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  • Matt Thatsme
    Matt Thatsme 4 minutes ago

    wait....was the Saxon house completed?

  • paul beenis
    paul beenis 24 minutes ago

    Thats an awesome turf/topsoil shovel cutter thing anyone know the brand name or style?

  • paul beenis
    paul beenis 26 minutes ago

    When she asks if you're over 8 inches 13:42😧

  • Charles Wallace
    Charles Wallace 26 minutes ago

    When your homeless you have no other choice but to learn how to cope with what nature got causes she gonna teach you how if you dont know or starve or freeze to death

  • Charles Wallace
    Charles Wallace 29 minutes ago

    If there were a pandemics in United's state's i would be doing this with you guys survival in the woods or wilderness is a must and you must know how to hunt

  • Argi Hare-eye
    Argi Hare-eye 31 minute ago

    Coño... Errejón haciendo cuchillos...

  • willy snatch
    willy snatch Hour ago

    Thank you for sharing this i needed this.

  • Chad Yonish
    Chad Yonish Hour ago

    That's not a cabin the freaking doghouse that a kid could assemble

  • boluchhh
    boluchhh Hour ago

    Some Stain will make it look really nice 👍🏼

  • Backwoods Idaho
    Backwoods Idaho Hour ago

    Haven't done anything like this since leaving Alaska in the 70s. Practicing some old rusty skills this winter. Got a couple sites worked out for a build like your camp for next summer. Thanks for re-inspiring an old guy.

  • Robert Wallace
    Robert Wallace Hour ago

    It’s cool I like it but it’s basically a tinder box

  • Minjee and Jason Ray

    A nice shortcut to breaking up logs, is to wedge them between two trees and bend against it until the log brakes. Sawing them by hand takes too long and too much energy

  • josh1000f
    josh1000f Hour ago

    DIY Pallet cabin... FREE!! (fancy mini stove not included)

  • Billie Godfrey
    Billie Godfrey 2 hours ago

    So building it flat on the ground means it will last maybe two years?

  • Thomas Watkins
    Thomas Watkins 2 hours ago

    Viking food is more like a huge wild boar on a spit.

  • oldschoolman 144
    oldschoolman 144 2 hours ago

    Didn't know Vikings had levels! =)

  • Gert Lombard
    Gert Lombard 2 hours ago

    What an awesome experience! I wish I knew someone to do a project like this with!

  • Peter Melanson
    Peter Melanson 2 hours ago

    Love those hand saw where do you get these.

  • RoyalT Magic
    RoyalT Magic 2 hours ago

    Says life is short get outside while building a house to go indoors...

  • Darnell Horton
    Darnell Horton 2 hours ago

    I love these videos!!! “Something From Nothing”!!! Smiles

  • Tom Crouchman
    Tom Crouchman 3 hours ago

    great job guys!! hope you have fun using the new house!!

  • David Hensley
    David Hensley 3 hours ago

    Just imagine how cold the Vikings would have been through the winter living in a house like this.

  • BigPap408
    BigPap408 3 hours ago

    Love it but did they have nails? what would the vikings have used?

  • HaTeRaDeQuEnChEr
    HaTeRaDeQuEnChEr 3 hours ago

    This is the knockoff " my self reliance "

  • Shane Vlaardingerbroek

    I'm sorry seems pointless to me if you can't insulate it

  • Shane Frey
    Shane Frey 3 hours ago

    The Jarl's Mead House

  • Keith Riter
    Keith Riter 3 hours ago

    We are not alone.outspace is huge we ant the only ones.

  • Echo
    Echo 4 hours ago

    So, what keeps the wood directly on the dirt from rotting?

  • mc4906
    mc4906 4 hours ago

    And to think that they did all of this without saws

  • albert reed
    albert reed 4 hours ago

    Cute little Jack Russell. The disappointing thing with this video is, everybody seems to be doing the same thing with only a slight variation.

  • Joe S
    Joe S 4 hours ago

    I love it. I like how you didn't talk. Pretty ingenious.

  • Dark Dream
    Dark Dream 4 hours ago

    Was the thing built near the end the toilet?

  • Mr Herb
    Mr Herb 4 hours ago

    Incredible, What an awesome team you 2 are. Great cabin

  • ザッくんS.
    ザッくんS. 4 hours ago

    Very impressive but Vikings didn’t have nails haha

  • asia black
    asia black 4 hours ago

    Where do you get pallets?

  • kirsch1616
    kirsch1616 4 hours ago

    Bravo gents! This was an excellent project and video. Gonna get my baby girl a little tool belt and get out in the woods and see what we can get into!

