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  • Gary Williams
    Gary Williams Hour ago

    What is the cost of rent and where would you recommend i contact to find rental properties ? Also how far is Subic from the VA medical facilities ?

  • Gary Williams
    Gary Williams 17 hours ago

    I am interested in what it would cost to rent a furnished apartment 1 or 2 bedroom in Angeles City area, no steps, preferably with elevators, gymnasium , pool, and Jacuzzi. Any ideas or suggestions ? Thanks.

  • louis wong
    louis wong 22 hours ago

    I am planning to buy a 1 bedroom flat, but the thai agreement worries me.

  • Jaypee Manlapaz

    Nice place!

  • loyd chambers
    loyd chambers Day ago

    I live in san marcelino so were neighbors i love the province.

    JOHN ESCAPE Day ago

    best of luck its just a studio 8m never happen to many new places going up thy so you coming when you bought that

      JOHN ESCAPE Day ago


    • Property Club
      Property Club Day ago

      JOHN ESCAPE Going price is 200K + per sqm in the area for luxury condos. This is a bargain.

  • Gamer Carl
    Gamer Carl 2 days ago

    I am a filipino And a say tae ang mga Thailand tae

  • Anik Adam
    Anik Adam 2 days ago

    how to apply? i have experience as an english language teacher

  • ace toxic
    ace toxic 2 days ago

    I have excellent taste. I have had the good fortune to have had great looks un my younger days and along with confidence I was able to date who I was attracted to. Ariana is a very attractive woman. Along with her physical attributes she has a pleasant disposition. Feel very fortunate that you've been gifted sweetheart and you are fortunate as well Peter

  • Roland Ulatowski
    Roland Ulatowski 3 days ago

    Looks like its time for a BULLDOZER !!! lol Its a DUMP !!

  • dina Dayrit
    dina Dayrit 3 days ago

    This is still open until now ??

  • jon h
    jon h 4 days ago

    Leasing is not owning

  • Net Man
    Net Man 4 days ago

    where did you meet your wife?

  • ace toxic
    ace toxic 4 days ago

    What is the ACN summit look ed for info and didn't see any.

  • Eamonn Wright555
    Eamonn Wright555 4 days ago

    No way ! ? That looks like my old barracks

  • Adam Publiczny
    Adam Publiczny 5 days ago

    Best are to live in Manila !

  • James G
    James G 5 days ago

    My amazing Filipina wife of now 3 years and partners for 4 and a 1/2 years is my blessing from God. She has been the most amazing caring loving and faithful wife and partner. She takes care of me every day and more so due to an accident at work where I cannot walk without crutches and she has been a real blessing. She does all the washing, cleaning etc and dinner as I am unable to do anything I try but on crutches makes it impossible however I do help when I am not on crutches and even try to back home in the Philippines but only to be told stop ill do it but I will sometimes continue to do it because I like to help. Filipina women are amazing partners and caregivers 100% and I am so blessed to have my wife.

  • Arabian Knight
    Arabian Knight 6 days ago

    thank you for such informative video. one thing to ask and that is, could u please share links to realestate agents that has 50 years lease houses and or lands. google merely takes me to the conventional lease (monthly rental) sites. or what is the right key word should i use to search for in order to take me to the right site of such agents. thank u

    FAVOUR OMORUKU 6 days ago

    Am sorry, but I do not Agree with all your reasons, I have they as colleagues and friends here in the uae, they do not know how to save, and they always have money problems, and its rare to see a filipinos Lady without kids, they are pretenders, they are never honest, they only respect people who are rich and in high positions...they are racist... They cover up there nose when they sit with blacks in the bus or walk pass them

  • Emie Smith
    Emie Smith 6 days ago

    That cost 18 to 25m you can’t afford that unless if you’re millionaire 😁

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man 6 days ago

    Is club open to the public?

