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Sebart at Shomerat
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Polignano a mare
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TALEL MAY 12-2013
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R/C WorkShop
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Giethoorn, Netherlands
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SHOMERAT 19-5-2012.AVI
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Tal El from the air
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Niv fliyng the Lama V3
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Chair ride
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  • Lk Tah
    Lk Tah 3 months ago

    2:00 He handles cash then serves the food?! Fuck that place!!

  • T. Loco
    T. Loco 5 months ago

    Steak fries are the best

  • Alex Fischman
    Alex Fischman 11 months ago

    Don’t mess with colombian-Israeli!

  • ThatDutchguy
    ThatDutchguy 11 months ago

    You just declared war with that title m8.

  • Kelvin D
    Kelvin D 11 months ago

    So unsanitary. No gloves

    • ThatTyronex
      ThatTyronex 9 months ago

      Kelvin D ever heard of washing your hands, it’s normal to not wear gloves in the Netherlands because hygiene is a really important factor before you start working

  • Nigel
    Nigel Year ago

    ''Maionese" he must be Italian.

  • uncle Fester
    uncle Fester Year ago

    Nobody can Touch the Fries from Belgum / Nederlands.. This Frittes is Not from this World. Amazing Food...

  • Der Bleifuss
    Der Bleifuss Year ago

    Where are you flying?

  • Samson Towwers
    Samson Towwers Year ago

    The old man and the lady in the counter, seems that don't like foreign people.

  • 악당대장군
    악당대장군 Year ago


  • Michele Vigliani

    this man must be italian :D

  • Paljas
    Paljas Year ago

    That dude is sooo disorganised, good lord

  • FN Anderson
    FN Anderson Year ago

    asking so many dumb ass questions giving the poor server a tough time...if i was serving u id slap the fuk outta you ur bitch ass wife and ur snot nosed kid who had the nerve to say "gimmie" teach that fool some manners . and btw i just farted

    • Giant's Milk
      Giant's Milk Year ago

      Its a jewish trait. Rude, arrogant and horrible people.

  • Allard Freichmann

    There are so many places in the Netherlands where one can buy good and bad fries.

  • GameBoy
    GameBoy 2 years ago

    i am from netherlands

  • Alberto Stegeman
    Alberto Stegeman 2 years ago

    A Little correction. It ar not french fries. But belgium fries. Good video

    • litogor
      litogor 5 months ago

      Fault! Belgian historians have proved that it is French. Never peddle legends without inquiring ....

  • fraser nicol
    fraser nicol 2 years ago

    He didn,t touch the food with his hands after handling money,but he did open the bags using the back of them,tsk,tsk,noughty boy

    • Aad Nitraat
      Aad Nitraat Year ago

      U also wear gloves when u wipe your ass I guess...

  • Adrian Arreola
    Adrian Arreola 2 years ago

    touch money and touch potatoes and no gloves? mmmm the service is perfect but only these problem no gloves

    • Aad Nitraat
      Aad Nitraat Year ago

      No its in the netherlands....the fries are called belgian because they're thicker than french fries.

    • Paljas
      Paljas Year ago

      Its in belgium, not holland, u stupid fok

    • Randy Marsh
      Randy Marsh 2 years ago

      Adrian Arreola We don't give one flying fuck about that in Holland.

  • 100 % Dutch
    100 % Dutch 2 years ago

    Inglish:he can't speak inglish Nederlands:hij kan geen Engels spreken

    • ThatTyronex
      ThatTyronex 9 months ago

      100 % Dutch english* jij ook niet vriend

  • Henk Zaanstad
    Henk Zaanstad 2 years ago


  • (-)MrQuatre11(-)
    (-)MrQuatre11(-) 2 years ago

    wel een dure grap man

  • Wail 9#
    Wail 9# 2 years ago

    no gloves ??

