Love and London
Love and London
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  • visualize2feel
    visualize2feel 21 minute ago

    Great tips. Heading for the first time in Paris in November. I will definitely practice my French phrases:)

  • Nadeemali Hameed


  • aliabdul94
    aliabdul94 Hour ago

    On the money point: I actually brought a lot of pounds to London thinking I'd need them, but ended up using my credit card (no int'l fee) for everything lol. So now I feel like a lost a good amount of money from the exchange rates :/

  • Half-Blind
    Half-Blind 4 hours ago

    When you want to travel to Europe but don’t drink... You sure there won’t be judgment?

  • soula K
    soula K 6 hours ago

    I recentky came in the summer, the problem with some of the cheaper hotels out of the city is not many have air conditioning, i settled on Hub Premier Inn as it ticked alot of boxes

  • Mrs.GotDRAMAbringit
    Mrs.GotDRAMAbringit 6 hours ago

    I remember when I flew in and out heathrow. This guy from UK I meet in the plane helped me with directions when I landed but by the most part it's pretty easy. It's a huge airport and security and getting your luggage is pretty fast. The bathrooms are so private too.

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 8 hours ago

    Just got back from London and your videos helped so much to better plan my trip!

  • Peter Bergman
    Peter Bergman 9 hours ago

    I'm from London. I moved north about ten years ago because i can't afford to live in the street i was born in. The whole city is more like an African slum than my home. I try to avoid going back there because every time i go there another part of my youth has been taken away. Labour and Conservative governments are guilty of treason for what they have done to a once great city.

  • Jacob Livshits
    Jacob Livshits 9 hours ago

    If I'm not mistaken, the shard has a policy regarding weather. If you get real crappy weather they give you a new ticket to another day. Other than that, all of those locations really aren't worth the money and time spent.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 10 hours ago

    So many video recommendations! (which is good) But towards the end I was almost waiting for videos about what shoe size is most common among the Londoners ;)

  • Edvin Roy
    Edvin Roy 16 hours ago

    I am a visitor..which type of jobs u can prefer to me

  • Todd Boothbee
    Todd Boothbee 20 hours ago

    Get bored with London after one week? I can't imagine getting bored with it after several lifetimes.

  • Clare Reilly
    Clare Reilly 20 hours ago

    The only time I've ever spent any amount of time waiting was T JFK New York it was 3 hours .the staff didn't know what they were all doing lol

  • kike Mike
    kike Mike Day ago

    travelex card has a terrible exchange, 1usd = .82euro but google has .91 for exchange so you lose ALOT getting this card, better off using ATM. ALso if you bring 100's or 50's you get a better rate then say 20$ us bill, HUGE DIFFERENCE. (I Travel a lot)

  • Lyanna Stark
    Lyanna Stark Day ago

    Your tips on navigating the tube were so helpful! Mastering public transport my first day made me feel much less like a tourist which was my goal.

  • Stacey Raven
    Stacey Raven Day ago

    The one about the knife and fork - nowhere in the UK is that a thing

  • Villager Knight

    Awesome guide! Visiting London for a week and I’m super excited!

  • Laura Rigsbee
    Laura Rigsbee Day ago

    I just got back from 4 days in London and 6 days in Scotland. All I did on the first day was ride the tube from Heathrow to Russell Square, checked in to my hotel in Bloomsbury, walked to the British Museum, had some Nando's near the hotel, then back to my room to try to stay up till dark! :)

  • symmone.g
    symmone.g Day ago

    Next summer I'm going for about a week (after I get done studying in Paris for a month) but I'm moving there after college so this trip is just to see a few important things while I look for areas I'd like to live/work after I graduate in 2022

  • mdmotimiya motimiya

    Hello how are you, i can talk with you?

