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  • Pablo Quiroga
    Pablo Quiroga 6 days ago

    La vida eterna no existe debido a que el alma son conexiones neuronales que se generan por impulsos eléctricos

    DARTH MALGUS 19 days ago


  • Goran Farago
    Goran Farago 3 months ago

    I totally agree with you that god does not exist. He just exists in the minds of people. Life in itself is a mystery and a consequence of a cause that we humans do not know.

  • Blerton Halimi
    Blerton Halimi 3 months ago

    This guy who says that god doesn't exist you will go to hell idiot god created everything cause everyone knows god we must believe in god so stfu you atheist cunts God exists!!!!! And you say that god burns good people no god burns the bad people and god doesn't hate no one god even loves his haters cause we are all created from God there are only two doors Heaven and Hell good people who respect other people and love their family people who believe in god they will go to HEAVEN,and people whon don't believe in god and have no religion and god hate their families people who are terrorists criminals rapists killers and bad people wil go to HELL.

  • Blerton Halimi
    Blerton Halimi 3 months ago

    God exists you fucking idiot Who created you then shut the fuck up you atheist peace of shit God is the one and only god is The creater of Everything we are in Gods hands god is the greatest anyone who says that "god doesn't exist" you will all go to hell

    • engi turtle 65
      engi turtle 65 16 days ago

      fuck of god dont exist you little butthurt christian

  • Christine Cecilia Mahirwe

    Dont worry, He will exist when you run out of oxygen 😂😂😂😂 At least start by asking yourself why you can't control the fact that you came to be and that you will cease to be whether you like it or not. Also if you have sense what makes you think you do?! You can't see it nahhh Ehen! Mr Man why not tell your own sense to solve problems. Grow mbanu, you will when He makes time for you. Don't worry, because getting a degree in the knowledge of God doesn't need four years of experimenting and studying.

  • Glitch boy12 2
    Glitch boy12 2 5 months ago

    Its clearly that god dosen exist because look att afrika and saudi amerika they have ben together eachother befor in milions of years ago

  • Sugabiasedgirl
    Sugabiasedgirl 7 months ago

    Wise words absolutely smart

  • Alicia Fuller
    Alicia Fuller 7 months ago

    Okay, hold up! You can't just claim that you know for sure that there isn't any type of deity watching over us all. It's not necessarily a powerful old man in the sky, but I can PROVE that there is a deity. See, if the Flying Spaghetti Monster did not in fact create us all with His noodly appendage, why would the planets be shaped like meatballs? How could we have gravity if He were not gently pushing us all towards the ground? Why would there be midgets if He were not pushing them down a bit harder than everyone else? Checkmate!

    • Alicia Fuller
      Alicia Fuller 7 months ago

      ​@Vavřinec Kužela Chill, I was kidding.

    • Vavřinec Kužela
      Vavřinec Kužela 7 months ago

      Oh look! An keyboard warrior! Good job on winning internet argument fight virgin! Now go pray to something that foesnt exist.

  • Brittania Auto Glass
    Brittania Auto Glass 8 months ago

    What happened to your hand?

  • Nevah
    Nevah 8 months ago

    Thanks man. Everybody should hear this.

  • tgitarezam b
    tgitarezam b 9 months ago

    and which god of human history is "God"; and why, and how, would a god be a "he"? that already shows a historical, cultural bias.

  • Brad Stevens
    Brad Stevens 9 months ago

    God sucks.

  • Maria Dalady
    Maria Dalady 9 months ago

    There’s is no God(s)

  • Henri Henry
    Henri Henry 9 months ago


  • Placoderm C-Strain
    Placoderm C-Strain 9 months ago

    “life is ultimately meaningless”

    • Vavřinec Kužela
      Vavřinec Kužela 7 months ago

      It is it has no purpose and its going to end one day anyways.