    • Dan The Man
      Dan The Man 6 days ago

      @Property Club ....awesome thanks for reply. I'll be in AC for 6 days starting Tuesday, not really the best weather but after a few red Horsies who cares!😄✌️

    • Property Club
      Property Club 6 days ago

      Dan The Man Yes its open to public. Theres 500 pesos entrance fee, consumable for drinks only

  • Arno Nymos
    Arno Nymos 6 days ago

    Just ridiculous prices. For the same price, I can build a house in Europe. I lived the past 15 years in Thailand. And even Thailand is much cheaper when it comes to housing prices than the Philippines. Needless to say, your house wont get swept away by the next Taifoon there, nor does it need railbars and barb-wire...

  • dave Giter
    dave Giter 7 days ago

    Call center agents are fully taken advantage in the Philippines with minimal pay and a stressful working environment.. Living conditions are terrible while multiple employees commonly are shacked up in low level living conditions to avoid prohibitive travel conditions mainly in Manila and Cebu.. .. shame on these fortune 500 companies who dont give a shit about the call center agents paying them poverty wages .

  • kurt ian rosaluna
    kurt ian rosaluna 7 days ago

    0:23 I think that wild monkey wants to beat you up! Haha

  • Bruno Sørensen
    Bruno Sørensen 7 days ago

    11 usd for breakfast ??? thaht is not cheap at all - much cheaper other place and the dishes look very simple.. .

  • D Don Travels
    D Don Travels 8 days ago

    Thank you for the info

  • IT
    IT 8 days ago

    I was there two times don't know how to exchange money

  • Joe Webster
    Joe Webster 8 days ago

    I am very happy for you and the new baby. Congrats!

  • ace toxic
    ace toxic 8 days ago

    Not US Army but US Marines my friend. They had a Jungle Survival and an escape and evasion training camp. They trained for jungle warfare and also provided security for the Naval Base and Cubi Point the NAVAL air Station. They also had an zoo there that was used to train the marines of the different types of wildlife they might encounter in different regions of the world. They also trained with the aboriginal negrados or negritos. The negritos along with Filipino resistance fighters worked to undermine the Japanese occupation force and helped facilitate the return of Gen Mcarthur. After the war Gen Mcarthur made sure that the negritos had whatever medical treatment and access to the base and if they were in need of clean water or food they would be provided it. It was strange to be there in 1990 and see these little jungle guys in loin clothes and their little bow and arrows they used for fishing and poison darts is what I heard. They would have a stringer full of tiny little fish. They also would accompany any civilian that need an escort into the jungle. They would help with the cobras that would wander onto the golf course trying to eat the gophers after it rained sometimes.

  • Gary Williams
    Gary Williams 8 days ago

    I am looking for a place to rent. I would prefer a one bedroom apartment, furnished with a gym and pool. What is thew price range for this in the Subic bay area. Also i want a place with an elevator, not steps. I am looking to stay close to the VA medical center in case i have any health issues.

  • haymannn
    haymannn 9 days ago

    The 1st rent is much more like what rents should $39.00 a mo. . In US you can by a house & own it for $100,000 & pay $350 a mo. PI is 3rd World & you should get a lot for your money. A condo should be maybe $10,000 & $35.00 a mo..

  • haymannn
    haymannn 9 days ago

    WTF? $595 PER MO. That's frigg'n absurd. These guys are fools or talk'n up the price. Or he must be the "Pitch Man". You can by a $200,000 house in USA for $600 a mo. and "Own It". Why the hell by a Condo in a 3rd World country. This place should rent for $100.00 a mo.

  • Eamonn Wright555
    Eamonn Wright555 9 days ago

    That’s the old Naval Air Station , Cubi Point . So sad to see it in that state :-( Those are mostly old Barracks which are similar to college dormitories . Remember the dreaded walk up the hill from the Hangars to barracks in sweltering heat . The Filipino people are awesome and they took good care of us . I’m grateful for their inspiration that rejuvenated my Catholic Faith day

  • Chris White
    Chris White 10 days ago

    Balcony is bigger than the apartment..!! 🤣

  • J Thomas
    J Thomas 10 days ago


  • Tsnore
    Tsnore 10 days ago

    Please update this for 2019. I have been going to Subic, AC, Manila, and elsewhere in the PI for decades - used to live on Calaclan Ridge Olongapo as well. I plan a trip this Xmastime. I knew Paul somewhat through Blue Rock - don't know for sure but most in and around there told me that was a money-pool hit by disgruntled employees and ex-employees. The PI can be dangerous. An NPA man squatted next to us on the mountain for a while and he and another guy had guns and little money and required regular "appeasement". Our chickens and our cistern water were stolen frequently among other missing items, and 2-3 pet dogs were killed and eaten up there back in 2006, including mine. If you have any news about AC as well, please relate it mate. Thanks.