    • DeadExploitz
      DeadExploitz 9 months ago

      we wash our hands if we touch food in the Netherlands right away

    • Aad Nitraat
      Aad Nitraat Year ago

      Whats this obsession with gloves?.....In the Netherlands we wash our hands regularly when we touch food. Most foreign streetfood workers wear their gloves all day and are stuffed with germs.

  • David B
    David B 2 years ago

    Hmmm... On my last trip I bought a multi-day OV Chipkaart and used the sh*t out of it! Best value of my trip! There is a guidebook called "DK Amsterdam Travel" and it has a very nice laminated map that you can carry with you. It's very easy to use the tram system and it allows you to cover a lot more ground. Some of the cooler places are outside of the Centrum. BTW, I never refer to maps at night. I don't want to look like a tourist! I just use my knowledge of the city and avoid desolate streets and alleys. I eventually find my way. : ) I try to avoid the coldest months like December and January. I live in a subtropical climate and it's too cold for me and the days are way too short. It's weird to arrive in the 'Dam at 9am to find it pitch black. I've been to the Hague twice and visited the International Peace Palace and the Mauritshuis art museum. I would recommend both highly but I have read other reviews that don't think much of the rest of the town. I enjoy visiting other cities. Just do your research and find things that appeal to you.

    • ThatTyronex
      ThatTyronex 9 months ago

      You seem to like the Netherlands eh? Nice man:)

    • David B
      David B 2 years ago

      Correction: The book's title is DK Eyewitness Travel: Amsterdam Purchased the last one used on Amazon. A library copy that was only two years old and about 50% the price of new. Condition was "like new". My frugal inner Dutchman was pleased. : )

  • T和也
    T和也 2 years ago


  • David B
    David B 2 years ago

    Mannekin Pis and Fritehaus Vlemincxz rock my world!

    • yaiger1
      yaiger1 2 years ago

      islandbee . I've stayed at the same "flying pig" it had just opened within a month or so of me being there. Great times!

    • David B
      David B 2 years ago

      Yes, definitely expand your horizons. If you can hook with some Dutch people, by all means go cycling through the countryside! See some pretty landscapes and homes with thatched roofs. As as the tram pass, I got one for about 5 days and used the s*#t out if it! I thought it was one of the best values of my trip.

    • islandbee
      islandbee 2 years ago

      Honestly, I did most of my traveling on foot because I stayed at the Flying Pig near Centraal Station. When I paid for a flipping 3 day pass that I only used like 2 times. lol I am a visual person and try to landmark certain businesses or building that I can easily remember. I had to do this same thing when I was in Munich where they had like 30-40 lettered streets. I'll tell you, I was freezing my ass off though when I was in AMS. I wish I could've used that tram/train system more, but it was my first time in Amsterdam. I don't think I really went outside of Centrum, Jordaan, and Red Light District area. Next time I actually want to go to maybe The Hague or even other cities in NL.

    • David B
      David B 2 years ago

      Islandbee Interestingly, Vlaamse frites, herring, cycling, parks and even FEBO are some of the things I miss the most, not coffeeshops or the RLD. Well, admittedly the parks DO go well with cannabis. : ) I learned many years ago on my very 1st trip that there is so much more to the city and the country than what the average American thinks of the place. I cringe when I watch videos where tourists spend their whole trip within a couple of miles of Dam Square, most of it in the coffeeshops. If I don't get out of town at least once each visit to visit Dutch friends and cycle through the countryside I would feel that I really missed something special. I have so much love for the place...

    • David B
      David B 2 years ago

      What do you think the best way to consistently find Fritehaus Vlemincxz is? Looking at Google maps, it seems to be: 1) Go to Spui Square 2) Turn your back to the American Book Center 3) Cross to the south side of the square 4) Head east for about a block and then turn right on Voetboogstraat Would it be easier to take one of the many trams to Koningsplein and get off there and walk from there?

  • chandra_00
    chandra_00 3 years ago


  • Alex // WhyDoYouHack

    It is Vlamish Fries (Belgium) It isn't french.

