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  • P Kaiser
    P Kaiser Day ago

    Rip rowdy!! Great upload.

  • Bear 7453
    Bear 7453 14 days ago


  • crush41gb
    crush41gb 25 days ago

    I actually did see him at Charlotte Coliseum when I was a kid! :D

  • Karen Ellen
    Karen Ellen 2 months ago

    Roy loves the toys so lovely but weird

    • Sap Masta
      Sap Masta Month ago

      all of the replicants are very immature, adds to their charm imo

  • Kuwabatake Sanjurō
    Kuwabatake Sanjurō 3 months ago

    We don't wanna see Reno deliver the mail, we want Honey or Rusty!

  • Kevin T
    Kevin T 3 months ago

    TV sucks now. Imagine this flying in today's screwed up PC nut culture?

  • zt1053
    zt1053 4 months ago

    Did he ever do this for child's play?

  • kingneutron1
    kingneutron1 5 months ago

    Massive respect for Roddy Piper, miss him Keep carrying the torch and reminding us of him, Ronda Rousey

  • Zetetik -
    Zetetik - 5 months ago

    Nice to see Roddy Piper - RIP You can see _Hell comes to Frogtown_ free on YT....B Movie afficionados will deffo dig it!

  • PowerRangersFan
    PowerRangersFan 5 months ago

    I had a feeling the bubblegum line was improvised. Makes it even more badass.

  • punisherthunder
    punisherthunder 6 months ago

    This is fucking gold. RIP Hot Rod.

  • Job Search
    Job Search 7 months ago

    Joe Bob Briggs aka the poor man"s Norm MacDonald !

  • nateman79
    nateman79 7 months ago

    RIP PIPER. The greatest heel in wrestling history

    ARA13 BLACK WATER 8 months ago

    two transvestites left me in a anal Acoma last night in the Snow flake snuff Film as ADAMS APPLIES AND FLEA RELITIVITY FALLS SHORT TO GROUND 0 GRAVITY.

  • Justin Pratt
    Justin Pratt 8 months ago

    23:30 I like President Reagan too!

  • ryan timony
    ryan timony 8 months ago

    Planet Reagan

  • Robert Szymanski
    Robert Szymanski 11 months ago

    Here in Humboldt County in the 1990's we had this nut with a Southern Texas voice host horror movies. I like the commercial break ..a bearded guy is wearing glasses with weird eyeballs and he says "Without weird, this would be a boring planet" !!!!!

  • Angel Ortiz
    Angel Ortiz 11 months ago

    Miss this show, rest in peace hot rod 😉

  • Meia Masters
    Meia Masters 11 months ago


  • Royce loves his shotgun

    16:46 😲🔥

  • Melissa Maylath
    Melissa Maylath 11 months ago

    Pee wee's big adventure one of the silliest movies ever made. I remember pee wee's fun house. Just as silly.

  • HeelTurn
    HeelTurn 11 months ago

    27:14 lol @ Roddy's joe bob impression "Damn man"

  • Karl Karlos
    Karl Karlos Year ago

    This guy is as useless as titts on a boar.

  • What's 20 Bucks
    What's 20 Bucks Year ago

    I 💖 Reno

  • Shadow Zone Productions

    I like the Fun House poster in the background. That's my 2nd favorite Toby Hooper film after Texas Chainsaw

  • James Steevens
    James Steevens Year ago

    That was awesome to see Roddy Piper on the show!

  • Royce loves his shotgun

    I love Joe Bob so much- "You already been watching violence for the last two hours so why dont'cha just make it a triple feature body slam..?!! 🤣😂👏🔥

  • John Lambdas
    John Lambdas Year ago

    Now they can watch they live and still see the wedding ring

  • d e a t h d r e a m

    Never did like the summer school flow and set but it's Joe bob so I'm totally game

  • White Noise
    White Noise Year ago

    Yet - Tobe Cooper's career went to Shit while Spielberg went on to become one of the Greatest Filmmakers of All Time !!!

