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  • Yoba Perez
    Yoba Perez 15 hours ago

    Excelente musica la escuche en un Curso de ingles hace mucho tiempo pero no sabia el nombre. Gracias

  • james vincent
    james vincent 5 days ago

    I love you always ~ James

  • bootsamou
    bootsamou 5 days ago

    Music means different things to different people. To me, this is a really lovely uplifting happy piece of music - drawing the curtains, sun streaming in, flowers swaying in the breeze, walks in the woods, trickling rivers. But I see, here, that for a lot of folk, it's a sad song.

  • Poetic Recluse
    Poetic Recluse 5 days ago

    This music will transport you.....

  • Maureen Lannon
    Maureen Lannon 5 days ago

    One of my all time favorites. I remember going to the movies in the fifties to see this movie. Haunting, beautiful music. Loved finding this music from so long ago.

  • Tracie
    Tracie 6 days ago

    Love this theme. It is so beautiful.

  • Randy Whitehead
    Randy Whitehead 6 days ago

    This makes my heart hurt, in a good way. It makes me feel like I’m flying back to a time that I can never actually reach. A time when EVERYTHING was beautiful and peaceful and new, and imagination didn’t require work or effort, it just was. In The Sequel, Anne says “Why must we all grow up, marry, change?” Anne doesn’t want anything to change, and the heartbreaking beauty of this theme reflects that. I don’t know. Not trying to be pretentious or anything, just trying to find the right words to express how it makes me feel.

  • Vanildes Vana
    Vanildes Vana 8 days ago

    Richard clayderman tudo de bom belíssimas canções amo piano

  • Dave Commentator
    Dave Commentator 8 days ago

    The theme tune of the great motorsport commentator/announcer John Earrey, who presided over Foxhall Stadium in Ipswich for many years doing both stock cars and speedway, and also announced at several other stadiums. He would always play this at the end of meetings he was covering, and this piece will always suggest "ending" to me as a result.

  • Rosemarie Jacob
    Rosemarie Jacob 10 days ago

    Eine wundervolle Komposition von James Last, einem meiner Lieblingsinterpreten.

  • Appleholic1
    Appleholic1 11 days ago

    I found this beautiful song to be just a little too slow so I adjusted the settings playback speed to 1:25.

  • e m
    e m 11 days ago

    this song and "cavatina" depress the hell out of me and make me think of death.

  • Allan Kardec Carlos Dias


  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez 13 days ago

    Ya pasaron 5 años y al oír la melodía es como que estuvieras a mi lado madre siempre te recuerdo

  • Hernan Baez
    Hernan Baez 13 days ago

    Un Bello tema con un arreglo fenomenal e inconfundible de RayConniff.!!!!

  • Ivet gloria May
    Ivet gloria May 16 days ago

    muy hermosa la música de Ray

  • Araceli Urzua
    Araceli Urzua 16 days ago

    Me fascina. Desde niña lo escuchó

  • José Luis Hernández C.

    Excelente video y música. Gracias musicmemories2010 por tu trabajo.

  • Claudio Di Gregorio
    Claudio Di Gregorio 17 days ago

    The singer is often out of tune, or is it just me?

  • Augusto Contreras
    Augusto Contreras 18 days ago

    Thanks Mantovanni; it very special and great version of Tea for Tea

  • Princess Grace
    Princess Grace 18 days ago

    AM WPAT Radio at its best..

  • 048w2
    048w2 20 days ago

    I can't hear it.

  • Edgar Duarte
    Edgar Duarte 22 days ago

    Delicate song!!

  • Mirta Bordon
    Mirta Bordon 22 days ago

    Qué hermosa y dulce canción, desde Argentina.🇦🇷💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • george theotokatos
    george theotokatos 23 days ago

    νανα μουσκουρη μραβο παντα δυνατη

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 23 days ago

    Wonderful music and a rather unorthodox video, I should say, but it's nice...I like it. Thanks.

