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NEW Epcot Experience
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  • Rody Claveria
    Rody Claveria 7 minutes ago

    I'm scared of zombies 😱😱😱

  • Hannah Elizabeth

    I felt the music really hindered this maze! The concept was so interesting but I was getting scared more but the loud af bass drops than the scare actors. Just the excessive noise made me feel disoriented and I just wanted to get out of there ASAP without getting to enjoy the details of the maze and costumes

  • Epic the Orca
    Epic the Orca Hour ago

    Looks similar to Cassandra's Clowns from Thrillvania Terrel TX

  • Big Mouse
    Big Mouse 2 hours ago

    Long line.

  • Peppermint Snowdrift

    "It's time to see what I can do, to TEXT the limits, and break through!" LOL! I always KNEW what the lyrics REALLY were, but I just always kept thinking of that.

  • That_pinball_metal_DOOD

    “What’s that?” “A comic book” “A what?!” “A COMIC BOOK!”

  • song qing
    song qing 5 hours ago

    well,they should have apreciate their life

  • Jamless Jimin
    Jamless Jimin 5 hours ago

    I remember riding this when I was 5. I was so scared I can go on this sleeping now

  • jason gust
    jason gust 5 hours ago

    "What are you gonna do? Knock my block off?"

  • Sofia Paulino
    Sofia Paulino 5 hours ago

    He or she is right he did not die okay people don't cry don't be mad don't be sad he's not dead he's still alive it's fake blood you're welcome

  • Alex Se
    Alex Se 5 hours ago

    its not 4k

  • Jennifer C
    Jennifer C 6 hours ago

    The Shining is my all time favorite horror movie. I would totally love to walk through this and feel like I’m in the movie if only I didn’t live so far away :(

  • jose luis arzate
    jose luis arzate 6 hours ago

    What the fuck is this shiT kids

  • Aixiboy World
    Aixiboy World 7 hours ago

    Dat si bad man she dead dat man

  • VoiD
    VoiD 7 hours ago

    2:38 nice flaccid pp 😎👌🏻

  • scr6py
    scr6py 8 hours ago


  • Hyrachine Chime
    Hyrachine Chime 8 hours ago

    One way you can scare the monsters away Get a loud speaker and when your scared take it out and scream right in their face :)

  • Zach's zesty Life
    Zach's zesty Life 8 hours ago

    The nigga in the cotton candy got me

  • Wølfie Gachä
    Wølfie Gachä 8 hours ago

    Wait are these zombies\the walking dead actually real?

  • RoxasNumber13
    RoxasNumber13 10 hours ago

    What’s the music when you enter the maze?

  • Camila Rodriguez
    Camila Rodriguez 10 hours ago


  • Jasmine Romero
    Jasmine Romero 11 hours ago


  • Ethan
    Ethan 11 hours ago

    You should come to Miami and do the house of death. It’s not in a theme park but it looks good and was hoping on going

  • Thot Slayer
    Thot Slayer 11 hours ago

    So a copy off of ghost burst busters

  • gold un told raps
    gold un told raps 11 hours ago

    Yes it's scary but not as scary as my basement

  • Susana Alferez
    Susana Alferez 12 hours ago

    OMG!!!!!!!!!LOOK and like👍

  • error sans
    error sans 12 hours ago

    1:57 i love the mask though

  • Michael Kulow
    Michael Kulow 13 hours ago

    That looks interesting

  • Evan Johnson
    Evan Johnson 13 hours ago

    The squeaking is unbearable. This is my favorite ride turned into least favorite

  • Ayman Warrag
    Ayman Warrag 14 hours ago

    Aron waaaaaaaa😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💞💞💞😵☠️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️

  • Alanah peck
    Alanah peck 14 hours ago

    Are they REAL

  • Joe Gamer 08
    Joe Gamer 08 14 hours ago

    4:30 like if you did see darth Vader

  • John Uzzle
    John Uzzle 14 hours ago

    I'm going today and this looks so fun

  • SqiffyMarlin
    SqiffyMarlin 14 hours ago

    Hundreds of weebs filmed for walking dead episode

  • SqiffyMarlin
    SqiffyMarlin 14 hours ago

    This is more dark than dark Vader himself lol

  • Anya Lee
    Anya Lee 14 hours ago

    I love this! Seeing more what I'd call 'real horror' film mazes is so brilliant! I would love to walk through this, Rob Zombie is a genius

  • Edwin B
    Edwin B 15 hours ago

    This happens on the 5 frwy every day. Too many mexicans.

