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  • Tricia Wilkes
    Tricia Wilkes 20 minutes ago

    Brilliant, more please 😊

  • Nexus Ninja
    Nexus Ninja 2 hours ago

    I love that movie with the goblins and the stinky fox

  • J. Wright
    J. Wright 3 hours ago

    If you do this again, i would love to see if ashes works

  • Chaos theory
    Chaos theory 4 hours ago

    I sure do miss the dip it episode

  • Amy Slaton-Halterman

    Dip it candle wax

  • Austin P
    Austin P 4 hours ago

    why don't you degas after pouring? aren't you adding in bubbles while pouring?

  • Tyrone Ward
    Tyrone Ward 5 hours ago

    The terrible transitions make my head hurt.

  • Dallas Grantley
    Dallas Grantley 5 hours ago

    where the uploads at my guy

  • jordan cooley
    jordan cooley 6 hours ago

    Can you stabilize a book

  • bajojohn
    bajojohn 6 hours ago

    You cut bread and cheese with a lead insert?

  • Native Son Wood Art
    Native Son Wood Art 6 hours ago

    Electro forming with a resin pour incorporated into it, a very cool process

  • Charles
    Charles 8 hours ago

    I love Ender's Game, but couldn't get into the rest of the series.

  • QueensArmy
    QueensArmy 9 hours ago

    You should make a resin bowl out of a terrible crocheted hat

    ANGELA BARTON 10 hours ago

    Fantastic looking pen ,,love the glitter in it really beautiful.

  • Charles
    Charles 10 hours ago

    If they've seen any of your videos in the past, they were probably shocked you started with wood and not the bread.

  • Abel Jeffcoat
    Abel Jeffcoat 10 hours ago

    Great video my friend...

  • 얌 Bubú el Tonto
    얌 Bubú el Tonto 11 hours ago

    I've used just regular colored chalk and it worked just well

  • katodid
    katodid 12 hours ago

    I agree with her WWOWW!

  • Traveler Tips
    Traveler Tips 12 hours ago

    Peter thank you for your project idea. This definitely helps me for one of my unique projects and I have a must question. Do you consider it could be safe for cocktail drinks? My idea is to seal an artwork in a traditional bowl "jícara" It has no tradición you may google it to get the idea. Thank you and hope to read your coments.

  • Bear Chef
    Bear Chef 13 hours ago

    Mr. Brown! Mr. Brown! Mr. Brown! If you have cicadas in your area, see if the empty shells will dip/resin. Or do a Mr. Brown “Reservoir Dogs” something

  • Michael Lechner
    Michael Lechner 13 hours ago

    Would like to have seen all the shavings put into resin and made a bowl out of.

  • Tina C.I.
    Tina C.I. 14 hours ago

    This was the funniest I have seen so far. (Have not seen all). Loved the black hole story.....😂😁😀😃

  • Patrica Ward
    Patrica Ward 15 hours ago

    I am a huge Harry Potter fan could you do one on a DIY of the philosopher's Stone

  • John s
    John s 15 hours ago

    Instant coffee Chili powder And dirt not like potting soil but just very fine dirt

  • Ridley
    Ridley 16 hours ago

    I want to know what his intro music is so bad

  • Dinar Chat Voted #1 by Dinarians

    Lipstick, pink sea salt, melted crayon, glitter

  • Brandon
    Brandon 20 hours ago

    I just dont really like fruit loops

  • Joseph Reid
    Joseph Reid 20 hours ago

    As an alternative to prepared mustard because of the water content, use mustard powder.

  • Abigail V
    Abigail V 21 hour ago

    >teenage boy Teenage girls too :P

  • tonydaarm
    tonydaarm Day ago

    do it with a hundo

  • Deanna Thompson

    I know I am late, but I have a suggestion for a Dip It. Will you layer sequins on the bottom of a casting and do an egg or a sphere? I think it would look awesome!

  • Ryan Workman
    Ryan Workman Day ago

    I’d really like to see you make a lightsaber blade out of resin.

  • Dai Sensei Neil

    I used to cast my own too, until a slightly blunt blade wandered and the guide blew to bits. The resin is just too brittle

  • Amanda Corbett


  • Bryan Haley
    Bryan Haley Day ago

    that's a rave ring right there

  • Jamie Myers
    Jamie Myers Day ago

    I was waiting for it to catch fire.

  • MAZ Lures
    MAZ Lures Day ago

    Hello Mr. Brown, great video on the wooden spin top!!👍 I just uploaded my video on how to make one if you would like to check it out. Blessings from Fort Worth, TX.