  • Fátima Amador
    Fátima Amador 23 days ago

    Que Hermosisima melodía de Amapola 😎esa si son músicas

  • cari saya
    cari saya 24 days ago

    love this music

  • fe Faz
    fe Faz 24 days ago

    Mantovani orchestra plays a song in a very distinctive way which enthralls my spirit and makes me fall in love again.

  • Erwin De Smet
    Erwin De Smet 24 days ago

    “Douwe Egberts koffie, … lekkere koffie”. 😋 Goeiemorgen!

  • X X
    X X 24 days ago


  • lembing kl
    lembing kl 25 days ago

    This music by Clayderman means a lot to me till this day.

  • Tim Mit
    Tim Mit 25 days ago

    A ride through the Black Forest...On my 2002 BMW R1150R... How sweet!

    VLADIMIR GUEDELHA 28 days ago

    What a wonderful song. Congratulations on posting. / Vladimir, de Boa Vista/Roraima/Brasil.

    VLADIMIR GUEDELHA 28 days ago

    Que música maravilhosa. Parabéns pela postagem.

  • Татьяна Карцева

    Изумительное исполнение!

  • iTuneGee
    iTuneGee Month ago

    True alchemists - the guitar is their magic wand...truly mesmerizing, enchanting, bewitching!!!

  • Jacyra Vaz
    Jacyra Vaz Month ago


  • Warongrat Ratanawarang

    Beautiful song SO NICE I love it thank you Walter Wanderley 13 Oct 2019 9.30p.m.

  • 1966trail
    1966trail Month ago

    Takes me back to, this morning, 7 o’clock, Radio 6. Played at the start of Mark Radclife & Stuart Maconie show

  • Mario Pereira Filho


  • Thị Lệ Hằng Lâm

    So great. Thank you

  • María-Angélica Morales Sebastián

    🌺🌺🌺* Bellissima Amapola 2019 * 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Jason Latham
    Jason Latham Month ago

    A walk in the Black Forest is ax healthy as a glass of lemonade

  • William Overly
    William Overly Month ago

    Probably the best showtune ever composed.

  • mmmoroi
    mmmoroi Month ago

    Undoubtedly the best performance of one of the loveliest music ever written.

  • Marcus Ribeiro
    Marcus Ribeiro Month ago

    The Days Of Wind And Roses... wonderful music... Henry Mancini... wonderful orquestra...

  • Mahesh Perera
    Mahesh Perera Month ago

    how in the world could any one not like this

  • Roberto Debenedetti

    La versione di Ray Connif è indescrivibilmente bella.

  • Gail Murray
    Gail Murray Month ago

    This music is all that; piercing soul and spirit!

  • Srecko Zitnik
    Srecko Zitnik Month ago

    This piece is pulling out your soul, right from your guts, through your throat, up to your eyes, where it leaks like a pouring rain, and there is nothing you can do about it.

  • Jabao Retituyo
    Jabao Retituyo Month ago

    Very nice!!

  • Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips Month ago

    Lotsa luck finding this one on Golden Oldies radio stations in 2019.

  • Jonathan Zabel
    Jonathan Zabel Month ago

    I had this album when I was younger and played it many times. Thanks for the memories.

  • Luis Chapeta
    Luis Chapeta Month ago

    Simply awesome!!!!

  • Janet Hu
    Janet Hu Month ago

    Lanza sang this

  • Steve Perez
    Steve Perez Month ago

    Colorado in November ☺️

  • Gabriela Barcenas

    Hermosísima música .

