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SSSniperWolf My Closet Tour
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What I Eat In A Day
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Adventures of Kaz!
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  • Zelya Cabahug
    Zelya Cabahug Minute ago

    The pumpkin will last i know because i did it one year for halloween

  • xshadow. gamerx
    xshadow. gamerx 8 minutes ago

    5:18 who heard ddu-du ddu-du in the background

  • Christopher Whitener
    Christopher Whitener 17 minutes ago

    Water should be 7. No more no less

  • Tzen G
    Tzen G Hour ago


  • Kidz Vidz
    Kidz Vidz 2 hours ago

    Who has been to smiley cup in Tasmania Devonport

  • Keilah Yu
    Keilah Yu 2 hours ago

    You got yourself a whole science experiment

  • XxChibi PlayzxX
    XxChibi PlayzxX 2 hours ago

    Liaaa you lokkkkk so dif

  • Джошуа волисын


  • Toni Defields
    Toni Defields 2 hours ago

    Your not even clamping it down for the 5 seconds your suppose to..... lol

  • Scree ASMR
    Scree ASMR 2 hours ago

    10:10 hes like drunk from it XD

  • Paula Hod
    Paula Hod 2 hours ago

    U had a bday some time ago and u didnt show us ur presents. Maybe u will open some presents on christmas?

  • epix Army
    epix Army 3 hours ago

    She looked sexy in the underwear 🤤

  • Jen_123x
    Jen_123x 3 hours ago

    Why did him taking her shoes trigger me so much...

  • princessangel 329 roblox

    I never k I never knew you cooked 😳

  • Hailey Bolton
    Hailey Bolton 3 hours ago

    Do truth or dare 🐺😿♥️ please 🙏 i.m a man of God

  • adam schofield
    adam schofield 3 hours ago

    Watch Riverdale

  • Natalie’s Vlogs
    Natalie’s Vlogs 3 hours ago


  • Manuel Santos
    Manuel Santos 3 hours ago

    My favorite French RU-clipr is back

  • Humberto Herrera
    Humberto Herrera 3 hours ago

    did y'all see the price they're so expensive😱

  • Bella Ocampo
    Bella Ocampo 3 hours ago

    “ HELLO BUTTHOLE” - lia, 2019

  • Funny Vids
    Funny Vids 3 hours ago

    That ponytail gonna have a lot of dust! Talk about dusty musty crusty

  • Anahi Mejia
    Anahi Mejia 4 hours ago

    Ouch....I am hurt because I HAVE DANDRUFF AND IT SUCKS

  • *’katrina’*
    *’katrina’* 4 hours ago

    I knew when I saw little lia it reminded me of sssniperwolf

  • Dawniecolor
    Dawniecolor 4 hours ago


  • Courtney Peet
    Courtney Peet 4 hours ago

    lia are you a hollosexual?

  • Mellainy Brown
    Mellainy Brown 4 hours ago


  • Nikia Schlosser
    Nikia Schlosser 4 hours ago

    Ok but that green strip is a look.👍

  • xGachaLily J
    xGachaLily J 4 hours ago

    i swear to god everything in sniperwolfs house is white even her dogs

  • shawnee McMorgan
    shawnee McMorgan 4 hours ago

    Why do you try to sound like Jenna Marlbles?

  • tiger gacha
    tiger gacha 4 hours ago

    The girl that made the hair beard copped me also can I get a shout out pls pls

  • Benji Duffy
    Benji Duffy 5 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣😅 OML I can’t stop 😅😅😅😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Benji Duffy
    Benji Duffy 5 hours ago

    LOL BIG BOOTIE JOOTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Campbell
    Sarah Campbell 5 hours ago

    Who do you get your booty so big no hate

  • Benji Duffy
    Benji Duffy 5 hours ago

    Oooooo girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeremy Overton
    Jeremy Overton 5 hours ago

    Instead of glitter gel you should use baby oil and glitter

  • Panic!At The Disco Fangirl for life

    Btw. For the dandriff. I have it really bad. And i have used literally every shampoo i know of. And none of them have done anything

