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  • Kyle Andrew Baguio
    Kyle Andrew Baguio 4 hours ago

    Magical attacks can heal magic enemies

  • PsychOsmosis
    PsychOsmosis 4 hours ago

    God, I love this game. And the player character! The writing is very well done. PS. Beaufort is pronounced "Bo-For".

  • ↁekimaros
    ↁekimaros 4 hours ago

    Blanched Greatsword reminds me of a weapon in God Eater

  • Tzu-Chan Lim
    Tzu-Chan Lim 4 hours ago

    Don't know how accurate this game is, but chinese, korean and japanese surnames are usually placed first in the native language. It's when adapting to western names, especially with Christian names that the surnames are used as last names(where westerners put their surnames)

    • Tzu-Chan Lim
      Tzu-Chan Lim 4 hours ago

      TLDR, Kim could be his surname from the father's side of the family.

  • Nobody Important
    Nobody Important 4 hours ago

    U post so many quality videos and ur so underrated keep it up and donr give up

  • Cyrus Halberd
    Cyrus Halberd 4 hours ago

    ...Huh. I never recruited the mean spirit when I played this a while back. Didn’t realize they went to the trouble of adding a few monsters you didn’t need to recruit. You learn something new every day.

  • Vectorbro
    Vectorbro 4 hours ago

    Aaay it's back

  • Ivan Ng
    Ivan Ng 4 hours ago

    10:14 hwat

  • SpecterVonBaren
    SpecterVonBaren 5 hours ago

    From what I've played, the game starts out good but eventually the awful controls and ai just make it frustrating as hell. You don't move your cursor fluidly, it kind of moves between vague predetermined spots and if it goes out of bounds for some reason it then slows to a crawl. The fact that your minions don't prioritize targets in your cursor means that you have to agro one enemy at a time to take them out efficiently otherwise your minions can start attacking a bunch of different people and just die because one guy with a gun vs one crab means a dead crab. And don't even get me started on those f#%^&@ yellow caped shotgun enemies, they are the absolute worst. They take pot shots at your group while running from you and aside from crabs, all of your minions will die in one shot, maybe two if you get lucky. God help you if one of your minions just decides to run off around a building for no freaking reason and draw one of the yellow cape guys to you when you're not ready. The game looks like it's supposed to be a big minion management and tactics game but it turns into more of a stealth game but without the stealth.

  • Rdbhaiven is back 2
    Rdbhaiven is back 2 5 hours ago

    I know someone his name is Clifford from the show Clifford the big red dog

  • Rdbhaiven is back 2
    Rdbhaiven is back 2 5 hours ago

    Weird names are awesome imagine your last name was lamb ham

  • Saiavinn
    Saiavinn 5 hours ago

    Baozhai is a lesbian pirate captain? Awesome! This game just got way better on principle alone~

  • Bruce Schibline
    Bruce Schibline 5 hours ago

    It might pay to add a loop to the bots that use tools so that if their hands are empty, like when their tool breaks, for them to look for another tool of the type they use. Just a little thing I noticed.

  • bac to the future
    bac to the future 6 hours ago

    and thats a clear jojo reference

  • David Martin
    David Martin 6 hours ago

    Why can't you have plants in the workers room?

    • David Martin
      David Martin 5 hours ago

      @Umbrella eye thing guy that is ...... dumb.....since when do you put plants into the room with sensible machinerie and not in the room that is meant for catching a break and relaxation?.....than again it is just a game soooo.....meh?

    • Umbrella eye thing guy
      Umbrella eye thing guy 5 hours ago

      You prob can, but even if you cant, would be useless. The plants serve to give rooms a higher morale to compensate for working stations that lower morale. Since the break room has no work related stuff, plants arent necessary

  • AnimeMLB
    AnimeMLB 6 hours ago

    Simple bots for wander bot, I don’t see the harm in that cause what could go wrong, (I say as I jinx this knowing wander)?

  • AnimeMLB
    AnimeMLB 6 hours ago

    Simple bots for wander bot, I don’t see the harm in that cause what could go wrong, (I say as I jinx this knowing wander)?

  • mooistheroo
    mooistheroo 6 hours ago


  • PythonPlusPlus
    PythonPlusPlus 6 hours ago

    My issue with spore is that they removed everything in the final release that I was looking forward to.

  • The DudeManBro
    The DudeManBro 6 hours ago

    I just beat this game the other day, and man there's a lot of non spoiler tips I'd give specifically for the movements and certain mechanics. Like when a spear rebounds off a wall once but sticks most anywhere else, it's unfortunate because it may have just been that specific spot on the wall and not the whole wall, but the player will assume that's a no go and turn around and leave.