  • Reginald Dentry
    Reginald Dentry Month ago

    If you live where there’s a real fall season this nails it

  • laboratory 904282179

    still listening :)

  • Gordana Badzakov
    Gordana Badzakov Month ago

    ..24.September.2019..You , my Dearest Andre' and Your - True Love ..You have the biggest Gift from Grace Lord - to live in the Temple where True Love - lives..forever..ever..eternally , Your Heavenly beautiful True Love in Life ! You are flying on the Sky ...where a magic of Sounds - whispering a beauty that True Love - gives ! ..( in my life .. i can touch a Heaven of true love - Only on the translucent ...unseen branches on the Tree of Tree of life - living in my Land of dreams )....I wish You, my Dearest Andre' ..the gleam of happiness to shine upon You and Your True Love - eternally..! Caress - Feel - Hold - Embrace a beauty of Your Eternal Love and sway on the wings of Love's Harmony ...and sway on the strings of magic - endlessly ..and Be Beloved of God ...Amen ! ..unseen touch of sounds - sounds of my Prayers , love and words, Beba..

  • Tonia Seidl
    Tonia Seidl Month ago

    just here for belinda blinked. pretty sure its the wrong song though..

  • philip norris
    philip norris Month ago

    A very fine easy listening instrumental piece, not heard as often as it ought to be these days.

  • Dale McNamee
    Dale McNamee Month ago

    A wonderful song, performance, and performer ! George Benson's " Prelude to Fall" is another wonderful song for Autumn, which will arrive on 3:50 am Monday 09/23 here in Maryland...

  • Yamel Juárez
    Yamel Juárez Month ago

    La música de el Gran Mantovani y su Orquesta es excelsa, es un bálsamo para el alma. La música de Italia también la interpretaba con maestría por la razón de que, era Italiano y además Veneziano. Gracias Maestro Mantovani por toda esa bella música. Escribe Sergio Mora Jr.

  • Sueli Silva
    Sueli Silva Month ago


  • Mei MayTube
    Mei MayTube Month ago

    Very Relaxing Music to listen to.❤🎵🎧 (*∩_∩*) /♫•*¨*•♪

  • PikachuGaming189
    PikachuGaming189 Month ago

    my grandma loved this song when she was alive she said to play it at her funeral and that's exactly what my family did

  • Rosaura Mejia Lopez

    Ray Conif una orquesta formidable

  • PinkCougar
    PinkCougar Month ago

    Paul Mauriat - Jeux Interdits (1973)

  • Maria Isabel Montoya Villacorta

    Muy hermosa y profunda la música de Frank Chacksfield, me gusta mucho sleepy lagoon, maravavillosa, intensa la hermosa voz de fondo complementa esta bella melodía

  • Andre Minnaar
    Andre Minnaar 2 months ago

    Still haven't found what I'm looking for

  • 657BIueArmy
    657BIueArmy 2 months ago

    20th and 21st October !971, watching early evening telly with mum and dad, an episode of Owen MD called 'The Long Days Of Summer'. During a hot summer romance a beautiful young girl (played by lovely Julia Goodman) gets pregnant out of wedlock, the result of her first and only romance. Shame is poised to descend on the sleepy little English village, and Nigel Stock playing the part of Dr Owen perfectly, is there to help,. This was the perfect theme tune as I sort of fell in love with the actress who played 'her' , and wondered about people 'doing it' with their girlfriends (prior to her there'd been just a couple of unspoken crushes on girls at school, and of course Jenny Agutter in The Newcomers, playing Kirsty Kerr). What a lovely simple life we had back then, it was so much easier to live in those lovely peaceful days, when only unrequited romance disturbed the ticking of the clock.

  • Gerardo Vázquez
    Gerardo Vázquez 2 months ago

    Creo que el eslogan de una estación difusora... en el d.f. Decí música que llegó para quedarse.....

  • Zuly Quintana
    Zuly Quintana 2 months ago

    Remenbering my lovely parents ❤❤❤❤ one of the best song 🎵❤🎶❤🎼 love you Mom and Dad (RIP)

  • Noe Berengena
    Noe Berengena 2 months ago

    This is one gorgeous melody and arrangement. And that is a great photo of Ms. Minnelli. // Mancini and Minnelli -- these Italians are brilliantly talented people.