  • Amethyst Gacha
    Amethyst Gacha 5 hours ago

    1:59 we got the female pennywise

  • Anika Borema
    Anika Borema 5 hours ago

    Lia definitely wore the shirt better

  • Zos Kallypso
    Zos Kallypso 5 hours ago

    Sweet! I'm the same way unite Phoenix force. Say no to Copyright infringement. I'm on the boat

  • TheVable1
    TheVable1 5 hours ago

    Little Lia : man ain't nobody got time for this Me : did it in 5 minutes

  • Katie Cat
    Katie Cat 5 hours ago

    I LOVE YOU LIA♡♡♡♡BTW I'm a girl not gay

  • Payton Ryan
    Payton Ryan 5 hours ago

    That’s bigger than my room

  • Karen Stephanie
    Karen Stephanie 5 hours ago

    And mine wasn't one there!

  • Mariah Abel
    Mariah Abel 5 hours ago

    poor you but i'm big butty Judy sorry hunny 4:53

  • Kaylie Kryptonite
    Kaylie Kryptonite 5 hours ago

    “I see my reflection and you’re lying to me” Lia 2019 😂

  • Zombiechi 1202
    Zombiechi 1202 5 hours ago

    I love ur accent n been subscribed for lil while n I’m obsessed with ur channel

  • Siyao Lin
    Siyao Lin 6 hours ago

    I think you should label every drawer because DAMN GURL ILL GET CONFUZZLED! 😂

  • Noe Orozco
    Noe Orozco 6 hours ago


  • Noe Orozco
    Noe Orozco 6 hours ago


  • Michelle Cabañas
    Michelle Cabañas 6 hours ago

    You look like a boy

  • Noe Orozco
    Noe Orozco 6 hours ago


  • Nana Lee
    Nana Lee 6 hours ago

    You do realize that how you use a bun donut is you put your hair on and roll it into the outside of the bun donut not just put it in your hair, move the hair to the sides

  • Alina the wolf Rosas

    Love you little lia

  • Layla Lemus
    Layla Lemus 6 hours ago

    damn your bf is cold 😂 cuz you 10/10

  • I die slowly
    I die slowly 6 hours ago

    45 DOLLARS

  • Kathlen Robledo
    Kathlen Robledo 6 hours ago

    Guys this is a stolen acc the real acc is SSSniperwolf

  • I die slowly
    I die slowly 6 hours ago

    I haven't slept in 3 days. I'm fine. Dont worry. I have school tomarrow. I hope I'm sick. I hate school.

  • Finley Brock
    Finley Brock 6 hours ago

    “It looked like my counter top after I’m done frying chicken” that got me laughing 😂

  • Emily’s World!
    Emily’s World! 6 hours ago

    Deja blue water, more like “Deja VOO”

  • Emily’s World!
    Emily’s World! 6 hours ago

    Deja Blue water should be “DESSA VOO” haha

  • Kierra’s Corner
    Kierra’s Corner 6 hours ago

    She looks like she’s 20

  • Jazz vlogs
    Jazz vlogs 6 hours ago

    Lia I miss the gaming lia please come back

  • Jessie Brader
    Jessie Brader 7 hours ago

    Watching Lia try on crazy cute clothes when I'm 7 months pregnant....why do I do this to myself. My after baby alliexpress cart is becoming obnoxious...

  • Scanzer Gaming
    Scanzer Gaming 7 hours ago

    99 cent store manager: everything must be over 99 cents! Coworker: but shouldnt we- Manager: I SAID OVER 99 CENTS

  • Shea_Bear
    Shea_Bear 7 hours ago

    Love you Broshki.... 😂 lmao

  • Emily Gomez
    Emily Gomez 7 hours ago

    7:33 I did it and I didn't watch the vid I thought I was creative I was like "iM sO bOoTiFuL yAsSsSsS qUeEn!" And now to this vid I didn't know it was a hack -_-

  • Santos Ledesma
    Santos Ledesma 7 hours ago

    What is a Boba and what does it test like What is Boba made of I have so many Questions

  • Ell A
    Ell A 7 hours ago

    I tHink she should dye her hair blue or pink

  • Alexandra White
    Alexandra White 7 hours ago

    Lia. I don't know what wish is. Me Wish is my life.

