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  • Pepe Deez Nutz
    Pepe Deez Nutz 8 hours ago

    Half block more and you’d walk by my Apartment

  • David Parnell
    David Parnell 11 hours ago

    I love your demos. They are detailed and fair and your talent is apparent. You sound credible and informed as if you really studied the instrument you are playing.

  • Offensive Username
    Offensive Username 12 hours ago

    And I thought deciphering "Informer" by Snow (the criminal rapper who was charged with attempted murder) is a challenge.

  • Allan Carmel
    Allan Carmel 18 hours ago

    Cool 😎

  • chicken noodle soup and soda

    oml this is the hardest accent I'd ever heard

  • sema .J
    sema .J 20 hours ago

    Dude: **Speaks Scottish** Me unable to understand: yes...

  • _.w46d. _
    _.w46d. _ 21 hour ago

    What’s the difference between the mustang gt amp and the mustang lt ???

  • David Parnell
    David Parnell Day ago

    Tony, great demo of this make it sound really good. Thanks for mentioning the amp in use with the guitar.

  • Allen Oxendine

    Thanks for sharing. Looks great.. Hope you guys have had a good week.. Watching and Supporting with Full View Like 11..

  • TheBrianna1431

    Hehe peea-naut butter. I love his accent.

  • Примерные Науки

    Hey there! Russian from Russia here! Привет из Питера, посоны! Just want to thank you for the vid and say what a lovely southern accent you got there! Keep up with a great tutorials!

    • Tony Lee Glenn
      Tony Lee Glenn Day ago

      Awesome to hear from you. Отлично иметь зрителя из Санкт-Петербурга

  • Nolan McKinney
    Nolan McKinney 2 days ago

    I've seen them, they gave me the feeling they were alive. Sort of like you'd feel if you looked and saw someone walking with a flashlight across a big field, too far away to talk to so you just look and think "well there somebody goes."

    ERNES STUDIO IMK 2 days ago


  • Łukasz Pustelnik
    Łukasz Pustelnik 2 days ago

    Can some English man tell me if you understand a thing?

  • Stianofp
    Stianofp 2 days ago

    Ah, my C2 certification is useful after all

  • Angie Esquivel
    Angie Esquivel 2 days ago

    My aunt had to get her stone broken up. I too get stones quite often. I have Polycystic Kidney Disease and for some reason I get stones too. My dad has the same thing but doesn't get stones. Idk why I came out so special but it causes me alot of heartache. I get about 3 a year. I usually don't go to the hospital unless it's severe like this last one. They usually pass on their own but sometimes I need meds to help me pass them. I have a nephrologist and am about to schedule an appointment with a urologist. I gave birth to my daughter, the pain was easier to handle than stone pain is.

  • AngloHuscarl
    AngloHuscarl 2 days ago

    Just finished my 4 day moving (Ureter 4mm) Kidney Stone 'adventure' - 18 hours of pure level 9 (out of 10) pain, morphine and other stuff (scratched the surface a little). So bad that they put a Ureter Stint in until I get it 'Blasted' hopefully in the next two weeks. I'm a grown man, Boxed, Martial arts and many other contact sports...I'll hold up my hands I was a complete Wuss (Pussy in the US). I begged for medicine, literally! A friend called while I was in the hospital, he asked what was the pain like I said in all honesty "Continuous blows to your testicles, your lower intestines squeezed in a vice and tied in a knot, and the slow twisting of a knife in your kidney!' - NOT FUN! ******Asthamics take note: To make matters worse, I'm allergic to the drugs they normally use to ease the pain NSAIDs, so I had an adventure when they induced a severe asthma attack during the pain... be aware if you are asthmatic!!!!

  • TheArtemyCool 38
    TheArtemyCool 38 3 days ago


  • unrepeatable raddish

    2019 still works great, i recommend the zenpad z8s has 1gb more memory, but not as bright as the nexus 7

  • Paul Owen
    Paul Owen 4 days ago

    my husband and I are making our first trip to NC next month with plans to relocate from California we are SO excited!

    • Tony Lee Glenn
      Tony Lee Glenn 4 days ago

      I think you'll like the western third of the state best - but there are great folks and place from one end to the other. Hope you enjoy your visit.

  • Nancy Beckwith
    Nancy Beckwith 4 days ago

    That’s a beautiful deck sir! And HUGE!! I would like to know where you got the pre-made steps, and would have loved to see the top of the deck where u said u used composite. Was that sold at Lowe’s too? Would you like to come to Florida with your wife for an all expense paid , free food and lodging , workation?? That’s like a va-cation except you build me a deck while you’re here!!! Lol. I’m going to attempt a 6x8 foot porch/deck with two sets of stairs. Thank you for the video and I will look at the videos you watched to help YOU learn about it.

