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No Flag Northern Ireland
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Footnote ‡: YouTube Red
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Death & Dynasties
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Brexit, Briefly
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You Are Two
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I, Phone
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Not the Confederate Flag
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Las Vegas isn't Las Vegas
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American Empire
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How to Pronounce Uranus
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People Pronouncing Uranus
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  • Hide on bush
    Hide on bush 4 hours ago

    *Urine us*


    My theory is that whenever a new "now" starts (approximately every eight seconds) our consciousness indeed dies fading out and the new one is born fading in and then... "I told you before!" Well, the other you told me. Your dead past self.

  • Tdtddes Xtdr4s4fy
    Tdtddes Xtdr4s4fy 5 hours ago

    How about tea, is it the same?

  • MiningSquirrel1
    MiningSquirrel1 5 hours ago

    Woo The algorithm is happy now!

  • Asm San
    Asm San 5 hours ago

    14:09 you can control TV by phone (IR), it help when it build in wall and you can't access to a plug (sometime work in airport waiting room)

  • Billal Wollvaren
    Billal Wollvaren 5 hours ago

    Pls don't quit we love your work

  • Omar Fernando
    Omar Fernando 5 hours ago

    Next time take your Ouija board

  • Nirtrous
    Nirtrous 5 hours ago

    7:45 So marrying a divorcee is not ok, for the head of a church that was founded because a king wanted to divorce his wife?

  • LaLa Lu
    LaLa Lu 5 hours ago

    Awwww rainbow how sweet !!

  • Maverick Flaten
    Maverick Flaten 6 hours ago

    6 Continents the Americans and African Antarctica Australia and Rasta🌎

  • Adrian Canete
    Adrian Canete 6 hours ago

    Man...never tell this to filipinos

  • Tarmf Enterprises
    Tarmf Enterprises 6 hours ago

    It’s not a planet

  • Tuhin Banerjee
    Tuhin Banerjee 7 hours ago

    This video made me realise my childhood was spent in myth 🙄

  • Chris Lamb
    Chris Lamb 7 hours ago

    There are a few examples of domesticate-able animals in North America you didn't mention, such as bighorn sheep and mountain goats. Heck, caribou were domesticated in Eurasia, but not in North America.

  • Edgar Bustos
    Edgar Bustos 7 hours ago

    Humans are a machine thst turn the earth to shit

  • Nathan is got roasted

    Just give him suicide bomber

  • Zero
    Zero 8 hours ago

    The election in December is gonna make the 2015 election look like a schoolyard fight

  • UltraGreninja
    UltraGreninja 8 hours ago

    Pluto isn't a planet, it's a dog

  • Lara James
    Lara James 8 hours ago

    It's crazy how well structured this video from 8 years ago is. Most youtubers can only wish for such a throwback

  • Ella Redmond
    Ella Redmond 9 hours ago

    I have stayed in that very Homewood Suites in Moab, and I just about had an aneurysm when I saw it. Lmfao.

  • Shivam Mukhedkar
    Shivam Mukhedkar 9 hours ago

    i now realised why here in india politicians shows there effort in poor not bcoz of sympathy or anything like that but bcoz they r in large numbers and easy to influence with small amount of money , that doesn't mean much to higher class of people

  • CaptainWafflez
    CaptainWafflez 9 hours ago


  • Dragoonz UwU
    Dragoonz UwU 9 hours ago

    Whoa, well our society works because we need things done, people do these things to get money because they need money to get things like a house, food, items which are made by people to get money. It’s circular and it works. But if people can no longer do things to get money then we might have to completely change our system. I suppose if we didn’t have jobs and there was everything we needed then we would just take whatever we need within limits given and do whatever we want? That sounds so boring, though, so meaningless. Life would list just be about your hobbies and personal relationships. We do have problems that need solving though like global warming, poverty, cruelty (ext). Those are some big, complicated problems though. Those’ll be hard to fix and take a lot of time and effort. Most people probably won’t be making a big effort to fix those though. How do we decide what a person gets if not by their contributions to society? Would we be living in a communistic society?

