount itself

    FULLMETALCAR157 43 15 days ago

    I love the camaro v6 over the v8

  • Jamil Khazen
    Jamil Khazen 16 days ago

    That's what you get when you buy american a whole lot of cheap

  • R_GAR2
    R_GAR2 16 days ago


  • OM Torres
    OM Torres 16 days ago

    got a 2019 Challenger RT with active exhaust, question tho does it make a scratching noise around 1500 RPMs?

  • Inaros
    Inaros 16 days ago

    How much was the set of snow tires?

  • Joseph Capri
    Joseph Capri 17 days ago

    You don't need to do all that. You can just unclip them from the back. Much easier and much faster

    • Maynardfan A
      Maynardfan A 16 days ago

      That's what I'm saying! Way too much work. I just wanted to find a video that showed how to un-clip the bulb from the socket without breaking it and instead everyone has these long winded videos dismantling the front end just to get to the fog light. Push in on the sides of the bulb and pull out - done.

  • chris boradnax
    chris boradnax 17 days ago

    JESUS done BLESSED you with so much , give thanks to him brother rn , have a blessed year ❤️

  • OmegaGreed
    OmegaGreed 17 days ago

    Hey Guys, I figured out what it was. It's the blend door actuator under the dash. I will make a updated video on this when I get the Jeep back from the shop as it's getting the transmission rebuild at the moment!

  • DonMatheo
    DonMatheo 18 days ago

    You're WK is a hemi ? I have question about o2 sensor, what brand will be best ? I heard for any jeep for first instalation they have NGK brand sensor's. Greeting;s from Poland :)

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed 17 days ago

      Mine is a 3.7, I heard that bosch is bad to use but I don't have personal experience to know for sure. I've just taken mine to the shop and the are using OEM replacement parts. Hope that helps. 😄

  • AY AY Ron
    AY AY Ron 19 days ago

    What size engine does OmegaGreed have?

  • Mark Dudek
    Mark Dudek 19 days ago

    Dude all you need is a $12 hood shock told up your hood... lol..

  • Simon Kim
    Simon Kim 19 days ago

    I have a 2008 G5, same car, bought new in 07. Works great except for two things - the front speakers don't work anymore and there's a slight squeak when I lift my brake pedal, I think it is coming from the drum brake. But after 12 years, the car still runs great with no problems in usage.

  • Babyygurlhopee
    Babyygurlhopee 19 days ago

    I got a 05 5.7 160,000 miles for 5000$ where I’m from already had lift kit and big tires. I ended up putting 5000$ in to it next week after I got it for a brand new front end. Plus more money for all the other upgrades I’ve done. I love my Jeep they are awesome. Never plan on getting rid of it. Fix the transmission and keep it. It’ll go forever. You have low miles its got a long life left. Love your Jeep videos keep it up.

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed 19 days ago

      Thank you much appreciated. And yeah, I plan on keeping this for years. I'm starting to fall in love with the Jeep more than the Challenger lol

  • AY AY Ron
    AY AY Ron 19 days ago

    What would you tell someone that considering getting an 05 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 3.7 with 160,000 miles and all stock?

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed 19 days ago

      As long as it's in good running condition and it's not too expensive. Why not. These Jeeps are great. They do have electric issues so be careful with that.

  • Joseph Oberlander
    Joseph Oberlander 20 days ago

    It's the exact same engine as in the Cadillac CTS - for a LOT less money. It has as much power as V8s from a decade ago. And 30mpg highway.

  • Jessy Normand
    Jessy Normand 20 days ago

    My windows lower just a bit when you open and close the door how did you keep your windows from freezing ? so you can get in to warm up also great video thank you.

  • bogieman101
    bogieman101 21 day ago

    You really need to learn how to adjust the mirrors for blind spots. Once you do, you will always see cars in one of your mirrors with no blind spot. Watch this video (or google for one) and you will be amazed at the difference.

  • P.J. Sidhu
    P.J. Sidhu 21 day ago

    I owned both before. They both are different and fun their own way. I find it is much easier to see out of wrangler. FJ has bulletproof reliability. If taken care of can easily go to 300k+.