  • MaxCam35mm
    MaxCam35mm 4 hours ago

    A good budget project. Do you think the floor will not rot in a year?

  • James Parry
    James Parry 5 hours ago

    Now you owe property taxes, jk. Not really.

  • Ada Holmes
    Ada Holmes 5 hours ago

    Love, teach your children well!

  • mark mc creesh
    mark mc creesh 5 hours ago

    For your next build I think you should build a house out of stone and clay utilizing the same techniques that you used for the fire-pit. You can apply your wood building talents to the staircase and porch.

  • kelly c
    kelly c 5 hours ago

    You've probably said this is previous videos, but what brand is that saw you use? is it a silky saw? So pleased to have found this channel! loving this series. Thanks!

  • Ronald Green
    Ronald Green 5 hours ago

    Will never forget the lamb copter.

  • Maria Mendoncs
    Maria Mendoncs 5 hours ago


  • Andy Johnson
    Andy Johnson 5 hours ago

    dog: wtf? when we go home?

  • . takka
    . takka 5 hours ago


  • Richard Staal
    Richard Staal 5 hours ago

    Old stuff !!!!!

  • Faith in all things W

    I bet they are strong 💪.

  • FlyingMonkies325
    FlyingMonkies325 6 hours ago

    It's ironic us calling this the life but Vikings back then didn't appreciate what they had they just kept looking at what others had especially the royal kingdoms when they had everything they needed on their island.

  • John Wallace
    John Wallace 6 hours ago

    That lamb-copter is seriously next level. Good on ya boys!

  • zzflash1
    zzflash1 6 hours ago

    Mike and Dustin, did you know before hand how much clay was in the area? And DAMN what a fire pit.

  • FlyingMonkies325
    FlyingMonkies325 6 hours ago

    Awesome! great work guys! this is super interesting and i think The Vikings are the true picture of how us humans adapt to our world and our surroundings and use what we can we persist and never give up even with so little :)

  • Sugey Rojas Pastenes

    !!!!Buuueeeeennnnaaaa la cccccaaaaaassssssaaaaaa!!!!❤ teamo

  • Drizzified
    Drizzified 7 hours ago

    Imagine walking through the woods of your privately owned land, only to come across a small town of extremely well-crafted pallet wood and sheet metal huts, lmao

  • Google User
    Google User 7 hours ago

    How fantastic! However, pleeeeease be so VERY careful with those lit candles and I would honestly love spending the night in that little sanctuary even on a very cold night as long as I could my dog & myself warm enough. Wonderful! And LOVE UP that absolutely adorable boy or girl of yours for me!!

  • kai kito
    kai kito 7 hours ago

    Were you actually in the TA? Just curious. I was . 1983-87.The Royal Engineers in Edinburgh.Still like the squeaking sound made between heavy leather boots crossing a polished , wooden floor.

  • Lewis Gardener
    Lewis Gardener 7 hours ago

    If you use frontline on ya dog it will sort out tics

  • John Ramey
    John Ramey 7 hours ago

    Good video men.. for all the idiots who like to make jokes, we’ll they haven’t been off the couch since they were born and couldn’t build a paper airplane. I enjoyed watching.

  • G Glotto
    G Glotto 8 hours ago

    What brand of saw are you using? Someone had to have asked already but I didn't see it.

  • green warrior101
    green warrior101 8 hours ago

    This is so cool and would come in handy for my brother next cadet annual camp he has

  • ANTONIO vrankic
    ANTONIO vrankic 8 hours ago


  • Blazzer922
    Blazzer922 8 hours ago

    Where did all that wood come from? You Must of cut down allot of trees to get all that???

  • n mac
    n mac 8 hours ago

    Pretty crafty but i live in Canada id freeze without something more in the sense of walls and floor insulation- that and they seem to want a building permit to have a crap nowadays

  • ora et labora
    ora et labora 8 hours ago

    Lot faster with some power tools, drywall screws aren't going to pull out like those old rusty nails, five yards of concrete would make a good foundation, nail gun anyone? Better get that ground shot for termites that are coming, level, some more battery powered tools, a nice Honda generator, propane fridge and stove, think of the joy of technology!

  • Alexander Flieger
    Alexander Flieger 8 hours ago

    The ending is what makes the video

  • 1joshjosh1
    1joshjosh1 9 hours ago

    That would would be so rotten in three or four years

    • 1joshjosh1
      1joshjosh1 8 hours ago

      @TA Outdoors That's awesome. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    • TA Outdoors
      TA Outdoors 9 hours ago

      Been up 3 years,still as solid as ever.