  • tyler's memes
    tyler's memes 10 hours ago

    who else does literally everything on this list.

  • Joker 9ine
    Joker 9ine 10 hours ago

    Thank you for this... Lots of love and respect 🙌🙌

  • monicat101
    monicat101 10 hours ago

    Why did the chicken cross the road? To create traffic for us 😑

  • Steven O'Brien
    Steven O'Brien 10 hours ago

    10,000 people a day? That’s like...not maintainable in any way. If you have enough people to do that, you have enough people to kill it.

  • Magister
    Magister 10 hours ago

    Fact: The Swedish calendar once had 367 days in 1712.

  • bicthboi
    bicthboi 10 hours ago

    it's cool how we basically taught something unteacheable to teach itself since we couldn't teach it

  • Charles Sanders
    Charles Sanders 10 hours ago

    Sang to create the universe, eh? String theory confirmed!

  • Nishan Subramoniam
    Nishan Subramoniam 11 hours ago

    Well I did not just watch a video about how to become a pope.

  • Fanny Blade dancer
    Fanny Blade dancer 11 hours ago

    Pope........... (^0^)

  • That guy in the group
    That guy in the group 11 hours ago

    Can you comment on my comment on my comment on my comment on my comment on my comment on my comment on my comment on my comment on my comment on my comment on my comment on my comment on my comment on my comment?

  • Ornithocowian King
    Ornithocowian King 11 hours ago

    Nobody: America to the West: Hippity hoppity your state is my property

  • Enduro
    Enduro 11 hours ago

    3:49 Because the humans there didn't know how to do so. Horses used to be shorter, hyper-aggressive, and even had stripes like zebras until a few daring humans decided to domesticate and use these wild beasts to great effect (See the Indo-European expansion and the rest of Eurasian history for that matter). However, despite a 60,000-year head start, the people living around zebras never thought of such a thing and any taming of them had to be done by foreigners like the Germans (who tamed them and used them extensively as a replacement for horses in Namibia during WWI when horses were hard to come by). If a group of animals can be contained, their reproductive behavior can be controlled. If their reproductive behavior can be controlled, then a domesticated version of that animal can be bred into existence. This is how humans domesticate animals (and how we could get war bears if we really wanted to despite how impractical and difficult it would be) I sure wonder why you would leave out this information. Does it not fit into a certain narrative? 🤔 EDIT: However, I do agree if an animal doesn't want to reproduce in captivity, it can be difficult to domesticate them (or you could breed the few fertile ones to make a more fertile animal breed/species).

  • That guy in the group
    That guy in the group 11 hours ago

    0:59 I don't know why but this is my favorite part of the whole video

  • 007Mdog
    007Mdog 11 hours ago

    Nerds are required if all my friends are nerds

  • Harry Pambianchi
    Harry Pambianchi 11 hours ago


  • Tej ・_・
    Tej ・_・ 11 hours ago

    1:32 there is a creeper

  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell 11 hours ago

    decisions decisions... to keep meltibg wax or take it off the burner and havev a coffee while i wait? coffee is a lot of work... i know, i got an orchard...

  • Derek Nagel
    Derek Nagel 11 hours ago

    I have to say this really works, I was diagnosed with depression within a month

  • Michael Rothkopf
    Michael Rothkopf 11 hours ago

    2019 - real ID

  • Dragoonz UwU
    Dragoonz UwU 11 hours ago


  • Thomas Fowler
    Thomas Fowler 11 hours ago

    Didn't make me angry, 0/10

  • Colonial Red
    Colonial Red 11 hours ago

    2019: "ah shit here we go again"

  • Vrusilov
    Vrusilov 11 hours ago

    Mexico lost half its northern territory:'(

  • Nichita Borodin
    Nichita Borodin 12 hours ago

    anyone notice at 3:21 that there is a player sneaking up behind the geologist

  • spam josh
    spam josh 12 hours ago

    its... BISON

  • Jesse Butryn
    Jesse Butryn 12 hours ago

    I've flown a few dozen times and I've never seen a plane board anything but front to back.

