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Juice Groove Cutting Board
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RYOBI Drill Press Assembly
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  • Amar Bhardwaj
    Amar Bhardwaj 2 hours ago

    Your channel is very good and wookin g

  • Celtic Whisper
    Celtic Whisper 6 hours ago

    What a great looking guitar. Original and unique. Just like you.

  • Roger Green
    Roger Green 14 hours ago

    Thanks .You are the first one to show this for the Dewalt table saw.

  • Steven Miller
    Steven Miller 17 hours ago

    I first saw this design back in the early 80s. I remember my buddy Chris made it for himself from plans in a woodworking magazine. Glad it is still around. But please do not take credit for something like this. But I note that you did not say you designed it. Interesting.

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 17 hours ago

      I’ve actually never seen this design and I did design this. I would love to see those examples. Would be interesting to see.

  • Matt Sickle
    Matt Sickle 18 hours ago

    Nicely done

  • Uzair Jee
    Uzair Jee Day ago

    Why the truk is opposite side

  • Daemon 666
    Daemon 666 Day ago

    Excellent video.

  • T O
    T O Day ago

    Go figure, lubricate steel on steel and it works better

  • lady kenja
    lady kenja Day ago

    - GREAT jig. Thanx 4 sharing.

  • pmay222
    pmay222 Day ago

    Inspiring. . Love women that get hands dirty. .

  • eternalfizzer
    eternalfizzer 2 days ago

    absolutely stunning work! thank you for sharing :-)

  • John Bergholm
    John Bergholm 2 days ago


  • John Bergholm
    John Bergholm 2 days ago

    I happened upon your site while looking for some vids on how to make "droz". You are so smart and creative. I envy your brain.

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 2 days ago

      Ha! Thanks! I’ll remember that next time I do something stupid 😂

  • Fjon
    Fjon 3 days ago

    Incredible! Your proof of concept/ experiments always turn out to be absolutely beautiful. Maybe, making the bottom free floating would take care of any expansion and contraction issues? That and a little mineral oil every now and then. Your winters are like our summers. Brutal! I didn’t know your kids were bilingual? Haha. Beautiful work Tamar. Thank you for sharing.

    • Fjon
      Fjon 2 days ago

      3x3Custom - Tamar kids will be kids. LOL!

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 3 days ago

      Thanks so much! We still use this every week. And yeah. My kids are crazy.

  • Joe Basement Woodworking & DIY

    Wouldnt it be faster and easier to take the bevel guage right to the jig like u did @15:17 vs marking on mdf and then going to check it at the jig? just a suggestion..looking good tho."keep cuttn"

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 3 days ago

      Oh course. But I wanted to make dovetails without any jig. So I wanted to see what it would be like without the use of a jig. Without a jig I would have to figure out the angles by myself.

  • Brian Prusa
    Brian Prusa 3 days ago

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 very nice work!

  • Joe Basement Woodworking & DIY

    Cool idea for a jig.but seems a Little much for dovetails.but like u sd in time I'm sure itll go quicker. but the end result looks great! I prefer the bandsaw and chisels. And maybe use 1/2" wood next time alot easier and less clean up work.👍🏻

  • Dude
    Dude 3 days ago

    Cool. Nice job!

  • Gary Kurowski
    Gary Kurowski 3 days ago

    Amazing job!

  • Marc T
    Marc T 3 days ago

    great work.

  • Fjon
    Fjon 3 days ago

    That was a fun project. Your kids, grandchildren and their grandchildren are going spend hours playing at the train table. You did a good thing by making this. It turned out perfect. Maybe now you will think about signing and dating your projects??? Thank you for sharing.

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 3 days ago

      Haha. I’ll think about it. Thanks so much! I really hope that’s the case

  • itsjustme
    itsjustme 4 days ago

    Definitely the Jig, even for a first time they look good

  • Degraded Echo
    Degraded Echo 4 days ago

    Hi there, thanks for the great video. I'm wondering, did you encounter any problems with the plastic rails stretching when you put the screw through or did the tapered drill you used sort that? I've tried without the tapered bit and get a blow out around the screw as the pilot hole through the plastic is too narrow for the screw, but a wider pilot hole makes it impossible to line up the hole in the sled. A tapered bit seems a great solution, never seen them before!