  • Raven-Dark-Creep
    Raven-Dark-Creep 10 months ago

    God Just exists in the mind of people and no for real

  • Thetruthwillblowyou away

    Another example for God’ existence > We live in the third dimension, right? Well, God is outside of it( maybe in the fourth or even further ). He is always above us and outside of us. Think about it like this. Take 2 HOSES.. And put the one with the smaller diameter inside the one with the bigger. See? we, our universe exist in the smaller one and God is in the bigger. We are limited by ours and we can't see outside of it but God can оbserve us. And also in such way our thinking and knowledge is limited. Just because we can't see outside of the present level of science DOES NOT mean that there is nothing outside of it! Questions like but where God came from and what was before the big bang are so immature. Maybe we are not supposed to know that! Let me ask you > if right now we have some advanced quantum computer and we simulate a universe and the beings inside of it have consciousness just like us, they won't know more than what we have given them to know. They won't know that they are inside of some computer and that outside of this computer there is existence. Maybe we are the same. WE ARE NOT PROGRAMMED to ever know what is outside of our universe and what caused the so-called big-bang. See? We just lack that in our source code. It is not embedded there by our creators. AND THIS IS WHY WE WALK BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT. We must be tested, to see who of us are good(think of each one of us as a separate program). And just as programs are tested to see which are good and ready for further development so we are also being tested in this life. It is impossible that everything happened by chance. There must be someone to cause it or at least to kick it forward, you know. Some people refuse to believe in a creator because their ego, pride and self-esteem is too high. THEY CANNOT ACCEPT THAT THERE IS SOMEONE GREATER THAN THEM.Let me ask you something > If you go back in time and put some random 5 year old kid next to ALBERT EINSTEIN, HOW IS ALBERT GOING TO TALK, communicate with this kid? IS HE GOING TO USE HIS ENTIRE KNOWLEDGE or HE WILL use words that are suitable with the kid's present state of mind and development? Of course he will use the words suitable with the kid's present mentality. And so JESUS DID. Back 2000 years ago, he used words that people back then HAD IN THEIR LIVES. If he had used advanced airplanes instead of flying HORSES people will not be able to form a image about what he is talking... It is impossible that everything happened by chance. There must be someone to cause it or at least to kick it forward, you know. Some people refuse to believe in a creator because their ego, pride and self-esteem is too high. THEY CANNOT ACCEPT THAT THERE IS SOMEONE GREATER THAN THEM. Why kids die, why this and that and all crazy things happen around us? Because GOD MADE US WITH FREE WILL and we ABUSED IT. Now we are paying the consequences of our actions. Why blame God for our weaknesses and mistakes? IS GOD responsible for mothers in 8 month of pregnancy smoking 2 pack and drinking 5 cans of beer a day? And no this is not coming from some religious nut. I work as a computer tech with IQ OF 147. If you think we are put here and everyone just do whatever he likes and after you die it is all over, then you are either ignorant or just brainwashed. I want you to know this > one day you will find yourself in a place made of components that you have never seen and sensed on this realm(world) and you will feel pathetic, stupid and brainwashed. You will kneel before Jesus and ask for forgivness. We all will. Also people are like > if God, JESUS is real why he doesn’t show himself to us? This is the reason why God does not intervene. Because if he shows himself everyone will immediately turn to him. But now, he is watching us, inspecting who of us are going to endure and believe without any solid proof. !!!!! People often say THERE IS NO GOD, there is only nature and everything happened, evolved through nature. OK! but who made nature? Who has had created the concept of nature? has nature come out from nowhere? If no one has created it then it must have had existed always, without anyone behind it, without anyone to create it. Can it just happen by chance? Even if it is possible there must be someone who has had created the possibility of something to happen by chance. Do you see? Everything must have someone to cause it. A creator… it's like playing world of warcraft and the characters in the game to start claiming that they are the creators and there is nothing outside of the space they are existing. See? it is not true, but they do not know about it. They don't know that they are inside of something bigger. And no God won't force himself on anyone. If you refuse to understand and ACCEPT the truth that is on you. I'm almost sure that On judgement day some of you will be given to see the truth and to see what you have lost(this will be one of the light punishments). You will feel miserable knowing that you wasted your chance to move to the next level and then your memories will be erased and you will be put somewhere else to live a life, again, hopefully that this time you will acquire the necessary qualities to move further(heaven). He is God he can make an universe in a blink of an eye. and so he will make a universe where you will be put to live life after life, until, hopefully will be ready to continue. And that is simply by his grace because he is patient with everyone and doesn't want us to perish.

