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Progressive Astronaut
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  • Milan Lukic
    Milan Lukic 6 hours ago

    when the f. I started reading all comments, and more importante, WHY? P.S.[great track]

  • Jonny Dickinson

    Fuckin choon this 👌👌👌

  • Paola Martínez Asanelli


  • James Dennis
    James Dennis 5 days ago

    And so we return.... good tunes last forever. You always come back. When we dip, we divulge, and we move together into the deepest state of progressive house. Deep vibes and enchanting synths. Magician on Duty - Anjunadeep - Pampa - Enjoy...............

  • Dzoni dzo
    Dzoni dzo 5 days ago

    Magic 😍❤️

  • AVG
    AVG 6 days ago

    The harder version of time: Dr. Peacock, Sefa - World of the Dream.

  • Moises Aquariano
    Moises Aquariano 9 days ago

    No words to describe such buzz that is this Remix

  • Re Buke
    Re Buke 10 days ago

    This is just sublime. I am in a trance

  • Mother F**keress
    Mother F**keress 12 days ago

    I always buy in retail and ripp my original music onto need to convert or protect promos, this is why promos are made an extras to downloaded records...just gratis your audience once in a while...whilst offering them several download options in terms of purchase

  • Jose Pirri
    Jose Pirri 15 days ago

  • Fido Dido
    Fido Dido 15 days ago

    awesome! 🔥💪❤🔊🎶🙌👏😎

  • RiicOsPaiN
    RiicOsPaiN 16 days ago

    J’adore ❤️

  • AleX BlacK
    AleX BlacK 18 days ago


  • philippe simon
    philippe simon 23 days ago


  • Tim Klaiber
    Tim Klaiber 23 days ago

    Pure perfection

  • José Vitor Freitas dos Santos


  • Διονύσης Διαμαντόπουλος

    The best overdose music with sunshine behind What else someone need ?

  • Aleksandar Poposki
    Aleksandar Poposki 24 days ago

    radioactivity! :-) great track

  • Sergio Garcia
    Sergio Garcia 25 days ago

    Best track in my life

  • jgfjzfgjuzfitrsxt
    jgfjzfgjuzfitrsxt 27 days ago

    I was at a small festvial in germany near cologne. It was played at the smallest stage and it was such a beautiful moment when it came. Glad i found it!

  • Haktan Ülker
    Haktan Ülker 27 days ago

    sik gibi şarkıymış.

  • John Beck
    John Beck Month ago

    stunning. brought me to tears.

    C MILLS Month ago

    Brooklyn Mirage last Saturday at 7am sunrise

  • Manilo Rausa
    Manilo Rausa Month ago


  • andiandi21
    andiandi21 Month ago

    God level!

  • Pablo Barzola
    Pablo Barzola Month ago

    Esa bajada en el minuto 3:30 🌑💚💜💙💛

  • Mikael Struve
    Mikael Struve Month ago

    Very nice track 👍🏻

  • Viktor Kanoc
    Viktor Kanoc Month ago

    Pls download link is dead :( :( :(

  • lambri007
    lambri007 Month ago

    When Classic music meets house , no Words ! ☁️😍

  • xCrysTaL RaiN
    xCrysTaL RaiN Month ago


  • Philip Licinio
    Philip Licinio Month ago

    Doesn't get much better than this!

  • Alfie Chua
    Alfie Chua Month ago

    Love love love this track! WoW!

  • Social Experiment

    heard this track in the club last sasturday, hat to get a water and some chewing gum

  • Gabriele B
    Gabriele B Month ago

    this is not progressive, right? it's fire anyway

  • Logan Richey
    Logan Richey Month ago

    This is the best remix I have heard! Great job!

  • Mateus henrique de araujo

    Amo ouvir essa música com os olhos fechados

  • Hector Botrini
    Hector Botrini Month ago

    Bro that song deserves more than 1 million views

  • Maren Akinyi
    Maren Akinyi Month ago

    Keep calm and save Ukraine !!!

  • Данель Халель

    Perfect line of music! Genious! bravo!

  • Muhammad Sabeeh
    Muhammad Sabeeh Month ago

    Mind = Blown Away

  • Sly Baco
    Sly Baco Month ago

    i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ramy Mishriky
    Ramy Mishriky Month ago

    Hans zimmer and Tale of us a boom !!!!!

  • John Preston
    John Preston Month ago

    your site is not free !!!!!

  • Jan F
    Jan F Month ago

    Please Remix - Hans Zimmer: the Black sheep

  • Rrem Eshja
    Rrem Eshja 2 months ago

    Love it

  • DJ_Intoxicator_dk
    DJ_Intoxicator_dk 2 months ago

    higest possible and perfection when its at its best!!

  • whyalazas
    whyalazas 2 months ago

    On point.

  • omegazin
    omegazin 2 months ago


    RAFANOMAS 2 months ago

    What it feels like when you're out of moves What it feels like when the sun doesn't bring you pleasure When you break all the rules and sometimes you don't feel any major. It's not all rigth. it's not ok. When you decide through their hands When somebody tries to reach depressed in you. You make one more scape. Somebody miss you so much. Somebody miss you so much. Somebody miss you so much. Somebody miss you so much. Somebody miss you so much. Somebody miss you so much. What it…

  • andiandi21
    andiandi21 2 months ago

    This helps me forget the world i built for us while forgeting about our tale. Now i walk alone in the city we built.

  • Carlo Pucci
    Carlo Pucci 2 months ago

    Last song of Bodzin set in Liege.. Amazing

  • Kâara Music
    Kâara Music 2 months ago

    Tek kelime ile “Muhteşem” ! Son zamanlarda dinlediğim en iyi parça ve en duygulu eser. Tebrik ederim 👊

  • Alexander K. Grudov
    Alexander K. Grudov 2 months ago


  • dapper
    dapper 2 months ago

    Lithuanian legend. Music that will last forever!! Mind expanding

  • StGFvBH
    StGFvBH 2 months ago

    I love this Track! Where can I buy it or download it?