  • You Hey
    You Hey 12 hours ago

    I didn`t get an ad

  • starcheese 93936
    starcheese 93936 12 hours ago

    Death is rebirth

  • Dan
    Dan 12 hours ago

    Wow. I sympathize so hard with this. When you are doing a deep dive into the research, following every trail you can, only to find many sources with conflicting stories. In the information age we're in, we like to think that you can find the facts on anything if you look hard enough, but this is evidence that that's just not true. What's infuriating to me is that it's not like this is a deep dive into some canonical lore from some fictional setting that you're trying to find facts about. This is history. This stuff really happened. But apparently, nobody can agree on any of the finer details.

  • Recneps07
    Recneps07 12 hours ago

    Dude every time I see this video in my recommended I always watch it! It’s just too good!

  • Evan Kajikawa
    Evan Kajikawa 12 hours ago

    3:25 did you notice Q queen Isabella is face palming here.

  • Onur R. Yörük
    Onur R. Yörük 13 hours ago

    wish school was like this when I was a kid

  • Cal Schutte
    Cal Schutte 13 hours ago


  • B P
    B P 13 hours ago

    Hm... this is somehow sooo familiar...

  • Ja KNOWS
    Ja KNOWS 13 hours ago


  • Aidan Koliopoulos
    Aidan Koliopoulos 13 hours ago

    It’s the United States it belongs to America GO USA

  • Charitable Miracle Ministry ת


  • Tuffnerd 160
    Tuffnerd 160 14 hours ago

    3:05 that looks like some nice filth. But strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!

  • Ratnesh Chandna
    Ratnesh Chandna 14 hours ago

    You clearly haven't driven in India

  • Mr.Jefferson
    Mr.Jefferson 14 hours ago

    Victoria was a man that’s the secret

  • Eduardo B. R.
    Eduardo B. R. 14 hours ago

    So big Fs only.

  • Stephen Ruffino
    Stephen Ruffino 14 hours ago

    This should be illegal

  • thea theia earth
    thea theia earth 14 hours ago


  • 《Anna Chan》
    《Anna Chan》 14 hours ago

    0:09 already failed lmao

  • Em Em
    Em Em 14 hours ago

    Dude perfect in the perfect Future: airplane stryotypes! Rage monster: *sees bordering group 132* *AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*

  • ESP Eco
    ESP Eco 14 hours ago

    I love how an American is saying the UK system is wrong and broken think he needs to look closer to home in the USA

  • Ericka Ceppi
    Ericka Ceppi 14 hours ago explanation?

  • Fadel Rama
    Fadel Rama 15 hours ago

    Seem like born in ww2 is more likely have brighter future on financial side. Of things

  • Stacy O'Connor
    Stacy O'Connor 15 hours ago


  • Christopher Barrett
    Christopher Barrett 15 hours ago

    I've always been confused why first class passengers would want to board first. I suppose they're thinking they've paid a lot of money for that seat so they want to get the most out of it? I'd much rather wait in a comfortable seat at the departure gate, for a flight attendant to let me know everyone else has boarded so I can get on and stow my bag in peace. Maybe it's because I don't take a large cabin bag, so have no fear of there not being space.

  • Romuland Meier
    Romuland Meier 15 hours ago

    And the next jear they used that rocket against they neighbours.

  • Benjamin Sinclair
    Benjamin Sinclair 15 hours ago

    See ? Alot of insane, unrealistic things. But did he found a church ? No.