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 3 days ago

      Degraded Echo oh. Ha. Yes.

    • Degraded Echo
      Degraded Echo 3 days ago

      I think you are describing the countersink you have attached to the screw. i'm referring to the drill bit itself which has a taper, like a unicorn horn. This would mean the hole in the plastic could be the size of the screw while the hole in the ply could be slightly smaller, making it easier to line up. Is this so?

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 4 days ago

      I didn’t have that problem bc I made the hole the exact size of the screw. So it fit perfectly and there was no stretching of the plastic. The tapered bit just makes the head of the screw flush by sinking it down a bit.

  • Patrick Hennessey
    Patrick Hennessey 4 days ago

    I know I'm a bit late, but that is truly amazing, I've been watching you from fairly early on. And if your other projects don't show how much you have improved, then this one definitely does! Great build!

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 4 days ago

      Thanks so much! I really appreciate that. This was def my most involved build to date

  • Bentley Design Co.
    Bentley Design Co. 4 days ago

    When you said it matched the line on the front, but not on the back.... Is that because the saw wasn't kept 90 degrees across the end grain when cutting? I've heard Matt Estlea talk about this before, but I have never cut dovetails myself (yet!). I think you did a great job though! Wayyyyy better than I think I would do on my first try :P Way to keep pushing yourself! You're an inspiration to the rest of us to do the same! :)

    • Bentley Design Co.
      Bentley Design Co. 4 days ago

      @3x3Custom - Tamar Ah! Thanks for the reply! That makes sense. I'm sure you'll get even better with it on each new attempt!

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 4 days ago

      That’s exactly what happened. The jig helped me keep the Saw perpendicular. So without the jig when I did it freehand it wasn’t perfect. This was really fun to attempt and I can’t wait to do it more!

  • Ashraf Mazen
    Ashraf Mazen 4 days ago

    Hi I Like your videos but in this one you have very serious safety issues - never ever hold something with your fingers in the direction of the drill while drilling holes - if the drill slip, it will go directly to you fingers - mam you have to take safety much more seriously

  • Fjon
    Fjon 5 days ago

    Excellent DIY video. I’m sure your daughter will treasure her desk forever. And here’s the cool part. I’m sure she will pass it on to her daughter. Made from the heart. The perfect gift. 5 thumbs up. Thank you for sharing.

  • Adam Wilson
    Adam Wilson 5 days ago

    Very impressed with your ingenuity

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 3 days ago

      Adam Wilson awesome to hear!

    • Adam Wilson
      Adam Wilson 3 days ago

      @3x3Custom - Tamar I was actually trying to figure out how to do the concave surface with a router, I wish I woulda found your video because it was far more useful than the couple dedicated to the subject. Got me to suscribe.

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 4 days ago

      Thanks ☺️☺️

    GABRIEL RUVALCABA 5 days ago

    Lo que mas me gusta de tus video es tu exelente trabajo

  • Mahendra Tiwari
    Mahendra Tiwari 5 days ago

    Tamar, enjoyed watching the making of dovetail joints ( handmade) . Katz has invented this great tool plus he is also a great artist in wood working 😊recently saw his inlaid joints it was amazing. Thank you Tamar😊

  • Brett Jonathan
    Brett Jonathan 5 days ago

    Great video. I just made a double version with two hinges - one side for the big router and the other side for the little trim router! Thanks for the tip!

  • Zenigang Nababoy
    Zenigang Nababoy 5 days ago

    Wow,beautiful & wonderfull technique dovetail...GOD BLESS U.

  • Sten Andersson
    Sten Andersson 5 days ago

    You are handy, what a woman!

  • chielff
    chielff 5 days ago

    Nice work!!!

  • Cow Dog Craft Works

    I've started free handing dovetails... it's... fun. ::repeats "it's fun" over and over again in self affirmation::

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 5 days ago

      Cow Dog Craft Works 🙌🙌

    • Cow Dog Craft Works
      Cow Dog Craft Works 5 days ago

      3x3Custom - Tamar haha I just got done cutting and fitting 10 sets of dt’s in 24 hours. And of course I’m in genuine tears.

