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  • •Høney Bee•
    •Høney Bee• 24 seconds ago

    I don't wanna know how much food got wasted on the making of this video 😔

  • Alivia ball
    Alivia ball 2 minutes ago

    You did one twice

  • Kabrina Bell
    Kabrina Bell 5 minutes ago

    Okay how did that bread make those cookies soft🤔 This better work 🤨😂

  • Kabrina Bell
    Kabrina Bell 9 minutes ago

    Wish I would've seen this earlier when I was f***** with that garlic🤦

  • TheMaverick
    TheMaverick 23 minutes ago

    WTF are you trying to endanger people or what?!

  • Lady Barbara
    Lady Barbara 25 minutes ago

    The bra bag 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ana Santoyo
    Ana Santoyo 31 minute ago

    Likes si crees que están muy diferente

  • Washim Sheikh
    Washim Sheikh 38 minutes ago

    First of all always use fresh meal then no need to any hacks regarding meal

  • Microsoft Windows XP but i can't change the icon

    I don't need to ruin great thing i *CREATE*

  • Eren Bay
    Eren Bay Hour ago


  • Kit Cat
    Kit Cat Hour ago

    Like the bottle cap hamper. How many bottle caps did you use?

  • Waffle kitty Animations

    2:11 Me: ooh that looks good! Also me: wait.. I forgot.. *while crying* its potatoes. It’s potatoes.. :’I

  • Polkadots ;-/
    Polkadots ;-/ 2 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure that cake soaps aren’t for Halloween.

  • Rose Vince
    Rose Vince 2 hours ago

    3:17 oh boo boo that is not how u twerk I guess u need some practice like the one in the 90s

  • pesinco pesinco
    pesinco pesinco 2 hours ago

    Nunca vi tanta mentira

  • Van Niyo
    Van Niyo 2 hours ago

    With you're supposed to plant the seeds. Not the whole fruit

  • Laloca Lazo
    Laloca Lazo 3 hours ago

    Ja ja ja ja me senti identificada

  • Microsoft Windows XP but i can't change the icon

    3:08 me when im in the dark at m'y grandma's home

  • Fern
    Fern 3 hours ago

    The bottle on the second one is useless! The roots will grow just fine on top of soil lol

  • Richard Roy
    Richard Roy 3 hours ago

    Why the block out glue brand?

  • Aj Ibarra
    Aj Ibarra 3 hours ago

    Leave it on the counter watch it NOT melt and grow nasty mold. I'm talking bout the breyers ice cream ad I was forced to watch before this video

  • Nicol Diaz
    Nicol Diaz 3 hours ago

    Pedaso de porqueria

  • Nadeera Kumandan
    Nadeera Kumandan 3 hours ago

    Bruh that’s so true in commercials like if u agree cause I do

  • Memester Grant
    Memester Grant 3 hours ago

    The last one I can do ;( Cause I’m allergic to peanuts

  • jessie knowles
    jessie knowles 4 hours ago

    Wow you found me in a lot of comments

  • Brack Roshi
    Brack Roshi 4 hours ago

    The ones in the ads look delicious

  • Student Jadyn Rogers

    3:16 why you no spread?

  • roro samir
    roro samir 4 hours ago

    i loooooooved this

  • Gabby Bell
    Gabby Bell 4 hours ago

    0:11 save the sksksk turtles

  • Oki Chen
    Oki Chen 4 hours ago


  • amyra Jagoo
    amyra Jagoo 4 hours ago

    At the first it was in another topic and in the end changed of topic

  • Araceliandmarisol martinez sisters

    1;45 then if its 90s how come she hasa scrunchie in her hair

  • Yueyi Hu
    Yueyi Hu 4 hours ago

    yuck why u make a century egg yuck so ugly🙄😖😣

  • Gabriela Castrejon
    Gabriela Castrejon 4 hours ago

    Mi. Máma. Ase. Uñas😍💩😈👽🤩

  • Veronica Tarelo
    Veronica Tarelo 5 hours ago

    Loqe opino de este video💩💩💩

  • Army made by BTlegendS

    I don't feel I want to eat rn.

  • kaylee kangaroo
    kaylee kangaroo 5 hours ago

    What kind of Netflix do you have! Duller spouse really it's fuller house

  • Ana Beatriz Carneiro

    O my god

  • kaylee kangaroo
    kaylee kangaroo 5 hours ago

    Wtf is a froogle

  • Dylan Reid
    Dylan Reid 5 hours ago

    Yes, because everybody has an electric saw and a drill with the bits that they did not specify the size of

  • Milo Gamer 2
    Milo Gamer 2 6 hours ago

    Dry soil? Instead of it being complicated, just water it!

    • Milo Gamer 2
      Milo Gamer 2 6 hours ago

      That's the real question.

    • Milo Gamer 2
      Milo Gamer 2 6 hours ago

      Why buy seeds when you can buy food, then plant it?

  • Mireille Realbarraud

    Merci beaucoup pour vos astuces de jardinage

  • BBlair BBlair
    BBlair BBlair 7 hours ago

    What kind of superpowers does that person have to squeeze a hair spray bottle ???

    HERMITBOY 7 7 hours ago

    @3:32 Who the hell gone catch this? Step by step.

