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Dolittle Pitch Meeting
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Star Trek Pitch Meeting
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CATS Pitch Meeting
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The Real Story Behind 1917
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  • Urbain 360
    Urbain 360 5 hours ago

    y'all missed to put me on the list

  • Bambi O
    Bambi O 5 hours ago

    Pitch meeting some anime movies. Ghibli, Promare, ect.

  • atlanticbboy
    atlanticbboy 5 hours ago

    why doesn't he ever say "I need you to get off my back about it" "Ok, let me climb off that thing!" Anymore? That always cracks me up. C'mon ryan! :)

  • Joseph Moore
    Joseph Moore 5 hours ago

    "So you are saying he is a baby but has a man throat?" "Yes." "Baby man throats are t-" "You do not want to say that."

  • Musty Smells
    Musty Smells 5 hours ago

    Honestly, Jared Leto's joker wouldn't have been so bad if they didn't go with the punk goth route. Like Joker would never get tattoos wtf.

  • Allana S.
    Allana S. 6 hours ago

    5 minutes into it and these theories suck. I’ve heard better 🤷‍♂️

  • 【Lego And Stuff】

    There is also a town called Berk in NSW in Australia😂🤩🧐🧐

  • Joshua Hisoler
    Joshua Hisoler 6 hours ago

    Well I mean the anime airs new episodes on Disney XD

  • Sislertx
    Sislertx 6 hours ago

    Never heard of it...sounds like libtards who love demons movie.

  • Walker's Keyboard Science

    Your smarm is on point!

  • Kaiden Hall
    Kaiden Hall 6 hours ago

    Long story short.. pussy boi with everything going for him kills himself

  • MrScabius
    MrScabius 6 hours ago

    Please do a pitch meeting for the David Bowie film 'Labyrinth'.

  • chipman1589
    chipman1589 6 hours ago


  • Tech Sakima
    Tech Sakima 6 hours ago

    Best. Movie. Ever.

  • Diamond Hoe
    Diamond Hoe 6 hours ago

    Nintendo: nope

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 hours ago

    Ok this is just rediculous. There is very little poverty in South Korea. The message should be "Just be happy with having food, shelter, family and health...stop letting envy destroy you". A rich person having crazy wealth doesn't hurt you! Only your envy hurts you. You leftist are just hateful hateful terrible people.

  • kirby march barcena
    kirby march barcena 6 hours ago

    I could have appreciated this if they really acted and looked like CGI cats. For heaven's sake, the entire cast enrolled in CATS SCHOOL!!!

  • Melissa Heggs
    Melissa Heggs 6 hours ago

    my friends and I actually watch the show over and over just to see whats in the background. I find something different every time I watch. Love it!!

  • Deplorable Des
    Deplorable Des 6 hours ago

    Lol box office returns. Oops, oopsie!

  • Clarice Qiu
    Clarice Qiu 6 hours ago

    Maybe Diane and Beth was killed in our Rick's dimension. So there was no original Morty for our Rick. He just traveled through multi dimensions and adopt different Morties.

  • flyhound97
    flyhound97 6 hours ago

    Some of the best CGI was on Swift's tits.

  • Aberdine Bumbledorf
    Aberdine Bumbledorf 6 hours ago

    The Council of Surviving Characters is TIGHT.

  • Jason_c_o
    Jason_c_o 6 hours ago

    It's weird seeing one with his normal voice lol

  • Stephen Otten
    Stephen Otten 6 hours ago

    Freud just gave up.

  • JackOLantern5000
    JackOLantern5000 6 hours ago

    How about how Anna's song after Olaf *died* was basically a mimic of depression? It was that just me?

  • ExpiredAir -
    ExpiredAir - 6 hours ago

    I watched the office like 15 times

  • Sharon Morine
    Sharon Morine 6 hours ago

    During the first scene of Cliff Booth at his Van Nuys trailer feeding his dog, he sits down to watch TV and the actor on the TV says, “You know how musicians are. They’re temperamental cats.” OOOOHHHH. Foreshadowing.

  • Jadon Lamb
    Jadon Lamb 6 hours ago

    In the actually story of Cinderella the glass slippers are a gift for her to keep.

  • Dovleac 1031
    Dovleac 1031 6 hours ago

    Black holes and hollywood have a lot in common!

  • Elvis Hopper
    Elvis Hopper 6 hours ago


  • TirDitty
    TirDitty 6 hours ago

    I guess u didn’t see planet hulk the thing would be dead

  • Bekaloo Speakzy
    Bekaloo Speakzy 6 hours ago

    I can’t decide whether my favourite words are “barely an inconvenience” or “that’s tight”.

  • Bianka Toth
    Bianka Toth 6 hours ago

    Like, I missed the whole runtime haha. Nobody cared for this

  • octapusxft
    octapusxft 6 hours ago

    Damn puritans ruining art

  • RealStealthyNinja
    RealStealthyNinja 6 hours ago

    Lots of us like the last Jedi btw

  • Luke Avedon
    Luke Avedon 6 hours ago


  • Jeremy Blair
    Jeremy Blair 6 hours ago

    Let's see, her getting paid less than him... He's got at least 5 movies turned cult classics now. Not to mention his previous work. She's got what.....this, BVS, and some previous one offs hardly remembered?

