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Uber Guys new Kitten
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Uber Guy Live
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  • Peter Getinard
    Peter Getinard 6 minutes ago

    Good video!

  • Regina Pontes
    Regina Pontes 52 minutes ago

    Glad to hear you're going! I knew I didn't waste my money donating to you!

  • Canis Lupus
    Canis Lupus Hour ago

    Cool, glad you're able to go!! I look forward to the interviews.....I caught that little laugh when you said James Comey.....😄

    MIMI AME Hour ago

    Channels doing great work on You Tube: Patriot Hour X22 Amazing Polly Black Conservative Patriot Vincent Vendetta Lori Colley Patricia Dickson Check em out

  • Joanna Dillon
    Joanna Dillon 2 hours ago

    Keep on keepin on Jimmy! You do us proud! 2020❤️🇺🇸🙏🏽 Stay strong!

  • trajan hercules
    trajan hercules 2 hours ago

    James Comey is going to be there. Naw i will pass on that shit show where politics becomes entertainment. Any show with deep state criminal thug mofos hanging out like its all cool is not cool.

  • john robinson
    john robinson 3 hours ago

    Every time someone says "At the end of the day...", I think about Uber Guy.

  • Robert Phillips
    Robert Phillips 3 hours ago

    Socialist Communists Leftist Progressive HATEFUL EXTREME LOW IQ Baby Killing DemonkkkCraps Leaderships have nothing to Offer the American people Never Have and Never Will !!!!

  • Ronda Scorpio
    Ronda Scorpio 3 hours ago

    Uber guy I love you for everything you do for people for all the people don't let someone get you upset you've reached a lot of people just so you know and don't ever give up Trump 20/20 God bless you Uber guy

  • eljay Jackson
    eljay Jackson 3 hours ago

    Nice setup with the video.

  • S. Byrd
    S. Byrd 4 hours ago

    Sent you what I could Jimmy - can’t be there with you though, wish I could. ✌️

  • Karen Holland
    Karen Holland 4 hours ago

    Good man!!! Have a great time and livestream as much as you can for us in the Pacific Northwest 🐋🐬🦅🐬🦅🐬🦅🐬🐋

  • whitenoise i hear u
    whitenoise i hear u 4 hours ago

    Not enough... Reminds us everyday hes thinking about us and doing the work that needs to be done and keeping us in the loop.

  • Angela B
    Angela B 4 hours ago

    See ya there!

  • Janet Benz
    Janet Benz 5 hours ago

    You out trappin jimmy jay? Lol

  • Harvey Reed
    Harvey Reed 5 hours ago

    Hey there! Donated for you to go, but sadly can't be there to meet you. This is your breakout moment! Be a force for good in 2020 😎 🙏🙏🙏

  • C Reinicke
    C Reinicke 5 hours ago

    All the names sound great. But you are the most unique because you're not the white bread. You're the healthy nuts and grain bread. Keep them honest! (White conservative grandma)

  • Evelyn Smith
    Evelyn Smith 5 hours ago

    More psychological testing needs to be done before they put a gun and our safety in the hands of a chicken $h!t like that cop.


    Big ups uberguy! You truly have a great passion to continue to do this type of WAKE UP AMERICA OUTREACH TO OPEN EYES!! PROPS

  • Mama Bear
    Mama Bear 6 hours ago

    Play video while you’re searching

  • Mama Bear
    Mama Bear 6 hours ago

    Please pray for that child as this traumatic situation is horrible and sad

  • Mama Bear
    Mama Bear 6 hours ago

    Very sad story and I hope our justice system will do what is right not politically motivated. He should be charged

  • Brandy Leigh
    Brandy Leigh 6 hours ago

    Ms. Jefferson did not deserve this. He should be charged with negligent homicide... Those kinds of officers are the ones who give the good ones a bad name. I dont think he had bad intent but he was negligent.

  • Mama Bear
    Mama Bear 6 hours ago

    That cop is stupid as he should have announced himself. Someone owning a gun could have thought he was an Intruder

  • Evelyn Smith
    Evelyn Smith 6 hours ago

    The robber fired back which means that the clerk was right in thinking that he was in danger.

  • Mama Bear
    Mama Bear 6 hours ago

    Can’t hear you talking

  • Evelyn Smith
    Evelyn Smith 6 hours ago

    Jimmy How much weight have you lost?

  • Angela Barazzone
    Angela Barazzone 6 hours ago

    Oh Well.