  • ace toxic
    ace toxic 10 days ago

    Who occupy all these condos. Expats and vacationers or workers in the over the phone customer service industry? If the average month was even as high as 800 per month who can afford to live here?

  • ace toxic
    ace toxic 10 days ago

    Where do you live? I live in the Philippines. What part of the Philippines? I live in Manila. Oh ok what part of Manila? I live in a part of Manila called Boner Facial. Boner Facial? What kind of name is that? Not sure where they came up with the name but it's easy enough to remember when I've been drinking.

  • HorizontalDecline
    HorizontalDecline 11 days ago

    Hi. Are there any new roles coming up or still available from this intake? Thanks

  • ace toxic
    ace toxic 11 days ago

    With all those China men and cruise tourists coming into port they need to get magsaysay drive going again

  • oversteer46
    oversteer46 11 days ago

    Absolute fuckwit.

  • ace toxic
    ace toxic 11 days ago

    If anyone has seen Good Fellas when Henry Hill starts making money he gets a decked out apartments. I think these people picked the same decorator

  • David Gavin
    David Gavin 11 days ago

    are the prices quoted here still accurate?

    • David Gavin
      David Gavin 11 days ago

      @Property Club yeah, I can see when this was made, asking to get a perspective on how things have changed. Is it mostly due to the influx of Chinese via POGO and other development projects?

    • Property Club
      Property Club 11 days ago

      To give you some idea 💡 some people asking 6M for house in Q1 2018, now same house asking 11M Q3 2019. Madness.

    • Property Club
      Property Club 11 days ago

      David Gavin This video was 18 months ago, property market boomed since then.

  • Marie Royal
    Marie Royal 11 days ago

    Husband says I am the smart pinay girl he met so far. He doesn't mind my being a lousy cook; even if I tried, I don't clean that much in the house, I don't do a good job washing the car and the truck, I don't wanna have kids, I do work hard. He like my being independent on everything. I would rather go out and eat than cook. So these ten reasons why you need date filipinas is a joke. It"s not true.

  • Eurika Rogas
    Eurika Rogas 11 days ago

    Hello do u have idea when the resto and pool at the rooftop will be available?

  • 22STE22
    22STE22 11 days ago

    what would something like that sell for ?

  • kris V
    kris V 12 days ago

    CopperCab?? Are you trolling again?

  • kyler baumgart
    kyler baumgart 12 days ago

    I still have no idea how they dont hate us americans for nuking them

  • ace toxic
    ace toxic 12 days ago

    So much has changed in the last 40 years. The last time I was there was January 1990.

    MESTIZA 12 days ago

    Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉very happy for you guys❤️❤️❤️

  • alex sumoba
    alex sumoba 13 days ago

    Bill Luthrel original owner Fridays Boracay

  • M. #edgesofearth
    M. #edgesofearth 13 days ago

    Awesome view, reminds me of the beginning of Ghost in the Shell, must be so nice living there! Hope you find a buyer :) and congrats of course!

  • All About The Philippines

    Great looking Condo and very nice view Pete. A reasonable price, Good luck with the sale and a Big congratulations on the pregnancy guys 🙂👍

  • Joel Reyes
    Joel Reyes 13 days ago


  • bruce barclay
    bruce barclay 13 days ago

    Peter congrats mate I remember seeing a couple of videos showing you walking through the shopping centre and hotel you should attach the links above to these videos as thats a big attraction.

