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  • dy s
    dy s 3 hours ago

    이 노래 들으면 이상하게 눈물나는데 정상임??우울증인가..ㅡ.ㅡ

  • Inthawk
    Inthawk 3 hours ago

    This is the moment I started playing League :)

  • Yong Ping Teng
    Yong Ping Teng 3 hours ago

    Somehow this video was recommeded to me again after 5years

  • 브라끈 마지숀
    브라끈 마지숀 3 hours ago

    카르마 말고 제드 안되냐? 아님 르블랑이라도......

  • Gnome child
    Gnome child 3 hours ago

    where is zed??

  • pompeyo po
    pompeyo po 3 hours ago

    Hentai >:)

  • Galactica Da Homie
    Galactica Da Homie 3 hours ago

    if K/DA doesn’t make a comeback this year, we’re coming for you Riot

  • Cookie
    Cookie 3 hours ago

    man people are whiny in here, sure its no elementalist lux, but that doesn't make it *low effort* as some have stated, it's still an amazing looking skin with tons of effort put into it

  • Tom Yi
    Tom Yi 3 hours ago

    So this is how Ryze gets his reworks so many times :))

  • Yann Dahm
    Yann Dahm 3 hours ago

    Why is this hyping me up more then phoenix lol

  • XxMajedGamer
    XxMajedGamer 3 hours ago

    NEW CHAMP HYPE i think

  • Cheese Man
    Cheese Man 3 hours ago

    Best thing is i never experience ads

  • GamesBX2 info
    GamesBX2 info 3 hours ago

    KDA dresses look beautiful --------------------------- GamesBX

  • the wind 2008
    the wind 2008 3 hours ago

    The more I listen to this, the more I get hyped

  • Mạnh Toàn
    Mạnh Toàn 4 hours ago

    hmm 1:38 in mv the climb :))

  • Joev
    Joev 4 hours ago

    So forgotten that Ornn never got a skin and played again.

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 4 hours ago

    Lets be honest tho, League of Legends is the best game ever.

  • LowKeyDead
    LowKeyDead 4 hours ago

    Senna as a new champion?

  • peri peri
    peri peri 4 hours ago

    Fake the goat

  • YoungBaby Boy6
    YoungBaby Boy6 4 hours ago


  • Insoo Park
    Insoo Park 4 hours ago

    상혁이 가즈아아아

  • Mustafa Baykoz
    Mustafa Baykoz 4 hours ago

    Imma go to worlds 2018 song to cleanse my ears

  • yahihuk
    yahihuk 4 hours ago

    It goes beyond just a game movie.

  • Humble Brazilian
    Humble Brazilian 4 hours ago

    Hey there' s our drunk guy who sang on words 2018 Rise

  • Márton Balogh
    Márton Balogh 4 hours ago

    cello part makes me cry

  • Thầy tu mù Yasuo
    Thầy tu mù Yasuo 4 hours ago

    Việt Nam !!!

  • R OBElIA
    R OBElIA 4 hours ago

    시발 내눈 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Minh Ngô
    Minh Ngô 4 hours ago

    giống kiểu mã hồng tuấn chế ngự tà hòa phượng hoàng nhỉ "Đấu la đại lục"

  • 짭비
    짭비 4 hours ago

    역시 찬밥이형

  • Ahmet ÇAM
    Ahmet ÇAM 4 hours ago


  • Boi Stickman
    Boi Stickman 4 hours ago

    It is no worlds song without irelia ;)

  • orx lynn
    orx lynn 4 hours ago

    How to play this game in bangladesh....... plz tell me

  • DoEun (Donna) LEE
    DoEun (Donna) LEE 4 hours ago

    So in Faker's scene (1:25), you can see 'ㅇㅈ?' which is an abbreviation of (translated) 'IKR?' (I know right?) Then there's '미드 차이' 미드 means mid (pronounced similarly to 'mid') 차이 means difference. So it basically says that there was too much difference in mid, which was probably the towers (turrets) in mid lane (in SKT's team). There's also a ㄱㅇㄷ, which is another abbreviation to- 개이득 which, if literally translated means 'dog gain'. 개 is also a dog, but a Korean slang term for a lot, many, very much, however, it is informal. 이득 is basically gain. So it means that the gained a lot, good profit. That's all I have for now. Hope it helped some of you guys Edit: BASICALLY, these are Korean hate comments

