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  • Chris Gibson
    Chris Gibson Hour ago

    Great videos I appreciate the work you put into these💯

  • Kevin Dick
    Kevin Dick 2 hours ago

    Pretty sure Moses Malone was the first player taken out of high school.

  • Tiger25NYC Brooklyn
    Tiger25NYC Brooklyn 2 hours ago

    Lillard is gonna shock people this year watch

  • JimJam
    JimJam 4 hours ago

    Not a fan of the hindsight applied here. It’s pretty clear Tyreke was the best ROY. Probably followed by Blake\simmons\dame\doncic in no particular order. But if Doncic declines the next three years then his ROY will surely be lower than some of these guys. You should have only considered what happened during their first year.

  • cool beanz
    cool beanz 5 hours ago

    Jordan’s the goat bitch

  • erwin pica
    erwin pica 5 hours ago

    Jordan is the greatest ever 😎

  • Boys Detjens
    Boys Detjens 6 hours ago

    What about what will happen with Kawhi???

  • Jayson Jose
    Jayson Jose 6 hours ago


  • Kermit The juicy
    Kermit The juicy 8 hours ago

    We want a an interesting nba not the Warriors every year

  • Kermit The juicy
    Kermit The juicy 9 hours ago

    Kawhi in the finals : Are U SurE !!!!!!!

  • diffcontroversy
    diffcontroversy 9 hours ago

    I would've put the Linsanity shot in there.

  • Just Factz
    Just Factz 9 hours ago

    2009 bulls vs celtics

  • Noah
    Noah 10 hours ago

    Wait a minute Kawhi and Paul George on the same team now

  • larry89
    larry89 11 hours ago

    Lebron plays like Magic Kobe plays like Michael Can't really compare the two...

  • Matt Lombardo
    Matt Lombardo 12 hours ago

    Bird helping up Rambis...white boys sticking together

  • Prince Hill
    Prince Hill 12 hours ago

    8:54 yup

  • Ben Graff
    Ben Graff 13 hours ago

    Lebron could have easily 3peated in Cleveland if Kyrie and Kevin Love didn’t get hurt in 2015 and KD didn’t sign to Warriors.

  • Mr Clean
    Mr Clean 13 hours ago

    Tit for Tat no nobody liked Kobe But what I should say is Kobe did not like anybody on the other hand Shaq got along with everyone.

  • Ben Graff
    Ben Graff 13 hours ago

    5:32 James Harden is trying to do the Mamba face😂

  • Andrew Castelli
    Andrew Castelli 14 hours ago

    What about LeBrons jumper in Leonard’s face with 25 seconds left to win against the spurs and win the chip

  • Steve Greece
    Steve Greece 16 hours ago

    Wheres melo against the bulls!?!?

  • cambo4284
    cambo4284 17 hours ago

    That was the one and only time Lebron got dogged by a player that far below him talent wise! Why that never happened again ? I'm convinced that Lebron threw the finals that year and lost on purpose as he was instructed too do! He wasnt getting cooked like that the series before going against Paul Peirce and Ray Allen both much better players then Jason Terry At that point of time it had been 25 years since that last time a team won a championship with a white player as the best on the team!! It was time for a new white champion It was a business move

  • E Z
    E Z 19 hours ago

    you are a stupid bum 2k17 is one of the best 2ks bum clown look at you

  • Blair Rich
    Blair Rich 19 hours ago

    JORDAN=SUPREME FINESSE I remember jordan always stealing the ball,.he was a sneaky bugger and you couldnt keep ya eyes off him.

  • Sporky
    Sporky 20 hours ago

    as an okc fan, this video hurts me alot.

  • P 21
    P 21 21 hour ago

    I’m not a Magic fan but they made the Playoffs

  • P 21
    P 21 21 hour ago

    And now he got traded to OKC

  • Blair Rich
    Blair Rich 22 hours ago

    Durant should've not been f'ing with those low cuts on court.

  • MrCalverino
    MrCalverino Day ago

    GUD LIST 🥇

  • MrCalverino
    MrCalverino Day ago


  • MrCalverino
    MrCalverino Day ago


  • Lareine KAMIJO

    Why do you only look at field goal percentage? Luka wasn't inefficient...

  • Chief Uchiha
    Chief Uchiha Day ago

    Wow Durant weak ass on here. This nigga needed GSW

  • Aidan Frye
    Aidan Frye Day ago

    Bruh, this is 100% fetus dom! 😂😂😂

  • mike perez
    mike perez Day ago

    who knows what the song is at 0:31 ?

  • Derek Andrew
    Derek Andrew Day ago

    I think Melo's game winning 3 vs the Bulls should be here.