  • Mia Aguilar
    Mia Aguilar 7 hours ago

    la idea del vestido es una pelotudes pirque no le vas a ser un gueco para cagar pelotuda chota

  • Mirthe Stoker
    Mirthe Stoker 7 hours ago

    This is verry cringhe

  • Simone Hulse
    Simone Hulse 7 hours ago

    At the start of the video, did she try to twerk? Because I could have sworn that that was a camel trying to dance

  • Coco Bird Remastered

    Are these edible

  • A.M.B Channel
    A.M.B Channel 8 hours ago


  • MarshmallowFoxx
    MarshmallowFoxx 8 hours ago

    I thought it was 4 hacks not 27.

  • Margarin Channel
    Margarin Channel 8 hours ago

    Harry Potter tatto

  • ImaginationCreation ;^)

    At least half of these aren't even Halloween related, what a fluke.

    IZABELLA GAME 8 hours ago

    Ewww damm

  • Andrew Broom
    Andrew Broom 8 hours ago


  • Andrew Broom
    Andrew Broom 8 hours ago


  • Antonella Cècala
    Antonella Cècala 9 hours ago

    Acqua arrugginita nelle piante... ma andate a fanculo va hahahahahhaha

  • Bee Kam
    Bee Kam 9 hours ago

    I like real food because real food is look more yummy🤗

  • Fauzan Agun
    Fauzan Agun 9 hours ago

    Why are males playing barbie? 😂

  • Subscribe,like Don’t enjoy

    I think my mom would follow this and give it to me

  • Yandry Sime
    Yandry Sime 9 hours ago

    First one fake af I tried it

  • banji Balogun
    banji Balogun 9 hours ago

    With the first one its still gonna taste burnt

  • sushifr08
    sushifr08 10 hours ago

    Sometime i like real better

  • Amrut Gosavi
    Amrut Gosavi 10 hours ago

    Best video I can relate my self

  • chicken soup
    chicken soup 10 hours ago

    2:37 liza koshy reference 🤔🤔🤔

  • Bhavani Madhu
    Bhavani Madhu 10 hours ago

    What is that at 9:34 ? Anyone??

  • Favor Ayuketa
    Favor Ayuketa 10 hours ago

    How does he not have the energy to clean normally, but he has the energy to make shoes to make cleaning more fun?

  • abhishek thakur
    abhishek thakur 11 hours ago

    6:25 ...bro ...u have just ruined my jar of peanut butter.....u have to pay now ...

  • Vivianna Terrazas
    Vivianna Terrazas 11 hours ago

    Chicken nuggets

  • Yasmhim Roberta é seus amigos Robertha

    Gente que situação é da qual é micro-ondas Jesus Cristo kkkkkkk

  • Elixx
    Elixx 11 hours ago

    I Laughed In My Tracks As I Saw The Make-Up Sponge On The Burger And Said ; *" This Isn't True, I Would See Them Because In Advertisements They Always Flip The Burger Around."*

  • Ebony Vortex
    Ebony Vortex 11 hours ago

    1:17 idk about you but i don’t superhuman strength strong enough to CRUSH A PRESSURISED CAN WTF

  • Ebony Vortex
    Ebony Vortex 11 hours ago

    how are y’all THIS broke???

  • Army BTS
    Army BTS 11 hours ago

    🌏عربي حط لايك لتعليقي

  • tutu tina
    tutu tina 11 hours ago

    Ok first of glue of your food you could die that is.. are you trying to kill us

  • 904 mappy
    904 mappy 11 hours ago


  • 904 mappy
    904 mappy 11 hours ago


  • 904 mappy
    904 mappy 11 hours ago


  • 904 mappy
    904 mappy 11 hours ago


  • Ela Koci
    Ela Koci 12 hours ago


  • Ela Koci
    Ela Koci 12 hours ago


  • Simona Audzevičiūtė

    Omg, the real burger is ME..

  • Maya Mutemba
    Maya Mutemba 12 hours ago

    Some of this is fake How do u know that they do this

  • Safae Rmaili
    Safae Rmaili 12 hours ago

    that black girl she's a really good actress 😄😄😄

  • Anjali Gupta
    Anjali Gupta 12 hours ago

    It's fake. One time please you come India the food sellers are too honest they doesn't use glue

  • Nicolas Delfino
    Nicolas Delfino 12 hours ago

    Thank you *The King of Random* for proving us that's fake ;)

  • Dido TV - How to Make
    Dido TV - How to Make 12 hours ago

    practical information good video

  • Mükemmel Lezzetler
    Mükemmel Lezzetler 12 hours ago


  • P RS
    P RS 13 hours ago

    Are these seriously peeling hacks

  • Choclitt
    Choclitt 13 hours ago

    Where are you gonna do number 1 if there’s no whole on the bag

  • Herbal and Homeo TV
    Herbal and Homeo TV 13 hours ago

    nice upload stay in touch

  • Tommy Lane
    Tommy Lane 13 hours ago

    I like 90's and now

  • m24就Nob真M24錒
    m24就Nob真M24錒 13 hours ago


  • Vhc Fchc
    Vhc Fchc 13 hours ago

    Uhmmm... Why don't these ice cubes melt after 24 hours😵

  • Technological Boy
    Technological Boy 13 hours ago

    11:29 is fake

  • علي علي
    علي علي 14 hours ago

    أفكار مميزة ورائعة بليز اضغضو لايك👇

  • Tasty & Easy
    Tasty & Easy 14 hours ago

    Hello am new friend from Italy.... like and compliments for you.....

  • 腐ったトマト
    腐ったトマト 14 hours ago


  • Marlon Likes a nice ass

    This video is making me so fkn angry

  • Tessa Herndon
    Tessa Herndon 14 hours ago

    They should also tell you that you must use organic fruits and vegetables in order to use the seeds. GMO plant seeds can't be used.