    • Tony Lee Glenn
      Tony Lee Glenn 4 days ago

      Love your message. Ha - I have no strength to build another deck after this one. Just getting too old!

  • Carla Page
    Carla Page 4 days ago

    nikki: can you do the same thing in a regular oven?

  • Burpo Stockings
    Burpo Stockings 5 days ago

    Scotsman: says literally anything Me: What was that?

  • Its Alo
    Its Alo 5 days ago

    I have multiple stones on bothsides and its been 6 months and nothing has came out and it stopped hurting but im scared to get surgery

  • Pepper Guru
    Pepper Guru 5 days ago

    I'm diggin it!

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark 5 days ago

    I just bought a 1996 MIM Strat yesterday. It was Artic White, but has aged into a vintage Olympic White. Nicely aged maple neck and board. Very light and resonant for an Alder body. Every Strat I've ever bought, I ended up selling. This one, however, is a keeper. Thanks for sharing.

  • Robert Burleson
    Robert Burleson 5 days ago

    Looks awesome Nikki! I'm sure Tony will polish that off.

  • Richcovephoto
    Richcovephoto 6 days ago

    Another great video and great food. Nikki is a lady of many talents. Now I’m hungry! 👍🏻🇬🇧

  • Tina Ellis
    Tina Ellis 6 days ago

    Is there anything that Nikki cant cook? This looks so good. I have been debating on getting a pressure cooker. I like this one that yall are using

  • Nathan Lovelace
    Nathan Lovelace 6 days ago

    This is a really awesome video. Also, that guys laugh is hilarious!

  • Cody Pelletier
    Cody Pelletier 6 days ago

    Having an issue. I select "Image Sequence" but it only shows the first frame in the video as I scrub through the video.

  • KeeFr Hikes
    KeeFr Hikes 6 days ago

    Thanks for the video, Tony and Nikki. With Thanksgiving coming up, I may revisit this video and give this a shot. I hope all is well your way.

  • Emily Kira
    Emily Kira 6 days ago

    It’s funny because I had saved this video to my watch later list and had not watched it yet. We were at Aldi yesterday and I saw the naan bread. I now realize that was where you got yours. I think we got the garlic flavor naan. I can’t wait to try it out this week. Thanks for sharing!

    • Tony Lee Glenn
      Tony Lee Glenn 6 days ago

      Always great to hear from you Emily. Thanks for watching. I just made my own Naan bread pizza - I used marinara sauce, pepperonis, ham, mozzarella, & mushrooms. I love this stuff, and I love our new little air fryer oven.

  • Music Student
    Music Student 6 days ago

    Can this be used with an acoutic guitar?

    • Tony Lee Glenn
      Tony Lee Glenn 6 days ago

      Yes. It can be set up for some nice acoustic sounds.

  • Eric McLain
    Eric McLain 7 days ago

    It sounds like you're from south Mississippi. Am I right?

  • Patricio Low
    Patricio Low 7 days ago

    Sera asi de dificil el español chileno, que mas sera un flaite wn, fricken difficult

  • Ricky Crawford
    Ricky Crawford 7 days ago

    Tetley & pg tips are the best tea..with sugar & milk

  • AlessandroTv
    AlessandroTv 7 days ago

    want to at lest understand something ??? click on playback speed put it on 0.5

  • Amy Adan
    Amy Adan 7 days ago

    wish i would have seen this last year love it . I wish i could give y’all more then one like

    • Tony Lee Glenn
      Tony Lee Glenn 6 days ago

      Thanks so much for the kind comment Amy. God bless! TLG

  • OliviaOnAir Winsteard

    I love their accents

  • Nic Christie
    Nic Christie 8 days ago

    your authentic to say the least

  • Tina Ellis
    Tina Ellis 8 days ago

    I agree with the others Nikki needs to keep making video's. So love her voice it is so friendly. She is an amazing cook

  • Carla Page
    Carla Page 8 days ago

    NIKKI:do you have to put chicken on the pizza? can you use hamburger instead?

    • Tony Lee Glenn
      Tony Lee Glenn 8 days ago

      hey Carla this is Tony responding. We just did chicken because it was on their recipe and because we thought it would be more healthy. I think this would work with almost any kind of meat. I'm going to try pepperonis tomorrow night. The Naan bread that we got was really soft and made great crust. I think that's the key to making this really well is getting the best ingredients.

  • Paul McHawk
    Paul McHawk 8 days ago

    Is it possible to record with this app? like with guitar rig

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones 8 days ago

    Seeing this video brings back many childhood memories. From the time I started school, I walked across this bridge to school almost every day. My mother went with me the first 2 or 3 days to make sure I knew the way, then I was on my own. My Dad would drive me when the weather was bad. Most of the kids who lived on that side of the river walked unaccompanied across that bridge to school. We moved away from Spruce Pine after I finished the fifth grade, but I have been back many times, and on a few of those occasions, I took a nostalgic walk across the old pine bridge. I am 80 years old now, but still remember it well. Thanks, Tony, for the video.