  • Ebune Namata
    Ebune Namata Day ago

    You know what time it is DAME TIMEEEEEE

  • Rawest
    Rawest Day ago

    ... bro be quiet lmao kawhi's shot was pure luck.

    xINSANE BOSSx Day ago

    Number 7 “dethroned” LOL you funny.... smh

  • Roynell B
    Roynell B Day ago

    2012 fmvp has to be next to the kd mvps they played against a inexperienced team no one even expected the okc to win that going in

  • The Real Talk Show

    Derrick Rose shot vs Cavs should’ve had its own spot

  • Iman Akhtar
    Iman Akhtar Day ago

    All of these r a lie except for two

  • Sulaiman Jalloh

    This was a fantastic, entertaining, thought-provoking, and objective comparison, and you're unmatched in this regard. I don't know why we keep having this conversation, but I think a generational gap is the reason. Simply put, MJ is the reason why we have KB, AI, DW, and LBJ....period. He inspired their successes, and he tops them all. MJ's accomplishments will only be surpassed by the first real Android in the year 2100. :-)

  • Captain Diabetes

    Zaza pachulia

  • Rayannd Cortel

    Pierce shot over LBJ shot game 7 vs the spurs?

  • Parker Portlock

    Can we get an honorable mention for the 2019 POR v DEN series?! That was crazy.

  • Oshawn James
    Oshawn James Day ago

    medical bill lmaoooooooooo who comes with that shit..Rip was only one motivTION....he did Steve smith badly thoughhhh

  • Shaquan Payne
    Shaquan Payne Day ago

    u forgot hardens shot on gsw where he came back from 20 points without cris paul and drained a deep three with draymond and klay on him to win the game as they were down ..i would of put that at 9 tho.

  • Over
    Over Day ago

    Hey you forgot BJ Armstrong. He made the All Star game too. Lol though, craziest All Star pick ever.

  • Random Hobbies

    Worse thing the celtics ever did was hiring doc rivers... 😂

  • Over
    Over Day ago

    So many simple arguments. One of these is the easiest, the other is the one that impressed me personally the most. 6-0 in the finals, GG. Lebron's finals record? Just lol. Scoring title AND championship in the same year? MJ 6 times. Second place George Mikan with 2. Shaq 1. Lebron 0.

  • stanly chin
    stanly chin Day ago

    If lebron live in jordan era, he need to face ewing, olijewan, malone, barkery, mutombo, robinson, shaq, alonzo,duncan?.. Do you guys think he can beat these beast?? Lebron?? Pls.... buy he a popcorn n sit out watch the game.

  • UnlimitedProduction1

    I'm a Spurs fan and been fortunate they've been good most of my life and got to enjoy all 5 championships and all.

  • Parker Portlock

    4B is basically every Game 6 Klay. Thunder got klayed. Rockets got klayed. The Raptors were spared by Klay's ACL as he was already on fire at that point.

  • OneIsMajor/Squalidflunky39

    What kind of name would the next MJ be if there can be one?

  • Shaquan Payne
    Shaquan Payne Day ago

    oh and trhe knicks in 2000 and now are the most unfortunate there stars and still did not get the pick they needed an still lost out on kd and irving wow how sad

  • Shaquan Payne
    Shaquan Payne Day ago

    am i the only one who say wallace push artest across the that guy strong 2:24

  • Kurtiss Allen-Nash

    Kwahi was playing with an injured leg with the raptors so that's why he couldn't go 100% hero ball

  • Alexander Mark Amaraganthan

    u all dumb. Mj didnt have zone defence against him while Kobe did If u adjust to the scoring inflation MJ would have like only 40 pointsd instead of 63............

  • Charlie Jones
    Charlie Jones Day ago

    Legit only just noticed that he has Melo's old number

  • Luka Ilic
    Luka Ilic Day ago

    Give me Ben Wallace!!!

  • Xbox lifestyel

    Bri he funny af he said I was in the third grade when LeBron got drafted he said I'm turning 25 what is this man on

  • Joey chasin vbucks on 2K

    Giannis was passed on because he was 6’10 and like 200 pounds he was so light and skinny. No one even knew he would become a face of the nba and people think the cavs were bad for drafting Anthony Bennett but they had no idea he would be bad

  • Buenos alphacaX
    Buenos alphacaX 2 days ago

    next why theres 2 player drafted before jordan

  • Calvin Bacu
    Calvin Bacu 2 days ago

    Most iconic steals of the 2010??? 🤔

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson 2 days ago

    Kobe’s shots belong ahead of James’ shots.

  • KidKinsey
    KidKinsey 2 days ago

    bro kobes will was on some rock lee ish, mans really made 2 fts with a torn achilles and i have the BANG BANG higher like bro he violated that night lmfao, from 35 feet he solidified his unanimous mvp and yeah that ray allen shot man, clutchest most iconic shot ever

  • Firebirds Gaming
    Firebirds Gaming 2 days ago

    Kobe free throws ✅ Russ in Denver ❌ This list was atrocious

  • Luke Sirrell
    Luke Sirrell 2 days ago

    number 8 should have been "Dame Time".

  • Blu
    Blu 2 days ago

    Lonzo is GOAT

  • T
    T 2 days ago

    The video you showed about the game he drained his toe was his 60 point game against Dominique's Hawks.

  • future hofer
    future hofer 2 days ago

    What about that Kobe game winner over D.Wade?? That will def get replayed tons of times lol

  • C4Instincts
    C4Instincts 2 days ago

    Only reason kobe had 5 rings is because of shaq. Lebron had nobody. when he did he was winning 50% of the playoff with heats. Team matteers when playing for rings. He did the impossible beating golden states. they literally had to stack teams to compete against james.