  • Ken Fields
    Ken Fields 6 hours ago

    Clerk shouldn't have a gun....really? EVERY clerk should have a gun, especially in areas that are demokkkrat controlled.

  • Brandy Leigh
    Brandy Leigh 6 hours ago

    Wheres the live chat button? Sounds like theres a live chat but I can only comment in the comment section...what's going on?

    • Jimmy from Philly
      Jimmy from Philly 6 hours ago

      When this first went up I had a livestream button,now no

  • Brandy Leigh
    Brandy Leigh 6 hours ago

    That's what happens when you try to rob someone and point guns! I'd shoot him too!

  • Brandy Leigh
    Brandy Leigh 6 hours ago

    Sounds great!

  • Don't get above your reason

    I never got a notification for this

    • Brandy Leigh
      Brandy Leigh 2 hours ago

      @Jimmy from Philly ok yeah and he may still be getting used to the new set up too. I test scribed so hopefully his next livestream I can join the chat:)

    • Jimmy from Philly
      Jimmy from Philly 2 hours ago

      @Brandy Leigh I noticed that he had 2 streams up.One with live stream and one without. I don't think he did the stream ,probably not enough people

    • Brandy Leigh
      Brandy Leigh 3 hours ago

      @Jimmy from Philly ok I'll try that thanks!

    • Brandy Leigh
      Brandy Leigh 3 hours ago

      @Jimmy from Philly hmmm...maybe I'm blocked for some reason..I never said anything wrong though...

    • Jimmy from Philly
      Jimmy from Philly 6 hours ago

      @Brandy Leigh now I dont have live chat but I dis gave it before

  • Laurie H
    Laurie H 7 hours ago

    Awww!! Simba loves his Papa!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • People Power
    People Power 7 hours ago

    Like the new format

  • Adjorie Lyles
    Adjorie Lyles 7 hours ago

    That woman is wrong with taking up her brother for what he doing

  • peter boyden
    peter boyden 9 hours ago

    It was actually Joseph Smith that got the ball rolling to free the slaves

  • Randomquakes
    Randomquakes 12 hours ago

    I wish I had a cat but what about cat booboo on their paws after the litter box? Seems dirty that's why not getting one. But I like them outside of that. Don't really like how some ppl let them "sit" on their kitchen counter tops if you know what I mean. That's a cute kitten though.

  • A friendly spazmoid
    A friendly spazmoid 12 hours ago


  • ben dover
    ben dover 14 hours ago

    Best meme ever

  • chuka okechukwu
    chuka okechukwu 15 hours ago


  • Mike Anthony
    Mike Anthony 16 hours ago

    You tell em uber guy.

  • Linda Yuhas
    Linda Yuhas 20 hours ago

    Get ready papa that cat loves you....you will have a best friend. furever! Yay!!!! Intelligent and softy!

  • Russell []
    Russell [] 22 hours ago

    You also been talking trump from DAY 1! Heck b4 that! I remember the real ones I can smell the scammers in 5 minutes. It’s easy to identify. Uber guy ain’t any of that. 90% of MAGA RU-clip I wouldn’t say that about You and AD BELL. Remember him! I hope he’s doing well

  • Jewels M.
    Jewels M. Day ago

    “Don’t be a liberal- get on the right side” 😂 Kitten is adorable! Just got one this month too, “Aslan” 💜

  • Priceless Inspiration by SHE

    Man not again !!!😥😥 #RIP

  • prtmanprtGod
    prtmanprtGod Day ago

    If his sponsors tell him to apologize, he'll apologize.

  • Steven DeAtley

    this is a sad story,

  • Paullus Armstrong

    Thirty years of law enforcement experience before I retired and I've seen some dumb shit. But for this I have no words.

  • Laura Tieffel
    Laura Tieffel Day ago

    The FISA Report is due to come out Friday.... This won't be the last thing... WATCH EVERYTHING, BE VIGILANT & KNOW YOUR SURROUNDINGS! SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany Day ago

    What state are you from?

  • watzizname
    watzizname Day ago

    Of course the Leftist outraged over the video didn't read on, I'm pretty sure most of them can't actually read.. Certainly explains why they swallow ALL the lies Fake-News feeds them. You should make a video about illiteracy in America

  • 1tpmg
    1tpmg Day ago

    I couldn’t agree more with you ! Keep up the great work !

  • Veggies in Vegas

    Thank you for the video. We need more Trump supporters coming out on social media.

