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A New Car Is On Its Way!
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  • David Ferrari
    David Ferrari 4 hours ago

    that Black NASCAR should get the Rusteez Cars movie livery with the white wall tyres

  • Vanil'ka Chanel
    Vanil'ka Chanel 5 hours ago


  • David Ferrari
    David Ferrari 5 hours ago

    was that race mode with the wing permanently up? if i owned a Veyron (pronounced Vey ron Archie) i would have the wing permanently up

  • Lavalambtron
    Lavalambtron 5 hours ago

    How can you people buy so many supercars, gives the impression anyone can become an almost instant millionaire after opening some random car channel.

  • Shaun Snyman
    Shaun Snyman 5 hours ago

    Range rover sport kicks out 510bhp will kick alot of cars ass

  • James Brown
    James Brown 5 hours ago

    Like watching Laurel and Hardy. Best pair on youtube 👍👍🤣

  • Will Manley
    Will Manley 6 hours ago

    People should stop being jealous, archie is a very real genuine honest guy, you cant tell me if you werent in his position growing up surrounded by this greatness you wouldnt try your hardest to carry on the legacy with all the available help provided from family and associates

    • Will Manley
      Will Manley 6 hours ago

      All you who are watching and interested in cars and would love to get into it but without the funding, of course you would do it if you could have the access

  • tyrone williams
    tyrone williams 7 hours ago

    I love Tony's reactions to everything a true legend 😂🤣

  • Vipstarizm
    Vipstarizm 7 hours ago

    lmao don't listen to him Archie. If it's not on the roof occasionally then your not pushing hard enough!! Man up Tony and flip one 🤣. great banter lads ✌

  • Webby On Cars
    Webby On Cars 8 hours ago

    You 2 are hilarious together! Look forward to seeing you racing as a team next year!

  • Jeff Skills
    Jeff Skills 8 hours ago

    What about a BMW X5? Could get the M50D for fuel economy or the X5M!

  • Fabio lima
    Fabio lima 9 hours ago

    7:07 CHAOOOOS

  • christopher hardy
    christopher hardy 9 hours ago

    Loads ov grief tony 😂🤘

  • Nnnnnathan10
    Nnnnnathan10 9 hours ago

    Tony is chaos

  • Je-Marie Nasayao
    Je-Marie Nasayao 10 hours ago

    i like to like it but the back seats have poor leg room :(

  • dinkum83
    dinkum83 11 hours ago

    What a hunk of 💩

  • Lenz
    Lenz 11 hours ago

    Pure cringe

  • ML-Vlogs and Gaming
    ML-Vlogs and Gaming 11 hours ago

    4:38 on repeat because of his reaction😂😂

  • Ziggy Freud
    Ziggy Freud 11 hours ago

    If I didn't already have an AWE SwitchPath on mine I'd def get one of these gorgeous JCR's :) Such an excellent exhaust and sound. Respect.

  • Walter Schneider
    Walter Schneider 11 hours ago

    You could have done this in a 2 part video, and people would have just been hanging on just to watch.

  • Singing Sergeant John Hyland

    Yes Toni your giving him grief is the best part of my day!!

  • JMB3 Official
    JMB3 Official 12 hours ago

    2016 Xfnity Spec show car. Cool but likely not raced. Just hauled around and shown at events.

  • Mail
    Mail 13 hours ago

    How much does Tony paid Archie for making these adverts?

  • Nathan
    Nathan 15 hours ago

    Que agonia desses malucos gritando

  • Rasul Hata
    Rasul Hata 16 hours ago

    Practically u didn't buy yet ...

  • Felix Santiago
    Felix Santiago 17 hours ago

    Didn't see any 911 Porsche and their successor, Porsche is the icon of racing, glad to see the 917/30 , bunch of Aston Martin, but that's a enormous collection, fantastic

  • Greg Shrimpton
    Greg Shrimpton 19 hours ago

    Can you post a compilation of all your crashes with Tony narrating? I think it would be hilarious!