  • Jimmy C
    Jimmy C Day ago

    Fishing Rod handles... especially a split grip... Thanks for posting this

  • matthew bowers

    It bothers me that you only have 722k subs. I've watched you for a while now and I love this channel.

  • Electric Jess
    Electric Jess Day ago


  • Eric Koehler
    Eric Koehler Day ago

    I thought it was an infinity gauntlet ring at first

  • Gary Burnette
    Gary Burnette Day ago

    You should make a fruit salad bowl out of fruit

  • Polkadots ;-/
    Polkadots ;-/ Day ago

    Ok this is off topic, but your eyes are amazing

  • Abigail V
    Abigail V Day ago

    Turmeric comes as a root, rather than seeds :) However, given that a LOT of spices are seeds, this isn't a surprising mistake!!

  • Charles
    Charles Day ago

    I wouldn't say it looked like dog food as you were mixing, more like No Bake cookies. You should totally add that Amazon review "Yeah, wasn't great for mixing soup, but make cork dust perfectly!"

  • Mr.FeeFee
    Mr.FeeFee Day ago


  • Joey Mormann
    Joey Mormann Day ago

    Yes, the ribbons are what make videos like this extra satisfying. Some people like same. Some people like the imagined sensation of sharp lathe bits.

  • Joey Mormann
    Joey Mormann Day ago

    O man! I HATE when scales do that!

  • LoveRemains x
    LoveRemains x 2 days ago

    Oooh some ASMR with our pretty Easter lava bowl.

  • Mr Smiley
    Mr Smiley 2 days ago

    First the murder bowl, now a homacide table

  • Cynthia Slater
    Cynthia Slater 2 days ago

    I love MoP. I agree that the chrome pen looks much better, less gaudy. Nice video!

  • VF6
    VF6 2 days ago

    1:10 I shed a tear when u snapped the walnut..

  • Emile g
    Emile g 2 days ago

    elbow guard

  • T L
    T L 2 days ago

    I thought you were making corn cob holders.. Interesting though

  • James Nelder
    James Nelder 2 days ago

    Put food coloring in the resin

  • Tina C.I.
    Tina C.I. 2 days ago

    A frame for glasses would also have been very cool!

  • Tina C.I.
    Tina C.I. 2 days ago

    Hi have you tried lipstick, base make up, hairdye, nailpolish?

  • Ron Abernathy
    Ron Abernathy 2 days ago

    see if you can make a knife out of your other piece.

  • Joey Mormann
    Joey Mormann 2 days ago

    Could you take some hi res videos of that under the black light? Really really great work.

  • Eric Wafflewhisk
    Eric Wafflewhisk 2 days ago

    Micarta knife

  • Tina C.I.
    Tina C.I. 2 days ago

    Hi there maybe a crazy question but did you smell them for the fun of it and if so what color?

  • Bryan Haley
    Bryan Haley 2 days ago

    Stabilize a bread bowl and create the world's first reusable bread bowl.

  • SimeonIsMyName
    SimeonIsMyName 2 days ago

    You’re awesome man!

  • Boogie Landry
    Boogie Landry 2 days ago

    Even though my comment is really late if you think it’s cruel just think how many people would have been bitten by those and they are pests

  • Gamer of Steel
    Gamer of Steel 2 days ago

    Now thats what i call a thumbnail, *ba dum tss*

  • Adam Wilson
    Adam Wilson 2 days ago

    Dollar store glitter works too

  • valixrae
    valixrae 2 days ago

    Wow! Outstanding work 😍

  • Gabby Bennett
    Gabby Bennett 3 days ago

    Beautiful fucking piece man. Somehow you made the best thing ever. I would love to see you play more with that stabilizing resin to get that cool blue look

  • Abigail V
    Abigail V 3 days ago

    Yeah, I remember people suggesting I do some of my hobby things as jobs before... yeah no thank you. If you start doing that, it kills it. If I want to make something, I want the freedom to do it on my terms, not on the terms of budgets and deadlines and schedules and customers.

  • Gabriel Ireno
    Gabriel Ireno 3 days ago

    I don't know if you can see it... but I can see a bear at 12:39. Inside the wand!

  • Matthew Barnes
    Matthew Barnes 3 days ago

    Little did we know the crazy, off the wall, Ausome projects yet to come!

  • Fouad Alyousefi
    Fouad Alyousefi 3 days ago

    So perfect - oriented

    RRARMS 3 days ago

    What is the music you are using in your video? It is awsome, but too short, what is it, so I can find it :-) Thank you.