  • S. Byrd
    S. Byrd Day ago

    No problem here - if you want to give - give, if you don’t want to then don’t.

  • Kitty Gianelli

    The stupid meme is a year old and it is a scene off the movie Kingsmen. Hollywood should apologize

  • Erick Willams
    Erick Willams Day ago

    My question would be if you impeach him what do you have to replace them with

  • DEploribus Unum

    Notice they didn't report any of the left's violence at the Minnesota rally with Omar her boyfriend and another Rep with Anqueefa.

  • DEploribus Unum

    It's called art when the left does it.

  • Don't get above your reason

    Don Wick was one of my favorites

  • ED *
    ED * Day ago

    Uber Guy... I hope you reach your goal!👍

  • Swivel Hips
    Swivel Hips Day ago

    The video sounds like a take off of the first "Kingsman" movie.

    • DEploribus Unum
      DEploribus Unum Day ago

      Swivel Hips It is. It just has the pictures over the stars faces.

  • Cathy Mccarthy

    If he did do that he would be a dictator right.. check everything ect.. that is a China thing

  • Karen Holland
    Karen Holland Day ago

    I was pissed. Late last night a Democrat Senator and Ted Lieu are sharing

    • Jill D.
      Jill D. Day ago

      Oh but its ok when the left does it to the right though? Its not OK for either side.

  • Right-Wing BDSM Guy

    That's a scene from the Kingsmen. And you didn't put the link.

  • Gwendolyn Fisher

    Just do you. Everybody is asking for donations on the platform. 💘

  • april nichols
    april nichols Day ago

    Proud Trump Supporter here!!!

  • michael mendez

    Slow news day for CNN.

  • Ronan James
    Ronan James Day ago

    Republican supporters orchestrated this nonsense. Boneheaded Donald Trump isn’t going to condemn and throw his people under the bus 🚌 just yet!

  • Quetzall
    Quetzall Day ago

    This is all fake outrage. It's supposed to be just a joke. Fools are the ones that are taking this serious.

    • DEploribus Unum
      DEploribus Unum Day ago

      Quetzall They are trying to drum up a cover for the Veritas video about CNN coming out.

    • Jill D.
      Jill D. Day ago

      These Brainwashed leftists are DANGEROUS!

  • Angela B
    Angela B Day ago

    They say Trump is responsible for every mass murder then clutch their pearls when an anonymous person makes a meme.

  • Dan Vincent
    Dan Vincent Day ago


  • Tina Arko
    Tina Arko Day ago

    Where's all the outrage and condemnation of all the antifa violence happening in real life? All the violence against Trump supporters? Just a few days ago? Silence. Guy on MSNBC calling for torches and pitchforks? All the videos made depicting POTUS being killed? Movies hunting deplorables? The play in Central park were they kill the President night after night? The constant death threats allowed on Twitter? They are terrified. Friday is IG report day. Expect more feigned outrage and always be aware of your surroundings. Desperate, dangerous people do desperate things when backed into a corner.

  • Dan Vincent
    Dan Vincent Day ago

    Trujillo -I believe you mean well but "GANGSTER" has a twisted meaning. Gangster, he is not, A Man With Convictions, True Moral Backbone and a love for his country and the people he is now responsible for... This He Has -this is who he! As you kindly put it, "A Gangster" who isn't playing their game and protecting his turf! A Real Gangster is not a good person (I SHOULD KNOW) A Bad Ass can be both ... God bless and be well

  • Hector Galarza

    Old video, glad U piited that out. SMH 😔

  • Urban Wolf Hunter

    As an American as a black man I no longer have have any dealings with Steve period. Simply because he is a slave to his political party masters that control his future because he has no pride or balls to stand on his 10 toes for truth or what he actually believes. Hes just a black puppet

  • Ronan James
    Ronan James Day ago

    CNN just asked the President again to condemn this nonsense!

    • Jill D.
      Jill D. Day ago

      @Ronan James Yes, Intelligent ppl do. Morons don't acknowledge truth when its right in front of their face. Why are you being a moron? Never mind, I really don't care what stupid ppl think anymore.

    • Ronan James
      Ronan James Day ago

      Jill D. Intelligent people don’t take Project Veritas seriously. If there was a Democratic equivalent, Republicans would lose their minds!

    • Jill D.
      Jill D. Day ago

      @Ronan James Well when you have video AND audio, you have a TON of credibility! Wake up to the truth or stay asleep and brain washed. If this doesn't wake you up to seek truth, your a lost cause.