    • Vavřinec Kužela
      Vavřinec Kužela 7 months ago

      So... Which part of this pathetic comment is supposed to prove god? Because none od them did.

    • Unknown
      Unknown 9 months ago

      no proof at all

  • ConfessorEpicness

    I often find myself in awe at the narcissism of atheists. It makes me wonder if this guy spends his time trying to convince ants and pond scum that he exists as a higher life form. Do you honestly believe that if a life form exists that is powerful enough to create everything from nothing that it would trouble itself with trying to convince the little apes on the spec of dust we call earth that he exists? Look at your face in this video, you honestly believe that god has an obligation to you lol.

  • the black Woman Iz God Atheism is Unstoppable

    Jesus is Santa Claus go home and stop praying to santa hes not come back because he never was real deal with it

  • vanessa
    vanessa Year ago

    omg someone who's actually not retarded

  • James Heath
    James Heath Year ago


  • jeffery baldwin
    jeffery baldwin Year ago

    David when you die you are going to be so surprised .

    • marta chamoun
      marta chamoun Year ago

      jeffery baldwin i am sick of those comnents !

    • James Heath
      James Heath Year ago

      jeffery baldwin have you died before?

  • Nana Yaw Opong
    Nana Yaw Opong Year ago


  • Peanut OwO
    Peanut OwO Year ago

    the question, who is stronger *GOD* or.... *JOHN CENA*

  • Provenia Evermi
    Provenia Evermi Year ago

    Retarded man

  • Chad Barrymore
    Chad Barrymore Year ago

    You look like you MAY like kids

  • Alec Boucher
    Alec Boucher Year ago

    But Superman does exist

  • Person who likes movies

    This makes it out as if God is some kind of thing which is comprehendible to the human mind. Atheists think that theists think that God either loves or hates or is noble or is horrible. God isn't human. You can't compare God to anything in the universe if God supposedly created the universe. GET IT RIGHT!

  • madian saleem
    madian saleem Year ago

    You mean your existence isn't proof enough for you? How about your death? Just saying.

    • Vavřinec Kužela
      Vavřinec Kužela 7 months ago

      Oh my god I never before saw such a ignorant... i mean you are such a pussy.

  • A-O Is Lord AOLORD

    All the things you are saying is so funny cuz many people have asked this for so long. The truth why u never seen or found God is because u never search after his kingdom have you prayed asked, him read the Bible ,and so on but u have search for him the Bible says seek and you will find ask and you will be answered knock and the door shall be opened. seek for the kingdom of God then God will find you

    • Vavřinec Kužela
      Vavřinec Kužela 7 months ago

      Bible was wrote by humans. Thats proof god is from humans mind.

  • Mackavelli The Don II

    EXACLTY my point.. I feel like they introduced hell to the world first which Got people scared for all these years along with the devil but gave us God along saying well if you obey this man you wont end up in the OTHER PLACE getting burned for the rest of your life so i feel like thats why people bealive and cling onto God due to FEAR and also being told there is a God for many years... But it just wouldn't make sense for God to even exist we are human beings we think like human beings operate like human beings so we think theres some God that looks just like us cause the bible states where created out his image .. Now if we where squrriels we would more then likely think theres a huge squrriel in the sky with unlimited nuts for all the Good squrriels and if you really think Logically its true 😂😂😂😂. And the bible contradicts himself why put out commandments and NOT EVEN FOLLOW EM I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE 😂😂😂😂😂. Its wrong to be jealous and envy . God: there should be not idols above me for i am a jealous's Wrong to be angry but goes into a temple and starts flipping tables and shit OH heres a good one 😂😂 thy shall not kill. Sends in people to slaughter poeple for prasing a cow.

    • WingedBoot
      WingedBoot Year ago

      Shut the fuck up retarted kiddo

  • keecefly
    keecefly Year ago

    But I saw the Virgin Mary in my egg sandwich. If that ain't proof what is? All praise to the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!!

