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  • Sgibby 88
    Sgibby 88 Hour ago

    You also live in Cali so I can see why you would never close the vent. I have a road king special but I would imagine up in the north east where I’m front being able to close that vent would be beneficial but I wouldn’t know since I don’t one. As always nice video and you see to be the best dealer in cali

  • SanativeRevolution
    SanativeRevolution 2 hours ago

    So as a driver, you're not required to provide space for lane splitting, but you can't impede that space you're not required to provide??? Stupidest consensus ever! OH WAIT!! It's California, never mind...smh

  • BobsGT235
    BobsGT235 3 hours ago

    Harley also deleted the XM Radio from the CVO's for 2020. And the real kicker is the XM radio module from the 2014-2018's will not work on the 2019-2020's. You would have to buy another $400.00 Harley XM Radio module.

  • Affordable Site Model

    My hold is not releasing proper on my new 2020 street glide. It won't release with hand brake being applied first. Your video shows different I wonder if mine is defective

  • J S
    J S 3 hours ago

    Thanks I agree with you about the heel shifter And my road glide lower vent button stoped working after two months I wish I could close it when I’m riding and it starts to rain or gets cold

  • Henry Krauss
    Henry Krauss 4 hours ago

    Excellent presentation and i fully agree with your assessment of the motorcycle industry and experience. I would love to see more customized factory bikes.

  • Jeffrey Ponting
    Jeffrey Ponting 5 hours ago

    In the 90s the fat boy was the coolest thing on two wheels. Now the street glides and road glides rule. Look at the electraglide standard, I love mine it's everything I want and lacking the things that I don't need.

  • Jeffrey Ponting
    Jeffrey Ponting 5 hours ago

    If you're 6'8" and built like a professional wrestler and you're a quick learner you can probably pull off a road king. If you're 5'8" and kind of timid about it get a street 500 or 750.

  • Jeffrey Ponting
    Jeffrey Ponting 6 hours ago

    Depends on the rider. Harleys have low seat heights which gives you the reassurance of having both feet flat on the ground. A bigger bike like a road king can be a lot of bike for a new rider.

  • Jeffrey Ponting
    Jeffrey Ponting 6 hours ago

    They do have good looking women in their stores that make people look like walking Harley Davidson advertisements. I do like my bike very much though. I have 3 t -shirts and one jacket.

  • Jeffrey Ponting
    Jeffrey Ponting 6 hours ago

    I know that it won't beat a ninja h2, but the Milwaukee 8 has enough power to suit me.

  • Jeffrey Ponting
    Jeffrey Ponting 6 hours ago

    You can buy a 1000cc sportbike for $7500. For a nice Garley touring bike you are in the $20,000 - $30,000 range. I have a electraglide standard and I find it to be very comfortable and stable on the highway. The paint quality is excellent. I am over 40, so I don't need to ride wheelies and dart in and out of traffic at 120mph. I am happy to just cruise.

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia 6 hours ago


  • Kurt Granlund
    Kurt Granlund 7 hours ago

    Just put these shocks on my 18 RGU. Amazing difference on sharp back jaring bumps. Can't wait to go put some big miles on them tomorrow. Thanks for great review Matt!

  • Tits Mcghee
    Tits Mcghee 7 hours ago

    My riders course starts tomorrow at Orlando/Sanford Harley Davidson, and I’m so excited. Never ridden a bike but I definitely plan on buying an 883. Fell in love with the way those bikes look from the minute I started getting interested in riding!

  • Lorne Beaudette
    Lorne Beaudette 8 hours ago

    The heel shifter is no big deal. It is the first thing I take off. One key fob is just cheap though.

  • D C
    D C 9 hours ago

    You have a great channel! Love the HDs just by watching your show. Don’t know how to ride yet but working on it.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw 8 hours ago

      Thanks man. Let me know if you have any questions. Take a course and learn to ride! It will be very rewarding.

  • lewis hunt
    lewis hunt 10 hours ago

    Great review - watching it pointed me in the direction of the fat bob. Pick up the new baby this week! Nice work.

  • Walt Baby
    Walt Baby 11 hours ago

    So.......HD must have surveyed 100 year old males when asking about the heal shifter.... Wait. ... Maybe... Sport bike riders.... smh!