  • Andy
    Andy 13 days ago

    If only I could afford something like this, the view is amazing! Nice intro and congratulations on your baby boy :)

  • Z Shark
    Z Shark 13 days ago

    Great looking view !!! How many floors is this building.. And what floor is your unit... thanks

  • Ray Wolf
    Ray Wolf 13 days ago

    Php 8 million is a good price in a great location in Ortigas Center. Next to all the great malls, activities and restaurants. We purchased a one bedroom 6 years ago at a condo across from Robinsons Galleria for Php 7.65 million.

  • TITAN69
    TITAN69 14 days ago

    she said babies your fucked time to make the donuts

  • jlwthree
    jlwthree 14 days ago

    What about the internet connection, speed, reliability, etc,?

    • Robert Halili
      Robert Halili 13 days ago

      Shangri-la has several internet services. Avoid PLDT. Subscribe to Globe as they guarantee full bitrate speed. For example, if you subscribe for 50 Mbps, Globe will provide 75 Mbps to ensure you get the advertised 50 Mbps. I use Globe for all my rental condos in Manila including the one at the Shangri-la. Also, PLDT service is total crap, they rarely do home service. They often provide offsite help via telephone which is useless. I can rely on Globe technicians to be at my condo within a few days after calling.

    • Property Club
      Property Club 14 days ago

      jlwthree Yes you can get high speed internet in this building.

  • HD Street 750 HOG riders

    Many people interested in condo. Especially the View .That's why the condo from Subic, only 2 floor is better to buy condo in Angeles than Subic. Angeles Condo is mid rise building.

  • Bokimon
    Bokimon 14 days ago

    This is perfect for airbnb. If i will win the lottery i will contact you.

  • Fred
    Fred 14 days ago

    Congratz on the baby! The apartment looks amazing, how much are condo fees and property taxes?

  • Issa
    Issa 14 days ago

    How much is the rental for that condo ? and felicitations for the Baby ...

    • Property Club
      Property Club 14 days ago

      Issa 35-40K per month, however this condo only available for sale and not for rent.

  • pilots71
    pilots71 14 days ago

    Islands there are not bought by the Chinese but leased to them ......

  • Karl Nakonechy
    Karl Nakonechy 14 days ago

    Wow congratulations. Great video guys. Miles away n Karl Nakonechy

  • Robert Halili
    Robert Halili 14 days ago

    Are all the studio units at St. Francis have a square layout?

    • Property Club
      Property Club 14 days ago

      Robert Halili actually most are rectangles and have much less of a view, our condo is very wide and has sweeping views.

  • Prometheus 2012
    Prometheus 2012 14 days ago

    Nice. Congrats guys!

  • hunterkill97
    hunterkill97 14 days ago

    I think you should lease it instead of selling the condo.

  • Saul H
    Saul H 14 days ago

    I'm afraid of heights 😊 Congratulations btw.

  • Terry Allan
    Terry Allan 14 days ago

    Congratulations you 2 . Nice apartment .

  • Ronski L
    Ronski L 14 days ago

    Congrats guys! That is awesome news!

  • cabowabo78727
    cabowabo78727 14 days ago

    Congrats to you both! Very nice condo!

  • Nicolas
    Nicolas 14 days ago

    Nice condo. Congrats again! It’s official now/public :)

  • Property Club
    Property Club 14 days ago

    Shangri-La Condo for Sale @ 7.99M PHP Interested buyers can contact me on Facebook:

    • GratefulFilipina
      GratefulFilipina 13 days ago

      Congratulations happy for you both!... God bless

    • Property Club
      Property Club 14 days ago

      Brian Tracy Condo only no parking slot on title, mall has parking next door for visitors. Dues are around 5K php per month.

    • Property Club
      Property Club 14 days ago

      Brian Tracy This condo is negotiable. Feel free to add me to discuss further, my FB address above.

    • Brian Tracy
      Brian Tracy 14 days ago

      Parking? Furnished yes/no? Any help available arranging financing? If so what would banks require for down payment? What is the monthly "condo fee" and is AirBNB allowed?