  • tonichi legaspi

    Just came back from London and was blessed with sunshine the whole time we were there 😀. Your tip re the citymapper app was helpful, I really enjoyed navigating the tube. I agree with ur tip on getting a hotel outside the city, also not planning anything major on the first day just so u can take things slow and find ur bearings. I fell in love with London and will def come back ❤️

  • Dann Setzer
    Dann Setzer Day ago

    You take a package of marshmallows and melted in a pan. In a mixing bowl you dump in race crispies then you pour the melted marshmallows into the mixing bowl of rice crispies and stir it all together. Then you put it in a pan and form it into the pan evenly. If you really want to get jazzy you melt up some semi sweet chocolateChips and after the mixture has dried in the pan you pour on the melted chocolate chips and use it as a frosting… Flippin awesome

  • Liz M
    Liz M Day ago

    What card would you recommend for three days in london as tourist??... Great videos btw

  • Emamul Zandro
    Emamul Zandro Day ago

    Love from india

  • Ms. C.
    Ms. C. Day ago

    I’ve walked 29 miles in one day and I slept like a baby !

  • Quietwulf1978
    Quietwulf1978 Day ago

    Thank you so much for all your videos. We’re travelling later this year and your guides have been a god send! Feeling a lot more confident about our trip thanks to your hard work!

  • Dmitry Kalmykov

    Russia - minimum 28 days off

  • michaels640
    michaels640 Day ago

    Acclimated? Acclimatised! For cheaper hotels, I like the Premier Inn Hub at Spitalfields... There’s a good covered market and loads of places to eat around there.

  • Claudio Hidalgo

    focus Jess! stop looking at the sausage dog 😂

  • John Lawrence
    John Lawrence 2 days ago

    Don’t forget to give something to the buskers you see in the street: we aren’t beggars and we are legally allowed to play, so if you enjoy what we do, we’d be most grateful for a sign of appreciation. Thanks

  • Jonathan Sakks
    Jonathan Sakks 2 days ago

    I’m an American and I absolutely LOATHE when people wear sweats/PJ’s in public.

  • Jose Coelho
    Jose Coelho 2 days ago

    I stayed in London 10 days in summer of 2013. I bought a second hand mountain bike for £50 and I was able to get around very easily.

  • Mick Angelhere's World

    London is a big city every time I visit I find something new and sone parts of London are pretty close together so it’s quicker to walk than catching a tube.. And if you want to get to the central line at monument station changing from circle line be prepared for a long walk

  • Steve & Claudia Farahian

    Hi Jes, I am soooooo grateful for all your tips. I have watched pretty much every one of your videos and was very well prepared for our trip. We spent 5 full days in London and had the most wonderful time!!! I applied so many of your tips and felt so comfortable using the underground (thank you Oyster card and Citymapper app!!!!), explored neighborhoods, stayed away from tourist traps, enjoyed fantastic food, and got to do so much every day thanks to mapping & planning. We even got to visit Highclere Castle and only spent the afternoon there and still had time for Indian food at Dishoom for supper when back in Central London. We can't wait to visit London again! Thank you for all your help in making the most out of our trip!

  • Maryann Lyons
    Maryann Lyons 2 days ago

    I found the Tube Map app super helpful & easy to use.

  • Sharmin Haque
    Sharmin Haque 2 days ago

    Oh man!!!! Wish this video was posted sooner! My husband and I planned a day trip to Paris for October trip. Wish us luck 😬

    • Downing Bethune
      Downing Bethune 13 hours ago

      You'll enjoy it but it will make for a very long day. At least you'll gain an hour on the trip back.

  • Maryann Lyons
    Maryann Lyons 2 days ago

    I totally agree with all your points, London is amazing but you need about a week w 2-3 items per day to absorb everything. We stayed at the Jesmond Hotel by Goodge station this summer, great B&B w easy access to central London 🇬🇧

  • Lee Florack
    Lee Florack 2 days ago

    Jes, One of the best things I learned from you is to use Citymapper. We've been able to get around pretty much everywhere with ease during our London visits in 2017 and 2019. We're already planning our third visit for the fall of 2020 and will use it - and many other tips from your videos, again!

