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  • J. Calvin Smith
    J. Calvin Smith 22 days ago

    They did many of these songs live in 2012 when I saw them in Baltimore, MD. Fantastic. I loved the lineup with Holdsworth and Bruford, but this incarnation of the band was still strong and wonderful.

  • Jimmy45
    Jimmy45 29 days ago


  • Hosp. Poza Rica Cáncer de Mama


  • Eugenio Aguilera
    Eugenio Aguilera Month ago

    Un trabajo, maduro y conseptual de estos grandes músicos

  • Rick Venlo
    Rick Venlo Month ago

    Gerald S. Based on countless recorded incidents Al H. May very well agree with that “sucks” implication. That being said I would find that he would be the only one with justified in saying that Touriel Matheny countless others would not agree with your assessment of his inability to write a coherent line that wasn’t the point behind Al’s work the guy kicked doors open. Thanks for the intellectual discourse. R

  • Gustavo Delgado
    Gustavo Delgado 2 months ago

    Asombrosa banda de rock progresivo con matices de jazz. Jobson, Wetton y Bozzio impresionantes cada uno en sus instrumentos. Excelentes composiciones. UK por siempre.

    V A SANTIAGO 2 months ago

    Second to the last of the authentic ‘progressive supergroup’ leaving Asia as the last of this genre. .Progressive gave me one hell of a ride. .’

    ZAOUWV 2 months ago

    Fantastic album, thanks for posting!

  • cj r
    cj r 3 months ago

    John & UK created an edgy, masterful conept album that is evocative, dreamy, emotive, empathic, masterful, powerful, inventive, techno, progressive, jazzy staccato bassbeat & drums music that depicts the feeling of the powerful lyrics & voice matches the storylines. Amazing!

  • Dylan Grant
    Dylan Grant 3 months ago

    Or do I feel it!!!

  • Dylan Grant
    Dylan Grant 3 months ago

    Thank You Rick C.

  • metalandfootball
    metalandfootball 3 months ago

    The first is much more better

  • josecostamoura moura
    josecostamoura moura 3 months ago


  • Otto Luchador
    Otto Luchador 3 months ago

    le meilleur album de Hellowem speed melodic metal

  • yerko cornejo
    yerko cornejo 3 months ago

    La obra maestra del heavy metal

  • Cristobal Rodriguez
    Cristobal Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Amigo ¿cómo se llama la primera canción?

    • yerko cornejo
      yerko cornejo 3 months ago

      Eagle fly free compuesta por Michael weikath

  • Toter Schrat
    Toter Schrat 3 months ago

    some of the best metal hymns of Germany... thanks a lot Michael, Kai, Michael, Marcus ans Ingo :-)

  • TheDiego2112
    TheDiego2112 3 months ago

    the best power metal album of mankind

  • Luis Gustavo Cano Barreto

    Unos de los mejores discos del Heavy Metal junto Al Mejor de Helloween que es Wall of Jericho

  • Fąïźdłãń mĺÿ
    Fąïźdłãń mĺÿ 3 months ago

    Back to Secondary Two..used to remember all the songs, esp. Rise and Fall ê favourite track!

  • Dylan Grant
    Dylan Grant 4 months ago


  • leo78915
    leo78915 4 months ago


  • Ron van der Holt
    Ron van der Holt 4 months ago

    Wow! Bought this album in 79. Just listening to it seriously now.

      ROB-IN-PHILLY 3 months ago

      Me too..:)...Only in the last few years have I rediscovered it...:)...Fuckin Bozzio, Wetton and Jobson ( one of the most underrated musicians EVER)... They are beast!... And this album has SO much KILLER STUFF! Every Track Better than the other! Carry No Cross and The Only thing She Needs are such amazing tracks! Prog heaven...:)

  • Benymm Johanson
    Benymm Johanson 4 months ago

    Czech Republic Fans Forever (Bohemia)

  • Dylan Grant
    Dylan Grant 4 months ago

    😉😉. I don't even look it! Not even close!

  • Dylan Grant
    Dylan Grant 4 months ago

    I just turned 50 and still rock'en!!!!

  • Javier losada Diaz
    Javier losada Diaz 4 months ago

    Maravilla....lo mejor de hellowen , siempre fueron para mí de los primeros grupos...son unos maestros...

  • Hector Alonso Cerda Picon

    una joya que no debe faltar en ninguna colección de viniles

  • Markus Gawor
    Markus Gawor 4 months ago

    Dr. Stein grew funny creatures...

  • Nick 444
    Nick 444 4 months ago

    Part II rulez !

  • O. Teogor
    O. Teogor 4 months ago

    Музыка -- сильнейшая! Ярчайший образец арт-рока!

  • holmesaz
    holmesaz 4 months ago


  • k. boorack
    k. boorack 4 months ago

    Ten album zamknął cały rozdział rocka progresywnego lat 70. To co potem miało miejsce w muzyce to zupełnie inna historia. Wielka, wspaniała kropka nad I.

  • Алексей Федоров

    Супер группа!!!