    • White Noise
      White Noise Year ago

      Yup - All of that. I think Spielberg wanted to make Poltergeist but as you also know and said, he was under Contract to Solely direct ET, so he needed a name in Horror to put on the paperwork. Tobe being responsible for Texas Massacre was a good choice for that role. It's almost too bad too that Tobe Cooper Didn't direct the movie. It would be nice to have a Horror director have a Library of films like these.

    • Karl Karlos
      Karl Karlos Year ago

      "If people thought that Tobe was the true visionary behind Poltergeist - look at what came from Cooper for the years to come vs Spielberg is what I was saying..." Oh, I don't disagree on that. I've read that Spielberg didn't officially direct Poltergeist because of legal reasons. He was under contract with Universal and directed ET for them. I also heared that Tobe Hooper was coked out most of the time.

    • White Noise
      White Noise Year ago

      At the time - Spielberg's career hadn't had time to breathe to allow folks to be aware of how great Steven is and the Legacy he created. If people thought that Tobe was the true visionary behind Poltergeist - look at what came from Cooper for the years to come vs Spielberg is what I was saying...

    • Karl Karlos
      Karl Karlos Year ago

      Went to became? He already had made JAWS, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and Riders of the lost Ark when Poltergeist was directed.

  • StFidjnr
    StFidjnr Year ago

    Since pee wee's playhouse is a kids flick this movie has been declared an dead body free zone

  • Media Sawdust
    Media Sawdust Year ago

    Hard to dislike Rowdy Piper. Humble guy really.

  • Mike Perry
    Mike Perry Year ago

    wcw and monstervision coming together both a huge part of my childhood

  • Redmist 78
    Redmist 78 Year ago

    I really hope one day to own all these all on DVD but I'm sure that would be a huge feat.

  • zombieslayer 420

    Rest in peace rowdy piper I'm so glad I watched this i remember when this first aired on tnt rowdy was so hilarious so is joe Bob Briggs I like how he was egging on rowdy during this interview

  • Mario Cruz
    Mario Cruz Year ago

    I met Piper the year before he passed. He was such a nice and humble guy.

  • joshua2814
    joshua2814 Year ago

    Roddy seemed to think Meg Foster hated him, but I met her at a con several years ago (before he died) and she spoke highly of him when she saw I had his sig on my DVD. She didn't come across as sarcastic or anything either.

    • Trzn
      Trzn 5 months ago

      At the time she probably did hate him. There was a stigma with wrestlers in the movies back then. Now that's all gone because of the Rock.

  • DesertRose122
    DesertRose122 Year ago

    Rutger Hauer and teddy bears...he has one in the Hitcher too. Lol...

  • Jeb Voorhees
    Jeb Voorhees Year ago

    4:30 Dixie will never die!! Heritage over correctness! #Guiltless

  • Samantha Nickson

    roddy seemed like he got a kick out of joe bob and being on the show, being all jet-lagged to hell while he was there. i think he liked joe bob being over the top so he didn't have to be.☺ all around good guy; one of the better guests on monstervision.

    • adam tarver
      adam tarver 4 months ago

      roddy mentioned watching another episode of joe bob and i have heard joe bob talk about wrestling before in interviews so fair change they were moderate fans of eachother. Def has a better vibe that Joe Bob and Staton Friedman

  • UltimateNinja1984

    Love the summer school intro and theme everytime he points the board pointer.

  • T.J. C
    T.J. C Year ago


  • daryl D
    daryl D Year ago

    Loved watching monster vision back in the day. Days of the movie host shows died though. Wow amazing looking at Joe Bob now. How society has changed in the last 20 years. Joe Bobs confederate shirt would not make it on air today

    • what?
      what? Year ago

      Definitely not, especially after the riot in Charlottesville.

  • jason sramek
    jason sramek Year ago

    I don't agree with Joe Bob criticizing Poltergeist for not being very bloody and gory. It was a haunted house movie with ghosts, not a slasher flick like Friday the 13th.