  • Tex
    Tex Year ago

    I love seeing christians in the comments arguing against this guy who is telling the truth.

    • engi turtle 65
      engi turtle 65 Hour ago

      @WingedBoot because evolution and a man and a woman having sex and the woman giving birth

    • WingedBoot
      WingedBoot Year ago

      No. Explain how do u exist

  • Jo Hino
    Jo Hino Year ago

    I think God likes to listen to you. He says that's why He came down to earth personally 2000 yrs ago as a Man. God believes you are smart, He says you'll be able to connect the dots on this one.

  • chilled sama dio

    It's common sence he's real and god uses plenty of common sence no point in useing logic you can't argue that's he's real if you're useing common sence

  • Hasna khatun
    Hasna khatun Year ago

    God is exist. see the video it proofed scientific or life is test of god

  • Aaron Shepard
    Aaron Shepard Year ago

    Your gonna know he exist once the lights start going out. Signs don't produce faith or proof of God's existence.. Love does. And it isn't that I want your light to go out I pray it turns on. To see a tree bear fruit for you to eat and then your body becomes nutrients for it as your body returns to earth.. is a vindication for those of understanding. Your trial has overwhelmed you so your denying the power there of. It's to bring you closer by inclination yet you choose to divert. The enigma is that your only saying what you were designed to say and will see in time as you begin to fade to black.

  • vincent Lawrence

    Man is destined to destroy himself..Implode

  • REGI
    REGI Year ago

    Religious people these days...

  • REGI
    REGI Year ago

    Hes a hero

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    Dare I say, “Amen, Brother!”

  • Minh Nguyen Luong (Harry)

    So enjoy life.

  • scarlet hottie
    scarlet hottie Year ago

    He does exist. He's the governments, & the dead people on the money. 😂

  • Insight Video
    Insight Video Year ago

    The Senile Simian is more like it. God isn't interested in convincing you of anything - when you're dumb as a rock. He gives you a brain, and then it's up to you to figure it out. Even Satan knows that God exists - definitely, but chooses to rebel - just as you have. What you fail to recognize is that there is more to the universe than working to convince you. Here's how God has made Himself known: Take the universe for instance. Are you not amazed? It requires nothing from you but to look up into the heavens at night. Take you for instance. What an amazing being you are. Just look at your hand and how it works. Are you not amazed? Try to articulate the many actions it takes to coagulate your blood when you're cut to heal the wound, but then to not continue that process to where your blood coagulates throughout your entire body to then kill you. How does it work? Why does it work? How about your amazing eye that gives you eyesight? Why would that system develop naturally in nature, with nature not understanding what sight is in the first place in order to make it come about? The fact is that even though you have all these amazing things in front of you plus millions of more examples, you refuse to see. There is simply nothing God could put in front of you to make you believe, because you will not believe. So stop with the "God needs to prove it to me" cop-out. You don't believe in God because that's your choice, not because there is no evidence. Stop being so dishonest. You sure are angry arguing against a God you say doesn't exist. I look forward to your angry video on why the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist.

  • truth_seeker
    truth_seeker Year ago

    The bible made me an atheist.

  • truth_seeker
    truth_seeker Year ago

    Hi man. Well said. “It hasn’t happened”. God is man made!!

  • Blake D.
    Blake D. Year ago

    We all come from the SUN

  • Blake D.
    Blake D. Year ago

    God is imaginary

  • Mark Ryde
    Mark Ryde Year ago

    I aint religious BUT THERE IS LIFE AFTER DEATH. Guided by NARROW MINDED AND SHORT SIGHTED people is a bad and nasty road. People need faith love and happiness and unfortunately TOSSERS like this make this planet a shittier place to live. See ya in hell bud - you will regret these remarks I PROMISE YOU THIS MUCH

    • engi turtle 65
      engi turtle 65 Hour ago

      LOL you say you aren't religious, hur the crap you fucking mistake of a human

  • REGI
    REGI Year ago

    Thats a good person who realise the reality like me

  • i wonder if you're reading this

    if you are an atheist give me a like,if not write a coment that say that "god is real" because is not:) (im atheist)