  • Mik Mike
    Mik Mike 6 hours ago

    chell is like:very well i shall please master

  • Happy To Mad
    Happy To Mad 6 hours ago

    Octopath travler is actually really good even though its pixle is suuuuper pretty like...HD pixle its really quite lovely

  • Dracaun Rogue Gue'Vesa

    2 charge bots, to cover each other as well as everyone else. And at least 2 bots dedicated to building each tool and delivering them to the worker bots. Fastest way to automation, I think. Be cool if Wander comes to a similar conclusion in his later recordings before reading this.

  • Andrew Reagan
    Andrew Reagan 7 hours ago

    This game is so cute!

  • FuryousD
    FuryousD 7 hours ago

    u love that they talk now? they always have, more so in 2, pre sequal and 3 but they always have especially if u are cooping, gaughe was my favourite in 2 because of her personality, u could lso mantle in 2 ad the pre sequal didn't really need it because of the anti gravity on the moon

  • bevon benjamin
    bevon benjamin 7 hours ago


  • bevon benjamin
    bevon benjamin 7 hours ago

    *weird fact:female hyenas have a THING only human boys have it starts with a p*

  • FuryousD
    FuryousD 7 hours ago

    flak and moze are the 2 best player characters

  • Master Shake
    Master Shake 7 hours ago

    I just fought that bug boss and it didn't attack me at all

  • Jacky Bunny
    Jacky Bunny 7 hours ago

    I facepalmed, was so close to sticking the torch in, then wrong idea.

  • Funhow123
    Funhow123 7 hours ago

    “I wanna know how much dumdum uppercut does” *Instantly disingrates target*

  • Lilsteffonpeck
    Lilsteffonpeck 7 hours ago

    I’m in love with the shape of unn

  • Final Boss Veigar
    Final Boss Veigar 7 hours ago

    How have you guys not noticed that most enemies seem to heal solely off of Razmi? THEY ARE HEALING OFF MAGIC. Be sure when you decide to do the one at a time attacks that you notice WHO they are healing from.

    • Cosmic Angel
      Cosmic Angel 5 hours ago

      Yeah this also includes ajna's special level 3. But apparently the healing is "random" .

  • S1lva 139
    S1lva 139 7 hours ago

    the horizontal pupils came from herbivores for better peripheral vision to keep an eye out for predators while grazing. Love the game keep it coming pls

  • Elh Pudding
    Elh Pudding 7 hours ago

    This is start to be bit chaotic...

    • Mauro Speziali
      Mauro Speziali 6 hours ago

      I know right? I think he is simply not focusing in the right spots. Ex: waiting until the end to make a charge bot, when he needed it at the very beginning. btw, since I already am kind of breaking the rule, it might be possible for him to save some trouble and make a bot that makes tools and delivers them when needed.

  • Rhyme
    Rhyme 7 hours ago

    While you are here in Kaanul, don't forget to talk to the colorful lady with the llama to unlock alternate colors/costumes for your characters.

  • jason poitier
    jason poitier 8 hours ago

    try to blcok

  • Funhow123
    Funhow123 8 hours ago

    I legit cried when NO4H died but then something awesome happen and it made me cried tears of joy

  • David Davison
    David Davison 8 hours ago

    Those creatures don't seem to be randomly healing. They look like they're healing when magical attacks are being used on them. The fact that Razmi is almost always using magical attacks seems to mean she almost always heals them. gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/182813-indivisible/answers/524451-is-this-a-bug-or-a-game-mechanic This confirms these creatures are healing due to being hit by magical attacks.

  • Caleb Jay Kimble
    Caleb Jay Kimble 9 hours ago


  • Lord of Athease
    Lord of Athease 9 hours ago


  • Frosty
    Frosty 9 hours ago

    U have such a nice voice

  • Piper0'293
    Piper0'293 9 hours ago

    The torch had the same frequency of beeping like the "eye cristals" in the vault it didnt needed to be charged :D :D friendly tip ;)

  • DrakeneoX
    DrakeneoX 9 hours ago

    The visual clue for the torch was in the blinking pattern.

  • Ace
    Ace 9 hours ago


  • Frytas
    Frytas 9 hours ago

    When do you have all the time to play all these games?

