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MTV's Next Reaction!!!
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  • Claudia Smeijsters
    Claudia Smeijsters 11 minutes ago

    Since when does joker have a conan haircut

  • cookie kingdom
    cookie kingdom 14 minutes ago

    "Loki and Thor are brothers" Actually, that's only in Marvel. In the actual mythology, Loki is the brother of Odin. Which brings into question whether 1. There will be time shenaniganery or 2. this will be it's own thing (likely 2)

  • Ivon
    Ivon 15 minutes ago

    Everyone always trying to compare Ellie from the last of us or Clem, but we all know clem and ellie would be fucking best friends 🙏🏼

  • Akewe Ndikum
    Akewe Ndikum Hour ago


  • Gacha Cutie
    Gacha Cutie Hour ago

    6:20 XD

  • Leo Lion
    Leo Lion Hour ago

    Everytime i replay this game, and at this camio Make me cry all the time thinking what happen if Stan Lee know what happen to his spiderman...😭😭😭

  • Jets Gamer
    Jets Gamer Hour ago

    1:07 one like = how many seconds his mouth was open

  • stream epiphany
    stream epiphany Hour ago

    what we figured out of this video. "hey everyone" captain america can do this all day tony lost patience

  • Fap Master69
    Fap Master69 Hour ago

    The people who pick the second option are the first ones to die in the apocalypse

  • bigboychuckles lll

    this is sofunny

  • Jormungandr
    Jormungandr 2 hours ago

    This trailer hypes me up for a movie I’ve already seen 10 times Edit: this video proves that there are still things that can unite all of us.

  • Penelope Cupcake
    Penelope Cupcake 2 hours ago

    The tubers thought the jump and punch of Thanos was towards cap.. Well they were wrong..

  • Badal Sinha
    Badal Sinha 2 hours ago

    I wanted to see Superman against thanos 😃😃

  • Abdul Rehman Khan
    Abdul Rehman Khan 2 hours ago

    I think it's zeus

  • GravityGlobe
    GravityGlobe 2 hours ago

    This game has hella good acting unlike Man Of Medan that game is really trash at acting..

  • J. Frost
    J. Frost 2 hours ago

    It would be so cool if they put Joaquin Phoenix Joker instead of that Joker. But, I'm okay with that version of the Joker. Because, every other versions of the Joker looks like Clown King of Crime. But, that version is what a clown Prince of crime would looked like..

  • Whatever time
    Whatever time 2 hours ago

    The new snoop dog 3:02


    6:45 Man became crazy after seeing his favourite hero

  • Amit Gosain
    Amit Gosain 3 hours ago

    Came 4 jaby reaction.

  • Muhammad Basyar
    Muhammad Basyar 3 hours ago

    B U L L S H I E T !!!!!! Best part.

  • Aerin
    Aerin 3 hours ago

    They added Joker but not Shaggy? For shame.

  • hiro_ cosplays
    hiro_ cosplays 3 hours ago

    This hurts a LOT more now 😣

  • Elite Rage
    Elite Rage 4 hours ago

    U know I might watch DC than watching marvel

  • Martin Tan
    Martin Tan 4 hours ago

    These gamers. Acting like they've never seen a Licker before. 😏

  • Alfredo Valentin Monroy

    Jhonny is the EARTHREALM defender

  • Oh Bob
    Oh Bob 5 hours ago

    Clementine will Never Die......

  • unknown_beast yt
    unknown_beast yt 5 hours ago

    We *ARE VENOM*

  • HEE HEE!
    HEE HEE! 5 hours ago

    I dont have twd s4 yet so is she a zombie?

  • KyleIzach
    KyleIzach 6 hours ago

    That's pacific rim but in fortnite

  • AdrianArt - Speed Art

    Parecen tontos jugando con gafas amarillas no me jodas

  • Kiyen Moodley
    Kiyen Moodley 7 hours ago

    You could say that they were ‘shell shocked’

  • Kratos Thadon
    Kratos Thadon 7 hours ago

    They totally dropped the ball with this movie. How do you continue to screw up movies with Superman and Batman

  • spanishcandy
    spanishcandy 7 hours ago

    y'all this might be the only good movie out of that garbage trilogy

  • Flashtime
    Flashtime 7 hours ago

    For new people I Deleted the video due to copyright sorry that's why it says deleted by user

  • SonnyJSonny SonnSon
    SonnyJSonny SonnSon 7 hours ago

    Hectic show 💯🙌🏼

    ALL IN ONE 8 hours ago

    Kratos:Who Are You THOR:I am the god of thunder Kratos:Why do you come here Thor: We need you I SEE you can go for the head

  • Doggieworld3
    Doggieworld3 8 hours ago

    1.) m....maybe they just mean...other demons? Not necessarily blood kin? Right ? RIGHT?!

