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  • bianca n
    bianca n Minute ago

    “Right now I’m broke” “I spent $40,000 on this relationship” 😶😶😶

  • Charles Ruiz
    Charles Ruiz Minute ago

    OMG this guy is so pathetic

  • Motivation CODE
    Motivation CODE 2 minutes ago

    So stupid. So fucking stupid. Dumb and stupid. And whats most funny, he tells about his stupidity to everyone. So stupid

  • Fantasy Slime Play
    Fantasy Slime Play 2 minutes ago

    Why do these men think they can be old and have a fat gut and that young attractive girls should be ok with that? The guys would not be ok with it if it was flipped around.

  • gingerale
    gingerale 2 minutes ago

    Pedro seems ill at ease and self absorbed.

  • Grace Stoler
    Grace Stoler 2 minutes ago

    If you’re such a cheapskate then shop at shoprite and not an organic store

  • constantlyinlove
    constantlyinlove 3 minutes ago

    "People Think Man's" should be removed from the title.

  • P Little
    P Little 3 minutes ago

    I just am so rooting for Jihoon, Deaven, ad Taeyang. I want them to make it as a couple and a family so bad, I am watching whatever I can to keep up with this beautiful family.

  • Brok Homz
    Brok Homz 4 minutes ago

    This guy is an actor or the dumbest man alive.

  • Victor Thomas
    Victor Thomas 4 minutes ago

    Stop shaving you look goofy

  • Tove Hellmalm
    Tove Hellmalm 4 minutes ago

  • مريم مريم
    مريم مريم 5 minutes ago

    I don’t like that dress...................Until she came out

  • An na
    An na 5 minutes ago

    She's a crumb short of a cookie she is!

  • Fantasy Slime Play
    Fantasy Slime Play 5 minutes ago

    I want to slap 👋 the hell out of this MORON!!! Every like is a slap to the back of the head of this fool!! 👇🏽

  • teacuppx._
    teacuppx._ 5 minutes ago

    How can you still record those footages OML

  • Black Ender Playz
    Black Ender Playz 6 minutes ago

    She Cant close her mouth and talk normal and she cant blink her eyes when i saw her looking like this *I Fell In Mah Bed*

  • Sarah Juska
    Sarah Juska 7 minutes ago

    This reminds me of pitbulls and parolees. The oldest daughter of Tia wore a black wedding dress when she got married.

  • Marks_Blade
    Marks_Blade 7 minutes ago

    This is extreme delusion

  • Jetzibe Gutierrez
    Jetzibe Gutierrez 7 minutes ago

    *runs from fire * falls

  • Maricar Patubo
    Maricar Patubo 7 minutes ago

    Most of the chinise people too stingy and they want to save thier money wat a nonsense u buoght a things for your self not to others omg, u need clothes bag shoes when u working everyday, wat the hell in yuor mind thinking an totally insane mind

  • Helena Ivanka
    Helena Ivanka 7 minutes ago

    This man is a piece of &^%t!!!!!!!

  • Doc Holliday
    Doc Holliday 8 minutes ago

    Its his fault not his parents


    Stupidity 💯

  • Jenni Rose
    Jenni Rose 9 minutes ago

    My Nan had norivorous just before New Year’s Eve but didn’t tell any of our family so everyone in our family got sick cousins aunties uncles everyone

  • Shadow wo1f05
    Shadow wo1f05 9 minutes ago

    He's stupid and dumb

  • Ambria Wolfgang
    Ambria Wolfgang 11 minutes ago

    That girl has a pig nose

  • Jai Shashi Fashion
    Jai Shashi Fashion 11 minutes ago


  • xd TheChosenOne
    xd TheChosenOne 12 minutes ago

    Am a man but you have more testicles than me You are a fighting heroe

  • Fransea _24
    Fransea _24 13 minutes ago

    I just wanna say his eyes are amazing I love your work doctor lee I’ve been studying biology for two years even tho I’m still far away from needing to take a course and your work inspires me everyday. Someday I wanna help people like you

  • Julie Keller
    Julie Keller 13 minutes ago

    Dude she's doing you wrong no way in hell would I spend $40,000 on a woman that dupes me . And talk online. Been using you all long. She's got a man on side dude

  • Stella Martinez
    Stella Martinez 13 minutes ago

    I want to punch Ceaser hard in the face so he can realize what is really happening

  • miggy_oohbee
    miggy_oohbee 13 minutes ago

    At 6'9" she's the shortest sibling, wtf?!

  • blank -stare
    blank -stare 13 minutes ago

    im embarrassed for him. but i mean he's not in his 20s....he should have some sort of life experience that helps him to discern that he's been scammed.

