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  • Kodiak
    Kodiak 5 hours ago

    f2p but 5 builders :D

  • Nicko7931
    Nicko7931 5 hours ago


  • David Belmontes
    David Belmontes 5 hours ago

    Gala Do 😂

  • Ezra Pugh
    Ezra Pugh 5 hours ago

    ive been doing this on a new account and im almost max town hall 7

  • Josia Nescholta
    Josia Nescholta 5 hours ago

    Sorry Galadon

  • xancch clash
    xancch clash 5 hours ago

    I have a farming strategy at th3 th4 is getting a cc and put a baby dragon in it

  • Anand Naru
    Anand Naru 5 hours ago

    Waiting for second episode 🙋

  • John Diesko
    John Diesko 5 hours ago

    Name it galanorm

  • Pok'e Pulls
    Pok'e Pulls 5 hours ago


  • igot14yaa
    igot14yaa 5 hours ago

    Name it Galadone it or Galadonit

  • Nic
    Nic 5 hours ago

    Sorry Galadon

  • Sighh_ mon
    Sighh_ mon 5 hours ago

    This might take you years to get to th13

  • Mike E Moo
    Mike E Moo 5 hours ago

    You bitch every RU-clipr buys gems and gets 5 builders first episode Edit: just realized it was a joke

  • jDIEtheprototype
    jDIEtheprototype 5 hours ago

    Your name could be: free coc attacks

  • Brandon Ortega
    Brandon Ortega 5 hours ago


  • Merick Bass
    Merick Bass 5 hours ago


  • jDIEtheprototype
    jDIEtheprototype 5 hours ago

    Maybe galasnail

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips 5 hours ago

    Name ur account budgetdon😂

  • xancch clash
    xancch clash 5 hours ago

    Wait this is just me every account

  • Charlie fallows
    Charlie fallows 5 hours ago

    You could call it Gallydon, from the old let’s play from a long time ago

  • Christian Clay
    Christian Clay 5 hours ago

    Galadon0$ extra points for gently depressing the like button

  • Jacob Hurt
    Jacob Hurt 5 hours ago

    Dud ima lobe this series

  • Keaton Berry
    Keaton Berry 5 hours ago

    The name should be Galadonkeykong

  • Teran Kehler
    Teran Kehler 5 hours ago

    New name: GãłädøñGâmīñg

  • Captain Cloop
    Captain Cloop 5 hours ago

    :o no money what kinda sick trick is this

  • Eric Kweon
    Eric Kweon 5 hours ago

    I think no cash all clash sounds better

  • Life Gamers
    Life Gamers 5 hours ago

    Gal Undone. This should be your name. UNDONE as in “ruined by a disastrous or devastating setback or reverse”. This definition because your lack of gems has undone you.

  • sashimi_ cloud
    sashimi_ cloud 5 hours ago

    Galano dolers

  • Chris Playz
    Chris Playz 5 hours ago

    i think you should be allowed to buy the pass it’s only 5$ per month and really speeds thing up hence bringing more content

  • Mr watson 14
    Mr watson 14 5 hours ago

    Here’s a name no cash gala What do you think

  • Tejjas Kaul
    Tejjas Kaul 5 hours ago

    Nice job!

  • Luke WC
    Luke WC 5 hours ago

    You could maybe make the name nodalaG

  • Isaac Nye
    Isaac Nye 5 hours ago

    Galasarus rex

  • Domarama7
    Domarama7 5 hours ago


  • Anthomy Getson
    Anthomy Getson 5 hours ago

    Sorry baby

  • King Brokhun
    King Brokhun 5 hours ago

    oh ho

  • Lxvi Gota
    Lxvi Gota 5 hours ago

    I gently depressed the like button

  • Carl Andrei Berdos
    Carl Andrei Berdos 5 hours ago

    IM A RUSHER TH9 ;)

  • Max NB Karlik
    Max NB Karlik 5 hours ago


  • Carl Andrei Berdos
    Carl Andrei Berdos 5 hours ago


  • Zachary Altenburg
    Zachary Altenburg 5 hours ago

    Dr Who Fan over here. Instead of Galifrey (the homeworld of the timelords), you can use Galafree. Some more could be:GalagrindGalafarmGalabuilderClashadon0$

  • MacetheOG
    MacetheOG 5 hours ago

    Galadon we just want to see you play clash. Content is content dude. And we love it. Keep it up

