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  • New England Gothic Society

    SCP-2845, is that you?

  • Miss Q
    Miss Q 49 minutes ago

    epicsoulfactory devastatingly beautiful it is what I imagine ( know ) being showered in Ruth feels like .

    REAPER GAMING Hour ago

    Game x pro😍😘😘😘😘

  • Manju Parmar
    Manju Parmar 2 hours ago

    It makes me feel like a great hero

  • Berth
    Berth 2 hours ago

    When your exam is about to end in 3 mins.

  • Manuel Venegas
    Manuel Venegas 3 hours ago

    Que imagen tan majestuosa 😮🙌😍

  • Roy 10
    Roy 10 3 hours ago

    Truly epic

  • Eluviani Fernández
    Eluviani Fernández 3 hours ago

    Do not go gentle into that good night.

  • MARIANA Martins
    MARIANA Martins 4 hours ago

    Muito Louco :))>

  • KVS Gamer
    KVS Gamer 5 hours ago


  • secretong malupet
    secretong malupet 7 hours ago


  • Roi Eclair
    Roi Eclair 8 hours ago

    naruto sucks and sucks as a manga/anime, the only good thing in it is the OST

  • kurapika The emperor

    When i hear this soundtrack My heart is shattred

  • Salma Forever
    Salma Forever 9 hours ago

    1999 my big brother was born 2000: he died😓 2007: I was born 2019: I still miss him don't laugh

  • Salma Forever
    Salma Forever 9 hours ago


  • Sir Chris
    Sir Chris 9 hours ago

    Me n the bois breaking the vase My boee:o noe My boooii:she’s here Me:who’s here? Brother:mom...

  • Sam Rad
    Sam Rad 9 hours ago

    reminds me of Narnia soundtracks ❤ I love it .

  • andi nurul iswani
    andi nurul iswani 10 hours ago

    I just found it! And so much impressed by this beautiful music... Oya... I do appreciate to you all guys, with all those heartwarming comments. You made my day! Thank you

  • BlackFurio
    BlackFurio 11 hours ago

    I don't think it's the right way whales swim

  • ابراهيم الهادي

    52M for this shit!!!!

    REMILIA SCARLET 11 hours ago

    nuestra batalla final se hacerca. adelaida gracias por acompañarme hasta el final. no seas tonto por que me das las gracias? emos estado juntos desde que tengo memoria lo recuerdas? es natural que este con tigo hasta el ultimo momento. si voy a morir lo hare junto a la persona que quiero aun puedes huir sabes? prefiero morir mil veces que perderte y quedarme sola? no importa quien sea mi oponente no imorta la calamidad que venga o que todos esten en nuestra contra. aun si dios y el demonio se unen para separarnos no ciento miedo. por que estoy con tigo. cuando decidi estar con tigo lo hice sabiendo que esto llegaria algun dia. siempre lo supe. en las buenas y en las malas. tu dolor sera mi dolor tu alegria sera mi alegria. seremos uno toda nuestra vida adelaida eres la mejor de todas las mujeres

  • Kilyén Balázs
    Kilyén Balázs 12 hours ago

    And the white stag appeared in front of Árpád, and lead his people into the Kárpát Medence...

  • Nelxx
    Nelxx 12 hours ago


  • MIke Murray
    MIke Murray 12 hours ago

    This song fits perfectly with lyrics I wrote...

  • End Yukii
    End Yukii 12 hours ago

    I wanna use it so much to my table rpg

  • Adriana Paixão
    Adriana Paixão 12 hours ago

    Hello, can I create a fan club of these songs?

  • sylwek zasonski
    sylwek zasonski 13 hours ago

    great, :)

  • Delta Drones
    Delta Drones 13 hours ago


  • The Giant Meme
    The Giant Meme 14 hours ago

    This music goes with me slowly realizing the creature is actually walking towards me

    NATHANAEL PERRY 14 hours ago

    (I love thrill).

    NATHANAEL PERRY 14 hours ago

    it's cool to know that i'm not the only the only dreamer out there.

  • Gabriel Kam
    Gabriel Kam 14 hours ago

    With pages glowing in the sky, you suddenly felt the urge to reach up to the heavens one more time. From your fingers, small embers brilliantly sparked to life and flew from your fingertips and filled the pages in the black sky, creating wondrous patterns that would be traced by others far into the future. "This is my contribution to this world." You thought, letting your hand fall and scattering the glowing pages into the wind with a broad sweep of your hand. "While the others fill the land with creatures unimaginable, breathe life into every rock, wood and water, I will give the future an urge to explore, to find the truths between the sparks." You sighed one last time and let your grip on this world go, the thin veil between yourself and reality melting away until you were simply a cloud of glowing embers that floated up to reach your brethren in the skies. You are the world's silent sentinel, watching from afar as the world changed and evolved, and quietly urging its people to reach up to the sky just as you had so long ago to trace their own patterns in the sky.