    • TheFettuck
      TheFettuck 2 years ago

      The thickness of the fries. That's the differents.

    • Ehsign S
      Ehsign S 3 years ago

      what is the difference?

  • VeniVidiAjax
    VeniVidiAjax 3 years ago

    They are not french fries!!! They are just fries, French fries are thin, the thickest ones are called Vlaamse friet, but everything in between is dutch.

    • ggfhj gfdg
      ggfhj gfdg Month ago

      They’re called French fries in the us doenst matter where they from

  • Kellyg Lovings
    Kellyg Lovings 4 years ago


  • nvm0
    nvm0 4 years ago

    he seems like a nice, friendly guy

    • Movie Lover
      Movie Lover Year ago

      David B especially at manneke pis.. long lines waiting.. no time for bullshit

    • David B
      David B 2 years ago

      In a Dutch, efficient and all business sort of way, After all, he seems to be working harder than anyone else there. Makes it hard to find time for idle chit chat.

  • Christiaan Van Oorschot

    They are no French fries. French fries are small! Dutch fries are thicker, and Flemish fries are even larger and thicker then the Dutch ones.. These are the Flemish fries!

    • Erick Doe
      Erick Doe 2 years ago

      Exactly. Well worded. :)

    • TheFettuck
      TheFettuck 2 years ago

      There is indeed a differents between "Dutch Flemish Fries" and "Belgian Flemish Fries".

    • Warrior Of Allah
      Warrior Of Allah 4 years ago

      +Christiaan Van Oorschot what kind of oil they cook with, please tell me.

    • Erick Doe
      Erick Doe 4 years ago

      @Christiaan Van Oorschot 'Vlaamse Vriet' are thicker, but they are not actually Flemish. They are Dutch. Flemish fries are thinner.

  • zennus1
    zennus1 5 years ago

    Wait 15 euros thats not to bad

  • zennus1
    zennus1 5 years ago

    Was that 15 or 50 Euros ?

    • Sahra Tank
      Sahra Tank Year ago

      Come here to Germany you pay here 3,90 for little not fresh fries so 3 Euro for this nice fresh Quality is good!

    • Arttu Siukonen
      Arttu Siukonen 2 years ago

      abdi1983 15 Euros is very decent price for 3 drinks and 3 orders of fries. It makes 2€ per drink and 3€ per fries. Idk how thats too much for you.

    • abdi1983
      abdi1983 3 years ago

      15 still too much damn.

  • Wim V
    Wim V 5 years ago

    shalom v baruch habaim !

    • Felipe BRXT
      Felipe BRXT 5 years ago

      viadddddoooooooooooo filho da puuuuuuuuuuuutaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Salvatore Nicolella
    Salvatore Nicolella 5 years ago

    hi everyone does anyone know if possible to open a franchising for french fries in italy ...with this or other estimate company ??

    • abdi1983
      abdi1983 3 years ago

      why not do your own?

    • cosworth itsworth
      cosworth itsworth 4 years ago

      @Salvatore Nicolella you have to email or call the buissnes yourself.

  • almasi1921
    almasi1921 5 years ago

    Heaven on earth

  • HardNeef
    HardNeef 5 years ago

    Just so you know but these fries are actualy vlamish so the fries are belgium and not french

    • Rafael Wolfcarius
      Rafael Wolfcarius 4 months ago

      litogor french idiot hahaha

    • litogor
      litogor 5 months ago

      Absolutely wrong! Belgian historians who hoped to prove that fries were a Belgian invention were desperate for the result: fries are French! The oldest fries were traced in Paris at the end of the 18th century, whereas in Belgium they had never seen one before. Go to document the official proofs, it's better than to peddle a nationalist legend ....

  • MyWorldvisit
    MyWorldvisit 6 years ago

    I like this place.....

  • Nany Girsai
    Nany Girsai 7 years ago


  • אוגו לוצאטי


  • Shimi Rokah
    Shimi Rokah 7 years ago