5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts
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  • Reena Prince
    Reena Prince 57 minutes ago

    Can you teach us put a tattoo?

  • Islamic Sunni Waj
    Islamic Sunni Waj 58 minutes ago

    Nice vedio link or kilek my chennl. ru-clip.com/video/XTTloey3oow/video.html

  • vipul singh
    vipul singh 59 minutes ago

    I have a question are these are hacks of water or waste of water

  • Sankhi Bikalpa
    Sankhi Bikalpa 59 minutes ago

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  • Daelani Morales
    Daelani Morales 59 minutes ago

    Them:Don’t spnd 2 much time on ur phone Me:then i won’t watch ur videos 👇🏾👍

  • Lawrence funny
    Lawrence funny Hour ago

    Do one for broke people

  • Liberty Celestia Angel

    This time, the thumbnail is in the video

  • Kidstv
    Kidstv Hour ago

    very very good very very nice 🏄‍♀️🐝🐝😍😍😘🐬🐸⛱⛱💖🥳🥳🥳😻😻🦁🌈🌈🐳💝💗💗💔💕🦋🦋🤩🤩👀🐜🐜✨🥰🥰

  • Natalia Beridze
    Natalia Beridze Hour ago

    2:56 music name?

    NLE_CHOPPA_FLOW Hour ago

    You know you messed up when 5-minute crafts gets on you

  • sameena sam
    sameena sam Hour ago

    Can you make a pencil with carrot and colourful?

  • Spectrum
    Spectrum Hour ago

    I'm ending my life

  • Anio kawai
    Anio kawai Hour ago

    Ja się pytam ile mają tych kanałów trom trom 123 go i to what

  • Reign Raven
    Reign Raven Hour ago

    I just wanna say this, for a long time now actually. Hot glue is never a reliable adhesive 🙂

  • Marites Reforsado


  • gmanno1803 bird
    gmanno1803 bird Hour ago

    The people Watch these don’t even try doing it so I don’t know why you watch it and plus I am a small RU-clipr

  • ayan_gamer L
    ayan_gamer L Hour ago

    The wOerSt

  • Saepudin saepudin

    pretty good

  • Ocean_wolf 03
    Ocean_wolf 03 Hour ago

    ☻🔫 Should i shoot myself or not? Im doing the cuz im bored

  • GihanFineArts - Abstract ART

    Who’s been a LOYAL fan of 5-MINUTE Crafts before 2019?!💫 😉 👇🏻 . . . . . I’m trying to hit 4K!any help is appreciated🙏🏻

  • Roza Temurzieva
    Roza Temurzieva Hour ago

    oh ya l jerd some one say that is not how put l buck marck but you can put it 2 wate one you can but it upper so you can see it in the page to is to keep on sleeping it but of course you will be fast wall doing it and it does take longer but if you dont want to see your book mark that is you calice so how ever sade that is not how you put a book mark there is 2 wayed

  • Shamim Ara
    Shamim Ara Hour ago

    The first one when teacher call your name so that time you are sleeping

  • Zaezae
    Zaezae Hour ago

    Honestly with CGI, ad companies probably get 90% of it from commissioned 3d art companies

  • Deadly Wolf
    Deadly Wolf Hour ago

    My eyebrows would've been gone with that tape....

    NK7 CALEB STA Hour ago

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  • Ptryalynabil's Channel

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  • 양선미
    양선미 Hour ago

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  • Thuan Nguyen Van

    So great ! 😮👏👏👏

  • Vishnu Srivastava

    4:01 could'nt that be his hair?... Guy's got long hair...

  • Juliane Kirsten Mendoza

    They rlly know how to spell "Dye" right

  • Laura Lafauve
    Laura Lafauve Hour ago

    Am I missing something or was the tesla car just click bate? I saw a tesla battery made on another channel and I thought it would be about the right size for the Lego/duplo car. So, I was really interested in seeing how the battery would go in the car. Guess not, huh.

  • Anime potato Girl

    how do you have so much subscribers they doing fake videos

  • Vageknight gaming

    Who else watches the video but never done a single hack?! 👇 btw I'm a RU-clipr that's trying to reach 👇 40k before Christmas thank you ❤❤

  • Vageknight gaming

    Who else thinks 5 minutes craft always repeats hacks?! 👇 btw I'm a RU-clipr that's trying to reach 👇 40k before Christmas any help?thanks

  • DarrenTGS
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  • Bilkis Patan
    Bilkis Patan Hour ago

    This truck come in gta 5 I know because I play gta 5 and I drive this truck in gta 5

  • Mr SuperMole
    Mr SuperMole Hour ago

    Great ideas :-)

  • ᄋᄉᄋgeorgie

    1:16 HOW DARE YOU?