  • Terence ONeill
    Terence ONeill 2 days ago

    So annoyed she didn't follow the instructions for the mac n cheese! She just sort of ruined everything she made.

  • Matthew Keyes
    Matthew Keyes 2 days ago

    Should I book a dayvtrip to Stonehenge prior to arriving or week of ok?

  • Charlene Needham
    Charlene Needham 2 days ago

    What about Hemp Oils, Hemp creams, are these allowed in carry on or checked bag

  • Alexia Lia
    Alexia Lia 2 days ago

    Many Greeks complain about how little vacation they get in the UK :) !

  • tyler gray
    tyler gray 2 days ago

    Its not too hard to believe but they serve pop tarts for breakfast in my school district and wonder why they can't focus.... dUH

  • Keith Moon
    Keith Moon 2 days ago

    I couldn't believe the enormous quantity of muslims everywhere. London has changed so much in five years. It looked like an invasion. I was glad to leave

    • Stephen P
      Stephen P 2 days ago

      I'm glad you left. Take your racist views with you.

  • James Murphy
    James Murphy 2 days ago

    Went to Borough Market on a Sunday and it was just me, my wife, and a couple hundred tourists wandering confused through the area. It never occurred to me it would be closed and used as a tiny parking lot on a Sunday. The fish and chips guy was open though and well worth it.

  • quoi de neuf
    quoi de neuf 2 days ago

    A day trip to Paris? That's really not worth can spend your whole life in Paris and still will not have seen everything.

  • Delta Foxtrot
    Delta Foxtrot 2 days ago

    Almond milk and no butter? That’s not Mac and cheese. Microwave pop tarts? This woman cannot cook pop tarts properly? Cmon.

  • Do you mind
    Do you mind 2 days ago

    My first week in London I got drawn into the Scientology centre on Tottenham Ct Road. I was a silly billy when I was 19 .. I am 59.

  • Travel With Mansoureh

    I can't agree more the big mistake is avoiding using public transport in London. If you travel in the centre you have to get the Tube, it is faster and cheaper

  • Diana Alferos
    Diana Alferos 3 days ago

    I absolutely love London and have been there every year over the last 10 years. Highly recommend skipping the London Eye and go to 22 Fenchurch or the Walkie Talkie building. Admission to the top is free but you do need to get tickets online before visiting. Great views and a nice bar to sit back and take in the view.

  • BeckyP InCalifornia

    My recommendations: 1. Plan your sleep on arrival plane, so you are on the same schedule as where you are going to land. Arriving late at night? Stay at a local hotel with pick-up service. Start day 1, refreshed with sunlight so you can see where you are going! 2. Day 2, take at a minimum, a half day tour of the city. Full day tours are the best. With a map in hand, you will start to learn the neighborhoods, how the city streets work and visit 4 to 10 major sites. The tour buses get you to each site efficiently and the tour guides are extremely knowledgeable and, in my experience, very funny. - Return to any site that you want to spend more time visiting on an other day. - I have used this technique, in major cities, all over the world, and find it easy and very satisfying when visiting a new city. 3. No time to take a tour? Hire a taxi, after rush hour, and have them drive you around for an hour or so to see the sights from the outside. May not work well in London, but was great for a visiting sister in San Francisco, with only a day to look around. 4. London is worth at least two weeks, if you have the time and money. I particularly like to explore neighborhoods, all of the sites (large and small), and spend a lot of time in museums. London has some of the best of everything to see and do in the world. 5. Public transportation, the Tube, in particular, is easy to learn, safe, inexpensive and much faster than taxis and buses. 6. The first time I visited London, 30+ years ago, I was told the food was not good. NOT TRUE!!! Some of the best food I have ever had is in London, from Sunday roast, to bangers and mash, fish and chips (and more healthy options) at the local pub, and amazing, ethnic food from all over the world. On one trip during the '80s I ate Indian food, every day, for 16 days ... I was so enamoured. The food markets offer some of the best, fresh cooked food you can find. anywhere. 7. Be prepared to walk in good shoes! 8. I first started travelling before the Internet and smart phones. Had to use a travel guide book and fax or make international phone calls to organize anything from hotels to theater tickets. - Today you can research and organize sleeping arrangements, tours, everything you will need before you arrive. - DO NOT overpack! - Bring an unlocked phone. - If you forget anything, you can buy it in London! HAVE FUN!