  • A B
    A B 15 hours ago

    Welcome to the 11,274,873th episode of: why is this on my recommended?

  • C Mitchell
    C Mitchell 16 hours ago

    I live in FL and went to this years HHN and this house might be the best I've seen ever done in the years I've gone. Wish I lived in CA.

  • Trey Molano
    Trey Molano 17 hours ago

    Rip Aaron 💔 😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔💔😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭🙀🙀🙀🙀

  • jaleigha Robinson
    jaleigha Robinson 17 hours ago

    soo fake

  • Vivileigh Daze
    Vivileigh Daze 18 hours ago

    I think I like the Orlando one better... not as many just black rooms..

  • Vintage cat
    Vintage cat 18 hours ago

    I have the movie

  • Rachel Farmer
    Rachel Farmer 19 hours ago

    Aron didn’t actually die he is acting chill in the comments

  • Brooke Carter
    Brooke Carter 19 hours ago

    Forgive me for my cluelessness (I've never watched a horror movie in my life), but what's that whistling tune that starts around 0:13? It's really pleasant to me for some reason :p

  • We Are The Family
    We Are The Family 20 hours ago


  • Alejandro Garza
    Alejandro Garza 20 hours ago

    I always go here when I go to Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

  • Min Thant Kyi Thar
    Min Thant Kyi Thar 23 hours ago

    Everyone else: Screams with terror This guy filming:(okay meme)

  • Vieznam sdoom
    Vieznam sdoom 23 hours ago

    Theres a Vader

  • Eedie peady Lemon squeeze

    Are these actually real

  • Marcus Austin
    Marcus Austin Day ago

    1:27, please unbuckle your seatbelts. Ride is still going...

  • FAZE Jarvis
    FAZE Jarvis Day ago


  • kagnomi
    kagnomi Day ago

    So disappointed I didnt get to go this year. I really wanted to go through this maze but there was a long wait and I got outvoted in my group. They thought The Calico Mine ride had been converted and wanted to see we ended up seeing miners panning for gold. Knotts really wasting the potential of converting Calico Mines for Halloween. But thank you for sharing the walkthrough. The maze itself was amazing but they need to get better alien masks for the talent.

  • kagnomi
    kagnomi Day ago

    Thank you for showing this! When I went, it was too busy to go through all the mazes. The closest I got to see The Depths was when security escorted one of the talent out cause he banged his head or something.

  • sara webber
    sara webber Day ago

    that old lady in the beginning is so cute

  • Lambo Man
    Lambo Man Day ago

    Second comment yes because first is the worst second is the best so yeah

    REVENGE OF Day ago

    Yay i have wanted to go

  • Yashneil Lal
    Yashneil Lal Day ago

    I thought something was happening with my phone during the flashing effect lol

  • 迷你世界神奇怪怪


  • Wayne Pearce
    Wayne Pearce Day ago


  • Mike John
    Mike John Day ago

    Cool slide

  • Ava Rdz
    Ava Rdz Day ago

    Haha haha first!!!

  • Ava Rdz
    Ava Rdz Day ago

    Dang it!!!

  • Rafael Del orbbe hernandez colon

    That is very painful I will cry for Jesus or our god for help I won’t like too be murdered jigsaws laugh is like a doll but girl if they buyed me a jigsaw doll I will get a gun and oof it

  • Rylee Glenn
    Rylee Glenn Day ago

    0:50 LMFAO NOPE

  • im a disappointment

    I went yesterday but sadly I didn’t go into the Stranger Things, Us, or Killer Clowns mazes because they were a wait of an hour (it was like 12 am, and we were exhausted) I got chased by momo, these chainsaw dudes would keep appearing behind me, and I kept getting growled in my ear...