  • Jenn Terry
    Jenn Terry 15 minutes ago

    I don't feel sorry for Ashley. She married a teenager and he acted like a teenager. No sympathy

  • Lauren Nelson
    Lauren Nelson 16 minutes ago


  • Ambria Wolfgang
    Ambria Wolfgang 16 minutes ago

    I want to slap this mom

  • Lauren Nelson
    Lauren Nelson 16 minutes ago

    Gypsys are stupid and weird

  • cati Z
    cati Z 16 minutes ago

    Que horrible!!!!!!!!

  • Red Lady
    Red Lady 17 minutes ago

    She could find a job at another state wherein rent is way cheaper than NYC’s. Such a waste living in the big city with a stable job yet living like she’s homeless. I felt uncomfortable looking at all the mess in her place.

  • Alexandra Osorio
    Alexandra Osorio 17 minutes ago

    But does she wear MENS SIZE 13 NIKES???

  • Betty Milton
    Betty Milton 17 minutes ago

    😢😢😢 this is just sad to me

  • Ambria Wolfgang
    Ambria Wolfgang 18 minutes ago


  • driss
    driss 18 minutes ago

    this s rideclous

  • AvaPlayz :3
    AvaPlayz :3 19 minutes ago


  • keiara burgess
    keiara burgess 20 minutes ago

    shes still with this clown?

  • Daniel Wilkins
    Daniel Wilkins 20 minutes ago

    This keeps coming up in my recommendation list, its about as useful to me and as repulsive as England losing to Australia in the cricket.

  • Unlimitedsmoof
    Unlimitedsmoof 20 minutes ago

    Homeboy has a fuckin skin apron holy shit

  • queen Gomez
    queen Gomez 21 minute ago

    They Anit cute or funny 😵

  • Aoife Cantwell
    Aoife Cantwell 21 minute ago

    Mom: she didn’t do so good. Me: why don’t you just have a time out.👌😏

  • Ester Gomez
    Ester Gomez 22 minutes ago

    Bocaseca man

  • queen Gomez
    queen Gomez 22 minutes ago

    Hell noo 😨😨😨

  • Jessica Devina Haryadi
    Jessica Devina Haryadi 22 minutes ago

    Didn.t she feel all the baby kicks? I.m 20 mths and my baby inside kicking here & there 😱😱 maybe this called anomaly that she didn.t experience general symptoms

  • Penny Dellof
    Penny Dellof 23 minutes ago

    Can everyone just SHUTUP?!?!?!? It has rice crispies okay!! You cant make any humongous cake without a base-like wood or rice crispies. No one in the comments could make a cake like this without a base, because if you did it would fall over, so MAYBE people can use their brains, and think about it. I’m 11 and I’m telling grown adults this.........

  • Annabella Warren
    Annabella Warren 24 minutes ago

    This guy has awful luck!

  • Nasexsav Kifs
    Nasexsav Kifs 25 minutes ago

    Now the main character in Tall Girl really has nothing to complain about.

  • Barbara Wicker
    Barbara Wicker 25 minutes ago

    TLC made they show's in to a big joke..but I can't stop looking.

  • dabrownie addie
    dabrownie addie 26 minutes ago

    i am not tryna be rude at all but that is selfish risking all ur family and friends lives just because you wanted to be married then and there

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez 26 minutes ago

    There was toilet paper next to the door 😑😒😕

  • Creole Beauty
    Creole Beauty 26 minutes ago

    Too bad his storyline was exposed as being fake before the show even aired

  • Casey Christian
    Casey Christian 27 minutes ago


  • K N
    K N 27 minutes ago

    I'm going to return that refrigerator, I paid $100 for it. Girl you cant even return your fat ass, you disgusting pig.

  • a pixelation in the universe

    Buddy is like the Gordon Ramsey of pastries or cakes.......

  • M.C CheddarBox
    M.C CheddarBox 28 minutes ago

    Lol that camera man was alllll up in his grill when he was pulling a way.

  • Ayako Tami
    Ayako Tami 29 minutes ago

    If there was a fire and I would've said to leave not freakin' stay!! Smoke inhalation is bad for the lungs especially for those with respiratory issues and elderly folks. Risking your life and your loved ones for a wedding?! 😠😤

  • Kelly Mc
    Kelly Mc 30 minutes ago

    Sure an act. No one can be that delusional

  • Yandreyah Mertella Pastorfide

    I know this video is over a year old but i wish if you can still reach out to this family pls tell them to watch some videos on whats up moms thart will help them

  • Magdalis Almodovar
    Magdalis Almodovar 31 minute ago

    Shes been using him ,but hes to blind to see it.40k for 5 yrs spending on a woman that makes hard for him to meet her,those big red flags right there. She could be married for all he knows ,it smells like catfish to me..I feel sorry for him..