  • scottboy77
    scottboy77 11 hours ago

    Clearly not understanding their worldwide market. In Europe the vents need to be closed a lot of the year due to cold and wet weather. That’s a cheap saving at the expense of the customer, and on such an expensive bike compared to other makes it just makes me think again next time I go to buy one.

  • Karxar1as
    Karxar1as 13 hours ago

    Cool bike but whats the point of spend so much money on a Harley to go faster.Harleys suppose to be lay back relax and enjoy the ride.If you want to go fast you buy a supersport or naked and with half of those money that you spend on Harley you can go twice faster.

    • Karxar1as
      Karxar1as 10 hours ago

      @Matt Laidlaw I was driving 1000cc supersports since i was 23 till now always at the edge spending money for tuning road races etc etc and i am thinking that at my 47 at last its time to lay back relax and get a Harley Sportster 883 in about 5-6 months from now.My question above was from a superbike driver that want to leave all those fast things behind i think you understand my point of view.Maybe i will understand better of what you say when i get my first Harley too.To be honest i will like to get it at full stage 1 mostly for sound but thats it.Who knows maybe i will not stop there :)

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw 10 hours ago

      It isn’t just about going fast for cheap. It’s about going fast on a Harley and everything that comes with a Harley.

  • Camon Simon
    Camon Simon 14 hours ago

    Is Harley going to give you two wheels in the 2021 model? I use heel shiftier and that is one thing I liked over all other bike manufacturers. My wife carries a FOB and I have a FOB. Who wants the inconvenience of typing in security code. We use our bags on every cross country trip. It gives my wife the size and amount she is able to bring with. Disappointing in how Harley doesn't discount the bikes yet take away parts of the bike. Can't speak for others, but when riding in cold weather the ability to close windshield vent to deter cold air in the face is frequently used by myself. I ride often with open face or no helmet at all. Sorry but I can not be positive when these items are stripped from future models.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw 10 hours ago

      Prices actually did go down a bit this year.

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  • Alan Pratt
    Alan Pratt 19 hours ago

    A CVO for me is a bike with a colour matched frame and lots of chrome,personally I think H.D. dropped the ball.

  • 박스나이영천
    박스나이영천 20 hours ago

    정말이지 멋있는바이크입니다👍

  • Kirk Risseler
    Kirk Risseler 20 hours ago

    You can have my heel shifter. Its in my shed somewhere. But, my second key fob came in real handy when my first one went heywire and stopped working. Bet HD would have charged a ton for a second one. Thats a rip off not getting 2 of those.

  • Jonathon Gallant
    Jonathon Gallant 21 hour ago

    I have the 2019 RKS and love it. But look, if we were all the same we would be extremely boring. There will always be people that would choose the RK and there will always be people that choose the RKS. Don't really see what difference it makes as long as your happy with the bike. I personally do like the RK but just prefer the RKS. Both great bikes.

  • Brian MacLennan
    Brian MacLennan 21 hour ago

    Anything for front shocks....?

  • cavscout62
    cavscout62 21 hour ago

    Gimme a Road Glide over this any day.😎

  • Sgibby 88
    Sgibby 88 23 hours ago

    Wow is pretty much all I can say. A lot of very beautiful bikes

  • Anthony Rear
    Anthony Rear 23 hours ago

    Correction 1130cc was the original engine size

  • Joey G
    Joey G Day ago

    Indian coming up, Harley coming down. Its the little things you miss the most lol. Thinkin the 19 is the better option over any of the new 20s.

  • Mike Mechanic
    Mike Mechanic Day ago

    Hi there, how about the Alarm system? My dealer here in Germany told me that the 2020 models no longer have a alarm system. Can you verify that?

  • Rob Bright
    Rob Bright Day ago

    Looking at a 16 street glide with black denim. Your video was very helpful as this will be my first denim paint experience and I won’t be using wax!

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw Day ago

      That’s right! Enjoy the denim paint. I’m a fan.

  • Beetle Mann
    Beetle Mann Day ago

    I Love a Heel Shifter, and My wife and I ride each other's bikes and have the keys to both, so taking away a fob sucks. Who wants to put in a code every time they start the bike. Seems like they're being cheap, just like taking the bags out of the limited.For $32000 plus, a couple bags isn't going to break the bank. It's no wonder ales are plummeting. Wake Up HD.

  • Sean Earnest
    Sean Earnest Day ago


  • Omi Lehew
    Omi Lehew Day ago

    Just picked up my 2018 Heritage Classic 114th Anniversary edition today. Love this bike. My First Harley. Now I know why Harley is the best.