  • Doggieworld3
    Doggieworld3 8 hours ago

    Damn dude. My mecha lovin heart is on fire and I don't even like FN. BEAR THE CONSEQUENCES YOU MONSTER!

  • Xavier Black
    Xavier Black 9 hours ago

    The fact that I'm watching multiple people react to this means watching this play over and over and it doesn't help my tears.

  • Joe Gomez
    Joe Gomez 10 hours ago

    imagine your girlfriend dying or daughter for that matter and she just comes back home alive and well this is what that is

  • ryan803
    ryan803 10 hours ago

    "Thanos has to die" ...Does he tho?

  • Emad Khalifa
    Emad Khalifa 10 hours ago

    Who got this video on recommended

  • Diamond Playz and Animates


  • Dumbaas Youtuber
    Dumbaas Youtuber 12 hours ago

    R.I.P Stan you wll always be missed

  • TheUltamateG
    TheUltamateG 13 hours ago

    Berleezy’s reaction is one of the best

  • Lethal Bacon
    Lethal Bacon 13 hours ago


  • Sleeping Tom
    Sleeping Tom 13 hours ago

    Lol the nerfing of Wonder Woman for this scene is just oh so trash 😂 she is a GOD, and has killed a GOD, this is just an alien protected by plot 🤣 albeit it she did the best against him, a fully powered Wonder Woman could of legit restrained him herself.

    • bred 11s
      bred 11s 4 hours ago

      For this scene? Hb the fight against Stephen wolf? They were getting ass whooped till sups came. Plus super man would have easily taken ares

  • Ind Ian
    Ind Ian 14 hours ago

    1:22 right side guy face 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The Origami Unicorn
    The Origami Unicorn 14 hours ago

    I'm surprised most these people are surprised it was Thor You'd think they'd connect the dots and put two and two together Lightning and thunder + Guy in a Viking setting = Thor

  • ndongmo joseph
    ndongmo joseph 15 hours ago

    When you know all these gamers are playing on normal or below when a girl like März is on give me a challenge .... Hrrr you can imagine my look... It should literally be memed

  • Christina Lincoln
    Christina Lincoln 15 hours ago

    I legit become happier every time I hear poohs voice

  • StopUsingMyAccount BecauseItsNotYours

    Is there a hero called superbatman?

  • Bendy the Ink demon
    Bendy the Ink demon 16 hours ago

    Living lambeaux more like living cat XD just kidding

  • Its me
    Its me 16 hours ago


  • Matthew Payne
    Matthew Payne 16 hours ago

    Wher3s coryxkenshin

  • Darly Grimes
    Darly Grimes 17 hours ago

    He's body is sleeping But he's soul is still around them....

  • Uno Reverse Card
    Uno Reverse Card 17 hours ago

    -"See women have their movie when they cry, but this is our movie when we cry". 😂🔥💀

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 17 hours ago

    Y r they seeing this movie so damn late. It came out more then a year ago!

  • Fearsome
    Fearsome 18 hours ago

    Man, I miss the old times when I first played God of War on my PSP... Good days...

  • Luke Browne
    Luke Browne 18 hours ago

    MK11 Reactors : Wow that looks cool omg Smash Reactors : aaaAaAaaaAAAAaaAa

  • Toxic Souls
    Toxic Souls 19 hours ago

    Batman blocks superman's punch Superman fans:How????? Batman fans:Now you're gonna get fucked up

  • Alvin Truong
    Alvin Truong 19 hours ago

    3:02 gotta be the best reaction

  • Ken's Studio
    Ken's Studio 19 hours ago

    Chris Evans fights vs Henry Cavill fights? Chris has better fighting choreography but Henry Cavill can fight without shaky cameras and 100 edits....