  • DenaInWyo
    DenaInWyo 3 days ago

    Your videos have been SO helpful, and I absolutely LOVE that you get right into them, without a bunch of intro music/flashy "look at me" crap and all the lot. So many I see on youtube make me either immediately move on to the next or skip half of the vid to get to the meat of it. Fantastic job and thank you so much! I'm headed there in January and trying to balance seeing some of the smaller towns and a a few things (I know, barely scratching the surface, but it's what I've got) in London too over 9 days. Sigh..I need the time and money to spend a few months! Anyway, continuing on to watch all the rest of your content. Hope you're having a wonderful day and thank you again for all you've done to put these on youtube.

  • Cheri Lynn
    Cheri Lynn 3 days ago

    We just got back from our trip and we didn’t plan anything & we loved it! We wandered around all over the city, we walked, we took the tube, we took cabs, whatever we felt like. The tube is easy and not scary. London is an amazing place. There is so much to see, we didn’t see Buckingham Palace but that was OK with me! The side streets and beautiful store fronts and restaurants were amazing! We stayed in the south bank area (after watching your video recommendation) which was artsy & had gorgeous water views! I can’t wait to go back! Loved it!

  • Tati C. Duarte
    Tati C. Duarte 3 days ago

    Thank you for the tips 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Leo Lima
    Leo Lima 3 days ago

    Oh God, i'm going to London in November and this is exactly the video that i was seeking. Thank you so much!

    • Above
      Above 2 days ago

      If you want to enjoy some great and free views, go to Primrose Hill or to the Sky Garden on top of the Walkie-Talkie building. The Monument of the Great Fire has some great views too and is just a couple pounds. But nothing can beat the Shard during a sunset :D And if you don't have much time to see all the landmarks, you can take a tour on bus 24.

    • Love and London
      Love and London 2 days ago


  • Len Carter
    Len Carter 3 days ago

    There are lots of excellent RU-clip travelogues on London but yours are undisputedly the best of them all. I watched almost all of your videos before our recent return trip to London and they were absolutely priceless in regards to our preparation and expectations. London, as far as I’m concerned, is the greatest international city in the world (sorry NYC even-though I love you) my wife & I travel extensively and London never ceases to amaze. Thank you for your excellent work. Keep it up sister. I would just like to mention that one very important tip to share with those coming to England who are purchasing British Pounds in their home nation before arriving, ...make sure that the notes you purchase are the most current British pound sterling that has been printed. We arrived with about 100 pounds in various denominations that were, to our surprise, rejected by many retail outlets because these were the older “discontinued” notes. We ended up having to go to a branch of the Bank of England to have these notes exchanged for the more recent, accepted bills.😁

  • Corrine Graves
    Corrine Graves 3 days ago

    Oh wow 😱 .. I was actually considering that Paris Day trip .. not doing that now !! So glad I'm subscribed to your feed ..I am planning 4 days in London and a couple days on the IOW... ( Level 42 Fan here lol )

    • Corrine Graves
      Corrine Graves 2 days ago

      @Love and London ya ....those 'seem great' but i had wondered myself about that ... 🤔🤷‍♀️

    • Love and London
      Love and London 2 days ago

      Lol there ya go! Glad I could save you some time and money.

  • Bel Fer
    Bel Fer 3 days ago

    not checking if the tube station has lifts... big mistake :(

  • Lori Barton
    Lori Barton 3 days ago

    are there plus size clothing stores in london???

  • Lori Barton
    Lori Barton 3 days ago

    do they have plus size clothes shops in london???