  • 4Brinley Beazer
    4Brinley Beazer 7 hours ago

    The red dress is my fav

  • Ivan Meatball
    Ivan Meatball 7 hours ago

    This place is called Buffet Asia, and btw it is 3 stars and it is not dank we go there all the time. The food is good and they have an A grade from the food district

  • Stephanie Hankenson
    Stephanie Hankenson 7 hours ago

    dont tell my dog that gets jelous easy i give your dog a 10/10

  • April Chan
    April Chan 7 hours ago

    at the beginning it said it was. 2,900 DOLLARS!!! girl Idk what to say....

  • PS4 J
    PS4 J 7 hours ago

    it is 69

  • Lucy Griffin
    Lucy Griffin 7 hours ago


  • SieaWolfDeadly
    SieaWolfDeadly 7 hours ago

    I have two of those products, the massager ball (not the stick) and the brush, I didnt get them from wish though. The brush is from a hair company and they sell like bun molds to do loads of styles

  • LiLSingingCupcakes
    LiLSingingCupcakes 7 hours ago

    i like that wig tho

  • Kamryn Edwards
    Kamryn Edwards 7 hours ago

    This. Is loud and proud Fill in the blank Lia: water bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Backwood Stuffedcrust

    luv you babe

  • Gabriel Tamayo
    Gabriel Tamayo 7 hours ago

    You thicc asf

  • Gabriel Tamayo
    Gabriel Tamayo 7 hours ago

    You thick asf

  • Kamryn Edwards
    Kamryn Edwards 7 hours ago

    Oh my God What!? Is it bad No it tastes like water!

  • chiara falchi-mure
    chiara falchi-mure 7 hours ago

    hell noooooo never

  • GregoCatal
    GregoCatal 7 hours ago

    Only thing missing is to try to turn your hair into cat's ears.

  • Adah Meyerhoff
    Adah Meyerhoff 7 hours ago

    I found little lia first and then I found sssniperwolf cause I was like “ ooh they look alike oh wait their the same person”

  • Bengerman Browne
    Bengerman Browne 7 hours ago

    shes so cute

  • Hope Bowen
    Hope Bowen 7 hours ago

    5:43 "and then there is going to be a whole vortex through here" lol

  • J.d Gold
    J.d Gold 8 hours ago

    Waitress: don't record my face Me : I came for the food not you Gorden Ramsey : that's my job

    JOHN GAHUANCELA 8 hours ago


  • Elizabeth Yost
    Elizabeth Yost 8 hours ago


  • Elizabeth Yost
    Elizabeth Yost 8 hours ago


  • Jenna H
    Jenna H 8 hours ago

    Kylie is a billionaire

  • Mercedes Camberos
    Mercedes Camberos 8 hours ago

    When Lia put eye shadow in her hair it made her look kind of like jade from victorious

  • kawaii Q's
    kawaii Q's 8 hours ago

    Snipey wore it better

  • Sully The horse
    Sully The horse 8 hours ago

    Vsco girl : and I oop Me: and u pooped ?

  • Sully The horse
    Sully The horse 8 hours ago

    I abosolutly hate visco girls All I here is sksksksk and I oooooooop

  • Kali Crampo
    Kali Crampo 8 hours ago

    I have dirty blond

  • Mary Zinda
    Mary Zinda 8 hours ago

    I have the same fluffy scrunchie

  • Lourdes Donohue
    Lourdes Donohue 8 hours ago

    Sniper wolf I don’t like Evian Me you fool you do not have class a brain Just kidding sorry I love you sniper wolf

  • Lourdes Donohue
    Lourdes Donohue 8 hours ago

    Me does water have a smell goes and gets water put flavor packet it does have a smell digital next was right