  • Rafael Del orbbe hernandez colon

    Why is jigsaw so dam EVIL I need a explication and everybody that sees this don’t sleep just call 911

  • Travis Cialone

    Lake Winnie the Pooh? Lol

  • Lerma Antonio
    Lerma Antonio Day ago

    If i was covered with blood i will pee myself

  • Lerma Antonio
    Lerma Antonio Day ago

    Aaron is so nice i hope u didn't kill him

  • Lerma Antonio
    Lerma Antonio Day ago

    Aaron we are so sorry that u died don't worry we are at your side 😯pray for him rip aaron like pls

  • Lerma Antonio
    Lerma Antonio Day ago

    Did someone see wearing a dark fader costume fr star wars

  • Lerma Antonio
    Lerma Antonio Day ago

    Did someone see wearing a Harley Quinn costume

  • Joshua Ervin
    Joshua Ervin Day ago


  • Corinne O'Reilly

    wow, that subtle lighting effect that makes the room appear to be waist deep in water is so creative and different. i'd love to see that in person

  • Evil Death Roll Now

    What happened to the guy from the beginning?

  • Luis Jacinto
    Luis Jacinto Day ago

    out of all the things he reacts to it had to be the popsicle guy at the end lol

  • will kenny
    will kenny Day ago

    i wanna go on this! but it's all the way over in california! well, looks like i need to do a lot of traveling.

  • star fighter3000

    Unfortunately, the Maze is now gone - 2018 was the final year, and they have stopped doing it - they just got burned out making it every year.

  • Argiselle K
    Argiselle K Day ago


  • Elijah Catania

    At 2:41, if you look closely, the actor/actress playing Red is WHITE. Racist. REALLY?! Look, I LOVE the movie, just not this attraction.

  • Rm16
    Rm16 Day ago

    It’s crazy the movie isn’t scary it’s just very eerie ad incredibly well made yet when I went into this maze I was scared 😂 it was the best maze this year !

  • Kaylin Brown
    Kaylin Brown Day ago

    I went to a more scary one were they touch you

  • Matt
    Matt Day ago

    imagine a vegan goes in there

  • Gamseeyy Gaming

    RIP Aaron, I wonder how he did that. 😖😖😖 Unless it was real!

  • Matt
    Matt Day ago

    only real men would watch this video fullscreen

  • TheMightyKinkle

    5:36 is that supposed to be Eleven, Mike or Nancy? Hahahahah

  • Gman nubs
    Gman nubs Day ago

    Another stupid video

  • Mia Binns
    Mia Binns Day ago

    Please Mom. Don't let me go on the Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin ride. Well, it's too late. Besides, this is your punishment.

  • b e e
    b e e Day ago

    I'm 11 years old. I was there for 2 weeks and went on all 3 slides around 20 times! Honestly not as bad as it looks lmao. I also went last year when I 10. Y'all should really try it

  • Skyno
    Skyno Day ago

    I better not cry I better NOT DIE Cause Santa Claus Is Coming To ToWn He Know he you are DEAD He know if u been Bad Or Dead

  • Mika Nieddermeyer

    Those bance moves tho

  • Cazzy The almighty raccoon

    Footage of the area 51 raid

  • The Fight For Life
    The Fight For Life 2 days ago

    the decorations were wonderful but the guys pointing where to go and seeing the actors legs while ruffling the windo curtains etc i think they could've hired better people lol

  • Valerie Vargas
    Valerie Vargas 2 days ago

    It's so ironic Universal did a horror maze of random holidays for Halloween. I wasn't sure if it really is what the holidays are supposed in hell or whatever the idea is, but there's obviously nothing else to make Halloween itself even more intensive and gruesome like the rest of the holidays were. I wonder if they could do a Goosebumps version?

  • Joseph Beard
    Joseph Beard 2 days ago

    Weird video. Starts at the top of the first drop? That coaster seems butter smooth though.

  • Chris Andrews
    Chris Andrews 2 days ago

    This is one of 3 mazes this year that genuinely got a really good jump out of me, and was definitely the biggest

    • Lilly dalton
      Lilly dalton 2 days ago

      Chris Andrews what were the other 2 scary ones?

  • Barbie’s_ Life_
    Barbie’s_ Life_ 2 days ago

    “How the fuck is the escalator on?!” I’m dying

    #1 CASTILLO 2 days ago

    What happened to old chief Woodenhead?!! That woulda been ku or even the hitchhiker