    • Wanderbots
      Wanderbots 8 hours ago

      Its my full time job, so it's just what I do. :P

  • Unknown Slayer
    Unknown Slayer 10 hours ago


  • Notte Boy97
    Notte Boy97 10 hours ago

    I have to say it's amazing I kind of got sad that NO4H died and asked you to destroy him since I wasn't nearly as touched by anything in Moonbrooke with all the human NPCs there

  • bruno naruto
    bruno naruto 11 hours ago


  • TheHappy_P0tat0
    TheHappy_P0tat0 11 hours ago

    "Wow that was very sad...It would be a shame if I didn't have all these vestiges to save you with"

  • Stevetec
    Stevetec 11 hours ago

    8:30 (and even less terrible when it saves your day as a developer)

  • Simon Stanely
    Simon Stanely 12 hours ago

    Good video I love this game

  • Ben Strijker
    Ben Strijker 12 hours ago

    First thing that comes to mind after hearing side-kick grandma: Oh God No you basterd ... oh wait ... that kind of sidekick ... yhea that would be cool.

  • swaggy op
    swaggy op 13 hours ago

    Are u gonna make part 14?

  • TheOneEyedDog
    TheOneEyedDog 13 hours ago

    Everyone: this looks like a cool game! Furries: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Caio taina
    Caio taina 13 hours ago


  • Kobold production's
    Kobold production's 13 hours ago

    First, and wanderbot I love your videos and because of you I have now love some games that you played before like ori and the blind forest, starlink: battle for atlas, and monster hunter world. Thank you for playing amazing games that I now love to play. Thank you for playing amazing games and I hope you keep playing them. Also question what happened to your dead space 2 as it just stopped being uploaded? And good luck on hitting 300k sub's soon!

    • Kobold production's
      Kobold production's 13 hours ago

      @Wanderbots oh ok that's does explain why. Well I wish you luck that you can get back around to it again

    • Wanderbots
      Wanderbots 13 hours ago

      I just ran out of time mainly. I'd love to go back to it, but new releases generally get priority. :(

  • Darksunrise
    Darksunrise 14 hours ago

    "Those dudes with cleavers are terrifying" Says the pile of eldritch abominations

  • MrFrumpus
    MrFrumpus 15 hours ago

    I think I'd shit my pants if I saw a giraffe/clown hybrid running at me with a big ass buster sword.

  • Josie Lewis
    Josie Lewis 15 hours ago

    It’s the voice of Trent Edison! And the lady sounds like Rose Nylund from golden girls when she says “it’s an ambush!”

  • Epslion King
    Epslion King 15 hours ago

    You could just be a really evil person for one run and do the beanstalk

  • toxic waiste
    toxic waiste 16 hours ago

    hardcore omnivore?

  • Elh Pudding
    Elh Pudding 16 hours ago

    Yeah! Glad that Wander is playing this game! Cute factory/automation games are the best!

  • Vigo Neve
    Vigo Neve 16 hours ago

    Crab people crab people

  • Matt Hew
    Matt Hew 16 hours ago

    This game fills me with writers-envy, although I must say whoever wrote the outcomes and the minds responses via the options given... has truly had a lot of fun working through it! :D

  • David Zou
    David Zou 16 hours ago

    This game remind me of forager and 7 billion humans.

  • SteelTalon Granduer
    SteelTalon Granduer 16 hours ago

    Openttd is great!!!

  • Big Brother Xellos
    Big Brother Xellos 17 hours ago


  • DynomitePunch
    DynomitePunch 17 hours ago

    shir means tiger, khan means to know he is chief among the tigers, like ghengis khan, bagheara literally translates to black panther, and baloo literally means bear, of course their could be alternative meanings as some sources to suggest that baloo also means lullaby, according to the collins english dictionary, so it could be anything depending on the region and which language your talking about as some words do tend to span over different regions nd languages but hold different meanings, and so on and so forth, just thought i'd toss that out,

  • Thunderhead
    Thunderhead 17 hours ago

    The space train mentioned is the Starflight Express from DQ 9 It brings you back up to the observatory after you lose your wings and halo. And once you reobtain the Fyggs it can take you up to the Realm of the Almighty

  • GeneralBacon 74
    GeneralBacon 74 17 hours ago

    Praise all to Dagon

  • charleywayne hinkle
    charleywayne hinkle 18 hours ago

    Im trying to understand what this game is? Im jumping around in the video and all i see you do is collect things?

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith 18 hours ago

    You ended up missing a secret swamp thing card if I'm correct though I can't remember where.