  • EpicEyez YT
    EpicEyez YT 6 hours ago

    The reason thanos does much more damage than any of these guys is because he is cursed with knowledge

  • Sabrina Miller
    Sabrina Miller 6 hours ago

    Do Toy Story 4!

  • Sabrina Miller
    Sabrina Miller 6 hours ago

    Iron Man and Spidey reunite in this thing.

  • Josh Morris
    Josh Morris 6 hours ago

    Wow, wow, wow... Wow.

  • SavaGT
    SavaGT 6 hours ago

    Whitch Marvel heroes Can defeat darkseid

  • Danny Benhur
    Danny Benhur 6 hours ago

    Decent theory though...

  • Bobby Rutledge
    Bobby Rutledge 6 hours ago

    Deliver the message. A pretty straight-forward justification for a long walk that serves as a visual tour of the stereotypical landscapes of the Great War. Tangled messes of wire, sea of mud, rat-nibbled bodies frozen in soil like so many bits of fruit in the jello, the ruins of a town decorating the dirt like something you would find in an aquarium, abandoned farm, roads that shouldn't be driven upon, more dead things in various stages of decay. Plenty fanciful in many ways, this is nothing more than just another entertaining film, poignant in its treatment of human suffering but recognizably fictional. Thumbs up, great tribute but not a life-altering experience.

  • Danny Benhur
    Danny Benhur 6 hours ago

    2012 diverged timeline from where Loki escaped with Tesseract has Thanos and Ronan alive...

  • Simian Stareyes
    Simian Stareyes 6 hours ago

    So the symbiote turns Peter into emo Buddy Love??? Thats extremely faithful to the IP. Yeah yeah yeah

  • William Cepeda
    William Cepeda 6 hours ago

    in cat in the hat when the cat said "dirty hoe" I understood it and I was nine

  • Ruby Cirha
    Ruby Cirha 6 hours ago

    i think yamcha is actually the strongest now just he never got the chance to show it cas the rest of the z fighters ditched him in super on earth to fight in the galactic tournament had he came goku would have never had to go UI :P

  • Ramon Gonzalez
    Ramon Gonzalez 6 hours ago

    I really wanted to know what was said about this theory, but the sound quality is so horrible, I just can't watch this.

  • Fil More
    Fil More 7 hours ago

    You're only doing this now because of the hype.

  • The Path That Rocks
    The Path That Rocks 7 hours ago

    Joker pitch meeting...not bad! Basically told the story. Dolittle...sweet mother of god. Then again I haven’t seen Dolittle.

  • Margarita Aguilar
    Margarita Aguilar 7 hours ago

    Walking Dead lost me in season 3. I've never been so bored by zombies. The sunk cost fallacy never had a chance to get a hold of me.

  • Jay Ferguson
    Jay Ferguson 7 hours ago

    "Yeah, I love cake." "Right: Cake is great, but that's not what that-" "So, anyways..." **sigh**

  • Harrison Stewart
    Harrison Stewart 7 hours ago

    I don’t think Ledo take playing the Joker very seriously.

  • Joseph Moore
    Joseph Moore 7 hours ago

    Glowing cube? I think you mean an Andalite Morphing Cube!

  • Snehal Walawalkar
    Snehal Walawalkar 7 hours ago

    What do we want :- a B99 pitch meet When we want it -ASAP

  • Crsn E
    Crsn E 7 hours ago

    First one was 💩

  • KnightofDuroch
    KnightofDuroch 7 hours ago

    It's been over two years since I discovered this series thanks to this video right here. Watching it's weird how the format hasn't changed much, but my brain can tell that the editing is a lot tighter, and Ryan especially is a lot broader and more confident in his delivery.

    LEGENDs LOG 7 hours ago

    Gorgeous Gal

  • animelover8305
    animelover8305 7 hours ago

    Lord of the rings pitch meeting

  • Minecraftgamer2000 000

    Yeet yeet yeet yeet fight 👊🏻 club ♣️

  • Dylan
    Dylan 7 hours ago

    It's funny, but I still have a broken heart. Look how they massacred my Star Wars *: (*

  • Maria Laureano
    Maria Laureano 7 hours ago

    Pattinson will do well as bat man

  • Nicholee Beeez
    Nicholee Beeez 7 hours ago

    80% of these are illegitimate.

  • kingchris1244
    kingchris1244 7 hours ago

    Ok boomer

  • MrRandomTV1000
    MrRandomTV1000 7 hours ago

    Things I learned from IT 2: 1) bullying works in defeating your enemies. 2) Suicide helps your loved ones because it’s a strategic move to making their lives better.

