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Harald Kloser - Topic
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Burning Books
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Tornado Warning
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Hall's Plan
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Bedtime Story
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Tidal Wave
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Body Heat
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Russian Ghost Ship
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Because Of You
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Rio Grande
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Cutting The Rope
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The Human Spirit
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President's Speech
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The Day After Tomorrow
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You Came For Me
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Sea Of Sand
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Not A God
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Mannak Hunt
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The End
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Night Of The Tiger
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Lead Them
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Free The Mannaks
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Mountain Of The Gods
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Wounded Hunter
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He Was My Father
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Wise Man
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10,000 BC/End Credits
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Mark Of The Hunter
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I Was Not Brave
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Terror Birds
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Humanity's Last Stand
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The Other One
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Bedding the Queen
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You Stay in England
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Will's Triumph
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Arrest Them
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The Succession
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The Voices
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Soul of the Age
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Day of the Play
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William Shake-Speare
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She Had Your Child
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It's a Trap
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Bursting In
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God Save the Queen
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Hamlet in the Rain
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Edward's Breakdown
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Play After Play
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Edward's Theme
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Words Will Prevail
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The 13th Floor
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Fuller Goes To Sleep
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Hall Is Dead
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Where Are We?
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Techno Download
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End Of The World
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Downtown LA, 1937
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Locker Chase
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Jane's Theme
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