  • jay hulrs
    jay hulrs 3 days ago

    Agree. We went last year, not having data for maps and tickets was a disaster. Also we spent too much time on the tube. Loved brick lane market that you recommended, it was our favorite day

  • disoriented1
    disoriented1 3 days ago

    @Love and did great! Whether you still admit it, you are still very U.S.! When a day just 'goes off the rails' do your best to salvage it!

  • Downing Bethune
    Downing Bethune 3 days ago

    My wife and I just spent 7 days 6 nights in London and loved every minute of it. Although we certainly saw a lot, we only scratched the surface and saved plenty for next time. We also took a day trip to Bath on our next to last day. It was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle that is certainly London. The city is very easy to navigate. The Tube took us pretty much anywhere we wanted to go, and even the busses were easy to deal with. Took a Black Cab from St Pancras to our apartment when we arrived and took another one to Heathrow when we left. It's nice to have a cabbie with "The Knowledge" take care of you when you're coming and going. All in all, it was all very civilized. We'll be back.

    • Downing Bethune
      Downing Bethune 13 hours ago

      @Love and London I should have added that a major reason taking public transportation was so easy was because of what we learned from watching your Oyster card video. And it was really cool that at the end we were able to get our remaining credit back through refunding our cards at the Oyster card machine.

    • Love and London
      Love and London 2 days ago


    • Julie Rogers
      Julie Rogers 3 days ago

      LOVE, love, love the Black Cab(s) and "the knowledge".

  • Kadu Teixeira
    Kadu Teixeira 3 days ago

    Great video, specially when you stop just to see the daschound. I love it too. ❤

  • no po
    no po 3 days ago

    Finding a hotel has been the hardest thing. Trying for less than $200 a night 😔

    • Love and London
      Love and London 2 days ago

      This article will help : if you're planning on coming in the summer, $200 isn't going to be much!

  • M NX
    M NX 3 days ago

    who wants to go to Paris, when you are in London..?? 😂😂😂

    • Riff
      Riff 2 days ago

      Verse two: May be purple, may be pink. I don't know but, they really stink. Ok, I'll stop.

  • Shyquan Fludd
    Shyquan Fludd 3 days ago

    Best London-prep video I've seen to date 👍. I made some of the mistakes that you mentioned on my 2017 trip to London. Visiting again on the 28th for 10 days (I like to avoid Summer season) Your video showed me how much better prepped I am this time and gave me even more helpful points! Anyone who listens to this will do very well. Great work! Thanks! 😁... PS. Maybe another point to share: One of the advantages of an AirBnB/Homeaway over a hotel is having personal laundry facilities. Can be a time/money saver.

  • BL Chambliss, CSCP
    BL Chambliss, CSCP 3 days ago

    At least 10 full days in England, and some (majority) of that in London. Keep in mind, if you are going to Hampton Court or Windsor, those are half day trips at minimum, even though they seem in the London area. You go can go by train, which takes a bit of time. Lines for Westminster Abbey can be long also. So, plan accordingly. If you happen to be in London on a date where there's a Royal Gun Salute, that's actually better than the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, involves more parading, bands, horses, cavalry, and general show than does the guard changing by itself.

  • hulda2002
    hulda2002 3 days ago

    I've gone twice for 2-3 nights, next trip will be 1 night (a first for me). Note to self, 3 nights is good.

  • erin wild
    erin wild 3 days ago

    On an overnight flight into london plan for only one thing during your first day: A nap! Get in a good 2-4 hour nap and then go explore a little if youre up for it.

  • Dusty Bunz
    Dusty Bunz 3 days ago

    Husband and I are hoping to visit in January! Would love some tips on winter visits for tourists who want to sight see and dress appropriately for that time of year when you KNOW you’ll be outside quite a bit!!!

    • Love and London
      Love and London 2 days ago

      Have you seen my London Packing Guide? That will help:

  • JusticeTrace
    JusticeTrace 3 days ago

    Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your videos! Not much longer until my trip (: Thank you for preparing me!