  • Petar Djurisic
    Petar Djurisic 19 hours ago


    YOKA NOURY 20 hours ago

    3:22 is that falcon

  • MatX1444
    MatX1444 20 hours ago

    .....this bitch 6:20

  • Hyper Ninja
    Hyper Ninja 20 hours ago

    pretty sure batman has krptonite in that fight hahhahaha

  • Ethan Chavez
    Ethan Chavez 21 hour ago

    2018: "Reactors Reaction To The Reveal Of SPIDER-MAN In Captain America Civil War Trailer " 2019: "Reactors Reaction To SPIDER-MAN Leaving The MCU" :(

  • Seminario Game
    Seminario Game 21 hour ago

    Where is Ash?! >:v

    SARGODHA TV 21 hour ago

    i can do this whole day hey everyone

  • Zachary Davidson
    Zachary Davidson 22 hours ago

    I feel like maybe Keanu needs to be in here. And the only disappointed person in the video is Asian. :) aren't 65% of the characters Asian already. Who's missing. Maybe Jackie chan

  • Megan Trejo
    Megan Trejo 22 hours ago

    Death note

  • Canned Yams
    Canned Yams 22 hours ago

    Too bad that movie was ass. It was so boring I can’t even remember the plot.

  • PerfectlyFriedChicken
    PerfectlyFriedChicken 23 hours ago

    This movie was garbage tho

  • Josh Moffitt
    Josh Moffitt 23 hours ago

    Never break up with Cassie Cage.

  • BlueHanzum
    BlueHanzum Day ago

    JEESH these comments why ya'll hate D'vorah so much

  • Pierre Senat
    Pierre Senat Day ago

    I mean this like 3 years late ain't it?

  • Bushin Yamcha
    Bushin Yamcha Day ago

    6:28 omg I love Dashie XD

  • Moon Gaming
    Moon Gaming Day ago

    Prediction: after kratos has killed more Norse gods he will tell the story about how he got those blades and says there was other gods in the world, he tells him all about Ares Zeus Athena and the rest. Atreus will be shocked af.

  • Vania Elizabeth Espinoza

    HIS VOICE MADE ME CRY 💔❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Brawl Stars
    Brawl Stars Day ago


  • Brawl Stars
    Brawl Stars Day ago

    An de rouse

  • Brawl Stars
    Brawl Stars Day ago

    2 😱😅😂

  • Saint _
    Saint _ Day ago

    Guys forget about thanos, thor is even more powerful out of marvel universe ok? This thor? He would rip out thanos hearth

  • Deniz Çelik
    Deniz Çelik Day ago

    4:08 ME

  • Manda Martinez


  • Kaush 531
    Kaush 531 Day ago

    You know the oldest lie in American that power can be innocent.

  • Toshit Madhav
    Toshit Madhav Day ago

    The moment you realize that you're watching the same scene the 10th time.

    ABZ HWT Day ago

    7:22 no wonder he is such a little shit he is loki That bit got me

  • Adela Nukic
    Adela Nukic Day ago

    that was my favourite scene from the movie

  • S.M.L Acker
    S.M.L Acker Day ago


  • Darly Grimes
    Darly Grimes Day ago

    "What happen to vision?" He got re-boot

  • Thug Life
    Thug Life Day ago

    "you are not brave. Men are brave" #HappyBatmanDay🦇🦇🦇🦇

  • Puawai Nepe
    Puawai Nepe Day ago

    Batman best super man 👨 suck bbbbbbbboooooooooo

  • Sadad Erlangga

    Thor : I have mjolnir Kratos : well I have your stormbreaker

  • Porn hub
    Porn hub Day ago

    Damn, at first I wasn't too sure on Joker's face but when I saw all of them group together and staring off to the camera, he don't look that bad in the distance.

  • •InxellictedCoco•

    Who got there headphones at the time of the jumpscare and turned on the volume and their poor ears are dead Just me? Okay sounds legit 👌

  • Tear Key
    Tear Key Day ago

    That aint a fair fight. Green Kryptonite actually makes superman weaker than a normal being. It kills him.

  • nk streamers
    nk streamers Day ago

    Batman go avengers Batman:yo guys I beat Superman do u know why Avengers :uhuhuuu....why? Batman:because I'm Batman.

  • Olivia Harriman

    I felt really bad for clem here She was literally shaking with fear