  • Brow Bunny
    Brow Bunny 3 days ago

    Hi that looks so cool

  • madison bond
    madison bond 3 days ago

    I would cut the stencil with a vinyl plotter, since vinyl won’t absorb liquid, and I would skip the bleach and use transparent white acrylic paint through an airbrush, applied in a thin layer. Transparent paint will let the grain show through.

  • Ooga Booga
    Ooga Booga 3 days ago

    Very cool, but what is up with literally every diy channel using epoxy? Idk what it's made out of but it kinda feels like a waste of resources

    • Juxtapode
      Juxtapode 2 days ago

      It's just one of the most used materials in the industry or by craftsmen , it's almost everywhere. That's why you see them use it a lot. No waste of ressources there, except the implied loss to make a piece out of something, although the scraps are often re-used as much as possible. And why should it be a waste since he makes something beautiful, useful, and durable at the same time?

  • Richard Orta
    Richard Orta 3 days ago

    What are some of your dumbest and/or least expected injuries while crafting?

    ANGELA BARTON 3 days ago

    Hope you were ok,when the bowl flew of the lathe, but the bowl survived! And looked good,take care

  • Peppa pig
    Peppa pig 3 days ago

    Does that polyester resin, have an UV protection in it? It looks really good You want to make other ones with frogs and other insects. Even a cat lol 😂 just kidding about the frog.

  • Steve Berlanga
    Steve Berlanga 3 days ago

  • duangsupa Sasangbong

    those bug are everywhere where i live in sweden

  • Deathcangame2
    Deathcangame2 4 days ago

    I’m confused. Did he call the book a failure or the scraps a failure

  • timothy Roosa
    timothy Roosa 4 days ago

    Next time a 4inch horse hair brush would make short work

  • Chew Magna
    Chew Magna 4 days ago

    Step one: Cut a hole in that box.

  • Peach
    Peach 4 days ago

    I cannot stand he mixing sound from these paper cups and stir sticks. It hurts my teeth. Please stop.

  • Cyco Pain
    Cyco Pain 4 days ago

    Is it possible to mix the highlighter with a deep color and make them both glow with a black light?

  • Ben Resnick
    Ben Resnick 4 days ago

    I'm a little late, but I can see what your comment on Twitter was about. It was awesome to see you turn this. It makes me wish my grandfather was still here so I could show him. Nice job, man.

  • Gee Kay
    Gee Kay 4 days ago

    So what good is a bowl that turns everything black that is placed in or around it?

    • Gee Kay
      Gee Kay 4 days ago

      Oh, wait. It is art. It just sits and looks amazing.

  • chunnygoat
    chunnygoat 4 days ago

    I have a request, can you boil taro then mush it like potatoes, resin it, and lathe a bowl? Then name it tarobowl i would buy it too

  • freaky band geeky
    freaky band geeky 4 days ago

    You should make something with a snakes shed and resin.

  • Diane Koss
    Diane Koss 4 days ago

    These are totes adorbs! ❤. Let's use Glow in the dark resin powder this year! 😁👍

  • Saxxy Whips
    Saxxy Whips 4 days ago

    This is so freaking cool!! I was wondering if you might be able to do a resin video showing how to make pieces glossy if you use a matte mold? I'm sure you've shown it but i can't find it xD or it's a stupid easy process idk how to do lol

  • Konzetsu
    Konzetsu 4 days ago

    How conductive does the material have to be i wonder..... Would be really cool to see an electroplated(formed) lichtenberg pattern (google it). Not sure if one seared into wood would be conductive enough though.

  • Scara
    Scara 4 days ago

    That's a sick bowl ~(つˆДˆ)つ。☆

  • paul gamblin
    paul gamblin 4 days ago

    Use those shavings for a resin project. Pretty colors.

  • Stuart Ziane
    Stuart Ziane 4 days ago

    My question is... How many of y'all just made yourself a "John Hammond/Jurassic Park-inspired" butt plug?

  • Will Davis
    Will Davis 4 days ago

    Are you sure that’s pearl’s mother? I thought pearl’s mother lived up around Hoboken ways don’t ya know

  • FISSLE MuShizzle
    FISSLE MuShizzle 4 days ago

    We call them 'Skeeter Eaters!

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C 5 days ago

    Tfw you live somewhere that only sells milk in bags and cartons. 😩

    • Nichelle M
      Nichelle M 4 days ago

      Kevin C I Canada and upstate New York state

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C 5 days ago

    Dip it: Han Solo