    • Ronan James
      Ronan James Day ago

      Jill D. Project Varitas doesn’t have any credibility. They only attack left-leaning organizations.

  • Amigo Kandu
    Amigo Kandu Day ago

    @2:40 Exactly! Nobody has taken credit for it. This could be an infiltrator with a USB drive. The video was played in a "side room" and a cellphone video was taken by person who passed info to New York Times. Then they call up NYT who hates Trump, no other media? NYT does not ask for the guy's video, but NYT writes a lengthy descriptive blow by blow description of the "trump video" Hmmmm... Yep, the video is immaturity. The Joker Movie is selling out theaters now, but FBI had warned about attacks at Joker screenings. People are packing the Joker to watch delusional violence. John Wick is non-stop violence, extremely popular, and an optional player character on FortNite. "Childish Gambino" made a video depicting mass shooting of Blacks, plays millions of times on RU-clip. I didn't vote in 2016 since I was Bernie supporter, we were robbed by the "Super Delegates". Still, Trump was elected, the same way Obama was elected: By Electoral College votes. And since then, the losing side has been trying to Steal It Back... Revenge for Clinton's impeachment & for Gore's recount(s) stopped by US Supreme Court. Just let 2020 Election ( Electoral College ) work it out. Campaign in all the States, not just the few big States. Represent "We The People" all the people.

  • Ronan James
    Ronan James Day ago

    This occurred at a Republican event and the MSM is asking the President to condemn it. He is likely to take his time in doing so, if at all.

    • Asa Tru
      Asa Tru Day ago

      @Ronan James the people responsible for what??? Making? or showing a meme??? Which one are you referring to?

    • Ronan James
      Ronan James Day ago

      Asa Tru Not surprising that he stopped short of condemning the people responsible.

    • Asa Tru
      Asa Tru Day ago

      @Ronan James no, just the video

    • Ronan James
      Ronan James Day ago

      Asa Tru So, the President has now condemned the Republican perpetrators, you say?

    • Asa Tru
      Asa Tru Day ago

      He did condemn it.

  • Matty Newham
    Matty Newham Day ago

    arrest the dirty Orangeman

    • Asa Tru
      Asa Tru Day ago

      @Paul A lol...that made me laugh hard!👍

    • Paul A
      Paul A Day ago

      Matty Newham Dat Orange man be bad! He best not try this at my mama’s basement

  • rodney hill
    rodney hill Day ago

    Uber Guy Doral is pronounced Door Al. Don't hate me it's just like when my wife forgets the THE in talking about THE Ohio State. I get this tic. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jill D.
    Jill D. Day ago

    Do you have the link so everyone can go down thumb it and report it to get it removed?

    • Jill D.
      Jill D. Day ago

      @Asa TruNo, just common sense. There is a difference in censoring informative information and logical opinion and yelling fire in a crowded theater. IMO something like this is the latter and is dangerous in the current atmospheric tension just as in that theater. Ppl today are sick and brainwashed and dont need a whole lot to set them off. Better to be safe than sorry.

    • Asa Tru
      Asa Tru Day ago

      @Jill D. soo....censorship???? No thanks....

    • Jill D.
      Jill D. Day ago

      @Karen Holland Nah... my guess is the left did it to project it onto the right what they themselves do. Its standard practice for the left. They are in a complete panic right now cuz nothing they try is working.

    • Karen Holland
      Karen Holland Day ago

      @Jill D. They think Trump paid for the creation of this 😡

    • Karen Holland
      Karen Holland Day ago

      I reported it after Senator Murphy abd Senator Lieu shared last night

  • john
    john Day ago

    Hey brother. Dont apologize or explain shit. Real people know what you are doing. Life isnt free. You are doing incredible work and people have the option to support you. Only haters will look for an explanation. Keep up the good fight, you are making a difference.

  • Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor Day ago

    The leftist are sick puppies, that's why I treat them the way I do. Peace little Brother.

  • Mr E
    Mr E Day ago

    It's crazy because it is an old meme...but it is one of my favorites. They are pushing this to detract from everything that is backfiring on the dems and the MSM.

  • DragonSlayer524

    SJWs are the new evangelicals whom swore that Rap music and video games were evil.

    • Asa Tru
      Asa Tru Day ago

      That was mostly dems as well...the head of that movement was tipper gore, al gore wife.