    • Karl Karlos
      Karl Karlos Year ago

      @what? That doesn't make much sense. At the beginning of this episode he admitted that he had already seen Poltergeist a many time before. So he knew what kind of movie it was. I have to agree with jason sramek. If you prefer gore watch a slasher movie not a Ghost movie.

    • what?
      what? Year ago

      You have to understand though that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is Joe Bob's favorite horror film of all time (Joe Bob even appeared in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 but his part was cut in the theatrical edit but he is in the tv edit). So with Tobe Hooper directing, he expected a lot more but was disappointed that it's more of a Steven Spielberg-ish film. Joe Bob wanted a grindhouse flick and got the exact opposite.

  • Steiner Arts
    Steiner Arts Year ago

    Hello, I'd like to watch that White Dragon Cut. :-)

  • Joshua Zinewicz
    Joshua Zinewicz 2 years ago

    Awesome, absolutely classic. Joe Bob and Rowdy Roddy together, I remember watching this on TNT when it actually aired and seeing it again after all these years is beyond words. RIP Piper...

  • ghostdog2041
    ghostdog2041 2 years ago

    How the fuck are They Live and Terminator 2 connected?

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 2 years ago

    what's the chicks name?

  • Phillip Nollenberg
    Phillip Nollenberg 2 years ago

    Hi, Do you have complete MonsterVision shows? maybe we can trade some. Let me know-Thanks!

    • what?
      what? 2 years ago

      All of the Monstervision episodes that I have are from torrents which are pretty easy to find. I won't post any links but just go to the torrent site that has something to do with pirates and a bay and type in "monstervision" and you'll find everything that I have, unfortunately i don't have anything else beyond those episodes lol.

  • Christopher Andrews
    Christopher Andrews 2 years ago

    RIP Roddy Piper

  • Nate Emond
    Nate Emond 3 years ago


    • what?
      what? 3 years ago

      Thanks =) Not sure if it's still around but there was a torrent containing multiple episodes of Monstervision and this episode was one of them. It contained the full movie along with the host segments so i just had to edit out the actual movie bits and just put together the host segments which is what you see here. I also uploaded the Poltergeist episode while a few other youtube users have uploaded pretty much the rest of the episodes' host segments from the torrent, just search "joe bob briggs monstervision" and there should be several dozen episodes to check out. This is definitely one of Joe Bob's best shows though since of course he got to interview the Rowdy one himself =)

  • Clay3613
    Clay3613 3 years ago

    I preferred Poltergeist 3...that movie got fucked up so much by studio interference but it had so many weird ideas and cool effects.

    • darkstar6909
      darkstar6909 Year ago

      Another CDAN reader!

    • Anarchist86ed
      Anarchist86ed Year ago

      Horribly, some people think Heather got fucked up... literally while making the movie and that's what killed her.

    • Raul Hernandez
      Raul Hernandez Year ago

      Clay3613 see

    • what?
      what? 3 years ago

      @Clay3613 I meant "Poltergeist 3 in it's entirety" in my earlier post, but anyway, I can understand the studio not wanting to feature O'Rourke in the film all monster'd up similar to Linda Blair in The Exorcist, seeing as how people and especially her family would be watching the film so soon after her death and it would be in bad taste imo, even though anyone going in watching the film knows that the Poltergeist series has always been about ghosts and the dead/undead and other dark stuff like that and it would be expected. But it would be so uncomfortable to watch, and she was just a kid.

    • Clay3613
      Clay3613 3 years ago

      They had wrapped up principal photography months before her death. The producers and studio got little weird after Heather died and forced re-shoots. Her body doubles did most of the work near the end anyways cause of the possession/evil Carol makeup.

  • Clay3613
    Clay3613 3 years ago

    He looks pretty good in a suit. Shame he didn't do it more often. Only two stars though!?

  • i asimov
    i asimov 3 years ago

    Zelda Rubenstein - dead.Beatrice Straight - dead. But she was a hottie in the Poltergeist days. And that red hair!