  • Mikey F'n-A
    Mikey F'n-A 7 hours ago

    If you told me the guy that documented the life of GG f'n Allin would go on to make $1,000,000,000 filming in Newark I'd say 'you're f'n crazy'

  • Wolfy Howlington
    Wolfy Howlington 7 hours ago

    Ed Edd n Eddy If Watch At The End Of The Day The Ed Stood Still As There Hiding Under Eddys Bed Theres Porno Magazines n Tissues I Don't Think He Blowing His Nose There

  • Mikeykillsit_07 1
    Mikeykillsit_07 1 7 hours ago

    The only thing is the story of 1917 would never have happened

  • MegaGug 95
    MegaGug 95 7 hours ago

    I think the men she fought with knew most of the time but just didn’t say anything

  • Riley Corrigan
    Riley Corrigan 7 hours ago

    I find it hilarious how the company that twisted our copyright laws into abominations are mad they can't use some else's original creation long after he was first released. Sweet, sweet justice.

  • Steve Selinsky
    Steve Selinsky 7 hours ago

    "it's gonna be like a Kaiju paper shredder...", wow, wow, wow, wow....

  • Duelist 42
    Duelist 42 7 hours ago

    You should make a Pitch Meeting for School of Rock.

  • Myka
    Myka 7 hours ago

    First good laugh I've had today. "Of else would they fill up the egg section?"

  • Jon Dunmore
    Jon Dunmore 7 hours ago

    It's official: There are NO MORE actors.

  • spyrg
    spyrg 7 hours ago

    What is the point to watch such movies if you don’t have brain to understand the ending ?

  • Denny Nice
    Denny Nice 7 hours ago

    Do a pitch meating for spaceballs

  • Edwin Yee
    Edwin Yee 7 hours ago

    It’s naruto not naroooooooooooto right?

  • Youtube Watcher
    Youtube Watcher 7 hours ago

    2:45 Morse code? That doesn't seem like a safe cipher to use. Afterall, you can decipher it quickly.

  • Wild Hurricane
    Wild Hurricane 7 hours ago

    Spoiler Ray is a granddaughter to one of the bad guys. That’s why we saw a vision of her as a Dark Sith. That was the Empire teasing her.

  • Samuel Lowery
    Samuel Lowery 7 hours ago

    Blue is a girl...even has been said in both jurassic world movies. ..

  • Neptune cactus
    Neptune cactus 7 hours ago

    I have a copy of it

  • 80's Gothic
    80's Gothic 7 hours ago

    What do you mean? I've seen the forbidden Simpsons ad on TV before

  • XxMangle Playz_UwUxX

    I'm watching two years later in 2020. Did anyone else notice Max's shoes? Or was it just me. Because she wears Vans, which I don't think was made in the 80s

  • hipshimmy
    hipshimmy 7 hours ago

    They really should’ve put the boondocks episode that got banned because of Tyler perry on the list.

  • nel-sun studio
    nel-sun studio 7 hours ago

    disney is LUCKY i liked tom halland spider man i HATE that disney MADE sony get rid off andrew garfield to REBOOT spiderman again and amazing spider man films are my favorite films

  • rocknroargodezz Reaper

    Jellicle jellicle jellicle...

  • The J-Man Or Riot!
    The J-Man Or Riot! 7 hours ago

    1-the movie itself

  • Kaycee Botte
    Kaycee Botte 7 hours ago

    If only Cesar Romero’s makeup artists new about the Elmer Glue trick.

  • Pompous Panda
    Pompous Panda 7 hours ago

    Handsome Pete could definitely be the son of Krusty in the episode Marge VS The Monorail Krusty is approached by a woman with a baby who looks just like him, maybe that's handsome Pete as infant

  • Brandon ruiz
    Brandon ruiz 7 hours ago

    Hopper is clearly alive because he is on the upside down or in the prison when the other cop said no not the American so it mit be him he is not DEAD

  • Bella Rayne
    Bella Rayne 7 hours ago

    “Cramming things into other things is tight!” Love it 😍😂

  • SoHBetaSword
    SoHBetaSword 7 hours ago

    My theory: hoever was Calhouns Superior was a Huge dick, by not havign an Squad securing the outer Perimeter of that church. I mean, she had acommand over a lot of soldiers i nthe Game, and somehow didn't have someone ready to secure the Perimeter.

  • marian ricasata
    marian ricasata 7 hours ago

    The emoji is Zootopia

  • Hellcat
    Hellcat 7 hours ago

    Never gonna be the same without my fav ever, Ironman

  • Steve Selinsky
    Steve Selinsky 7 hours ago

    "oooh.....bubbles are "tight"..."...

  • Michael Ellis
    Michael Ellis 7 hours ago

    "Oh, my face!" Almost every episode.

  • JZKitty Gaming
    JZKitty Gaming 7 hours ago

    Disney used MONEY MONEY MONEY !!! It had no effect on Nintendo

    IGNANT TV 8 hours ago

    Still morbid, can't we have him do a hand wave and then disappear?

  • Corbin Cobb
    Corbin Cobb 8 hours ago

    Y’all should do holes and do a joke about boys holes being tight 😭😭😭