  • bret lefever
    bret lefever Day ago

    Badass build Julio! I like it. But even if I didn’t, the best bike to have is the bike you own. Definitely a fan of the performance bagger though. I’m 6’3, so I’m a touring bike guy. And I like the smooth ride, fairing, and cruise control. Plan on picking up an EG standard next summer. Perfect blank slate.

  • Scott Placella

    Couldn't disagree more on the RG fairing vent buttons. I close mine all the time. Day ride turns into night, temps drop, and if I don't bring a vest or jacket I end up closing my vents. It blocks a ton of air from hitting my core and making me cold. I also close the vents when I get caught in the rain. I often wonder if the people at HD making the decisions actually ride the bikes. I am using my 2nd FOB as well. Heel shifter, never used

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw Day ago

      I’m getting that same comment about the vents. I guess in southern CA we don’t have the need as much.

  • bret lefever
    bret lefever Day ago

    I’ve been reading a ton of posts about how expensive H-D’s have gotten. And I honestly disagree. A 2019 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse starts at $28k compared to a SG for $22k or a SGS for $28k. The road master dark horse is $29k, same as an Ultra Limited. A gold wing is $24k-$28k. I’m sure I’ll get some haters that beat me up over options, but I didn’t see any differences that would sway me one way or the other. These aren’t just motorcycles. They are a legitimate mode of transportation. They can last well past 30 years, and a fair amount of bikes on cycle trader have 75k plus miles. But in the end, this is just 1 man’s opinion

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw Day ago

      Yea, it’s amazing how many people want to talk about how they are gonna buy an Indian because they cost less when really they are just as expensive.

  • Mike Linder
    Mike Linder Day ago

    So I happened to come across video for fox vs legends shocks and I about pulled the trigger on Fox, then this video popped up, do you still like these shocks better then fox or legends

    • Mike Linder
      Mike Linder Day ago

      Matt Laidlaw thanks for reply, so the fox still perform better then the Russ wernimont designs?

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw Day ago

      Yea I still run my fox. Both suspensions are good.

  • Richard Ala
    Richard Ala Day ago

    I would need/want the heel shifter.

  • Nika Beribak
    Nika Beribak Day ago

    Matt, start to negotiate with Polaris people for Indian dealership. With new recession coming around the door, H-D will not survive with this mentality!

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw Day ago

      Lol. I actually enjoy selling bikes. Indian sales are dismal compared to HD. Plus I can’t recommend a product that I know is inferior to the product that it’s copying.

  • Denis Vernier
    Denis Vernier Day ago

    This Crazy Nice Harley Will do my best To have it for next summer🤞

  • Gary Kearns
    Gary Kearns Day ago

    Lane splitting is lame splitting

  • Michael chrysler

    Damn, I wish we could lane split in Oregon/Washington!

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness Day ago

    As someone who rides a tourer I wouldn't be caught dead without a heel/toe shifter on my bike. If I were riding a sportser, a supersport, a dirt bike or even an adventure bike that would be a different story but at 55 years old I only ride cruisers.

  • Justin Orange
    Justin Orange Day ago

    Ok serious question. I want to put on a set of Kraus strait bars, the 12s, but I don’t want to buy the gauge from Kraus. I want to put a road king tank and gauge so it’s all clean on the forks. How much of a pain would it be to wire it to the road king dash. Would it be plug and play or am I going to have to get a different harness?

  • Michael Meanman

    Harley bad call....... MISTAKE anything for a buck sorry but i am not happy M from NY

  • Scott Stevens
    Scott Stevens Day ago

    Love the bike. The seat is a huge miss by HD.. I am 6'6 and ride a 16 CVO Limited I sat on the 20 this past weekend and that non-removable pad on the back push me so far forward i'm on the tank and can't turn the bars all the way without hitting my knees. Sales rep said we could take the seat off of my 2016 .. LOL really a 43K bike with my old seat..

  • Xavier Munoz
    Xavier Munoz Day ago

    Still waiting for the 2020 low rider review.