  • Nathaniel Villapando

    Give it to me hehe


    Thanks for the info. I'm planning to come to Subic Bay in November after a few nights in Manila after getting over the jetlag.

  • Isadore Weiss
    Isadore Weiss 14 days ago

    Tampico should only ever be drank ice cold with vodka lmao

  • David Shepherd
    David Shepherd 15 days ago

    Units are very small inside and maybe over priced

  • Swedish Dissident
    Swedish Dissident 15 days ago

    Hi and congratulations for your move to Subic Bay (been there) and to your beautiful partner as well. I have a question. Foreigners like us can't own land, as we know, and I read that some lease contracts are for up to 50 years with a 25 year optional renewal. How much would you say is the lease fee per square foot / square meter in your area? I have my eye on a property in Davao City...

  • dubeei4u
    dubeei4u 15 days ago

    4 million quid for that first property that looks like a garden shed ? Hell naaah gtfoh Lol 😂😂😂😂😂. Dude when did you move to tne Philippines ? Lmao 😂 You cant fool me been visiting from the United Kingdom since 2008 and I was even there in Ph 2019 . Based on my knowledge I wouldnt even live in Subic Bay and yes I have been to Subic twice in the last 10 years. Gtfoh with these fake guide price . ONLY A GULLIBLE MUG will pay these prices in the Philippines. . SMH for you. Paalam #UKBlackMan 😎😆😆😆😆😆

    • Property Club
      Property Club 15 days ago

      dubeei4u 4 million GBP. Are you sure you have done the math correctly??

  • Hi how are You
    Hi how are You 16 days ago

    No one else thinks this nigga is wierd

  • Robert Dyer
    Robert Dyer 16 days ago

    So how do you find a lease held title home for sale? I am looking in the Clark area

  • Derpy Wolfie
    Derpy Wolfie 17 days ago

    So many losers here...

  • Keith Hodgson
    Keith Hodgson 18 days ago

    Hard to hear the questions so why don't you recap them before answering?

  • Ken Man
    Ken Man 18 days ago

    It's not cheap. The Thai baht is getting strong. The real estate is getting expensive in Thailand.

  • Dee White
    Dee White 19 days ago

    Best market EVER. I was there August 2019 .Greetings from New Zealand

    • Abraham Lincoln
      Abraham Lincoln 7 days ago

      Dee White bro im from the netherlands i will go in January how is it in Pattaya? I mean can i have info if i go there i will stay 2 to 3 weeks

  • Bob Bobbington
    Bob Bobbington 19 days ago

    .... so how much is health insurance for everyone else?

  • ely ely
    ely ely 20 days ago

    dami talagang club dyan kaya madami din pokpok dyan eh madami kasi dumadayo kaya ang dami din nalalahian ng kano dyan lol

  • bb89670
    bb89670 20 days ago

    You live the Filipino way😄 Thank you for your kind words. I figured you were a military man that you fell in love with the Philippines. I've heard so many of U.S. military men had gone back to retire there.

  • bb89670
    bb89670 20 days ago

    Wow, very nice at the Marina yacht club in cebu, Philippines.

  • Lada Bern
    Lada Bern 20 days ago

    So did you guys hire someone? I’m just curious.

  • adam perkins
    adam perkins 20 days ago

    Looking at #9, and seeing the huge smile on his face you just know this is true

  • Rivetedontheroad
    Rivetedontheroad 20 days ago

    Since you are leasing the house do you have to get permission from the owner to do upgrades?

  • Flash Cloud
    Flash Cloud 22 days ago

    Video title is misleading.

  • Jeffrey Ferguson
    Jeffrey Ferguson 22 days ago

    How much is a nice apartment or townhouse free single man just ballpark figure

  • PeterFreitag
    PeterFreitag 22 days ago

    thank you

  • HD Street 750 HOG riders

    Barretto Olongapo. Next barangay was matain subic town. 164 police camp still there

  • HD Street 750 HOG riders

    This is not inside Freeport. This was in barretto olongapo.

  • HD Street 750 HOG riders

    Cubi point was part of Morong Bataan.