  • Jet Engnexd
    Jet Engnexd 19 hours ago

    NASCAR=National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing A car in NASCAR is called a stock car.

  • Sunny Bohgan
    Sunny Bohgan 20 hours ago

    I swear Archie’s boyfriend is Tony 😂😂

  • Andy spirit1972
    Andy spirit1972 21 hour ago

    One exactly the same spec in Hunstanton Norfolk.. Sounds brutal

  • Yep Yep Yep
    Yep Yep Yep 22 hours ago

    Tony is brilliant 😂😂👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • Noah Bird
    Noah Bird 22 hours ago

    Does Archie, deep down, believe that he could out drive Lewis in a GT3RS around Silverstone? lol

  • Robz1471
    Robz1471 22 hours ago


  • Jm Birdy
    Jm Birdy 22 hours ago

    Glc or gle coupe

  • london man
    london man 23 hours ago

    you should crowdfund a race team

  • TheReal_ JLT
    TheReal_ JLT 23 hours ago

    Ahh you guys always make me smile. Archie can we get some more of your racing stories please?

  • Olivier Dubois
    Olivier Dubois 23 hours ago

    How about the GLC 63 ?

  • Ramjet164
    Ramjet164 Day ago

    I’ve been hiding this collection (that isn’t mine) inside the owners purpose built hanger.

  • Ley Santana
    Ley Santana Day ago

    Why clickbait? No more growth?

  • Ankith Jaggi
    Ankith Jaggi Day ago

    fan of tony's evil laugh hahahahaha😂

  • James R88
    James R88 Day ago

    As always Tony was brilliant

  • Simon Rogers
    Simon Rogers Day ago

    Nice Rolex Daytona on Tony’s wrist!

  • steve kissel
    steve kissel Day ago

    Thx for the laughs

  • Soul Hacker
    Soul Hacker Day ago

    Tony views Archie as a failed racing driver!

  • tyrone williams

    Lmao 😂 brilliant

  • Fin_Prim _YT
    Fin_Prim _YT Day ago

    Mercedes power

  • Adam Y
    Adam Y Day ago

    These dudes are funny. I dont think the pop and crackle of that exhaust would be appreciated as a daily driver for me. A bit much.

  • Rodtrez Russel

    GLC63 AMG

  • Harry Boggis
    Harry Boggis Day ago

    Archie should get a gla45 amg

  • Hamish McEwan
    Hamish McEwan Day ago

    Shut up and let your guests talk.

  • Luke Daniel Galon

    What exactly happened to GT1?

  • Kane
    Kane Day ago

    yeah bruv, you got it

  • Raahil Patel
    Raahil Patel Day ago

    Abt Audi Q8 for the winter

  • TonyB66
    TonyB66 Day ago

    An amazing collection of cars the majority of which you skipped past without even a mention or gave very little detail to. What a wasted opportunity to really make a decent video without your childish waffle and gushing. This could have been so much better if you gave some proper thought to what you were doing. You could have probably made 3-4 really good videos from this. Poor effort Hamilton.

  • DiamondDubstep

    Oi Archibalt! What about the sim vids? Seems alot got deleted as well... why?

  • Daniel Kendall

    Ur probz the best lookin youtuber iv seen very handsome guy

  • iiPolaris
    iiPolaris Day ago

    Because it’s s gt1 and gt1 doesn’t race anymore?

  • Harley Jackson

    Porsche macan gts

  • abdulrahman mesfer

    i think you should get 2018 ranger rover V8 its loud and fun and also more comfortable and efficient.

  • HecticZenon
    HecticZenon Day ago

    You drive aroundin 1st gear all around London lmao i love Tony. Tony give me a job so i can hang around with you all day

  • Godwyn Aggudey

    The Mercedes driver needs to concentrate, it's not a fair race.

  • O G Moustache Male facial companion

    Next video: Why breathing is good gor you.