  • PerrosKillerGaming

    God doesn't want to make you believe in him. He wants you to do it on your own... That's why you have free will.. You can't say what he should have done.. Your brain cant understand that stuff.I'm not saying that he exists but if he doesn't why don't you just commite suicide?? What are you here for then?your life wouldn't have meaning plus who created the universe?? Yes we might live in a simulation.. But who crested our creators.? And if god was created by someone then he should not be considered god. Pff. I don't know f this

  • Preyash Desai
    Preyash Desai Year ago

    Agree with you man. If God existed there would be no poverty, no issues in anyone's life. Even if he exists it looks like he is having fun doing all this to us.

  • Kirubel Tesfaye
    Kirubel Tesfaye Year ago

    I kindly ask to read this story there was this day Mr x went to a barber shop and he was having a conversation with his barber and the barber said how come god is real look at the children dieing all this women getting raped how he doesn't care when i get hurt calming that it was his job to fix them and so many things and Mr x went on doubting that god was real then he saw this guy with a messed up hair then the guy went back quick and told the guy u don't exist and the man asked him why he said this then mr x said if u existed u would of done some thing about his hair then the barber said i didn't b/c he haven't came to me and i can not force people ,so let me ask u one thing and please think about it for a minute why did u became a non believer is it because u saw your situation how can one be sure that god is not alive seeing situations with your eyes that god created u .i'm not judging nor leading to towards my point of view , i am saying all this b/c soul is something that u don't wanna play around with i ask u give your soul to its creator.repent in the name of Christ . You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29 : 13 i know i did find him, please do and thanks for reading all this God bless you!!!!!

  • Kirubel Tesfaye
    Kirubel Tesfaye Year ago


  • ytaaccount
    ytaaccount Year ago

    wlile i cannot be sure you are not being just a little coy, and perhaps looking for some clicks, i will bite and inform you, and/or for others' sakes that one does not go to hell for sinning; unless one does not believe that Christ shed His blood and died on the cross for our sins; was buried; and rose again on the third day. you cannot be good enough to satisfy God (must be perfect). Jesus did it (was perfect) for us; because He loves us. believe this and live with Him forever; don't believe it, and die for your sins. 1 Cor 15:1-4. and although there are still many questions that one can raise; those questions are all secondary to the Gospel of Grace.

  • snickers dank af

    you're the smartest man alive

    • Placoderm C-Strain
      Placoderm C-Strain 9 months ago

      hes not the smarted person alive but he is the most open minded

  • Giuseppe Purpura

    You should grow up because there a lot prove just look at world who created the world that God who you think there no doubt that he exit and you read the bible right you will why he doesn't have come these evidence in the that he exists

    • Tea and Biscuits
      Tea and Biscuits Year ago

      Giuseppe Purpura if he doesn't have evidence that he exists then he doesn't exist it's like saying that unicorns exist without any proof at all.

  • HitProof
    HitProof Year ago

    even if God exists He is not biblical God for sure, more likely stars are our gods or aliens

  • Bryce O
    Bryce O Year ago


  • Edjuan Green
    Edjuan Green Year ago

    Please pray for this guy....he will need it

  • ralph sampson
    ralph sampson Year ago

    Sensible Simian, Your an ass. Just because you can't see the evidence (or believe the evidence) doesn't mean God isn't real. Me? My faith is shaky. I came here looking for ideas. You make no sense. For the sake of future arguments you may have (on any subject matter), remember this. The lack of proof does not prove your argument to the contrary. Just because YOU don't believe the information put before you, doesn't invalidate it. If you are so smart, why is your hand cut? Evidence (proof) shows us you are not smart enough to stay healthy. Why should we listen to your baseless argument?

  • Jon skelin
    Jon skelin Year ago

    This guy is on the right track on disproving god. But this guy is stuck with the stigma of using the word "he" in reference to god to mark the "gender" of such of what he is trying to disprove. You, The sensible simian, should not even give that weak description by using "he". When doing so, you are mixing real insight (by using he) and delusional setting of omni-everything. Don't give religious people a chance to argue with you. You got to hit them hard. First question which I like to ask: What is the definition of a god? This is one question religious people are trying to avoid. It is impossible for them to give you that definition, even though they claim that this "he" god exists. All religious people or believers can tell you is what they "believe" a god(whatever that means) can do.