  • Tony Valle
    Tony Valle 2 months ago


  • Wilfredo Rosado
    Wilfredo Rosado 2 months ago

    This Is A Nice Piece Of Work

  • Estela Dalmas
    Estela Dalmas 2 months ago

    dulce y hermosa interpretacion !!!!!!!

  • Anna dichiara
    Anna dichiara 2 months ago


  • Jani Liebenberg
    Jani Liebenberg 2 months ago

    Só beautiful😍 Thankyou for posting😍😍😄

  • Martin Kim
    Martin Kim 2 months ago

    Oh, It's Perlman's play, so nice.

  • Betty Cadwallader
    Betty Cadwallader 2 months ago

    Everytime hear this reminds me of a Farmer and his wife who were so good to us .Peter and Leni always remember you both RIP .Betty.

  • Antonio Roman
    Antonio Roman 2 months ago

    hermosa musica,mexicana instrumental,tal y como a mi me gusta gracias x Compartirla,y gracias a kien invento el InterNet,Dios los Bendiga.

  • Kepler Gso
    Kepler Gso 2 months ago

    Henry Mancini, like George Shearing, offering a romantic universe through the piano, the strings, and giving a simple, peaceful, and pure pleasure.

  • Spencer Smith
    Spencer Smith 2 months ago

    Such a great treatment of this fine song...definitely a tune that should be heard more often.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 2 months ago

    Beautiful music, brings back childhood memories🌻💞🌈 R.I.P. Jonathan Crombie (Gilbert Blythe)💔💟

  • Richard Waite
    Richard Waite 2 months ago

    Wow such a beautiful piece of music! I was 6 years old when this was released!😀

  • natrelacoustix
    natrelacoustix 2 months ago

    My grandmother was a concert pianist, Mable Slater, this was the second piece of music she taught me on piano when I was a child. She had retired by then, but she still played her small piano at home every day. This brings back memories.

  • Noa Romana
    Noa Romana 2 months ago

    Best song ever made of instumental classic music..the british genius pianist full of emotions!!! MASTERPIECE OF THE WORLD

  • Peter Addante
    Peter Addante 2 months ago

    anche per me e' incantevole ..bella musica...

  • Kirk Barkley
    Kirk Barkley 2 months ago

    Rare and pricelessly gorgeous is this one

  • Lubelle Rose
    Lubelle Rose 2 months ago

    Hello there! This is absolutely beautiful! I have spent so long trying to find a beautiful arrangement to sing to, not record! Just so that I can perform it for family and friends . Is there any way you would kindly be able to send me this file so that I can sing to it? Many thanks

  • Lisa Nicholl
    Lisa Nicholl 2 months ago

    Fun Fact: Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple), played a little bit of this (on guitar) during the song 'Lazy' from their Made in Japan album. 🙂✌🎶🎸

  • Надежда Попова

    Композитор мелодии Robert Maxwell Carl Sigman !

  • Anne Craven
    Anne Craven 2 months ago

    I am an Anne with an E. The heartbreakingly beautiful music, along with the great acting of Megan Follows and company made this the BEST version of Anne of Green Gables ever made. The beautiful story, awesome photography, the excellent adaptation of these heartwarming stories has never been done better. If you have not seen this Anne of Green Gables, you are missing one extraordinary film.

  • Marlene Arellano
    Marlene Arellano 2 months ago

    No he podido colocar la película completa del cielo puede esperar en español

  • Edgar Villanueva
    Edgar Villanueva 2 months ago

    Me acuerdo qué ésta canción la pasaban en un comercial de AA ( Alcoholicos Anónimos) jajajajaja.

  • Walter Lopez
    Walter Lopez 2 months ago

    After all, Heaven can wait for us ......lets do something decent here on earth.

  • Bamba Skaff
    Bamba Skaff 2 months ago

    This song makes me want to smile, happy cry, sad cry, and yell "Gil!" Dramatically into to sunset