  • Frank Wilson
    Frank Wilson 8 days ago

    Thank you Tony for the tips. I also purchased my first Troybilt Bronko in July this year after I saw your first Troybilt video. So far, I am very happy with the riding mower!

  • Ken Mack
    Ken Mack 8 days ago

    I am sorry ,but you do not have a clue about "the Scottish accent",there is no yin Scottish accent.I only need to travel up or doon the West Coast and the accent and dialect radically vary,I am only talking about within 10miles

  • JMC2013
    JMC2013 8 days ago

    They suck. I had 2 for over a month with sharp pains in back. (You hate every piss you take it burns and hurts like hell )and feeling the stone inside my dick for days stuck. there , I passed them finally one was shape of an arrowhead and I bled like crazy still went to my construction job while I had them. I never want to go through that again !

  • Danny Fyffe
    Danny Fyffe 8 days ago

    I truly enjoy these videos. For me personally, I could not eat that with pesto and spinach, but I still enjoy watching the process of how things get made. Then you are the official taster and what she called computer glasses are truly old man glasses. How do I know? I wear them for that too. ;-) I still think she needs an official cooking show at least once a week. She lays out all the ingredients so professionally and explains the steps. I like it.

  • Ad Astra
    Ad Astra 8 days ago

    Squier sounds better than standard

  • Richcovephoto
    Richcovephoto 8 days ago

    Man... I’m going to make one of them!! Thanks for sharing, great job Nikki!

  • Richcovephoto
    Richcovephoto 8 days ago

    Great video. Funny how it works better with the case? I remember you and I discussing the video quality.. the edges are not good! Thanks for showing and reviewing!

  • Peg Innam
    Peg Innam 8 days ago

    Looks really good Nikki!!!! I have made the naan pizza before, I need to try it with the chicken next time :0)

  • 渡辺ボス
    渡辺ボス 8 days ago


  • Justin Bumgarner
    Justin Bumgarner 9 days ago

    NC boy! We're so lucky to live in such a beautiful place

  • That aint it Chief
    That aint it Chief 9 days ago

    Great video

  • john jones
    john jones 9 days ago

    The post urination after the procedure is probably the worst part of the whole kidney stone issue burning and pain but this is only like the next day and maybe half of the following day the removal of the stent was really no big deal.

  • Deadpool828
    Deadpool828 9 days ago

    Love that place.

  • gab7704
    gab7704 9 days ago


  • Robert Burleson
    Robert Burleson 9 days ago

    Tony, I drive by that place several times a month and have heard from co-workers how great the food is. I shall make it a point to get there one weekend. Of course Nikki's pot roast looked pretty tasty as well. Hope you and yours are well. Take care friend.

    • Robert Burleson
      Robert Burleson 5 days ago

      I sure am! In fact I drove by there the same day I watched your video. I see Tom on occasion and always ask how you're doing. You do a nice job with your videos!!

    • Tony Lee Glenn
      Tony Lee Glenn 9 days ago

      Thanks for the kind comment Robert. You're not the same Robert Burleson I played ball with in high school are you? Just checking.

  • Weekends with James
    Weekends with James 10 days ago


  • Weekends with James
    Weekends with James 10 days ago


  • Weekends with James
    Weekends with James 10 days ago

    Awesome! I'll be there

  • Weekends with James
    Weekends with James 10 days ago

    Yep, I went to the right. I should have taken a left. Peace!!!!!!!! James

  • Team Shmo
    Team Shmo 10 days ago

    I have the other version of this that bends in half to become straight. They are literally the same specs. The thing I dislike about it is there are no variable speeds. It's just full power or nothing. With a real drill if you barely squeeze the trigger it will drill real slow and if you squeeze it tight it will drill fast. This just only goes fast which is why you risk torqueing it out your hand. Kind of a mistake not making the trigger pressure change the speed. Still not too bad and more powerful than I thought.

  • kenneth cross
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  • kenneth cross
    kenneth cross 10 days ago

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  • Anya 23
    Anya 23 10 days ago

    I can understand ?!? 😕😂

  • Owen Chase
    Owen Chase 10 days ago

    I can almost understand him!

  • pawone mbok Plolong 475

    Omg.... This accent amazing.. But i really try hard to find a word that i can understand...but i still can't

  • Don McGrath
    Don McGrath 11 days ago

    Holy smokes. What language is that?

  • Unbekannt
    Unbekannt 11 days ago

    Sean MacGuire from red dead redemption 2 inspired me😂 the dead fellow💔

  • Present Arms Inc.
    Present Arms Inc. 11 days ago

    Just subscribed! We really like your channel over here and think you might be able to benefit from our veteran produced firearm workstations. Check us out if you get some time!