  • Liz Attwood
    Liz Attwood 3 days ago

    Thanks for your videos. My husband and I went with another couple and your suggestions really helped. Number one suggestion - UK SIM card with data so we could use city mapper getting around on the tubes. We were a little nervous - we’re all in our 60s, but city mapper made it a breeze! Thank you!

  • Michael S
    Michael S 3 days ago

    A good video. As someone who is in London every day and in the crowded more touristy areas I would recommend; 1. Some tube stations are close together and it's quicker to walk between and 2. Some streets - Oxford Street, Piccadilly - are very busy with foot traffic. If you don't need to use them for the shops, walk along the streets adjacent to them. Not as crowded and you'll find some undiscovered gems of shops, restaurants etc.

  • Sean Gilbert
    Sean Gilbert 3 days ago

    Hi Jess another corker: a couple of suggestions have you looked at HS1 it's forty minutes to get in from Kent so the hotels are much cheaper. Secondly there is a Polish Mexican restaurant in Shepherd's Market (just off Picadilly and Park Lane. As all ways I love your videos and I'm a Londoner by default. Ps we call HS1 The Posh Persons Express

    • Love and London
      Love and London 2 days ago

      Hey Sean, I wouldn't recommend anyone to stay in Kent for a London trip. You do you though! :)

  • Trip Hacks DC
    Trip Hacks DC 3 days ago

    These are all on-point! I especially relate to #1. Day tripping from any big city to any other big city isn't a good idea for the simple reason that they each deserve more than a single day. I also personally made the #15 mistake on a past London Trip and was walking around like an over caffeinated zombie that first day.

    • Love and London
      Love and London 2 days ago

      Thanks so much :D

    • Laura Whetsel
      Laura Whetsel 3 days ago

      LOVE your videos about the capital and surrounding areas!❤️

    • Riff
      Riff 3 days ago

      'over caffeinated zombie' Is not every one on the sidewalks in London like that. :)

  • Stephen Parker
    Stephen Parker 3 days ago

    Hi, Jess, that was a brilliantly useful video. Anyone planning a trip to London would do well to follow your advice. I can never understand why people visiting London for three or four days take a trip to Bath. It's a long trip to do in one day and there is so much to do and see in London you won't do it all in a week. Looking forward to your next video soon.

  • Gus Morales
    Gus Morales 3 days ago

    We usually stay around south Kensington and always use a travel card for the tube and never had any problems.

  • FlyngSnoopy
    FlyngSnoopy 3 days ago

    Went in 2015 for the first time and the biggest mistake I made was staying too far away from the city center which made for a long tube ride and I felt like I couldn't stay into the night because I had to get back to the hotel. I'm going back soon and this time I'm staying in central London, and I'm going for 10 days so I can do some day trips. Thanks for your videos! They're helping me big time.

    • Love and London
      Love and London 2 days ago

      Fab! This article has some centrally-located hotel suggestions:

    • no po
      no po 3 days ago

      Which hotel?

  • kevin reynolds
    kevin reynolds 3 days ago

    So glad that I watched this. I was planning on paying for our day trip in a few weeks.

  • Ge Sca
    Ge Sca 3 days ago

    • Veronica Eicken
      Veronica Eicken 3 days ago

      Taking the tube from Heathrow to Tower Hill at 6pm on a Tuesday with 2 giant suitcases each and not knowing anything about anything (plus it was raining). Naked and afraid! Never again! Worth the Uber $ on the way back to Heathrow at trips end.