  • R Coleman
    R Coleman Day ago

    love the white and i love the fact that the speakers and lower leg fairings were eliminated from the CVO Street Glide

  • Michael Sword
    Michael Sword Day ago

    Nice Job on the video. Thanks! I'm disappointed in the changes. My wife and I each ride our own bike and each of us carries the others spare FOB. We both use the heal shifter. My wife cannot up-shift with her toes anymore. We live in Vegas and the dull finish fades in the Vegas sun. That alone is enough to keep me from buying on of these new bikes. Hopefully that will go away. Also, after getting stung one spring I have closed my 2015 vents when traveling in bee country (main freeways into Arizona and Utah from Vegas and some central California roads) during the spring. When the vents are open, bees are carried through the vent by the wind-stream straight onto the rider. Hopefully, someone will develop a screened insert for the vents.

  • marc mo
    marc mo Day ago

    I removed the heal shifter off of both of my Streetglides right away. I like more room on my floorboard. As far as the vent mine is always open.

  • easyglide
    easyglide Day ago

    I would buy the CVO Street Glide if they were liquid cooled like the Ultra's

  • Citizen Park
    Citizen Park Day ago

    Great points about ‘rider height’ for the breakout... it’s the kind of info that helps me make decisions!

  • Bredaxe
    Bredaxe Day ago

    Not hating on HD, but I think Indian has them on the feel of a Chieftain Darkhorse. The Center of gravity and reduced front rake makes them feel lighter to handle and sportier in turns. Have you heard of HD doing anything in future designs to lighten up their frames? Imagine a 530lb wet cruiser or 575lb tourer with a 107 or 114?

  • Gusseisern
    Gusseisern Day ago

    Milwaukee eight engine yessss

  • Robert Groves
    Robert Groves 2 days ago

    Been riding Harleys since 1991 and have been very loyal to the company. But when a company is dominated by accountants instead of engineers the whole dynamics of manufacturing changes to a "race to the bottom" mentality. Remember there is another competitor now and Harley is making them look good. Oh and by the way. Don't be fooled by this "blacked out" paint system. Paint is cheap as opposed to chrome and chips off easily.

  • Kanokwan Saengloy
    Kanokwan Saengloy 2 days ago

    Yes,american &trip(n.)?armythailand0988546890#my nam chai.

  • Kanokwan Saengloy
    Kanokwan Saengloy 2 days ago


  • Kanokwan Saengloy
    Kanokwan Saengloy 2 days ago


  • Ticky Tocky
    Ticky Tocky 2 days ago

    Why do a lot of Harley riders wear Simpson car helmets?

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw 2 days ago

      I don’t know but I wear a Simpson motorcycle helmet.

  • mrwilljones3015
    mrwilljones3015 2 days ago

    When I first got my Road Glide I refused to use my heel shifter, I was a tow man. After getting use to my bike I began to shift with my heel shifter I wouldn’t ride without it. Sucks that HD wouldn’t give you that option

  • Tony Edwards
    Tony Edwards 2 days ago

    So what’s Harley going to do next year to keep the prices sort of the same? Take a mirror off? The law only requires one you know? Take the Crome/Powder coat off? Start painting the bikes in primer? (They sorta already do that sorry “denim” fans) this used to be a justifiable expense as a premium product sort of like a Leica or a Apple Product... Harley is really starting to boggle my mind here... took a demo on a 2020 Road King Special and the one thing I HATED was the no heel shifter thing

  • Thiện Dàn Cỏ Xì Phố 0938484360

    #Thiệndàncỏxìphố . Mời cả nhà vào ủng hộ kênh mình nhé 😍😍😍

  • PDB Long
    PDB Long 2 days ago

    What is the fuel range?

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw 2 days ago

      6 gallons. You’ll get about 180-200 miles before you’ll need to fill up.

  • hispeed lowdrag
    hispeed lowdrag 2 days ago

    John Maxwell rocks! Another great video, thanks for all your hard work Matt.

  • Wilhelm Wolfe
    Wilhelm Wolfe 2 days ago

    Nice 👍 interesting brake thing ( smoky grey )

  • shawn taber
    shawn taber 2 days ago

    Love my heel shifter! My station boots are to tall. Not a deal brealer though

  • Jon Test
    Jon Test 2 days ago

    I’ve never bought a new motorcycle, but I’d be willing to bet if you walked in there and told them add a heel shifter and second fob and I’ll buy it they would probably do it.

  • Jarhead6
    Jarhead6 2 days ago

    Thanks so much!