  • Abhishek Navale
    Abhishek Navale 15 hours ago

    This is so magical ❤😍

  • Imane Lamriss
    Imane Lamriss 15 hours ago

    I love youuuuuuu HD SOUNDI

  • Thunder Blade
    Thunder Blade 15 hours ago

    I love life.

  • Noor Mohammad Saifi
    Noor Mohammad Saifi 16 hours ago

    I am from Delhi INDIA ❤️ 🇮🇳⚔️

  • Noor Mohammad Saifi
    Noor Mohammad Saifi 16 hours ago

    Girl is fighting 💀 evil spirit....!

  • Sacha Masterbird
    Sacha Masterbird 16 hours ago

    it was wonderful

  • Giorgi Cucqiridze
    Giorgi Cucqiridze 16 hours ago

    Dont listen to this when you are driving or you can do some amazing things and then your car will hug the tree

  • PlotTwist
    PlotTwist 16 hours ago

    Any way we can find this in Wallpaper Engine? it's a really great artwork!

  • Tohsaka Rin
    Tohsaka Rin 16 hours ago

    Though all of them are Yuki Kajiura's work, I think that think one particular track has a strong Fate/Zero or Heaven's feel

  • Cyber Dragon
    Cyber Dragon 17 hours ago

    Does this channel accept commissions?

  • Simp Detector
    Simp Detector 18 hours ago

    This fits a person losing everything, feeling as though nothing can be regained, only to find there's so much more to obtain.

  • Hafidh Dwi Priambodo
    Hafidh Dwi Priambodo 18 hours ago

    What An Amazing One! 😲

  • Michael Peas
    Michael Peas 18 hours ago

    ru-clip.com/video/oSqdIygoET8/video.html You recognize that? ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Beverlykid
    Beverlykid 19 hours ago

    Life equals pain, FEAR NOTHING, LET FEAR, FEAR YOU

  • Capone Ardelean
    Capone Ardelean 19 hours ago


  • Manuelrehse
    Manuelrehse 19 hours ago

    WOW! Just fantastic! How do you create your music? Komplete 12 or something? I mean the instruments sound extremely real

  • viking karam yt
    viking karam yt 20 hours ago

    Red indean music 😭

  • Arnodi Dihendry
    Arnodi Dihendry 20 hours ago

    From this music and pictures, it feels like playing Shadow Fight series in Smartphone. Well, nice one!

  • Imlaor25
    Imlaor25 20 hours ago

    I’m just thinking about the physics here. Are they under water? Dense atmosphere? Low gravity?

  • Sage
    Sage 21 hour ago

    kabaneri s2 when?

  • Manveer Audit
    Manveer Audit 21 hour ago

    Anyone from 2019??

  • Purple Moon477
    Purple Moon477 21 hour ago

    I need a trailer with this song

  • n s
    n s 21 hour ago

    Like warriors song

  • Aayush KC
    Aayush KC 21 hour ago

    This is a new romantic sound I will keep it in my heart

  • Anxious Earth
    Anxious Earth 21 hour ago

    What kind of weapon is the girl holding?

  • Kevlar Titanium
    Kevlar Titanium 22 hours ago

    God if i die, please put me in a place like this! God: *Wish Granted* Me: *Becomes a part of the picture* Me: *[SCREAMING]*

  • Kevlar Titanium
    Kevlar Titanium 22 hours ago

    Imagine one of these falls on your house

  • Xanthy Lacierda
    Xanthy Lacierda 22 hours ago


  • สาริศ เลิศสาคร

    เพราะมากครับ ชอบเพลงแนวนี้ I love this song

  • Amy Boccio
    Amy Boccio 22 hours ago

    Those guys look like they’re from fate stay night

  • Bai Naruoshui
    Bai Naruoshui 22 hours ago

    Sirius Black...

  • Bai Naruoshui
    Bai Naruoshui 23 hours ago

    ‘No...not him...take me instead...please...I will do anything...have mercy...’ ‘Avada Kedavra!’

  • ali gamal
    ali gamal 23 hours ago


    GIRISH B V 23 hours ago

    Most of the comments here are EPIC ,.... Few are the BEST lines EVER..... But not mine ....

  • Richard Yoshitsume

    Imagine, you are at your room and an opened window, youre looking at the dark sky full of shining stars. While looking at it, youre playing this song, and while playing this song, the memories you went through were starting to flashback in your mind.. While yourr tears begin to fall... Amazing right?? A Music that will make you a dreamer, a time traveller. .

  • Arni 115
    Arni 115 Day ago

    My uncle died months ago so this song remembers me to him

  • Slightly Wise Words

    When you die.... You won't remember the hours you spent working hard and making money at your job...... So go........ Climb that damn mountain

  • Adam Ahmed
    Adam Ahmed Day ago

    Everyday fighting to become successful Everyday striving to exceed expectations Everyday trying to keep “hope” in the picture Everyday waiting for the true love

  • Carlo D.
    Carlo D. Day ago

    holy shit. tears in my eyes. So beautiful

  • legendary righteous

    i love times when nine tails powers look savage as fuck, not that yellow cloack at the end....