  • Ferretpeutic
    Ferretpeutic 21 day ago

    We just watched a video on people treating their ferrets SO horrible. So glad that you did research!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Viribus
    Viribus 21 day ago

    I have an SXT challenger 2016, I got the SXT because it had everything I wanted on the interior... leather seats, bigger touch screen, and the color was black. After test driving both the R/T and the SXT, the only difference I felt in the two was the R/T had a much better sound to it, and more torque. What I'm about to say isn't to take anything away from your car personally, it's very awesome and I hope you enjoy it! The biggest disappointment that I found with the R/T was the speed. Honestly, my best 0--60 in the SXT is a 6.1, and most of the 0-60 times for the R/T models of both the charger and challenger have a 5.5-5.9. Very disappointing that the 6 cylinder version of the car is .7 to .3 seconds slower than the R/T. If I shell out money for an R/T, I don't want to barely beat an SXT. Another reason for not buying the R/T model is you really aren't going to have success racing anyone. My uncle has an R/T and says he hasn't beat a mustang, camaro, or corvette and when he does race them he gets blown out of the water. I'm currently in the process of paying off my car, building my credit, and saving money to upgrade to an R/T Scat pack instead of the base model R/T. For now, the SXT will do. Again, your car is sick bro! It sounds great and the fact you got a 5.4 0-60 one time is pretty impressive for that engine. I hope you enjoy the car and get a hellcat in the future.

  • Chaldeany
    Chaldeany 21 day ago

    Congrats! Keep up the good vids

  • Ashraf _9_6_
    Ashraf _9_6_ 22 days ago

    The Outro was so smooth ❤️😍❤️😍

  • iam Bloater
    iam Bloater 23 days ago

    That is awesome 👍

  • Eugene Beeson
    Eugene Beeson 23 days ago

    It's not the car it's the driver I have a 2018 6 speed R/T challenger and get with it, it's no punk

  • Nyt Owl316
    Nyt Owl316 23 days ago

    You should try it in different modes like sport or track mode

  • kingmb
    kingmb 23 days ago

    Mid muffler delete sounds mean. Stock sounds good but that is at a whole other level

  • Salty Raptor
    Salty Raptor 24 days ago

    For sure no maintenance at all,just abuse of the car ,,and you complain about the vehicle?,naaaaaa!!!!

  • Paul Brassinga
    Paul Brassinga 24 days ago

    Going to order mine real soon and it's going to be the V6 only because the AWD is not available with any of the V8

  • Spencer Harden
    Spencer Harden 24 days ago

    I’m thinking about buying a 2015 compass

  • 49erfanoz
    49erfanoz 25 days ago

    I bought the v8 and it sucks on gas but thats life lol

  • Chris Hunt
    Chris Hunt 25 days ago

    Well this was exactly what I needed. I'm from Buffalo too, and was thinking of getting some manner of rwd car with decent power. Glad to hear it's not the craziest idea I've had. Thanks a bunch!

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed 25 days ago

      Oh yeah! I drove it all last year in the snow. No issues.

    DANIEL SANTANA 25 days ago

    Jeep Wrangler sucks

  • CJ Hawaii Trump2020
    CJ Hawaii Trump2020 25 days ago

    Wow, just wow lol

  • treyart1
    treyart1 25 days ago

    I test drive a Camaro yesterday. The only thing I’m upset about is the insurance cost. 🤨

  • Angelo Sellas
    Angelo Sellas 26 days ago

    You can take cardboard from boxes and slice it with a knife or razor to put in the corners and slide the bars of the cage into the slits you cut into the cardboard and they will stop pooping in the corners.

  • Gianna Filicia
    Gianna Filicia 27 days ago

    It has what is called "jeep freedom drive" it will kick in 4wd automatically. Or you can lock it in 4wd.

  • Kyano
    Kyano 28 days ago

    I really appreciate this video. Ive been struggling on what challenger to pick, but i really think youve been able to help me make up my mind and choose the RT. Thank you!

  • AY AY Ron
    AY AY Ron 28 days ago

    Thank you for being so transparent it’s one of the things that brought me to your channel!!!👍👍 #transparency

  • Territorial Imperative

    you might have to change them all at once. your wk is technically AWD so to speak and just replacing one could damage the system.

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed Month ago

      Yup, that's what I was thinking. I decided to change them all at the same time.

  • Bigjucy Knowledge is key

    wow this makes no sense at all if your a car gu your not gonna buy a v6 and every time i see one i think who would ever buy a v6 camaro other than a woman.

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed Month ago

      ? Wait... Wow.. you know your the type of person that people make fun off in the car community? "yOu dON'T driVe a V8, yoUR a wOMAN... nOT a mAn" 🤣😂😂😭😭😭😭😂😂 By the way I own a V8 Challenger now (check the channel).

  • Jeffry Dop3
    Jeffry Dop3 Month ago

    She fucked that car up 😂😂

  • Chuck Sedore
    Chuck Sedore Month ago

    It's absolutely freezing out side and can't even see his breath. Lol

  • Ranger_six
    Ranger_six Month ago

    My 2016 Compass does this

    • S D
      S D 15 days ago

      I rented a 2018 Compass and it did it

  • Trey With a basketball game tomorrow

    2016 Dodge Challenger engine turned out to be totaled went down and saw multiple cylinders had play. Real shame I enjoyed this car. I had a mid muffler delete for the time I had it you won’t regret it sounds mean!