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez 2 days ago

    I use my spare fob when I take it in for services

  • Bob DeLellis
    Bob DeLellis 2 days ago

    I have a 2019 Softail Heritage Classic 114, which also did NOT come with a heel shifter. I had one on my previous bike, which was a Yamaha. I was told that the spline on the Harley shift linkage is a problem area and that using a heel shifter adds more stress to that point, and it wasn't a good idea to add one. Could it be that Harley has also recognized the heel shifter as a problem and THAT is why they have left it off? I was told this by the techs at the local Harley dealership AND by friends that have owned Harleys for a long time. It took a little while to get used to, but now I like being able to slide my heel all the way back, which you can't do with a heel shifter installed.

  • ML F1
    ML F1 2 days ago

    1 key fob with override code is fine No soft bags should be free if you want them but does not have to come with it Heel shifter should be free if you want one which Laidlaw is honouring Closing all vents not being an option is what I don’t like up here in the North where riding season includes cold weather so that is a fail I think.

  • BBQ Nut
    BBQ Nut 2 days ago

    How can you not love Harley Davidson? Gunship Grey made me loose my mind. However I settled on Twisted Cherry.

  • The Cherry Bomb
    The Cherry Bomb 2 days ago

    Nice try. But Harley went cheap. Surprised since Indians sales are up.

  • Metalb00
    Metalb00 2 days ago

    I’d say sportsters aren’t great for beginners, they are top heavy and not great for low speed maneuvers for beginners

  • Paul Jirinec
    Paul Jirinec 2 days ago

    I totally get ABS and linked braking IF YOU ARE GOING AGGRESSIVELY ON A SPORT BIKE. Harley is a cruiser. Linked brakes, ABS, is just a bunch of unnecessary whoie. Don't even get me started on that water cooling shenanigans either.

  • Black Coffee & Motorcycles

    what was the reason to get rid of the trunk & saddle bag liner bags? they were a great feature to get when you got an ultra.. and can you still buy them? id like a set for my road glide special. thanks for there info matt 👍

  • saddlebag
    saddlebag 2 days ago

    Hey Matt. So I finally went to the dark side. Got an RK with the RDRS. Tried out the clutch dump control. It didn't lock up the rear tire, but there was still a ton of engine braking. As a safety mechanism, it works. I'll still be rev matching manually if I ride it aggressively, but I doubt I will very much. I also tested hill hold mode. It works as long as you're in gear. If you put it in neutral and let go of the brake, you will start rolling backward. I wish it worked in neutral so I didn't have to hold the brakes or the clutch. Maybe next year. This thing will spoil you when the road is clear. I can see a lot of long days in the saddle with this one.

  • Michael Costeline
    Michael Costeline 2 days ago

    I wish Harley would work on Quality more than this bullshit. Long time Rider here seems like we’re going back to the AMF days. Now it’s the lifters holy fuck you’re kidding me. It’s the fucking outsourcing Indonesia now India China. Every time they ask for something we have to pay. And you know what I’m talking about with the lifters now . Everybody’s going to pay for this with the standard #Warranty Center we’re out of their pockets. ABS is good enough we don’t need all that shit other shit on a big ass bike. LiveWire what a joke how much they spent on that? Come on let’s work on quality bring the bike back to America. I guess you young guys don’t give a fuck. Vehicle hold control Why don’t they just put a fucking automatic torque fly or something in it. Build us some quality motorcycles quit powder coating everything. Here’s an idea quit taking lights off of it and offering to put them on aftermarket. I got a pay for this shit Rodney fucking junk. I mean Hondas are made overseas gold wings they’re good bikes I guess get them to build Harley for you. I just want a good bike I love my Harley I love Harley Davidson‘s but they are giving up on us. They’re running the company into the ground build something good. I’m not the only one

  • wescobts
    wescobts 2 days ago

    Wow ! what a great video ! I wish the salesman would have approached me with this thought process. I could have same my self a few thousand dollars. Lucky for me i was able to ride a few bikes and make a good decision on my own. Again... lucky. I am super happy with my Street Bob, fits me with a glove. If i was ever in LA, i would like to stop in your shop and say hello

  • Ducati Jeff
    Ducati Jeff 2 days ago

    Coming from sport bikes and current Ducati 899 owner, I don’t know what a heel shifter is like.

  • Razz Rasmussen
    Razz Rasmussen 2 days ago

    Thanks for the information. I thought I was seeing things when I saw no heel shifter . Keep up the videos. Maybe I can make to California some time to get a dealership patch from you all.