  • Huy Pitter
    Huy Pitter 4 hours ago

    Từ Outro của Phân Tích Game đến giơ tay

  • Ich jage euch ins Grab

    Faker outplays RNG. Legends never die.

    PHØENIXMURDERER 4 hours ago

    Yey League Of Legends or LOL

  • MakaStory
    MakaStory 4 hours ago

    Temazo y el video esta a otro nivel

  • sakura chan
    sakura chan 4 hours ago

    Like sona like hatsune miku is reference

  • HyperViper
    HyperViper 4 hours ago

    They need to make a movie

  • 박정수
    박정수 4 hours ago

    국뽕이 차오른다

  • Raz G
    Raz G 4 hours ago

    League keeps trying to distract us from the truth which is the state of this game.

  • Durtney
    Durtney 4 hours ago


  • Mj Sg
    Mj Sg 4 hours ago

    2:21 because I'm Faker

  • Aqours _
    Aqours _ 4 hours ago

    노래 개좋네

  • 白痴是我
    白痴是我 4 hours ago

    is that the shy?

  • クソ陰キャの天まる[ニワカ軍事好き]


  • 헤헿헤
    헤헿헤 5 hours ago

    한국말로 해주면 안되?

  • Ahmed Tarek
    Ahmed Tarek 5 hours ago

    RIIIIIIIIS... wait what?

  • Jakub Zarybnický
    Jakub Zarybnický 5 hours ago


  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh 5 hours ago

    Senna inside Thresh's lantern, pulling on a bar: LET ME OUT. LET ME OOOUUUT

  • Nope00
    Nope00 5 hours ago

    I wish they have an anime :(

  • Adrian Frankowski
    Adrian Frankowski 5 hours ago

    I can't understand why this is the most underrated worlds song so far.


    Last year's world song was rise not this guys why do you compare

  • Alex Fridlund
    Alex Fridlund 5 hours ago

    better than "rise"!!!!

  • Nhók Tự Kỷ
    Nhók Tự Kỷ 5 hours ago


  • Nhók Tự Kỷ
    Nhók Tự Kỷ 5 hours ago

    15/10/2019 ??

    RANK_GT 5 hours ago

    Loses wife to thresh Lucian: this ends now..this time for sure.. M7 Yasuo: noob lucian losing to a support. Report plz doesn't stop chasing and feeding.

  • MasterMiguel
    MasterMiguel 5 hours ago

    We all knew 'Warriors' by Imagine Dragons is still the best😉

  • Sensei Gaming
    Sensei Gaming 5 hours ago

    Anyone from Rousseau?

  • BoomBgTv
    BoomBgTv 5 hours ago

    The song really grows on you with every listen.

  • kuku rohit
    kuku rohit 5 hours ago

    Guyes android version date please

  • Min Kang
    Min Kang 5 hours ago

    rice rice

  • ZICO
    ZICO 5 hours ago

    This is nice and all, but where’s my Anivia?

  • Тимур Халилов

    Seriously , no Anivia in "Phoenix" ? Dissapointed

    • Timboron
      Timboron 5 hours ago

      the champions were chosen based on the players (and bad performances in the past on them)

  • ayyachris
    ayyachris 6 hours ago

    Lucian? More like LOSEian.

