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Rasi Z - Sefid
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KlangKuenstler - The Faith
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  • MultiOlusik
    MultiOlusik 7 days ago

    Просто очень охуенно!💥🙌

  • Mugen Ishiya
    Mugen Ishiya 10 days ago


  • Mugen Ishiya
    Mugen Ishiya 10 days ago


  • Mapache manu pacheco


  • Quadrophonia _
    Quadrophonia _ Month ago

    : *

  • Malusi Secure
    Malusi Secure Month ago

    2019 who's listening

  • T BZ
    T BZ Month ago

    The best I’ve heard tbh

  • Sokotta
    Sokotta Month ago

    great tune

  • EAS Kentucky___
    EAS Kentucky___ 2 months ago

    Finnaly i found it were doing a dance on this song lmao

  • Grille - Paim
    Grille - Paim 2 months ago

    Softly blowing your mind

  • BEATRICE obellianne
    BEATRICE obellianne 2 months ago

    Best.. Best. Bravo. On va très très loin .. Géant. Bo

  • profiAcc
    profiAcc 2 months ago

    wow, what a trip!

  • Konnoun Souhaila
    Konnoun Souhaila 2 months ago

    Just awesooooome JAAR! like always

  • Pénelloppe Ruskof
    Pénelloppe Ruskof 2 months ago


    LYLATXSYSTEM 2 months ago

    Whoa. Love and Respect Always

  • Butchman Jung
    Butchman Jung 2 months ago

    Gefällt mir...👍🏻

  • fofeliz z
    fofeliz z 2 months ago

    Cool men *Add in my playlist*

  • Sonja Schiff
    Sonja Schiff 2 months ago

    sehr cool!

  • Hogo Baran
    Hogo Baran 2 months ago

    En az orjinali kadar iyi.

  • Snuff
    Snuff 3 months ago

    Esto es un viaje hermosisimo!

  • JONminiminiME
    JONminiminiME 3 months ago

    I'm so glad he went to that village and came up with this tune..

    DAVID GONZALEZ 4 months ago

    Eres un crack, un genio de la música, mi enhorabuena.-

  • Kally Damoulakis
    Kally Damoulakis 4 months ago

    love it

  • CookieCatzzz
    CookieCatzzz 4 months ago

    Susie now has competition!

  • CookieCatzzz
    CookieCatzzz 4 months ago

    I have another crush!

  • Xenio
    Xenio 4 months ago

    Merci aux petits loups de nous avoir montré ça

  • Ariel Moscoloni
    Ariel Moscoloni 4 months ago

    Transporta este track!

  • LumpyRex007
    LumpyRex007 5 months ago


  • yarno s
    yarno s 5 months ago

    I was hella stoned and my girl say's to me to play this song. I love this song🔥

  • Dan Werkman
    Dan Werkman 5 months ago

    Defiantly top 20 all time.

  • TRISHA SA TX 210
    TRISHA SA TX 210 6 months ago

    Fabian..the time we have. we will make it memorable..the amazing affect you have on me..mi chulo,my gorgeous man..this song feels right for our situation.....seems right for our situation ..this song is on replay often your on my mind always💯%🔥💋❤

  • Pashalis Broukoumis
    Pashalis Broukoumis 6 months ago


  • George Berberashvili
    George Berberashvili 6 months ago


  • Caribbean Bound
    Caribbean Bound 6 months ago

    I found this song because of the lame Bananna Republic commercial on Hulu

    • Gem
      Gem 5 months ago

      Same thing, found the song on the YT Banana Republic ad

  • Peter Gremm
    Peter Gremm 6 months ago

    Speed x 1,5 is sick :€

  • kadupul kadupul
    kadupul kadupul 6 months ago

    Miskin dilenci sen sonsuza kimi mənin gözümdə miskin zavallı dilənçi qalacaqsan!

  • Fiona Anderson
    Fiona Anderson 6 months ago


  • Giovanni GB
    Giovanni GB 6 months ago

    eXoTiK..! music for an elegant and sexy catwalk.

  • Giorgio_A
    Giorgio_A 6 months ago

    Best part 00:00-4:00

  • kenan armut
    kenan armut 7 months ago


  • John Russell
    John Russell 7 months ago

    Best played with the volume turned to 11.

  • Erwan 0174
    Erwan 0174 8 months ago

    Superbe music Eléonore,merci

  • Snyoki Gacha
    Snyoki Gacha 9 months ago

    I came from Jimmy Choo

  • Soiram Epithetoglou
    Soiram Epithetoglou 9 months ago

    Το ομορφοτερο κομματι πολλα feelings!!!

  • unknown
    unknown 9 months ago

    This. Is. A. Masterpiece. Before 1:40, for me, it is a little too weird for my taste. But after that, this is absolutely INSANE. Love it!

  • Mekoor_Music
    Mekoor_Music 10 months ago

    thank you so much! a wonderful song that you can also hear in the club too. that was my aim ;)

    • voula skr
      voula skr 10 months ago

      And so good you did!!Love it!!Keep creating nice music!!Love this rmx more than the original track!!!

  • koneksk8
    koneksk8 10 months ago

    Ez a track ebben a reggeli órában kalapácsként súlyt le a belül érzett fájdalomra, valósággal összezúzva azt.