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 5 days ago

      Hahaha! You talking to yourself again? 😜

  • David Smith
    David Smith 6 days ago

    what kind of stop is that on your table saw sled?

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 5 days ago

      It’s from jonathan Katz Moses. I believe there is a link in the description.

  • Michael Justice
    Michael Justice 6 days ago

    I’ve been a hobby woodworker since I was 14 or 15? I’ve never seen so many jigs in my life as I have on your channel! I like working with hand tools though and avoid power tools whenever possible. I hope this doesn’t sound sexist, but is your husband a woodworker? Did he teach you allot of this stuff or did you just learn from videos? If you just learned from RU-clip that’s AMAZING! I learned mostly from my grandfather who was a carpenter for 40+ years. I don’t believe I could have been as successful just from watching videos!

    • Michael Justice
      Michael Justice 5 days ago

      That’s crazy! You obviously have natural talent!

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 6 days ago

      My husband doesn’t know how to use a hammer.... I learned everything on my own. My grandfather was a woodworker. But he passed away when I was really young and didn’t learn anything from him

  • Greg Baker
    Greg Baker 6 days ago

    Yes you helped someone, and then some, that was simple and complicated. I'll never be the same.hahaha jk. Thank you.

  • Warren David
    Warren David 6 days ago

    Very nice job, well constructed, just subscribed

  • Terri Stroh
    Terri Stroh 6 days ago

    You continue to inspire me as a woman woodworker! Thank you!

  • Stephen Mildenhall
    Stephen Mildenhall 6 days ago

    Brilliant idea 💡

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 6 days ago

      Thanks so much! We use this cutting board every week. Still love it

  • Buck Otte
    Buck Otte 6 days ago

    Good workmanship !! Clear delivery !!

  • Fjon
    Fjon 6 days ago

    That turn out well. I like it. Thank you for sharing.

  • CojakSilverBack
    CojakSilverBack 6 days ago

    Not trying to sound like a jerk so sorry if it comes across that way, but check out some of the stuff from Rob Cosman and Paul Sellers on cutting dovetails by hand. I am in the same boat as you in that I just cut my first set so I am no expert, but I did pick up a lot of helpful tips for cutting mine. I am not trying to detract from Katz Moses jig either as I very much want one to try it out.

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 6 days ago

      You don’t sound like a jerk at all. Ha. I watch all of their videos too. It’s great to learn from a bunch of different resources.

  • Nick Hildenbrandt
    Nick Hildenbrandt 7 days ago

    There is not some sort of magical math, it is just regular math. You of course don't have to measure and calculate the sizes numerically. Some do, some don't. Really just depends how precise you want to be.

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 6 days ago

      All math is magical to me. Ha. I went into the wrong profession....

  • Luis Castellon
    Luis Castellon 7 days ago

    Draws? 😜 Today I came across what I guess is the opposite of this. That's to cut a piece the thickness of the kerf and use it as a spacer. Same result different approach, definitely quicker to make.

    • Luis Castellon
      Luis Castellon 6 days ago

      Yes. I will make this too. The upside of this tool is that it's for multiple sizes. The spacer is good for one size.

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 6 days ago

      Yup. Draws. Ha. Yeah. You can do that too. But it was fun to make this and I like using it.

  • David Cannan
    David Cannan 7 days ago

    I love it, you made it look easy!

  • June Bingham
    June Bingham 7 days ago

    they turned out beautiful and I love the colours also

  • choim dachoim
    choim dachoim 7 days ago

    Sure, it can be done this way but why? You got all those other tools, etc., so just get the router-jig. This was torture to watch. You can change a tire on a car by placing blocks under the axle and digging a hole under the tire but why would you? Unless you didn't have a jack but it looks like you gotta lotta jacks!

    • choim dachoim
      choim dachoim 6 days ago

      @3x3Custom - Tamar OK, makes sense.

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 6 days ago

      It was just an experiment! I saw a picture of this jig and wanted to recreate it

  • ken saki
    ken saki 7 days ago

    A person who don't make mistake, never tried anything new.