  • Melannie _
    Melannie _ 31 minute ago

    But I loved those fishes :c The guy saying: *don’t listen to him*

  • Lauren H
    Lauren H 31 minute ago

    For everyone saying “In aSiA tHeY wEaR rEd” yes ok, that’s their culture... In the UK, white or ivory are traditionally the preferred colours 🤷🏻‍♀️ don’t forget that in most Asian weddings they have totally different style dresses, styles that look good in red. These styles don’t look good for a wedding. She looks like she’s going to a prom not her wedding 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Miss Rose
    Miss Rose 32 minutes ago

    So he doesn’t work but yet controls everything? I’d kick 🦵 his arse out, if some said I couldn’t have a shower or bath. Nothing but straight rage would happen. I don’t know how anyone can live like that, patience’s of a saint.

  • Catherine Benton
    Catherine Benton 34 minutes ago

    Bridesmaid movie anyone?

  • Sassy_queen
    Sassy_queen 34 minutes ago

    She is making a fool out of you man let it go. 40,000 dollars .. what? Wake up🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Melannie _
    Melannie _ 34 minutes ago

    *oh noooo* Lmaooooo🤣🤣🤣

  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet 34 minutes ago

    The house where Christmas threw up in. One needs a weird hobby when sex is gone, lol.

  • Elizabeth Thomas
    Elizabeth Thomas 36 minutes ago

    I m sad that this beautiful couple divorced 😥

  • Something_Ain'tRight
    Something_Ain'tRight 36 minutes ago

    *When you found the 6 year old milk bag*

  • Sparkx ツ
    Sparkx ツ 36 minutes ago

    “It come from her heart” More like the trash

  • Abdimalik Abdulkadir
    Abdimalik Abdulkadir 37 minutes ago

    She so brave I would of freaked out

  • littlean24
    littlean24 38 minutes ago

    Why would you put the engage ring in checked luggage? 🤔

  • Renee Mcardle
    Renee Mcardle 38 minutes ago

    Him again?! Omg someone get this man a fckn brain and some self esteem

  • Diana V
    Diana V 40 minutes ago


  • Shirley Fretty
    Shirley Fretty 40 minutes ago

    He is so stupid, spent over $40 thousand on someone he doesn't know, is that for real? No empathy for him!!!!!! How much are they paying him, to play this dumb role???????

  • Emma's Verden
    Emma's Verden 40 minutes ago

    Does she Even have a phone?

  • Coran Ford
    Coran Ford 40 minutes ago

    For God's sake why can't these parents just be thankful for having a healthy child?

  • Sup Kiddy’s
    Sup Kiddy’s 42 minutes ago

    Holy this I really cool

  • CelebrityTVar
    CelebrityTVar 43 minutes ago

    Just find a home stay family, 700$ for a room, access to the washroom, breakfast and dinner meals

  • caramel drizzle
    caramel drizzle 44 minutes ago

    This pageant mom is awesome!!!

  • Isa Manneh
    Isa Manneh 44 minutes ago

    Ew this is disgusting

  • Miss LS
    Miss LS 45 minutes ago

    This guy is the biggest loser . She's from Ukan ummm hello. She probably has about 100 other man.. She's scamming from.. either that or he is one big actor.. weird

  • Jai
    Jai 45 minutes ago

    They’re having full mob boss fights, but about cake

  • orangej
    orangej 45 minutes ago

    I wish darcy would meet someone like her..they would both be super sweet to each other. Even though anyone can see how strange tom is from a mile away, she still props him up to be such a great guy and is actually really nice to him.

  • xxsnipercow101 101
    xxsnipercow101 101 45 minutes ago

    Did anyone notice he was playing Fortnite

  • The Sha Sisters
    The Sha Sisters 45 minutes ago

    Why would you tell everyone you're gonna propose to someone you never met. Set up for embarrassment

    ROMAN ROMA 45 minutes ago


  • wappiegetlucky
    wappiegetlucky 46 minutes ago

    This guy has got to be a paid actor. Otherwise this is just the height of naivety.

  • Thelma gobir
    Thelma gobir 46 minutes ago

    I feel like chantel parent wants a perfect handsome rich muscled man for her and not some man from a different foreign country who is financially struggling

  • Richard Head
    Richard Head 46 minutes ago

    Wiping his ass Jesus Christ ewwwwww at that point I would kill myself before I would ever get my father to do that.... disgusting shameless motherfucker.

  • marvelousmarvin71
    marvelousmarvin71 48 minutes ago

    So hardcore porn not allowed on mainstream tv as it is "vulgar" but this shit is perfectly ok!?