  • Raymond Frand
    Raymond Frand 3 years ago

    rip piper

  • Orange Pourage
    Orange Pourage 3 years ago

    19:18 "Let's Boogie..." ...fart!

  • Not Me
    Not Me 3 years ago

    Lmao "Dwarf babe"

  • MaxRenn82
    MaxRenn82 3 years ago

    That Fun House poster in the background (behind Joe Bob Briggs in the opening segment) looks like the cover of "Last House on Dead End Street" which was aka as "The Fun House" in some releases. Can anyone confirm that?

    • altohippiegabber
      altohippiegabber Year ago

      you are right, it is the poster for Roger Watkins' "Last House on Dead End Street"

  • Winter Steele
    Winter Steele 4 years ago

    I love it when he busts out academic papers during the show. It reminds me of the shit I had to write while studying film/media in college.

  • Tobey Starburst
    Tobey Starburst 4 years ago

    Thanks so much for the upload! Classic!

  • zeusbacchushades
    zeusbacchushades 4 years ago

    Man, I miss this show and I miss Rowdy Piper

  • Psyche3T
    Psyche3T 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for posting this. I had it on VHS and converted it to DVD a while ago. I just found the disk and it doesn't work, so thanks for posting this. By the way, the actual date it was on TNT was August 8, 1998.

  • Robbie R. Esq.
    Robbie R. Esq. 4 years ago

    Rest in Peace, Roddy.

    • Rob Simmons
      Rob Simmons Year ago

      They Live = great Carpenter movie, and Roddy Piper = sweet, funny & likable guy who nailed that role and the “bubblegum” line

    • Joe Kerr
      Joe Kerr 3 years ago

      @what? Name one Pay-per-view where he was huge.

    • Joe Kerr
      Joe Kerr 3 years ago

      @what? No he didn't. He was never huge and completely ripped. You must be thinking of someone else.

    • what?
      what? 3 years ago

      @Joesph Kerr In the mid to late 80's his physique totally changed and he became huge and completely ripped, whereas the rest of his career he had a very average and almost scrawny physique, relatively speaking for pro wrestling, so i'd bet money that he did roids in the 80's.

    • Joe Kerr
      Joe Kerr 3 years ago

      +what? I doubt Roddy Piper ever did steroid at any point in his career. He was never one of the big guys, he just had a big personality.

  • Zachary Shaw
    Zachary Shaw 4 years ago

    for some reason this guy reminds me of "The Maniac" from Its always sunny in Philadelphia, anyone else think that?

  • Nicholas Mears
    Nicholas Mears 4 years ago

    The gay subtext stuff is hilarious. This movie has some good moments like Large Marge, but the bicycle story really sucks. The fat guy played Gacy got his ass beat by a leprechaun.. PeeWee's Playhouse is still cool though.

  • Adam Fair Land
    Adam Fair Land 4 years ago

    i wanna see when he watched all 3 Poltergeist movies.. "lets not do this again." "carol ann, carol ann... how many times do they call her name out in this movie series??"

  • altohippiegabber
    altohippiegabber 4 years ago

    OMG that poster behind him is NOT from Tobe Hoopers "The Funhouse" but it is the poster of Roger Watkins' 1977 "The Fun House" better known as "The Last House On Dead End Street" : now that is a real cult classic!

  • Mokey Tah
    Mokey Tah 4 years ago

    \(*u*)/ I love all of these!

  • SuperNovaThomas
    SuperNovaThomas 4 years ago

    I'm I the only one who would love to be friends with Pris and Roy.

  • The Death Twitch
    The Death Twitch 4 years ago

    I think he's giving Pee Wee's Big Adventure a hard time because it's not exactly Monstervision material, but something the station probably forced him to air.