  • Kawaii Reaper
    Kawaii Reaper 18 hours ago


  • Meme Able
    Meme Able 18 hours ago


  • William Mao
    William Mao 19 hours ago

    You had a shiny option on You're Dead

  • Potato Fish
    Potato Fish 19 hours ago

    Teach a bot to make other bots

  • Albert j
    Albert j 19 hours ago

    want more

  • Prismatic M
    Prismatic M 19 hours ago

    I love how they accidentlied themselves into the cheese build thinking.it would be bad.

  • Anthony Placek
    Anthony Placek 19 hours ago

    The meta coding... Oh my Lord. You could make a robot that makes robots. Give it a set wait interval to line up with the teaching bot, have the teaching bot teach another bot to do a thing? It would be a full auto assembly line. But it would also spiral out of control insanely fast as it would continually increase for a very specific worker type, and always in the exact same area. Crazy.

    • RIOLU477
      RIOLU477 17 hours ago

      @mike uffelen was it blitz?

    • mike uffelen
      mike uffelen 17 hours ago

      i saw someone do that it ..... it goes crazy pretty fast and then there is just this massive army of bots staring at you

  • J.D.P
    J.D.P 20 hours ago

    U can deflect

  • Nitram 4392
    Nitram 4392 21 hour ago

    Am I wrong or do dhars actionpoints regenerate extremly fast?

  • Aaron Upton-cross
    Aaron Upton-cross 22 hours ago

    we all love the jiggle

  • Mirunin Oath
    Mirunin Oath 22 hours ago

    well this game has an adorably quaint style to it, i look forward to seeing more of it from ya.

  • DracherRu
    DracherRu 23 hours ago

    eldritch horrors, feed on human desires, theyr emotions and the dark secrets they hold... gold, has allways been one of humankinds biggest magnet for those dark energys... the greed to hoard gold, to steal it, or to do worse for it... the need of riches to live however you want and the fear of loosing it all, once you have it... its not the gold that the eldritch horrors desire, but all of the connections the gold holds to the human souls... its merely a gold plated coat, for all that dark, supernatural energy they need... the more gold you amass, the moe people are tempted by the ammount... the more gold someone has, the more it taints that person, and only STRONG willed people can resist that corruption... greed is one of the highest sins after all... and gold IS power... plus, in alchemy, gold is equal to godhood... so, why not? in the end, its just bait for the lesser beings known as humans... you lay out some bait, you get your feed, you throw out some more bait... its all part of the greater evil... if you think about it, gold is just as valuable to eldritch horrors as it is to humans...

  • Valkyria Lylatte
    Valkyria Lylatte 23 hours ago

    I am starting to find my name ironic now....

  • DracherRu
    DracherRu 23 hours ago

    crab rave plus cultists equal archers with mobile fortress... XD

  • Epsy Blue
    Epsy Blue 23 hours ago

    0:55 Morgana is that you?

    • Wanderbots
      Wanderbots 23 hours ago

      Yes. Also sothis from Fire Emblem

  • Spritemon 98
    Spritemon 98 Day ago

    I love the music!!!

  • White Page
    White Page Day ago

    10 min in on video and im hooked. just bought it and going to play now. thank you wanderbots <3

  • Peter Schulze
    Peter Schulze Day ago

    This game HAS more depth. You just haven't discovered it. Each faction has its own sets (plural!) of armour, there are differnt bows, and complex puzzles to solve. The problem is, you don't really follow the main story line, which leads to all this. So, upgrade one of the vault villages to enter your first vault.

  • Xarestrill
    Xarestrill Day ago

    That was a fun trip, and brought back a lot of good memories. Thank you for playing it. It's kind of surprising seeing link smile when he sees the wind fish. You'd think seeing that he be more like: "Oh my God, that was all real... They're all dead because of me." Also Chell, he can't get to land and see they've been given life in the real world, becuse they haven't. They're all gone now.

  • FuryousD
    FuryousD Day ago

    100% the spyro games is extremely easy in the reignighted trillogy

  • PsychOsmosis
    PsychOsmosis Day ago

    In the last 1-2 months, I have only been interested in a minority of the games you were playing, and now all of a sudden, it's kick ass game after kick ass game! Damn those games are good! This one might be my favorite of the lot.

  • Lilsteffonpeck

    Does not remember he can swin in asid

  • Spritemon 98
    Spritemon 98 Day ago

    "I'm not small!! I'm a mini ass kicker!!" *yells dwarven wander*

  • Lilsteffonpeck

    Zote gets oofed and lies to a fan girl of hollow knight

  • Lilsteffonpeck

    Zote gets oofed and lies

  • C4Yourself
    C4Yourself Day ago

    YES! I saw the game on steam and wanted to check some vids first

  • Alexander Vezina

    Please make more!