  • Stephen Mildenhall
    Stephen Mildenhall 7 days ago

    Humblest apologises Tamar, I forgot to to say that I slightly disagree with you, I like the the detail of the exposed dowels, for me they’re systematical, look good in my eyes, ❤️ from 🇦🇺

  • David Butler
    David Butler 7 days ago

    That is very nice circle with great execution. I copied you router jig. It is perfect! I made a similar style jig saw jig and it was an epic fail. If it is slightly toed in or out, the blade will turn left or right and will bind up halfway through.Therefore, no perfect circle. Don't give up your corded router, as nothing is worse than a battery croaking mid project. Yes, I have spare batteries, but this means that I have to remember to keep them charged. Ugh... I see in your video the your power cord is going up. Do you have it on a reel? I have found a way to minimize cord getting tangled by having my little work table positioned directly underneath the cord reel. When you are set up, take out some slack & bundle the extra cord with a twist tie a higher than the work area, but not too tight. No more sloppy cord to possibly get caught up in the router. Does that make sense? Oh, and by the way, all of your jigs are great & well thought out. I can send a picture if you like. Again, great work. Cheers.

  • Rafat Shaker
    Rafat Shaker 8 days ago

    Very useful 👍

  • Stephen Mildenhall
    Stephen Mildenhall 8 days ago

    Clever as, love it, ❤️ from YNOF 🇦🇺

    GABRIEL RUVALCABA 8 days ago

    A parte de hermosa intelgente. Muy buena idea

  • Ivo Kolarik
    Ivo Kolarik 8 days ago

  • Hey I'm a Maker
    Hey I'm a Maker 8 days ago

    Now I know what to add to my Christmas wishlist :)

  • Jonny X
    Jonny X 8 days ago

    I don't do any wood working, and I don't plan on doing any either. Why the hell do I keep watching these kinds of videos?

  • itsjustme
    itsjustme 8 days ago


  • David Dickson
    David Dickson 8 days ago

    I think that Rob Cosman recommends using a fret saw instead of a coping saw. The fret saw blade is finer and this allows you to make tighter turns when cutting out the waste.

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 8 days ago

      This saw I was using is actually a fret saw. I just said coping Saw

  • David Dickson
    David Dickson 8 days ago

    If you really want to get into hand tool woodworking, especially making dovetails, subscribe to both Rob Cosman and Paul Sellers.

  • Paolo Borgno
    Paolo Borgno 8 days ago

    Great job!!! Oleasse add a decal tutorial!!!

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 8 days ago

      Thanks so much! I’m planning on doing another guitar soon so a decal tutorial will be done! 🤘

  • Kaizer Longshanks
    Kaizer Longshanks 8 days ago

    I love having Lady Gaga teach me woodworking :D

  • Stephen Mildenhall
    Stephen Mildenhall 8 days ago

    Looks more than cool, I think it’s awesome, ❤️ from 🇦🇺

    • Stephen Mildenhall
      Stephen Mildenhall 8 days ago

      3x3Custom - Tamar, can I ask you a question? Which I just have. So question 2, Areyou a schoolteacher or an engineer by profession?

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 8 days ago

      Thanks so much!

  • Zouhir Touti
    Zouhir Touti 8 days ago

    May god bless your kids to you. Thanks for these great job

    JHON CARDENAS 8 days ago

    Hello Hopefully in my country we could find tools so great that this Excellent job A hug from Colombia Thank you

  • The Splintered Finger

    You did a great job cutting those out for the first time! If I remember, Johnathan said he used glue and sawdust to fill in the voids. In fact, I think he said that there is always some filling to do. I don’t know how you would have made this video without talking, lol.

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 8 days ago

      Yeah, I have little baggies filled with sawdust in all different species just for moments like this. Ha

  • Ivan Walker
    Ivan Walker 9 days ago

    Great job. First time too! Keep 'er lit Sis!

  • Jolien Brebels
    Jolien Brebels 9 days ago

    This is such a beautiful box Tamar! love it!

  • Stephen Tebbutt
    Stephen Tebbutt 9 days ago

    Good day Tamar, love watching or videos, you explain every thing so well. Paul Sellers shows how to set up dove tails I could listen to your voice all day. With the jig could it fit in the vice with your timber? Cheers Steve in OZ.