    • crush41gb
      crush41gb 24 days ago

      @what? in an interview last year on cinamassacre with James Rolfe, he said he was given a list of movies TNT had rights to and he'd pick out all he wanted but, they would never let him play anything black and white except for the rare times it was something like Earth vs the Spider or something. But, he would have to show things he didn't like because of them a lot. Also, found that Rusty/Renner Jo St John now is like a DA or something in Fairbanks, Alaska! :)

    • what?
      what? 4 years ago

      Oh, there's no doubt it's a movie he didn't want to host but had no choice lol. I dunno if Joe Bob ever talked about this but I'm curious myself as to how much say he had in choosing which movies were shown on Monstervision. TNT probably rarely ever bought the rights to air a movie for Monstervision that Joe Bob wanted to show and just milked the films as much as possible that they already had the rights to. Omitting Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter from the famous Halloween (not the franchise) night marathon of Friday the 13th films was very strange, because they had the rights to 1-3 and 5&6 but not 4? I'm curious what the story is behind that.

  • TheSeph1984
    TheSeph1984 5 years ago

    I have actually read the transcripts of his Monstervision's on his website. And I think one of the best one (not uploaded on youtube) is NIGHTBREED, its a great movie and his segments are classic. I have started to collect his audio commentaries. I have Samurai Cop, I Spit on you Grave, and The Incredibly Strange Creatures That Stopped Living and Became Mixed-up Zombies!!? He has roughly 15 or 16 commentaries. I hope to get them all sometime they are great.

    • joshua2814
      joshua2814 Year ago

      I've listened to a couple of his commentaries and own one. He's a great full-run commentator.

    • miguel reyes
      miguel reyes 3 years ago

      I watched that one actually the nightbreed

    • luv2eatpuss79
      luv2eatpuss79 5 years ago

      good luck getting hell's angels 69. Unless you want to mortgage your house and give up a kidney

  • TheSeph1984
    TheSeph1984 5 years ago

    Wow. I am also surprised he didn't like this movie.. considering all the schlock movies he reviewed (gems like Bloodsucking Freaks and Bikini Car Wash) back when he was just a writer in Dallas. It sucks the quality of this was a bit choppy but good overall. The mail section was quite funny. I watched a recent interview with Joe Bob where told a humorous story about being in a meeting at TNT where he said that a large amount of their audience where in prisons. The executives in the meeting responded that there was nothing that they could sell to prison inmates, but a person from advertising chimed in and said that he could sell them phone cards?! Funny stuff... TV has changed so much it really can't facilitate a character like Joe Bob... he should really have a more internet presence, but perhaps he is just getting too old and/or tired of his character...

    • Winter Steele
      Winter Steele 4 years ago

      +TheSeph1984 Wow, does that mean that all the letters he read on-air supposedly from inmates were real? I always thought they were meant as a joke.

    • what?
      what? 5 years ago

      I read the transcript of Joe Bob Briggs' Monstervision host segments for Tim Burton's Beetlejuice and he gave that four stars and mentioned during it that he gets criticized a lot for bashing Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. It can't be Tim Burton's bizarre style or directing that he didn't like about Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, he just didn't find it funny at all and even says in this video that he thinks the jokes are for little kids which I completely disagree with. It's a way more clever comedy than Joe Bob gives it credit for and it's almost like he can't distinguish Pee Wee's Playhouse (which was a show for little kids) from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure which are in a completely different comedic style from one another. I've listened to the same interview that you're referring too lol, the one recorded a few months ago where he's interviewed by some host in NYC (great interview btw, well worth listening to). Joe Bob mentions that what he loved about Monstervision that he could no longer do today, is not be restricted to a very specific air time for his segments and how long they had to last. TV now is very strict in that you must begin and end any non-commercial segment to a specific start and finish time, and TNT allowed Joe Bob to just kinda do whatever he wanted and if his segments went over the time limit it didn't matter at all. The closest thing today I can think of is The Talking Dead which follows every new episode of The Walking Dead but even that they must go to commercial at an exact minute and second each segment.