  • Niko Kolev
    Niko Kolev 2 days ago

    This vid gon make me cry

  • mark anderson
    mark anderson 2 days ago

    Mavs2011 reminds of Raptors 2019

  • snowy_joey
    snowy_joey 2 days ago

    In 20 years they're gonna show Kawhi's shot not Ray's. For Ray - broken play - top 3 pointer of all time catches and shoots. Ray is not known as killer. And if anything it was fluky to go his way. So this emblamatic - iconic of what - luck meets player with limited but excellent skillset.? For Kawhi, everyone in the stadium knows he will take the shot. It will be n one else. He is chased by 6'10" and 7 footer. He returns from a year of doubts to face more doubts about load management and then goes on a tear slaying every giant placed in front of him bending them to his will en route to winning the finals and reshaping the league in the offseason. IN this shot all that is Kawhi is on display. And all THAT is a lot more than Ray or his shot. Oh and it is the only walk-off 7th game series ending shot. And it held the world's attention bouncing on the rim 4 times, enough so that everyone around Kawhi looks like they are in a tableau like a renaissance painting.... and you have it number 3.

  • Shaquan Payne
    Shaquan Payne 2 days ago

    oh do a top ten bust featuring markelle fultz, greg oden and hasheem thabeet

  • Shaquan Payne
    Shaquan Payne 2 days ago

    i hope phili deosnt miss manage simons and shift him from pg to pf like what happened to tyreke...

  • Brandon Giordano
    Brandon Giordano 2 days ago

    Steph Curry might genuinely be the greatest shooter of all time

  • Angel Vollant
    Angel Vollant 2 days ago

    I first thought of Kevin Ware. Hopefully is in this list. Edit: Nvm. I’m not sure why this is called scary and not have Kevin Ware, even though it’s one of the scariest injuries I’ve ever seen. But whatever. Maybe I didn’t understand the point of the video.

  • TheMyth
    TheMyth 2 days ago

    Him saying “I wonder how Paul George and Kawhi would happen.” Well now they are both on the same team and they are both MVP contenders. God help us all.

  • David Kang
    David Kang 2 days ago

    I love lebron and hate kobe, but i feel like they r at about same level as of now. Only diff is lebron is still playong and will pass him

  • Abdus-Shaheed Kaaba

    Top 5 greatest!

  • SpodSpod
    SpodSpod 2 days ago

    Clicked on the video and instantly thought ray Allen

  • Abdus-Shaheed Kaaba

    Mike counted back by 40,letting us know Mike will score at will when he wants,which is basically ALL THE TIME!

  • The Highlight Monster

    Westbrooks game winner vs the nuggets should be on here

  • Ya Boi Alex
    Ya Boi Alex 2 days ago

    6:10 I grabbed my face only because I wanted to cover my eyes. But props to you for calling it

  • Em Kast
    Em Kast 2 days ago

    the girls should be higher on the list imo. since gohan has already obtained those form it's easier to tap into. hes number 5 to me in that list

  • Francis Kozak
    Francis Kozak 2 days ago

    Curry’s 1/4 court against the thunder HAS to be top 5 idc if it’s regular season

  • Matt Lombardo
    Matt Lombardo 2 days ago

    If perkins hadn't gotten hurt for game 7 vs the celtics , i think the Lakers would have lost.

  • Tim Schultheis
    Tim Schultheis 2 days ago

    Yo dom what song you use as the background for Brons jumper over pierce? That shit fye

  • Ex Queue
    Ex Queue 2 days ago

    MCW and Tyreke Evans were both really unimpressive when you look at anything other than per game averages. Both of their teams were force feeding them stat lines to get hype. It's telling that both have had fringe careers on multiple teams since. Retrospectives have the benefit of hindsight, or at least they should.

  • DTrain
    DTrain 2 days ago

    Amazing video! What’s the song at 22:13?

  • home9dog2blue
    home9dog2blue 2 days ago

    Blake Griffin used to jump OUT THE DAMN GYM 😮 What tf HAPPENED

  • Danpriz
    Danpriz 2 days ago

    Dom I'm still waiting on why were 59 players drafted before Isaiah Thomas

  • Adeesh
    Adeesh 2 days ago

    Here's an odd request: What about ranking OST from NBA 2k and EA NBA of last 20 years...

  • Derek Johnson
    Derek Johnson 2 days ago

    The point is that Philadelphia didn't build a team around him.Brown was not the right couch 4 A.I..🐺🐦😀🔮🎥

  • carl Nilsson Young
    carl Nilsson Young 2 days ago

    Those days only men can survive the brutal toughness. Today's nba is A bunch of refused grown -ups playing sissy game together. Dont hurt each other, N party together.

  • Jabari Jivens
    Jabari Jivens 2 days ago

    Dame literally broke the thunder as we knew them. Cmon. Loo

  • Jabari Jivens
    Jabari Jivens 2 days ago

    Bruh dame @ 7?? Really?!?!?!