  • imakva
    imakva 10 months ago


  • Cyclonis245
    Cyclonis245 11 months ago

    Amazing !!! Very nice. You should've been the producer for The Guess Who.

  • Andreas Ar
    Andreas Ar 11 months ago

    Me and you and the butterfly ! ! !

  • carl brackett
    carl brackett Year ago

    I would like this song played at my funeral

  • wsharp2005
    wsharp2005 Year ago

    wonderin how you can post copyright material ?? Do you buy the rights?

  • Kally Damoulakis


  • Εlena Εl
    Εlena Εl Year ago


  • Noah Perez
    Noah Perez Year ago

    New Youth

  • Sam Friedman
    Sam Friedman Year ago

    like the digital strings : ]

  • Kally Damoulakis

    can't agree more...lovely

  • D. mexis
    D. mexis Year ago

    Chill** Lovst

  • joeyslitheryne cryingsenior

    I hate. Solomon Joseph Jacobson and his friends her friends. And faith Maria Jacqueline. And her. Husband. Jack. George. Bruce Wayne. Prince. Michael. Jacobson. Hits. Jailer. Crimminal. Child molester. Miner. Rapist. And. Brain tumor. Abnormal. Mind consent Deborah.George Michael prince. Hits!.

  • Dj Viter - -Ukrajina


  • GdinSmediSecer
    GdinSmediSecer Year ago

    oh lord...

  • himanshu dayal
    himanshu dayal Year ago

    Really beautiful ..!!! ❤️

  • Manuel CB
    Manuel CB Year ago

    fucking awesome!!

  • fplmds
    fplmds Year ago

    I'm sitting alone in a big dark room my mind is drifting... i'm sitting alone in a big dark room my mind is drifting... breaking away racing to find you in that ocean of blue i close my eyes and all i can see is the shape of your body down there by the sea right when i first saw you in that ocean of blue no names, no words, no hello you just took my hand held me close your body, warm against mine and nothing else mattered in that endless ocean of blue

  • Maria Lazaridou
    Maria Lazaridou Year ago

    One of these mornings,won't be very long...You will look for me and I'll be gone...

  • kennedy martins
    kennedy martins Year ago

    Massa: incredible - increible.

  • LN. ddt
    LN. ddt Year ago


  • Life is Good
    Life is Good Year ago


  • Cavid Collective

    Creaaaaa tylerr

  • Omerhan Kartal
    Omerhan Kartal Year ago

    anyone knows who is vocal?

  • Lucho Rangel
    Lucho Rangel Year ago

    Thanks Crea

  • Dabrion
    Dabrion Year ago

    Crea tyler

    • Cavid Collective
      Cavid Collective Year ago

      Dabrion crea crea crea creaaaaaaaaa tyyyyyyyyyyyylllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Katie Kakes
    Katie Kakes Year ago

    ♥️Oh,yeahh 👌🏻

  • ietaM
    ietaM Year ago

    16 missclicks

  • Antonio Di Lucia

    this is a dream

  • YH C
    YH C Year ago

    good wake up song!!

  • Claudio José Santos

    Gostei da música!!! Existe mais alguma outra obra da banda?

  • Λευτέρης Ασημάκης


  • Λευτέρης Ασημάκης


  • paul Flynn mr clean ni

    This is the song that everybody should listen to who’s in a relationship effected by alcohol .class song love it

  • giga chelidze
    giga chelidze Year ago

    NEWness in action!

  • Naiara Santos
    Naiara Santos Year ago




  • Giorgio Manzieri

    Μεγάλωσε μια ολοκληρη γενιά οταν ηταν στην Βεροια με τον Μητρόπουλο εβγαινε βολτα και οπου πατουσε σπαναν τα πλακακια ΤΙΤΑΝΟΜΕΓΙΣΤΗ

    HITMAN T Year ago

    Moby knows what he’s at.

  • Petros Bratakos
    Petros Bratakos Year ago

    graet 70s and now

  • CoSta
    CoSta Year ago

    Sick song. Those clothes... looks like Tyler Durden from Fight Club.

    • Cuore Sportivo
      Cuore Sportivo 2 months ago

      because it's a photoshopped tyler durden photo.

  • Franco Musachi
    Franco Musachi Year ago

    Hernan Cattaneo @ Forja, Cordoba, ARG 2017!!

  • Vladimir Mravik
    Vladimir Mravik Year ago


  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee Year ago

    This is great

  • cesar quevedo
    cesar quevedo Year ago


  • ID Hunter
    ID Hunter Year ago

    If once the world is ending, let this be last track.

  • pandini
    pandini Year ago

    Never say No to Panda

  • Revenimus
    Revenimus Year ago

    Fantastic! Moby you make me thinking maybe there is hope for mankind!

  • Celeste Vieira
    Celeste Vieira Year ago


  • Zando Halifax
    Zando Halifax Year ago

    dat butt

  • Peter Saputra
    Peter Saputra Year ago

    Please make more song.... i really love all your song. It’s the only kind. Sia is kind of but your song are unique

  • R.I.P Мир
    R.I.P Мир Year ago

    красивый трек


    Ελενα σε λατρευωωωωωωω καμοια δεν θα σε φτασει ποτε οσα χρονια οσες δεκατειες και αν περασουνε ησουνα υπεροχη