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh 5 hours ago

      a lux support with mejai "it ends now"

  • Jennifer Itzyy
    Jennifer Itzyy 6 hours ago

    Oh God it's not a gamming company anymore... Riot you rocks in making music... Quit the gamming instury and start music company 😊🤣

  • Quỷ Thần
    Quỷ Thần 6 hours ago

    Có ae nào xem mà nhớ lại anime mob psycho 100 ko

  • Mr John
    Mr John 6 hours ago

    PLEASE, make a movie.

  • Viki Li
    Viki Li 6 hours ago

    Вау, я обожаю ваши клины. они просто прекрасны! каждый из нас заставляет моё тело дрожать

  • Vilmos Magyar
    Vilmos Magyar 6 hours ago

    much weaker trailer than rise trailer.

  • Max Dark
    Max Dark 6 hours ago


  • Big Woke
    Big Woke 6 hours ago

    are those holograms or agumentrd reality added after the footage?

  • jericho Daan
    jericho Daan 6 hours ago

    After 2 years,Garen actually became Meta, competitively

  • ᅚᅚᅚHEADᅚᅚᅚ

    dull and boring unlike the old map...

  • BBSushi
    BBSushi 6 hours ago

    Hope the 10 year anniversary will come with a new "What is League of Legends" video

  • Shinigami sama
    Shinigami sama 6 hours ago

    Why Annivia isn't there . I'm a joke To You RIOT?

  • viniciusyoung25
    viniciusyoung25 6 hours ago


  • Robo_soldier
    Robo_soldier 6 hours ago

    Akali: ight, imma bout to head out

  • Toriko
    Toriko 6 hours ago

    League of midlaner. Other Lanes don't really matter...

  • Hoang Mai
    Hoang Mai 6 hours ago

    Lol 2019 bring me here :3 :3!!!!!! XD XD

    • Hoang Mai
      Hoang Mai 6 hours ago

      who listening new song of LOL???? XD

  • wada
    wada 6 hours ago

    Hmmmm... gud

  • •Førest•
    •Førest• 6 hours ago


  • Freon __
    Freon __ 6 hours ago

    Я еще от того пробуждения не отошел, а тут уже новый контент. ( А в душе то дотер)

  • Diêm Vương
    Diêm Vương 6 hours ago


  • EdgeOf1996
    EdgeOf1996 7 hours ago

    AD twisted fate before it was a thing.

  • Xisiqomelir
    Xisiqomelir 7 hours ago

    I miss Pop/Stars

  • Witym
    Witym 7 hours ago

    For the fellow artists: 3D models made in any 3d software Textured in 3D Coat pro using photoshop Animated in any 3d animation software

  • Cordian Mikovski
    Cordian Mikovski 7 hours ago

    갓띵곡; 한국하면 롤이지

  • The Whisper Jeti
    The Whisper Jeti 7 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me when is the opening ceremony of worlds?

  • The Whisper Jeti
    The Whisper Jeti 7 hours ago

    I almost forgot watching this today

  • kareem mohsen
    kareem mohsen 7 hours ago

    2019 ?

  • Pierre-Cha
    Pierre-Cha 7 hours ago

    Snk let's go

  • Offical Gamming
    Offical Gamming 7 hours ago

    Are you gonna die today? Faker: Legends Never Die

  • Faris Beitar
    Faris Beitar 7 hours ago

    Art work and animation is great.. But Rise still win. I feel like this music was created on femenists on mind..

  • Hóng TV
    Hóng TV 7 hours ago

    Susan 0175

  • lnwza foxmaxlove
    lnwza foxmaxlove 7 hours ago


  • idonotmakevidsyet
    idonotmakevidsyet 7 hours ago

    People say this song wasn't hype but they fail to realise the meaning behind the song and how it fits so well.

  • Arch S.K.Y
    Arch S.K.Y 7 hours ago

    丅◯刀丹ㄚ 工ち ◯匚丅. 15 山卄丹丅'ち ∪ㄗ!?

  • Son Doan
    Son Doan 7 hours ago

    10/2019 xD

  • 콘링
    콘링 7 hours ago

    Faker : I'm back.