  • Resh Anims
    Resh Anims Day ago

    When you forgot who to love, who to care, just remember that it's always you, yourself. Do not let them define your self, because only you knows who you really are. Do not be afraid when you already know that it's not the end.

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover Day ago


  • faTe zero
    faTe zero Day ago

    Y did I wait the whole vid just to see the monster very closely

  • Naja Kim
    Naja Kim Day ago

    Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress AND Audiomachine?!?! Am I in heaven?!

  • fahmy quns
    fahmy quns Day ago

    Hello my friend saber

  • andrius
    andrius Day ago

    Listen in 1.25 speed

  • Lime
    Lime Day ago

    kabaneri of the iron fortress

  • J3rry M1
    J3rry M1 Day ago

    "So-so what's the plan?" "Plan?" "Yeah...." "No....no plan. Because there is nothing to plan on." "Okay.... okay..." "It's fine. Hold my hand. We'll go through this together" "Together"

  • Phi & Sigma
    Phi & Sigma Day ago

    This song is great. Sucks that I can't buy it on amazon

  • Arazel Raikou
    Arazel Raikou Day ago

    As always you have the most epic and amazing backgrounds ever

  • Merajul Hesan
    Merajul Hesan Day ago


  • Mumin
    Mumin Day ago

    Feels like I'm floating in space and visiting the universe.

  • Musbar _379
    Musbar _379 Day ago

    Can i use this music for my video? This music no copyright sound, right?

    • HDSounDI
      HDSounDI Day ago

      All music featured on the channel is copyrighted. For more details please check the video description.

  • Eric Blade
    Eric Blade Day ago

    when I younger I have always wanted to be an astronaut,or something like that..i wanted to go up into space and see the stars and beyond our planet earth,with technologies we have today we just might..but so far only a few countries are committed to this..countries with wealth and power.but for lesser countries no.i wish for us all to unite as one so that we can all contribute the fundings of space explorations..why we must continue to hate each other.economy,religions and other little things that makes us humans..we must we continuelly fight amongst us..where now we should put our heads together for common goal..SPACE..THAT WAS MY DREAMS WHEN GROWING UP,AND STILL IS..NOW THAT IM ALL GROWN UP.THE MOON THE STARS AND PLANETS IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEMS,,THAT WHERE OUR DESTINY LIES..i hope to see it in my lifetime..

  • morgan bond
    morgan bond Day ago


  • Sunset Lover
    Sunset Lover Day ago

    "Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Jthejedigaming

    It never ends An endless carnage Man vs man So bloody that even the devil himself cannot bare to look This is the state of our world Man on man, Women on women In constant war But what will you do to change it? How strong is your will?

  • Daily Gamer life

    This looks so cool

  • jr throwedd
    jr throwedd Day ago

    If itachi didn't die he would've destroyed madara and obito because his the beast

  • Bordax
    Bordax Day ago

    The animations are FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Well done HDsoundI!!!

    AALA BALOCH Day ago

    Please don't write long af stories. Make it short.

  • The Pink Nightmare


  • Glendola M. Dennison

    Triumph and Victory!

  • Carol Carmo
    Carol Carmo Day ago

    Wonderful!!! 😍🎶🎶

  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon Day ago

    Calm down, that deer surely just wants some hugs... When you're so scary no one understands you, so we are here to understand it... You want some love, right? Right...? And so I would die in a fantasy world.

  • Adnan Aslan Altın

    Don't give up! Never! I know it's not easy to begin again, it has never been so. But you mustn't give up. It doesn't matter how many times you fell down, you have to rise and go on your path. You may find the energy and power you've lost maybe in the house of a poor, in the tongue of a patient, in the smile of a kid or in the depths of a forest, on the top of a mountain or in the bank of a river, lake or ocean... Just look for it, don't give up searching. We have a limited time on this planet, so make your life count. See, listen, think, travel, love, care, smile, help others... Briefly, live your life!

  • Adnan Aslan Altın

    Don't give up! Never! I know it's not easy to begin again, it has never been so. But you mustn't give up. It doesn't matter how many times you fell down, you have to rise and go on your path. You may find the energy and power you've lost maybe in the house of a poor, in the tongue of a patient, in the smile of a kid or in the depths of a forest, on the top of a mountain or in the bank of a river, lake or ocean... Just look for it, don't give up searching. We have a limited time on this planet, so make your life count. Love, care, smile, think, see, listen, travel, help others... Briefly, live your life!

    NAPOL1ON Day ago

    there is this track in 2 british movies, they are called 28 days later and 28 weeks later , the main theme was done by a composer named : john murphy , this one * everything ends here * is very similiar to it , he could have been inspired by him idk , they are very similiar