  • Roza Temurzieva
    Roza Temurzieva Hour ago

    omg l love the everything i dont wirry like the pizza one but that is ok because that is just my dicesone bye you are the best!!!!😁

  • Kasia Ostrowska
    Kasia Ostrowska Hour ago

    2:00 albo po prostu umyć szamponem?

    SUPER GAM1NG Hour ago

    Name Chanel is 1 hour craft

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha Hour ago

    They posted this video billion times

  • Hai Doan
    Hai Doan Hour ago

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  • Sweet Girl
    Sweet Girl Hour ago

    1:14 fuuuu

  • Sultana mimi
    Sultana mimi Hour ago

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  • Γιαννης Γιαρμαδουρος

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  • Zahide Yilmaz
    Zahide Yilmaz Hour ago

    Love you 5munite crafts🐷🐷🐷

  • nagaswarao deyala

    No problem

  • Omkar Gawde
    Omkar Gawde Hour ago

    Where is cyber truck 😡😡

  • Petr Immer
    Petr Immer Hour ago

    HAPPY christmas day 5 minute craft

  • Ngô Đăng Tùng

    What is this

  • Antroo Clark
    Antroo Clark Hour ago


  • Antroo Clark
    Antroo Clark Hour ago

    Your hacks don't work liat

  • vanajakshi siddappa

  • vanajakshi siddappa

  • Iven Scott
    Iven Scott Hour ago

    Lol look at the eyes form that kid on 12:34

  • PrincessDeira Duyao

    Ya u will say DIY but we don’t have silicone moulds 😡

  • Kim Somin
    Kim Somin Hour ago

    7:02 will it slime with egg's and butter? 😂😂😂

  • saini 2g
    saini 2g Hour ago

    Anybody see the irony?

  • Bootiful
    Bootiful Hour ago

    Didnt 5 min craft say that American cheese is plastic? The first burger uses that tho

  • Carmel tot
    Carmel tot Hour ago


  • Ivan Kevin Komoroczy

    Wow thanks

  • Ashok Patro
    Ashok Patro Hour ago

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  • The Mine World
    The Mine World Hour ago

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  • keene amada
    keene amada Hour ago

    Nice and great.

  • Bootiful
    Bootiful Hour ago

    Rename the title to how to make our videos

  • Sama Wisam
    Sama Wisam Hour ago

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  • It's Ballatorex 2001!

    Very good!

  • chinna srinivasulu

    Do more videos please I'm harshitha from 6 class tell me you are lndian or not

  • Miash Recipes By Galiya


  • Elizabeth Eyre
    Elizabeth Eyre Hour ago

    They spelt dye wrong they put diy when they made the bracelet eat the start

  • Produzione Scicolone - Intrighi e passioni

    Vaseline is petroleum

  • Reena Gupta
    Reena Gupta Hour ago

    Very nice idea😎😎😎

  • Γιωργος
    Γιωργος Hour ago

    Who is the best fan of 5 minute crafts

  • Koopa Cybertruck


  • の星魔法
    の星魔法 Hour ago

    Who tf eats tacos at the top i-

  • Amin
    Amin Hour ago

    Where is Tesla Cybertruck??

  • Layla Bailey
    Layla Bailey Hour ago

    Love your life hacks

  • Shrinkh Roy
    Shrinkh Roy Hour ago

    5min craft fan Like and subscribe Me plz

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    Arttu ranta-aho Hour ago

    Why you are so stubit

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  • Soni Srivastava
    Soni Srivastava Hour ago

    Why you always repeat but I Like your video

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    Makenna Wall Hour ago

    Poor dad he just wants to see his daughter 😭

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  • cody freitag
    cody freitag Hour ago

    How do you do that 5 minute craft

  • Neelam Khanna
    Neelam Khanna Hour ago

    lime lamp does not work pls dont try

  • E F
    E F Hour ago

    Why on seat ???

  • E F
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    And also 13:20 👿👿👿

  • Kruczek PL K.
    Kruczek PL K. Hour ago

    Very (easy)

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    Sniping with PS Hour ago

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    I’m only liking this because it’s entertainment

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    5 minutes Crafts team you are awesome 😀👌👌👌

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    Ok so this saves me money: I have to buy a sharpie I have to waste ink I have to buy toothpaste I have to buy makeup remover I have to buy baking soda I have to buy hairspray I have to buy a shampoo bottle I have to buy Pringle’s I have to buy a bottle for a cap Note for the last one: WHO PUTS HOT GLUE ON THEIR DAM WALL

  • Frederick Kola
    Frederick Kola Hour ago

    Yeah it is unbelievable cause it's unrealistic

  • Thea Small
    Thea Small Hour ago

    2:32 come on the snowflake could of been neater

  • un known
    un known Hour ago

    ru-clip.com/video/rY2DxpGwfQU/video.html plz see my video about facts

  • Lindy O'Hanlon
    Lindy O'Hanlon Hour ago

    Who else thinks that they put a hack in more than one video??? 👇👇