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 9 days ago

      Thanks! That’s awesome to hear. Ha. Maybe I would be able to clamp it separately.

  • Bill Wheaton
    Bill Wheaton 9 days ago

    Not bad at all. Better than my first time. Practice, and you will get really good at this!

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 9 days ago

      Thanks! Yeah I was surprised at how good they were. Maybe something about the pressure of it being on camera. Ha

  • Chis Griego
    Chis Griego 9 days ago

    Beads of courage is a very good charitable effort. It is well supported by wood turners.

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 9 days ago

      I wish I had a lathe so I could turn some boxes with these patterns

  • Jorge Concheyro
    Jorge Concheyro 9 days ago

    Have you seen Jay Bates's Pipe clamp workbench vise videos? ru-clip.com/video/JvAPW_YbOYg/video.html . Maybe it is a solution for you. Awesome work with the dovetails!!! Cheers from Buenos Aires ;)

  • Dan Popa
    Dan Popa 9 days ago

    You just convinced me to buy Jonathan's jig. It's on the way ;)

  • Golden Dog Woodworks

    a little suggestion. Kepp your body square to the piece and align your shoulder to the cut line. it helps you from wandering. Also just bought the guides

  • Peter B
    Peter B 9 days ago

    Oh my goodness, I've fallen in love you, I've watched some videos yours and I've loved, these are amazing. You are superb! Congratulation, I want to become like you!

  • 1959ticktock
    1959ticktock 9 days ago

    Like driving to a new destination with a GPS. You get there ok, but don't learn the route. Try a few times without and you begin to know your way around , even the back roads. Everything takes time to learn. Your first free-hand effort was actually fantastic Tamar. With a little persistence...

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 9 days ago

      Ha! True. But I still use waze to get around my neighborhood. Ha

  • Fjon
    Fjon 9 days ago

    What a great idea. 5 Thumbs Up. Too busy? Not at all! I think it’s more of a conversation piece. This is so outside the box... I’ve used dowels on my workbenches and my dining room table etc but, never thought of using them for drawers. Tamar, your creativity is incredible and your experiments are... I’m speechless. You need to start dating and signing your work. Impressive! Thank you for sharing. May I ask where you buy your lumber? The price of gas in Ft. Worth is $2.05 but, the price of lumber and steel is obscene.

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 9 days ago

      Thanks so much! This is still one of my favorite pieces. I go to a local lumber dealer and it’s not cheap...

  • A B
    A B 9 days ago

    Paul Sellers would be proud of you.😊 He'd probably encourage you to ween yourself off of the jigs where possible, though that is a nice jig. I have a Bencrafted Moxon kit I need to turn into a vice someday. Someday. Great demo!

  • TheDublin47
    TheDublin47 10 days ago

    You never cease to amaze me Tamar with your jigs Pleas pleas keep those videos coming Good luck from Ireland

  • Hao Truong
    Hao Truong 10 days ago


  • Surjit singh Ds woods

    Great jig thanks information

  • Figments Made
    Figments Made 10 days ago

    This was such a clear way to show how....much I am never going to try to cut dovetails without a jig! ;) Great video!

  • Reuben's woodcraft
    Reuben's woodcraft 10 days ago

    So the moral of the story is........... get and use this Jig.....I get it, and why not, it makes sense for quick, easy and clean dove tails. I like it. Thanks for that.

  • bill bergovoy
    bill bergovoy 10 days ago

    when cutting dovetails by hand, you should first learn about KNIFE WALLS. just search for it. but basically after drawing the sawcut line with a pencil of marking knife. you scribe the line with a razor / utility knife. go over it several times, light/easy at first, then a little deeper then deeper on the last time. then on the waste side, you use the chisel, free hand and wiggle/remove a little wood/material to make a notch. on the waste side it will be angled but on the pin, knife cut side, it will be vertical. in theory you could put the saw up agaiist that vertical side and use it just like the plastic jig to hold the saw tight up against that vertical side. cutting very lightly at first until you get deeper and deeper, taking longer strokes as you get deeper because the saw is held vertical by the actual sawcut/kerf then on the other side you can cut further away from the finish edge/sawcut. maybe an 1/8" inch, or 1/4" if you are really bad. then use the chisel to get closer and closer to the finish endge/marking. it may take you a little longer, but not that much really, 5 minutes maybe, on your little example??