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed Month ago

      Thanks! I'm excited to do it.

  • Jon Hettrick
    Jon Hettrick Month ago

    I like it. I watch you videos

  • Nyt Owl316
    Nyt Owl316 Month ago

    I did a mid Muffler delete and it’s awesome if you do it you won’t regret it

    • Nyt Owl316
      Nyt Owl316 Month ago

      OmegaGreed no sir that’s only if you get the resonators removed then it will be way to loud and annoying even with your radio volume turned up you can still hear the growling of your mufflers lol

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed Month ago

      Nice! Did it ever get too loud or annoying?

    • Nyt Owl316
      Nyt Owl316 Month ago

      OmegaGreed I also have the Tazer and run it in track mode and sounds even more louder at idle or flooring it

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed Month ago


  • TJ Roxicon
    TJ Roxicon Month ago

    Try POR 15 Rust preventive coating for your undercoating the stuff works great. Your pups are awesome. There is a company called they make pre-cut Window tint for Jeep soft tops.

  • TJ Roxicon
    TJ Roxicon Month ago

    You do a great job with what you had. Jeep plastic windows are tough to tint. Your Jeep is looking great. You must have a drummer in the house. Looked like a hi hat and bass pedal In the back ground. Sweet

    H.A.D WHIPS Month ago

    Good content 👍

  • Cameron Schleich
    Cameron Schleich Month ago

    I just got a challenger and i live in Rochester. The plows don’t know how to plow to streets here. Thanks for the tips for the tires and driving tips. Keep it up!

  • Peter Vang
    Peter Vang Month ago

    Get black headlights and taillights. Would look more bad ass haha just a thought

  • Tony MTA
    Tony MTA Month ago

    Here in Chicago we know about snow LOL

    • Q Tip
      Q Tip 3 days ago

      Tony MTA same

  • Alexis Greene
    Alexis Greene Month ago

    Those ferrets are going to die or not live long.

    • OmegaGreed
      OmegaGreed Month ago

      Thanks for your optimistic view 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Justin Yale
    Justin Yale Month ago

    what were the tires oyu started with?

  • Trey With a basketball game tomorrow

    Yo bro my challenger rt engine is has a rhythmic tap from the top end I don’t think it’s a rod but I change my oil religiously and don’t rev past 3000 unless I’m on it which isn’t often have you experienced this? 2016 challenger rt/plus

  • James Carlin
    James Carlin Month ago

    I care about any of that s*** is it reliable does it drive all that other stuff is random s*** that breaks regularly

  • Antonio Enrico
    Antonio Enrico Month ago

    Where do you live?

  • Estevo Thomasio
    Estevo Thomasio Month ago

    Were you blindfolded when you bought this vehicle?

  • Prespeculate // JordanThe420Kid

    The car is pretty reliable just have to baby it that’s all

  • Adam Lenhardt
    Adam Lenhardt Month ago

    Larry Fitzgerald

  • Reef ひ
    Reef ひ Month ago

    I’m looking to drop one of these... is it worth it still in 2019?

    • Reef ひ
      Reef ひ 6 days ago

      576575s drop as in buy one. “Drop” is slang for purchase in my city. For example “damn bro you really dropped those new Jordan sneakers yesterday they look good”

    • 576575s
      576575s 7 days ago

      Drop a down payment or drop as in get rid of it? I've had a 2010 for almost 3 years now n I've done regular maintenance and just replaced the battery yesterday. It's the 5.7 though. Has 166k and gets 19mpg with a lift and tires

    • Reef ひ
      Reef ひ 28 days ago

      AY AY Ron what is confusing about that question

    • AY AY Ron
      AY AY Ron 28 days ago

      Reef ひ huh?

  • Lee Mullen
    Lee Mullen Month ago

    Love my Challenger RT and My Durango RT

  • Andrew Long
    Andrew Long Month ago

    Craigslist for tires. Find wrangler takeoffs. Get tires and wheels for a $1000 or less with little to no miles on them.

  • South Texas Tree
    South Texas Tree Month ago

    I’m trying to be like you 💯

  • South Texas Tree
    South Texas Tree Month ago

    Were did you get your Jeep off of

  • m
    m Month ago

    toyota has the reliability badge to go with it.

  • m
    m Month ago

    i cant really complain as i have the best of both worlds. i have an old 89 jeep yj and i love it. i cant stand the new jeeps with their fiat based system. i also have an 08 fj and it is definitely awesome.

  • Rocco Caiozzo
    Rocco Caiozzo Month ago

    Wk and jk off road wk is it good off road