  • 1joshjosh1
    1joshjosh1 9 hours ago

    How's the internet signal out there?

  • Cairo Venn
    Cairo Venn 9 hours ago

    The reason the metal part of the shield was round was to make any stabs that hit the shield in the centre would glance off

  • Ssaa nn
    Ssaa nn 9 hours ago

    If I were to build something similar in my neck of the woods, the local forrester would go berserk.

  • David Troncoso
    David Troncoso 9 hours ago

    Love your dog bro. He has a very loving spirit.

  • anonimus hi
    anonimus hi 10 hours ago

    One like for the puppy

  • Blackbird Singing
    Blackbird Singing 10 hours ago

    Fantastic video! Going to be watching this many times.

  • Diane Andersen
    Diane Andersen 10 hours ago

    Awesome!👋👍👏🐯🐅🐕Bellyrub for Jax and the dog in the vlog Amber?She looks very red,almost as red as my dog Wilbur and he is a Redbone

  • TheHerbCannasour
    TheHerbCannasour 10 hours ago


  • jenifen teran
    jenifen teran 10 hours ago

    Germán terán

  • Brian Kane
    Brian Kane 10 hours ago

    That is one HUGE "Hitting stick" lads. A wee bit "draughty" towards the end?

  • Gnome Add
    Gnome Add 10 hours ago

    Any more details about the boat? I restored old wooden boats for a couple of decades and, by default, I’m immediately obsessed with them when they cross my path. Great vid, btw.

  • ComfortMsfit
    ComfortMsfit 11 hours ago

    I love how you and your dad are able to work together. And how he isn't opposed to labour in his golden age

  • Jane
    Jane 11 hours ago

    Hi! I'm a woman who will probably never build any of these structures. However, I really enjoy the history lesson and the variety of builds that you gentlemen have completed. Many subscribers love it so keep it up.

  • Charles Cyklop
    Charles Cyklop 11 hours ago

    Fully proven that the dirty people of the government will be in trouble, not even now, but later for their decisions without consulting God. Cheers Mate

  • Charles Cyklop
    Charles Cyklop 11 hours ago

    So you got your own area and after be back home ?

  • Barbara Troha
    Barbara Troha 11 hours ago

    Love your videos, those stoves are great .you are teaching me a lot. Barbara from Texas

  • Bar Kovsky
    Bar Kovsky 11 hours ago

    V Kool

  • Frank Maloney
    Frank Maloney 11 hours ago

    All the bark goes on green. I am curious how much is shrinks when dry?

  • Offgrid Secrets
    Offgrid Secrets 11 hours ago

    This was way better than Broke Back Mountain.

  • Hubert Tracz
    Hubert Tracz 12 hours ago

    Podstaw przetrwania powinno się uczyć już za młodu .Bardzo ciekawe i może się przydać w życiu:)

  • Gary Brown
    Gary Brown 12 hours ago


  • lifeisDestini41 lifelikewater

    Who ever was recording this did a slappy job

  • ignore
    ignore 12 hours ago

    Right on 2:02 , is that smoke or fog?

  • Katarzyna Gronczewska
    Katarzyna Gronczewska 13 hours ago

    3:03 a fishing tampon

  • Poisk 13
    Poisk 13 13 hours ago

    Бютженый вариант

  • Владимир
    Владимир 14 hours ago

    Профессионалы !

  • Darren Duckmanton
    Darren Duckmanton 14 hours ago

    Thanks for the how to do knots very useful for me going to practice now an thanks again

  • John Ooyen
    John Ooyen 14 hours ago

    vikings had nails and Japanese wood preserving Technics? otherwise good work and you are entertaining to watch

    • TA Outdoors
      TA Outdoors 12 hours ago

      John Ooyen they had axes, they definitely had nails... they just did more joinery as nails were time consuming to make. A lot of effort and little reward.

  • Marc Allred
    Marc Allred 14 hours ago

    I watched the whole dang thing :)

  • World Of Kyle
    World Of Kyle 14 hours ago

    I like how you guys used the tree barks as shingles! Recyclable and pretty awesome ad well

  • Tina Searcy
    Tina Searcy 14 hours ago

    I love them all great job

  • Rob Thomas
    Rob Thomas 15 hours ago

    When you split wood you should always start with splitting it from the middle

  • nisa fenty
    nisa fenty 15 hours ago

    Ormanın amına koydu tek başına

  • Дима Дима
    Дима Дима 16 hours ago

    Это как надо не уважать своего пса, что б кормить его тким дерьмом ?

  • SK Wildcamps
    SK Wildcamps 16 hours ago

    Absolute Belter!