  • Mark Nahabedian
    Mark Nahabedian 10 days ago

    A couple years ago I took a class on how to make a small wooden box -- not with dovetails but with mortise and tennon. The ends were inset so that the sides could have full four sides mortises. The big take home lesson for me is that I can't saw to a line -- I'm very nearsighted so it was hard to see the lines while being far enough away that my head and saw weren't in the same place at the same time. The solution was to make a rough cut with the saw, not cutting to the line but on the waste side if it, and then chiseling to the line. The chisel us a much more accurate tool than a saw, especially an unguided coping saw.

  • Tommy G Workshop
    Tommy G Workshop 10 days ago

    Great job on your first attempt even with out the jig, very impressed! Keep up the great work.....subscribed!

  • Derek Peterson
    Derek Peterson 10 days ago

    I have been watching you from the beginning and WOW have you picked up wood working!! Your talent has hit light speed with precision! Thanks for sharing your time and talent!

  • Aji Shaji
    Aji Shaji 10 days ago

    Wow... its amazing... first am watching ur channel.. subscribed..

  • Golden Dog Woodworks

    how wide did you make the sled?

  • Michael Justice
    Michael Justice 10 days ago

    Try a barrel grip jigsaw. Bosh has a nice one. You have much better control and you can see your cut better. Once you try one you’ll never use a regular jigsaw again!

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 10 days ago

      Since this video I upgraded to a dewalt. It’s so much better than the ryobi....

  • Steve Combs
    Steve Combs 10 days ago

    Great Job Tamar! Nice review of the JK-M Dove Tail Jig!

  • ben1jul
    ben1jul 10 days ago

    Très beau travail,smart, original.

  • Brian Reese
    Brian Reese 10 days ago

    Instead of trial and error, it may be as simple as dividing the width of the board by the desired number of tails (3 in this case). If the board is 6" wide, then 6/3 = 2, giving you 2". If you don't want to get bogged down in fractions, you can use the rule trick ( ru-clip.com/video/cwfqfsGrmRg/video.html ) to divide the board into the number of tails that you desire. Set your dividers from the board's edge to the first mark. Now you have the value that you need to step by ;)

    • Brian Reese
      Brian Reese 10 days ago

      @3x3Custom - Tamar, I can't recall whom it was, but I saw a video where someone was explaining why they use the metric system for woodworking. Basically, because the math is simpler (no fractions). I've been debating making the switch.

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 10 days ago

      I’ve tried both ways. The trial and error was faster for me. Me and numbers don’t do well together. Ha. I went into the wrong profession...

  • Debbie Hill
    Debbie Hill 10 days ago

    Why is your vice on top of the table?

  • Bill Douglas
    Bill Douglas 10 days ago

    Maker of Sawdust and Other Fine Things

  • jonny milani
    jonny milani 10 days ago

    Show sensacional parabéns fantástico ganhou mais um escrito tamos juntos visita meu canal

  • Joseph Brauer
    Joseph Brauer 11 days ago

    Turned out great . My first dovetail box , well I will just say that after filling in the "gaps" it sits on my dresser where none will ever see. haha I used Birch wood and the grain was too cool to through it away . thanks for this video . I am going to Katz's web site to see about buying a jig .

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 10 days ago

      Thanks! At least you gave it a go! He has some pretty cool products on his site.

  • P Macedo
    P Macedo 11 days ago

    And.... you became a pro....😁 Dear.... lovely! Many thanks!

    • P Macedo
      P Macedo 10 days ago

      3x3Custom - Tamar not joking ... better than mine...! Anyhow... you did it .... and that is what matters! The “gap” is just a detail.... an experiment! Thxs

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 10 days ago

      Ha! Thanks!!

  • TheDublin47
    TheDublin47 11 days ago

    Don't worry Tamar we all make little mistakes Just remember glue and dust is a must in joinery

    • 3x3Custom - Tamar
      3x3Custom - Tamar 10 days ago

      True! I keep little baggies of sawdust in different species. It looks like I’m a crazy person. Ha