  • Just Random BOI
    Just Random BOI 15 hours ago

    Kings advisour:so YOU THINK you shouldn’t get eaten alive pATHeTIC

  • Glittzy
    Glittzy 15 hours ago

    UK: Ok, lets military on Antarctica, no mining either...anddddddd no nuclear testing. USA & USSR: Now wait just a minute-

  • Honda CRV
    Honda CRV 15 hours ago

    It is its own country

  • Lily Lavelle
    Lily Lavelle 15 hours ago

    Now the question is, which planet is closest to mercury

  • Diamond Tiara
    Diamond Tiara 15 hours ago

    Not gonna say you're Aryanne but excellent point, zebbers are a pain in the plot for everypony.

  • lcyw20
    lcyw20 15 hours ago

    2:53 Did you really think we would not notice you sneaking that Imperial guard picture in there, Grey? 😂

  • Reese Parker
    Reese Parker 15 hours ago

    Once I was in Yellowstone and got too close to a bison and a lady yelled at me The end

  • • Ă ř i a ń ă _ L ø v l ě ý •

    BUT DE SNEC, IT TOO CU- *dies of cuteness*

  • • Ă ř i a ń ă _ L ø v l ě ý •

    Dis dud wont stop using a American myth of a bunny with antlers, a dumb myth if you ask me (a British person)

  • DiscoDashco
    DiscoDashco 15 hours ago

    Michigander is pronounced: “mish-uh-GAN-der” not *that* way.

  • Liam Weeks
    Liam Weeks 16 hours ago

    I was waiting for an Alabama joke.

  • Caleb Giampa
    Caleb Giampa 16 hours ago

    I’m being a high school student and having tell your friends you have to cross into a different country to get to school

  • Albin Dirk-Luhe
    Albin Dirk-Luhe 16 hours ago

    This video doesn’t have a preroll ad, whattttt, I wonder....

  • Fernando Valdez
    Fernando Valdez 16 hours ago

    Sure the electoral college by itself doesn’t technically make politicians pay attention to small or less populated states, but that is why the popular vote exists. When you vote, you vote for all the representatives and senators of your state. If a candidate doesn’t pay attention to a certain state, they will have to deal with its representatives in Congress.

  • mysticmew7
    mysticmew7 16 hours ago

    Wouldn’t a better question be how many territories in the world have their own control over their own land?

  • Adomas B
    Adomas B 16 hours ago

    Hi guys in this tutorial i'm gonna show you how to... um run a country so sub like share and I hope you'll enjoy bye

  • Max Moseley
    Max Moseley 16 hours ago

    Imagine riding into battle on a moose tho

  • Mottysc 24601
    Mottysc 24601 16 hours ago

    I have 200 first cousins.

  • Andrey Khramtsov
    Andrey Khramtsov 16 hours ago

    I wonder, after humanity removes limit imposed on it by aging(death), what next fundamental limit we are going to lift? Separating consciousness from body? And then uploading it to different bodies or things? To virtual reality? Or separation of consciousness from physical body discovery comes first and than goal would be to create physical bodies(skins)? Would we need them at all or virtual reality would suffice? Would we be able to combine multiple consciousnesses together? Heck why not. Than would it be like having own identity but experiencing all "others" toughts and feeling at the same time? Or quantaty to quality change would happen and it will create something absolute new? Wouldn't it be death of "self"? Or it still would feel like "self"?

  • Levaithian G
    Levaithian G 16 hours ago

    Love all the Es shoved into the 3 file

  • Robi_CK
    Robi_CK 16 hours ago

    OK, I get it why this crazy system was set up in late 1700s, but why it is still being used today? It has no purpose in 21st century...

  • alex medel martinez
    alex medel martinez 16 hours ago

    Short explanation: FFFFF

  • Hunter
    Hunter 16 hours ago

    Wait you told us the untold law so it is a told law

  • Rex Kwondo
    Rex Kwondo 17 hours ago

    The Romans could have done a straight one :)

  • the eye
    the eye 17 hours ago