  • Mario Alfredo Alor Witaker

    ¿Ya lo busque y no encuentro está canción como le ago ?

  • don west
    don west 4 months ago

    heard of this band. never listened to it. very sorry i didnt. VERY similar to ManOWar

  • Dylan Grant
    Dylan Grant 4 months ago

    Speck English or die!

  • Camilinho11
    Camilinho11 4 months ago

    despues de esto no hay nada!!!!!!

  • wjb270
    wjb270 4 months ago

    Saw UK live back in the seventies (I'm old :) ) great concert,but the best thing about it was Wetton's vocals...astonishingly powerful...he was fabulous.

  • Metal Head
    Metal Head 4 months ago

    Great melodies and solos, marvellous Kiske's vocal. This is one of my favotite bands since my childhood!

  • Nepacom
    Nepacom 4 months ago

    Helloween - best metal band ever !!

  • heavy metal of the world

  • Billy C.
    Billy C. 5 months ago


  • SuperJV4x
    SuperJV4x 5 months ago

    better than the first album - which took itself much more seriously

    ZAOUWV 5 months ago

    So glad I found this album again

  • Sanders Cox
    Sanders Cox 5 months ago

    Bill Buford drums John whetton bass vocals saw them in Memphis at orpheum when came out forgot other members someone help me out

    • Steve Hawthorn
      Steve Hawthorn Month ago

      Hi there, drummer on this album is Terry Bozzio with John Wetton on bass and vocals and the superb Eddie Jobson on keyboards and electric violin as Bill Brufford and Allan Holdsworth had left the band. Alll the best

  • Salim Abbas
    Salim Abbas 5 months ago

    O melhor álbum da galáxia.🤘🏾

  • 김광범
    김광범 5 months ago

    불후의 명판~~♡ 역시 가슴이 뜨거워 지네 ㅎ

  • MorbidManMusic
    MorbidManMusic 5 months ago

    So bond, this is so bond. They hit it in rendezvous 602

  • Tulus Budi
    Tulus Budi 5 months ago

    Come on Head Bang... hahahaha.... awesome rock band ..1980-1990..decade

  • Rick Venlo
    Rick Venlo 5 months ago

    Having lived on both continents I have learned that European music can lose it’s powers and meaning under American skies so as well the other way around This ultimate masterpiece has come across as baseless and pretentious when I presented it to my us friends Timeless masterpiece

  • Per Pilblad
    Per Pilblad 5 months ago

    Eagle fly Like💝💖💝💖💝💖💝💝🐤🐤🐤🐦🐤🐦🙂🐦🙂

  • GLB Woodsbum 256
    GLB Woodsbum 256 5 months ago

    Anyone know what meter track #3 is in? Especially the intro.

    • cheezruff
      cheezruff 2 months ago

      The song 'Only Thing She Needs' is all in 4/4- however, the middle section can be noted in 12/8 or just triplet based 4/4

  • Art Rock
    Art Rock 5 months ago

    The great Eddie Jobson, just inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! 48 years of amazing music and virtuoso playing. Bravo !!!

  • The Sexy Kid Project
    The Sexy Kid Project 5 months ago

    Super Power

  • Shane Blaine
    Shane Blaine 5 months ago

    as far as progrock keyboardist , 1 emerson, 2 wakeman, 3rd jobson, 4th banks .. but jobson also violin virtuoso, imo makes him all- time greatest prog musician , ponty , also played some keyboards , 2nd

  • Samuel Moscoso
    Samuel Moscoso 5 months ago

    Sin duda,lo mejor de lo mejor!

  • weberson cardoso
    weberson cardoso 5 months ago

    Obra prima esse disco

  • Ed Atrozz
    Ed Atrozz 5 months ago

    Disco inacreditável.

  • namklak6
    namklak6 5 months ago

    They should've named this disk "Prelude to Asia"...

  • Hyuo Hafner
    Hyuo Hafner 5 months ago

    Одна з найкращих гуртів в в свому стилі! Обожнюю пауер спід метал! Один з найкращих альбомів гурту!

    • Nick 444
      Nick 444 4 months ago

      Это ты точно подметил !

  • Silly Penguin
    Silly Penguin 5 months ago

    The last song is motherfuckingly...epic.

  • Drew Lovelyhell
    Drew Lovelyhell 5 months ago

    R.I.P Seer of Visions

  • mike140460
    mike140460 5 months ago

    Why remastered? Completely pointless, I was involved from the start as an engineer (one of the best albums I ever worked on) and it was faultless from the day we got the master tapes in the studio. Brilliant stuff.

    • Art Rock
      Art Rock 5 months ago

      This Japanese release is not really a remaster, plus it's crunched from the RU-clip compression. The definitive UK remasters are Jobson's 2017 masters from the Ultimate Collector's box set. Listen to the 24/96k Blu-rays. Incredible!

    • Sinnsonido
      Sinnsonido 5 months ago

      The original Sterling press I have on vinyl sounds amazing. The remaster sounds almost damaged, by comparison.