    • Tony Lee Glenn
      Tony Lee Glenn 11 days ago

      I will definitely check you out. Thanks for the comment!

  • Nyarlathotep
    Nyarlathotep 11 days ago

    It's such a dramatic sounding instrument

  • Timothy Tobin
    Timothy Tobin 11 days ago

    Thanks to CNC we now live in a golden age of guitars. Left and right we're seeing great pro and near-pro quality coupled with very low prices, and little, if any, compromise. Oscar Schmidt, Firefly, Harley Benton, Slick, etc. Makes you wonder just exactly what the big boys have been charging us for other than a brand name. Yes there are differences, but nowhere near differences worth $1,000 to 20,000!

  • Andrie putra
    Andrie putra 11 days ago

    Please do flattop haircut video

  • not dipper pines
    not dipper pines 12 days ago

    *me not understanding a word* You go you funky Scottish bastard

  • Todd
    Todd 12 days ago

    I'm starting to see the value on a lot of the great value stuff with a few very limited exceptions Haven't tried their bacon though. I definitely will now! 👍👍👍

  • jon davis
    jon davis 12 days ago

    I was hoping you'd show me where to pick up hookers.

  • sakis patsis
    sakis patsis 12 days ago

    Tnat guy agglonized celts

  • Lukeasdf123
    Lukeasdf123 12 days ago

    So good love that place!

  • Alessandro Rossini
    Alessandro Rossini 12 days ago

    Bang! Weee! Bum! Dish! Yaaa! Gnarl!

  • Liam the Marching Band Guy

    Zaxby’s salads always come with 2 dressings

  • Just Clarise
    Just Clarise 13 days ago

    Whats really going on? Their expanding it? Are they planning to lock everyone up in there?

  • 21st Century Vapester

    Oscar schmidt OE2 2019 black and cream. replaced the stock tuners with grovers then replaced the factory pickups with cream and black zebra high output pickups. It screams. Everything came to a grand total ... 130 bucks I couldn't be happier stays in tune even in drop D. If your on the fence about a les style for a really great price grab this you wont be disappointed. Then use your savings to buy a case, pedals, stand or wall hanger and still have money left over. lol

  • Smoking TarHeel
    Smoking TarHeel 13 days ago

    I'm a huge fan!

  • LUMINOUS 4K Screen Paint

    Such a wonderful and beautiful Accent

  • Deep Ocean
    Deep Ocean 13 days ago

    I understand 85% of what he said although I'm still learning English. Such a sweet accent. I love it

  • Richcovephoto
    Richcovephoto 13 days ago

    Sweet place! I wish we had smellavision! Great vid! Next time I visit we will be visiting this place!

  • Khinv Singh
    Khinv Singh 14 days ago

    garet kip it 5

  • 渡辺ボス
    渡辺ボス 14 days ago


  • ___'InuYasha' ___
    ___'InuYasha' ___ 14 days ago

    Imagine have a stutter with this accent 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Truth B Told
    Truth B Told 14 days ago

    Can u bull doze wisteria?

  • Brenda Conklin
    Brenda Conklin 14 days ago

    be careful because you could get hurt my grandpa had a accident a long time ago i was scared

  • Novenay Herrera
    Novenay Herrera 14 days ago

    Song name!??

  • runbei
    runbei 15 days ago

    Tony, thanks for this. I found it still very helpful for my needs. I had the Hero 7 Black and used it briefly for music rehearsals, school classroom shooting, etc. It was great but I sold it to cover other priorities. I've now pre-ordered the Hero 8 because the GoPro has truly evolved into a wonderful all-around video package. Looking forward to buying the Media frame in December and the little LED light. In my brief time with the 7 I realized it gave me a tremendous amount of inconspicuous video shooting power in a tiny package.

  • My serenity
    My serenity 15 days ago

    Going through it now. Emergency surgery last week, second surgery next Tuesday. Had four children, and this is much, much worse. Worst pain I’ve ever dealt with!!

  • Blue Sky 777
    Blue Sky 777 15 days ago

    Thank You Tony for the video , my symptom were very similar to yours , left side of nut all the way up to Left side penis & sharp stabbing pian middle lower left center stomach . Pain seemed to move here & there little. On a pain scale I rate mine starting 8 then 9 . Seems like yours was 10 right off the bat. I had a stroke about a month ago & I think the new meds. I was on dried me out more then usual , which pushed me over the point to get a stones. I needed much more water. 600-900 mg of Tylenol did help with pain somewhat.

  • Hermann Göring
    Hermann Göring 15 days ago

    Surprisingly, I could understand him perfectly, might be because I'm from New Zealand, I don't know. The Irish accent is much harder to understand

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace 15 days ago

    What's the problem? His spoken voice is perfectly legible. Quietly spoken and warm