  • Miriam Ilgenfritz
    Miriam Ilgenfritz 5 hours ago

    Galadon 13.0$

  • YaBoyVexツ
    YaBoyVexツ 5 hours ago

    I’m waiting for that clan castle to come up

  • Miriam Ilgenfritz
    Miriam Ilgenfritz 5 hours ago

    He didn't say to depress the visdeo

  • Hellfire
    Hellfire 5 hours ago

    A good name would be GaladonF2P.0

  • William Fletcher
    William Fletcher 5 hours ago

    Gagladon is a good name

  • Stouf Cary
    Stouf Cary 5 hours ago

    GaladonNMS should be your name. NMS stands for no money spent

  • Corey 1432 1
    Corey 1432 1 5 hours ago


  • Sqo YT
    Sqo YT 5 hours ago


  • Breeze
    Breeze 5 hours ago

    Galadont pay

  • Im Silver
    Im Silver 5 hours ago

    Galadonuts or Galadontcash

  • I'm Kevin
    I'm Kevin 5 hours ago


  • BullyHunter7 7
    BullyHunter7 7 5 hours ago

    New name: Galascratch

  • Marianne Newman
    Marianne Newman 5 hours ago

    I’m a TH7 free to play never spent a dime

  • Captain J W_02
    Captain J W_02 5 hours ago

    Galadon 0.0 because of the 0$ spent

  • Azezo Vich
    Azezo Vich 5 hours ago


  • PaRuHnOyA
    PaRuHnOyA 5 hours ago

    GalaDontFlex$$$ is a better name for it.

  • LegendaryBrady 9
    LegendaryBrady 9 5 hours ago


  • TimTim
    TimTim 5 hours ago

    galadon6.99$ or peter6.99$ (the builder's pack value)

  • XpERt Marcus
    XpERt Marcus 5 hours ago


  • XpERt Marcus
    XpERt Marcus 5 hours ago

    Or name:GALAfromp

  • Colin Skow
    Colin Skow 5 hours ago

    You should change your name to Galadon$17

  • XpERt Marcus
    XpERt Marcus 5 hours ago

    Name:free gamer

  • Jace Ferris
    Jace Ferris 5 hours ago

    I’m down to see the struggle lol

  • Javier Torres
    Javier Torres 5 hours ago

    Name Suggestion: No Galadon No

  • Leviathan
    Leviathan 5 hours ago

    GalaFree. [edit] (my name recommendation)❤️

    PLUEY 5 hours ago


  • DryDrove
    DryDrove 5 hours ago

    “We are not spending GEMS Yet”

  • Active
    Active 5 hours ago

    GaladonNC stands for Galadon No Cash simple but clean

  • No Body
    No Body 5 hours ago

    I'm so glad your doing this, I've wanted you to try this for a while and the only thing I pay for is the gold pass and thats it, good look

  • Ruben Bautista
    Ruben Bautista 5 hours ago

    Name it like the name of the video NoCashClash Like so Galadon can see plz

  • DryDrove
    DryDrove 5 hours ago

    I also did this

  • Makai781
    Makai781 5 hours ago

    NCC Galadon (NCC is No Cash Clash) or something with NCC in it.

  • NyteStealth
    NyteStealth 5 hours ago

    We need this account as a FTP to be called GalaBroke

  • Minni Max
    Minni Max 5 hours ago

    do more

  • Javier Torres
    Javier Torres 5 hours ago

    I give him two days before he gives up and spends every dime he has on the series

  • savagelegostopmotion maidsn

    Name yourself J.O.E

  • hippyrick24
    hippyrick24 5 hours ago

    Gala Apples

  • Liam Curtis
    Liam Curtis 5 hours ago

    You should name it SubscribeToGaladon

    • Liam Curtis
      Liam Curtis 5 hours ago


    • Liam Curtis
      Liam Curtis 5 hours ago

      Or LikeGaladon'sVideos

  • SuperSpruce
    SuperSpruce 5 hours ago

    Now add a town hall 1 to your list of accounts!

  • DerAnderBanane
    DerAnderBanane 5 hours ago

    Galadistic sound nice

  • Clark Dinerstein
    Clark Dinerstein 5 hours ago

    I thought you should name it Galascratch

  • Good Vibes Only
    Good Vibes Only 6 hours ago

    name it galayawn

  • TrapLordWooper
    TrapLordWooper 6 hours ago

    Galacash or galabands

  • MJKO 42
    MJKO 42 6 hours ago

    Galabroke u wont

    JCB_FSU_YT 6 hours ago

    Name it NoGala$

  • Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller 6 hours ago


  • Shady
    Shady 6 hours ago

    Im just going to throw it out there and predict that its going to be a red theme. Also if the new hero is going to be a female it makes sense that it would be some sort of princess or valkerie. Only thing that makes sense.

  • Mr Amassing
    Mr Amassing 6 hours ago

    Name your base GalaFREEtoplay

  • Whaley Playz
    Whaley Playz 6 hours ago

    How did he have SIX builders? Anyone else notice that?

    TALON 6 hours ago


  • GrusomDo
    GrusomDo 6 hours ago

    Love it but change to gallimini

  • Fiery Destroyer334
    Fiery Destroyer334 6 hours ago

    Thanks for making this I'm so excited!! Also name yourself cashless clasher

  • Jaime Lopez
    Jaime Lopez 6 hours ago

    how about KingGaladonGaming or KingGaladon

  • Sky Celestial
    Sky Celestial 6 hours ago

    keep it up G!

  • Collin Davis
    Collin Davis 6 hours ago

    Gala no cash

  • TheKingLuxray 1
    TheKingLuxray 1 6 hours ago


  • Crushr
    Crushr 6 hours ago

    i swear to god if he passes me in th level imma rage. i’m th10

  • l l l
    l l l 6 hours ago

    You should free to play your max th12 to max th13 when it comes out