  • RychleTube
    RychleTube 5 months ago

    Love this... Beautiful and heavy at the same time

  • Arnulfo Zamora-lopez
    Arnulfo Zamora-lopez 6 months ago

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  • Morte Santa
    Morte Santa 6 months ago

    fuck I used to love this...and still do. Remember at School , used to listen this at my colleague place , parents working and play this Vinyl from is older brother.....anyone did the same??

  • Batphink Reynolds
    Batphink Reynolds 6 months ago

    BRILLIANT album no weak songs ,no weak minutes or seconds just masterful songs,playing and mood. Best Days of my young life this album accompanied much of my youth. RIP John Wetton and Thank You Ilona for buying this LP for my Birthday RIP

  • Andreas Voigt
    Andreas Voigt 6 months ago

    This is heavy metal.

  • iskye07
    iskye07 6 months ago

    That sweet spot between prog and pop...

  • Miguel Gutierrez
    Miguel Gutierrez 6 months ago

    i havent heard this Album in more than 35 years !! cool !! and great memories

  • Faizal Izahar
    Faizal Izahar 6 months ago

    INGO fly free in heaven

  • oscar contreras
    oscar contreras 6 months ago


  • Iliana Rodríguez
    Iliana Rodríguez 6 months ago

    Mi favorito!! 💛

  • Ed Manukian
    Ed Manukian 6 months ago

    Fuckin epic!!!! 911 Bieber fangirls disliked it

  • maiden 100
    maiden 100 6 months ago

    Que buen álbum, uno de los mejores...

  • Eduar O
    Eduar O 6 months ago

    El puto mejor álbum

  • Andrew Traffkin
    Andrew Traffkin 6 months ago


  • EL CEBRA 14
    EL CEBRA 14 6 months ago


  • TheHarold1966
    TheHarold1966 6 months ago

    I saw the Eddie Jobson band in 2011, UK in 2012 en 2015 live in The Netherlands. In my opinion Danger Money is one of the best progressive rock albums ever made. John Wetton RIP.

  • ulisse bertola
    ulisse bertola 6 months ago

    one of the greatest heavy metal albums ever,probably the album of my youth

  • Rollo Tomassi
    Rollo Tomassi 6 months ago

    13 minutes of the song Keeper of the Seven Keys, and I still want more at the end.

  • Jesus Rivera
    Jesus Rivera 6 months ago

    Metal & Beer

  • Bernard Daniel
    Bernard Daniel 6 months ago

    Le 1 er album a plus de personnalité et le son de Bruford y est pour beaucoup. La démonstration technique n'a pas de sens, si on veut des "monstres" faut aller voir dans le jazz et le classique et il y a de quoi faire...

  • Peter
    Peter 6 months ago

    What a voice! Nostalgic moment here!

  • Amaterasu51
    Amaterasu51 6 months ago

    Putain d'album et de groupe

  • Tony Aguirre
    Tony Aguirre 7 months ago

    Still, have 2 LP's of this album and thank god. Ahead of it's time for sure.

  • Hugo Alvarado
    Hugo Alvarado 7 months ago

    Chingon!!i 🤘🎸👈

  • jamie wesson
    jamie wesson 7 months ago

    imo a good album but the debut is better

  • Paul Bell
    Paul Bell 7 months ago

    A work of genius! Wore this album out, along with 'Part 1' as a student.



  • Iain Bryden
    Iain Bryden 7 months ago

    Yamaha CS-80 was a beast.

  • juan diaz
    juan diaz 7 months ago


  • Frank Gappa
    Frank Gappa 7 months ago

    My brother would play this when I was 12 or so, I could never tell the difference between Kiske and Dickinson. They sounded the same to my young ears.

  • John ace
    John ace 7 months ago

    Saw this lineup live on their own at the old palladium in nyc then later I remember them warming up for jethro Tull at MSG

      ROB-IN-PHILLY 6 months ago

      That tour came through Philly too...They Blew Tull off the stage...No easy feat...:)...

  • Eduardo D. Fernández
    Eduardo D. Fernández 7 months ago

    Junto a Angels Cry (Angra) Karma (Kamelot) Symphony of enchanted land (Rhapsody) y Power Plant (Gamma Ray) mi top 5 de álbumes de power metal, en ese orden obvio Helloween esta en el primer lugar, álbumes que los escucho de principio a fin una y otra vez y nunca dejan de gustarme.

  • Lord Morpheus
    Lord Morpheus 7 months ago

    Eu tenho esse disco em vinil. Guardo ele como se fosse uma obra de arte de extremo valor.

  • Lord Morpheus
    Lord Morpheus 7 months ago

    O melhor disco do Halloween.

  • gaspanda
    gaspanda 7 months ago

    I loved this back in the day - not really recognising how theatrical it all is.

  • Karll Mustapha
    Karll Mustapha 7 months ago

    Muzik yg menarik...vokal yg mantap...saya sgt suka mendengar lagu2 dlm album ni....🎶🎸👍