  • what?
    what? 5 years ago

    I just upload Joe Bob Briggs' Pee-Wee's Big Adventure host segments. There's plenty more where that came from!

    • what?
      what? 5 years ago

      I'll be uploading host segments for Jaws 2 shortly. I'm subscribed to ReadNWatchAnalog who just uploaded a ton of Monstervision videos the past few days, you'll want to give his videos a look =)

    • luv2eatpuss79
      luv2eatpuss79 5 years ago

      keep em comin and thank you

  • TheSeph1984
    TheSeph1984 5 years ago

    Thanks for upload. I love Joe Bob Briggs. I hope that you can upload some more of Monstervision... hopefully stuff that has yet to be put on youtube. They should have a DVD collection of all Briggs episodes... but Ted Turner might not want to release such stuff X(

    • ReadNWatchAnalog
      ReadNWatchAnalog 5 years ago

      @what? Okay, thanks, I'll not upload that one, as I'm only trying to upload the ones that are not on youtube. Also, I believe it's on the Joe Bob Briggs New York Cine Drive-In interview where he says he has all of them himself in storage. Here is the video code f3vgJNlAJ8Y Also, I know about the uploading/editing; I already have a few up and going to try to do the rest today.

    • what?
      what? 5 years ago

      I know that on Joe Bob Briggs' Facebook page, he or I'm guessing someone who probably helps him run it asked a question a few years ago to the fans about which specific Monstervision episodes people would want to see on a DVD compilation, but that's the last that it was talked about as far as I'm aware of. If you want to upload more Joe Bob Briggs/Monstervision videos by all means go ahead, it would save me a lot of time but just remember to edit the videos so that it's only the host segments, as otherwise you'd be putting your account in danger of being suspended if you actually upload the movies too. I've already edited the Jaws 2 video and will be uploading that very soon just so you know. The more Monstervision videos on youtube the better =)

    • ReadNWatchAnalog
      ReadNWatchAnalog 5 years ago

      @what? Actually Joe Bob has 1000s of them himself in a storage unit, with people being interested in making DVDS of them, but who knows what has happened there. Most likely, relatively sadly, even if they were to be released they would only release probably clips here and there, like a Johnny Carson "best of" or something like that with all that gold sitting there never to be seen (I say "relatively sadly" because whatever we have would be great; just there would be a lot more). Also, I hope you don't mind, but after seeing these I got a little impatient and am probably going to upload all the Joe Bob stuff you were all today, but maybe with not as good quality. So, I hope you still do upload yours, but I need something to watch on my tv, haha. I watch these through directv on a big screen.

    • what?
      what? 5 years ago

      I just uploaded the host segments for Pee-Wee's Big Adventure =)

    • what?
      what? 5 years ago

      I'll be uploading the host segments for Pee Wee's Big Adventure in the next couple days. I also plan on uploading in the next few weeks the host segments for Jaws 2, In the Mouth of Madness, both Conan movies, and Wily Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. A DVD collection of Monstervision featuring all of the Joe Bob Briggs segments would be amazing but the odds of that ever happening are extremely miniscule since Time Warner probably has the master tapes hidden away in a warehouse somewhere and could care less about the show and it's fans, so it's up to us here on youtube to upload what we can and make our own youtube collection. Host segments only =)

  • what?
    what? 5 years ago

    I just uploaded the host segments for "They Live", with special guest Roddy Piper =)

    • oxo good
      oxo good 9 months ago

      Was it just me or did Piper basicaly belittle Joe almost constantly.

  • what?
    what? 5 years ago

    Btw the actor who played the real estate guy in Poltergeist who told Craig T Nelson about how they were going to relocate the graveyard to make space for more houses, that actor was one of those two goofy guys who both appeared in Return of the Living Dead 1 and 2 lol.

    • reyfuego360
      reyfuego360 4 years ago

      Yup that's James Karen amazing actor

  • Javier Pablo
    Javier Pablo 5 years ago

    Hi Roy I would like see the 3 hour long White Dragon Cut Version 4.0 fan edit