  • Seb Noel
    Seb Noel Day ago

    Get a sq7 or the vogue

  • RonZii-
    RonZii- Day ago

    Tony the legend🤣🤣

  • OFP2
    OFP2 Day ago

    Sounds like it's got gastrointestinal problems

  • Findoherty0697

    Get an Fpace SVR or a Velar SVautobiography

  • AL
    AL Day ago

    Use the Jimny in the winter.

  • 14Supercarandreas14

    Sternocleidomastoid* muscle my friend

  • RMC 1
    RMC 1 Day ago


  • Omar Sabaghe
    Omar Sabaghe Day ago

    No sense

  • Sam Broadbent
    Sam Broadbent Day ago

    Yes tony💪🏽🔥

  • Danny Zuko
    Danny Zuko Day ago

    He's got money - Balmain dripppp

  • Me Me
    Me Me Day ago

    Archie giving grEAt confidence to his new prospective racing team crash bang wallop...

  • Емил Златков

    Mercedes TheBest or nothing

    TDUTOM Day ago


  • lenn ovo
    lenn ovo Day ago

    Suv for winter? My 1 series works all year round....

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams Day ago

    Archie: Yea, but I’m cool? Tony: No 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • harry smith
    harry smith Day ago

    Give him hell Tony 👍👍

  • Peter Lawton
    Peter Lawton Day ago

    Yes Tony! Love you giving archie grief. Get a new focus st in and film it please Tony 😬

  • SlCKB0Y
    SlCKB0Y Day ago

    meanwhile, level of poverty in the US, and the world as a whole, have never been so high. must be nice to be part of the 0.1% huh ?

  • Retroman
    Retroman Day ago

    Stop waving your hands around especially when you clap it’s very annoying to watch. Fix up mate!

  • TheofilosGarb
    TheofilosGarb Day ago

    You copied drag races

  • WaRFaM_ClaN
    WaRFaM_ClaN Day ago

    Tony, please give Archie waaaaayyyyy more grief. He needs it in his life!

  • WaRFaM_ClaN
    WaRFaM_ClaN Day ago

    Archie, check out the F-Pace SVR. Jags should be a good deal.

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater Day ago

    That SVR looks EXACTLY LIKE THE ONE U GOT RID OF Archie🤔🙄.

  • jack fawson
    jack fawson Day ago

    Go gwaggon because you have had alot of range rover content

  • Mihkel Nurmeots

    Yes, get a SUV for winter. You will need it to get trough a 1 meter deep snow in central London. And they are warmer inside than other cars... A35 AMG for example.

  • Master Ronaldo

    The new rs3 got 420 hp!

  • Nav G
    Nav G Day ago

    I wish I can hit the dislike button a million times...Archie stop mugging us all off 👎🏼

  • Junayd Islam
    Junayd Islam Day ago

    What Tony’s website called

  • Dave Reid
    Dave Reid Day ago

    The top of your left ear looks sore matr keep an eye on that

  • LaGantoise
    LaGantoise Day ago

    Do something crazy and get the Subaru.

  • andrewlam426
    andrewlam426 Day ago

    Cool mates

  • Timothy Peterson

    I’m in love

  • Scott Carapezza

    This guy is well annoying.

  • Mitchell Price

    That car has never been in Nascar before sorry to tell you

  • Lynn Hardy
    Lynn Hardy Day ago

    Please stop calling race cars "nascars". Cup cars, Grand National cars, and Trucks are the top 3 NASCAR touring series which have title sponsors. And that particular car appears to be a Nationwide series car otherwise known for years as the Busch series.

  • Chadd Baker
    Chadd Baker Day ago

    Please get tony a channel!

  • Giovanni Baldon

    Look like this guy have some mental issue. Please delete your channel from youtube

  • Sarah Naden
    Sarah Naden Day ago

    have you considered maybe writing a few bullet points down or a script... before you start recording your vlogs? maybe you won't come out with classic statements (been growing up my whole life) and fumble over your words so much that make your videos so awkward to watch.