  • Dale Creasey
    Dale Creasey 3 days ago

    I might sound crazy but I did 4 weeks in London and I felt like there was so much to see but I saw everything if that makes sense

    • Dan Tayl
      Dan Tayl Day ago

      Travel With Mansoureh almost impossible

    • Travel With Mansoureh
      Travel With Mansoureh 2 days ago

      London is a very lively city. I have lived in London for 8 years and I still can discover something new. it is hard to get bored in London

  • Sean Gilbert
    Sean Gilbert 3 days ago

    Try the "farmer's market" in Guys hospital it's right by Borough Market it's good food and shed loads cheaper than BM n. b. It's only on on Tuesday

  • Sean Gilbert
    Sean Gilbert 3 days ago

    I've have lived and worked in London for close on 40 years but I still watch Jess. I'm not sure why but I can say she's spot on and you guys planning to come here should watch her videos

  • Whittney Thompson
    Whittney Thompson 3 days ago

    If you have sprint 3g data is free but if you want 4g you need to call sprint once you land in London and have them turn it on, it’s 25 for a week.

  • Twilla80
    Twilla80 3 days ago

    Chicago has had good tickets to London during the off season. I went last year and loved it, especially Brixton. I really wish I could live there.

  • John Cornell
    John Cornell 3 days ago

    It's been sunny and warm/hot most of the time ever since April. Oh look and it's warm and sunny outside again and it's the end of September. I haven't worn a jacket since March and I want to.

  • Abraham Castanedo Music

    Is there something like a card that allows you to travel by train out of London in a cheaper way? I know about the oyster card and the travel card. With the weekly travel card you spend certain amount of money with unlimited times going on the train or subway. Is there something similar but out of london?

    • Love and London
      Love and London 3 days ago

      Kinda... have a look at this article I wrote:

  • Luca Anamaria
    Luca Anamaria 4 days ago

    I live in Toronto (born and bred!) and I can say that all of these points apply to Toronto as well, although I imagine Toronto doesn't have the advantages London has in terms of being steeped (tea reference!) in history and culture. London is also so close to the rest of Europe! Makes travel easier.

  • Fredo Santana
    Fredo Santana 4 days ago

    Ive noticed Compared to new york and other parts of europe, London street performers and workers that make money off tourists are nowhere near as aggressive and persistent. If youve ever been to Marrakesh and gone to the market in the square, just WOW. You literally get bullied, stalked, insulted and shouted at

  • patrick o keeffe
    patrick o keeffe 4 days ago

    "TripAdvisor trap,"... Excellent..

  • Francisca Rehbein
    Francisca Rehbein 4 days ago

    OMG I just started to watch the video and I'm already shook ahahah I went to Pizza Hut, Burger King, M&M's World and also Bella Italia!! I made all the first mistakes *cry*

  • Trivina Negzerial
    Trivina Negzerial 4 days ago

    Yes, I'm going to try and visit a lot of them.

  • Christopher Butler
    Christopher Butler 4 days ago

    Rice Krispie treats are better homemade! And no they’re not baked. Mac and cheese without butter and with almond milk?!! Sacrilege!!!! Lol Microwaved pop tarts?!! Why!!!!! Also you can eat them without toasting. Take a pack on the run!!! @Lia yes we do eat them as a breakfast but it’s a quickie breakfast not a “real” breakfast lol S’mores...messy but soooooooo good!!!! Best with Hershey’s!!!

  • Do you mind
    Do you mind 4 days ago

    I found Florence way WAY too crowded. I took a train Pistoia, saw old buildings, old paintings and honestly .. in the main square .. about twenty tourists

  • tisz hari
    tisz hari 4 days ago

    what about march? is it advisable to go rome , paris , austria , spain on march??

  • Gamer in The house Dupigny

    Pop taste are in the UK

  • sORrY i'M LaTe! WHaT diD i MisS?

    *Camden Town* great tourist site.

  • David Olshefski
    David Olshefski 5 days ago

    HSBC does have charges, I was just at a NYC branch and they said that using a London HSBC ATM involves fees, and going to the branch office counter wasn't an option.

    • Love and London
      Love and London 4 days ago

      Hm that's odd, I have HSBC and I use their ATMs abroad with no charges!

  • Beth Smedley
    Beth Smedley 5 days ago

    Gonna be in London on Friday. First time. so excited!!