  • 10k subs with no videos

    the elements of the song the feel it gives you is completely not here in this remix sorry dude

  • Janett Vogel
    Janett Vogel 3 months ago

    The fuck***** ing happy Beat of my 🧡

  • Petros Chistou
    Petros Chistou 3 months ago

    Thumb ups

  • Yogesh Sain
    Yogesh Sain 3 months ago

    A journey to the heaven with this master stroke mix..!!

  • Felo´s
    Felo´s 3 months ago

    Heard in live Yesterday in Papagayo, Tenerife. Shazam made it posible to have this absolutely huge trance Track. Good trip, best feelings

  • Bentreq
    Bentreq 3 months ago


  • Nkosikhona Mthembu
    Nkosikhona Mthembu 3 months ago

    😊💪💪💥 its wow

  • Christof Treiber
    Christof Treiber 3 months ago

    Ein Track der mir IMMER wieder die Augen befeuchtet ... ohne Grund. Einfach weil es Kunst ist! Danke Hans Zimmer für deine GROSsEN MUSIKALISCHEN STÜCKE! Bester Remix ♥️👍♥️👍😇

  • Lukaszasz people can fly

    Absolutely. Amazing. Brak słów 🇵🇱 💪👌

  • Mircea Vdv
    Mircea Vdv 3 months ago

    first love that will never leave me: music!

  • Jaime Dj Zen Pra Ryu
    Jaime Dj Zen Pra Ryu 3 months ago


  • rebornsaint
    rebornsaint 3 months ago

    Turn it up! Happy Birthday RS!!June 29

  • Ashley Evans
    Ashley Evans 3 months ago

    I have to hear it live...committed to going to all of their sets in hopes that they'll play it.

  • Jonathan Reynoso
    Jonathan Reynoso 3 months ago

    amazing feeling---- going to heaven with this.....

  • Tatiana Camila Cruz
    Tatiana Camila Cruz 3 months ago

    Original version always be blthe best version

  • Miguel Caceres
    Miguel Caceres 3 months ago

    H-C - FORJA 17

  • goodvibes only
    goodvibes only 3 months ago

    Anyone here after the picture of darkhole ?

  • Laura Košelevaitė
    Laura Košelevaitė 3 months ago

    is it prog house?

  • Mike Angel99
    Mike Angel99 3 months ago

    Life is all about "Time" Music is about Life itself And we dance till we lose ourselves between time and space... Tale of Us and the genius Hans Zimmer ❤

  • Menta e Mirto
    Menta e Mirto 4 months ago

    Many thanx from Ukraine 🇺🇦

  • Cezary Mierzejewski
    Cezary Mierzejewski 4 months ago

    jebane fck dreams after mdma :-)

  • Martin Stewart
    Martin Stewart 4 months ago

    My first thought was that this was a remix of an old had a quality that doesn't appear often these days. A spot of soul. A timeless element. Everything goes into the breakdown. Then I checked out the original. These guys plus London Grammar, Jon Hopkins and Nils Frahm tell me here is hope for us yet. Kudos.

  • Lilith xxx
    Lilith xxx 4 months ago

    Love it Again!!!

  • Thomas Mitter
    Thomas Mitter 4 months ago

    goose bumps😍❤️

  • Ivana Bojanić
    Ivana Bojanić 4 months ago


  • Millennials Empowerment


  • Alberto Martins
    Alberto Martins 4 months ago

    I'm In heaven! Trust me!

  • Nicolaas Miali
    Nicolaas Miali 4 months ago

    Nice track, it just heard in the algorithm promo '

  • Elyas Wahab
    Elyas Wahab 4 months ago

    Arnold Schwarzenegger used this original track in his inspirational speech. Amazing track!

  • Di no
    Di no 4 months ago

    Can someone please add the lyrics? I cannot find them🤷🏻‍♂️....THIS TRACK IS BEAUTIFUL!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Leonardo Silva
    Leonardo Silva 4 months ago

    Spotfy ?

  • flacocata
    flacocata 4 months ago

    - Gabriel what are you doing?... - Docking...

  • Menta e Mirto
    Menta e Mirto 4 months ago

    We got Jess Mills vocal here). Absolutely incredible!

  • Mirabelle59000
    Mirabelle59000 4 months ago

    My favorite 😍👏🙌💘

    ΒΈΡΗ ΧΑΊΡΗ 4 months ago


  • Matias Perez
    Matias Perez 4 months ago

    É p i c o !!!!!!!!!!

  • Mirabelle59000
    Mirabelle59000 4 months ago

    Comment ils peuvent mettre 202 dislike ?!! What the fuck seriously ?! C'est surpuissant ! J'ADOOOOOORE. Rholalaaaaaaa 💘

  • strider050
    strider050 4 months ago

    will clarke brought me here

  • Blue Rose
    Blue Rose 4 months ago

    wonderful <3 <3 <3

    DJDADDYPERRY Marrs 4 months ago

    Kastis is the greatest!!!

  • Alberto Martins
    Alberto Martins 4 months ago

    i'm dead and listening the angels in heaven now! Amazing track!

  • goodvibes only
    goodvibes only 5 months ago

    Searching,hoping,wishing and dreaming ...

  • Denho Daneli
    Denho Daneli 5 months ago

    One word describing this track? ELEGANT

  • Adi Adikowski
    Adi Adikowski 5 months ago


  • Georgian Girl
    Georgian Girl 5 months ago

    pure magic