  • John Boyce
    John Boyce 2 days ago

    yes, The 2019 road glide ultra came with bags

  • David Hodgins
    David Hodgins 2 days ago

    The heal shift is very important to me and the vent close button is used in the rain or colder weather. Pretty cheap cuts to be honest. I have a 2018 Anniversary Street Glide I wouldn't trade it for a 2020.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw 2 days ago

      I appreciate the comment. Thanks for weighing in

  • A K
    A K 2 days ago

    seemed like a lot of bouncing...

  • Michael Cassara
    Michael Cassara 2 days ago

    Awesome video and I don’t ride........yet.

  • Brian Gray
    Brian Gray 2 days ago

    Matt can I get those highway pegs on that RK for my 2019 RG Special looked like they bolted right to the floorboards awesome video and scooter!

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw 2 days ago

      Yes. They should have the exact same fitment.

  • J Garofalo
    J Garofalo 2 days ago

    I don't mind the single FOB. But, the heel shift is a requirement for me. In my opinion, if we are putting out for touring bike, we should be able to tour with it.

  • Viktor Sligo
    Viktor Sligo 2 days ago

    Word in the ether is that Harley Davidson is due to be subject to a hostile takeover bid. Chief player? Tata

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby 2 days ago

    About time!!! Never should have stopped making it in the first place!

  • Kevin Butler
    Kevin Butler 2 days ago

    What you’re seeing is the effects of the tariffs now. Trying to keep the prices in line.

  • Tim howell
    Tim howell 2 days ago

    I got a 19 ultra with the heel shift. At first it was weird but I like it now. I wish I could have got the all black out one though. But it’s a nice bike compared to the old streetglide I had

    MR NON PC 2 days ago

    Harley should stop putting that primer paint on the inner fairing. It makes a otherwise beautiful bike look unfinished, and a little cheap. My dealer told me that the WHIM was now Standard on the new bikes. I have a 2016 and just had it installed. Harley really needs to get up to speed with today’s technology as far as the information system is concerned. I remember back when I bought my 2016 a friend who had a CVO said the 6.5GT was awful, and not user friendly. He was right. It’s like where’s Waldo? Harley also doesn’t seem to care about fixing any of its problems anymore. The last update it had was in January. SMH

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw 2 days ago

      The WHIM is not standard except on the CVOs. The 6.5GT system is really not difficult at all. I will say the GTS system is a little easier to navigate and get to the most commonly used functions.

  • roy belluomini
    roy belluomini 2 days ago

    Seems Harley is in the business to get people to want to upgrade their bikes. I finally picked up a new Ultra in 2018. Was very impressed with the changes over my ‘09 Road King and ‘10 Fatboy. However, I didn’t understand why the heavier baggers only had the 107 option but the softails got the 114 optional upgrade. Big surprise the ‘19 models came with 114 standard. Also, no black trim option for the baggers unless you get a CVO. Now I see an Ultra has black trim option. Special. Models cost more than the standard model, yet they come with less equipment.... I was happy to see the soft bags come with my Ultra, they make trips much easier. I hand the bag to the wife and tell her this is all you can bring. And 1 key fob? I had my fob blow out of my pocket once. I was able to ride home and get the spare and order a replacement when I had a chance. I don’t ride in poor weather so I can’t comment on the vent doors. However, removing a heel shifter on a Harley is dumb. I use mine all the time. And, it’s the easiest way to get these bikes into N. What were they thinking?

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw 2 days ago

      I appreciate the comment from one one who has owned several bikes. Thanks for sharing your opinion etc.

  • Lucky Man Indeed
    Lucky Man Indeed 2 days ago

    Instead of not including the rear shift lever, they should offer it as a free option as you say you’ll do. FOBs are a different story. You have two, lose one, you’re not likely to replace the extra one. Have one, lose it, you’ll have to buy a new one from Harley. People in non CA environments open and close the vents regularly. Less, less, less, less...but as you say Matt, the prices ain’t changed so how this translates to a non-negative, much less a positive, for the consumer is beyond me.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw 2 days ago

      I actually should have taken a closer look at the prices before I said that because a lot of the prices actually came down.

  • Phil Machac
    Phil Machac 2 days ago

    I don’t care for the colors I want to get a CVO but going to wait for Harley to use Crome again if I want a all painted bike I go back to my gold wing

  • Danny Rowland
    Danny Rowland 2 days ago

    Great info, thanks..