  • Leo O'Donnell
    Leo O'Donnell Day ago

    Good luck man . Get it

  • Ronan James
    Ronan James Day ago

    Typical Republican dirty tricks!

  • Greg Evans
    Greg Evans Day ago

    I don't see a problem with asking for donations. There's no 'arm twisting' or extortion going on here, unlike certain celebs or athletes that strong arm the NFL or NBA, or companies like Nike

  • Ronan James
    Ronan James Day ago

    Graphic video depicting Trump-like figure assaulting foes, media shown at a Trump resort A graphic, violent parody video, shown at a meeting of President Trump's supporters at his Miami resort, depicts a likeness of the president shooting, stabbing and assaulting his political opponents and members of the news media in a church. The New York Times was first to report on the video. The video was shown last week at an American Priority conference at Mr. Trump's Doral Miami resort. The president wasn't there. The group says in a statement at the top of its website that the "unauthorized" video was shown in a side room and wasn't "approved, seen or sanctioned" by the conference's organizers. It also says organizers weren't aware of the video until the Times contacted them about it. The statement goes on to call it "shocking" that the Times didn't cover any of the sanctioned events at the conference, including a panel discussion condemning political violence. In the video, Mr. Trump's critics and media members are portrayed as parishioners fleeing his gruesome rampage. The fake Trump strikes the late Sen. John McCain in the neck, hits and stabs TV personality Rosie O'Donnell in the face, lights Sen. Bernie Sanders' head on fire and shoots or otherwise assaults people whose faces are replaced with news organizations' logos. CBS, CNN, The Washington Post, NBC, ABC, PBS, Politico and the BBC are among the news organizations depicted as victims of the fake Trump's rage. The White House hasn't responded to a request for comment from CBS News. The president of the White House Correspondents' Association, Jonathan Karl, issued a statement saying the group is "horrified" by the video and adding that, "All Americans should condemn this depiction of violence directed toward journalists and the President's political opponents. We have previously told the President his rhetoric could incite violence. Now we call on him and everybody associated with this conference to denounce this video and affirm that violence has no place in our society." McCain's widow, Cindy McCain, tweeted her reaction:

  • great informer

    Uber guy you are one of the few big RU-clip channels that are actually in it for the cause. I have no problem at all giving donations to Patriots who are in it for the cause and trying to make change for the good of all Americans.

  • conservative cajun

    Stupid liberals

  • Kevin J Pineau

    Real quick, are you building an email marketing list? I’ve been meaning to ask you about this.

    • Uber Guy
      Uber Guy Day ago

      How can I email me jjjimmyjames034@gmail.com I want to

  • W B
    W B Day ago

    Crazy A** Holes

  • Ami From Texas BEAR

    Cuddle that baby;he misses his momma and needs reassuring. I just had to put my beloved black cat down and I am such a mess! He was 15 and a blessing from God after a prayer for a baby. God doesn't always answer our prayers in the way we want Him too,but He sees the bigger picture. I adored my Diesel cat every day of his life and I will never forget him 😢❤️

  • Abra Kadabra
    Abra Kadabra Day ago

    Black brown and white are waking up from the bullshit from the democrats.

  • Abra Kadabra
    Abra Kadabra Day ago

    He means make America great again cuz it has been slowly changing. We love traditions. Holidays, morals, traditions, conserve what we have here.

  • Abra Kadabra
    Abra Kadabra Day ago

    Steve Harvey is trippin balls

  • Anita Mooreland-Simms

    Jimmy, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Dam! Steve Harvey has become so dam arrogant PANDERING TO RACIST BLACK PEOPLE!! He must think some Black people are stupid by ignoring the fact that ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. President Trump has shown that in many ways. Accusing President Trump of trying to bring back slavery when he is doing all he can to help them be more independent is absolutely sickening!! I liked Steve Harvey not anymore cause in this sense I'm starting to see him as a very deceitful person because of this accusation. Diamond and Silk had a beef about him doing that. Wonder what Jericho Green, Brandon Tatum and Candace Owens would say about it. Anyway you have been right there at the White House to see the President and all you guys knew he kept his promises. He acknowledged your appreciation too. I saw it twice. So Steve Harvey as far as I'm concerned is being racist towards our President and like you said it needs to stop!! He is smearing our President unjustifiably and its people like him that's causing division in our race!! Thank you Jimmy for keeping it real!! Blacks for Trump again 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Michele Reilly

    Awww hims noises are so cute and fierce!