  • Gabi Goptarov
    Gabi Goptarov Year ago

    We understand that you are an atheist but we have our religion too, so plase stop, you make no sense

    • Nico Pfeifer
      Nico Pfeifer Year ago

      Gabi Goptarov atheism is no religion, its just the conclusion of facts. For you this video might make no sense, but if you have an IQ above -5 you should be inteligent enough to see that there was nothing createt by somebody .everything after the big bang originatet because of the many different laws of nature and not because some weird old guy with a beard createt it

  • 호영
    호영 Year ago

    u look like jesus, just grow ur hair a little longer

  • Zom Bee Nature
    Zom Bee Nature 2 years ago

    What is wrong with your skin? You have inflamed sores on your hands. Other inflammation too, like long-term low level radiation burns. Could be chronic sunburn I suppose. Mysterious...

  • L Strange
    L Strange 2 years ago

    I know you guys are hating on God and how you don't believe in him but you guys need to come to my church and open up your hearts

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith 2 years ago

    Ever heard of food grade hydrogen peroxide? Ever heard of hydrocarbons? Don't be such a smug shit head.

  • VorahN7
    VorahN7 2 years ago

    God has made himself known, if he didn't why would you be talking about him in this video, and why is all the people here watching a video on God if he hasn't made himself known.

  • Debbie R
    Debbie R 2 years ago

    With absolute certainty ,God is real. Once you finally meet Him, there is no mistaking it. The reason people disagree about God is that some have met Him and some have not had the experience yet and the only way to meet him is to repent and accept His Son Jesus as Savior. Just like looking at the picture of a steak or actually tasting one. Two completely different experiences about the same thing only some are actually experiencing God and some are just looking at the picture and complaining that God does not exist because they are failing to do what it takes to know Him.Just like your heart. You have never seen it but you know it exists. God exists but you cannot see him yet in your sinful state or you would die because He is so holy. Hopefully you will put down your pride and accept that you have lived a less than holy life and accept that Jesus paid that price due for those sins and join the millions who know God very well. You would make a great advocate for God.

  • Traciann Lee UFOs
    Traciann Lee UFOs 2 years ago

    God = Dog

  • Msniper 180
    Msniper 180 2 years ago

    Helll Nooooooo

  • Booty Call Madara
    Booty Call Madara 2 years ago

    To all u athiest God wants us to have free will and it's our fault we caused all the shit and also he can not fully reveal himself because our minds could not take in all if it and I don't see many athiest trying to disprove Buddhism or Islam or Egyptian religion

  • Rodney Rose
    Rodney Rose 2 years ago

    There is no god no

  • Dark
    Dark 2 years ago

    Did time and space pop out of nowhere?

  • Echoze
    Echoze 2 years ago

    You cannot prove god doesn't exist. No one can.

  • Eric Matas
    Eric Matas 2 years ago

    God loves you. God loves us. ...God wants our love. That love requires faith, a change in life, a full commitment of carrying your cross, and submission. If God was what you said he was in the video, wouldn't you have said it would be more realistic and "logical/smart" for him to just force us to 'love' him. Think about it. And once you do you may come to the Truth, the understanding. He loves us, and wants us to love Him. That can not happen if he were the way you wish/think he was. If you agree with me or not, please feel free to message me. I would love to talk more.

  • Projectiles
    Projectiles 2 years ago

    410 ignorant people disliked this video

    • Sқєєl
      Sқєєl 10 months ago

      You're the one being ignorant if you call ignorants to all the people who believe in God.

  • phil smith
    phil smith 2 years ago

    What would you wager?

  • René Meinhardt
    René Meinhardt 2 years ago

    It is good to see that more and more people dismantle the god belief. god has never been real. only stupid people believe in the opposite.

  • I Missed Your Joke, Didn't I?

    Imagine. You're the creator of the universe.. Very powerful and the most believed being, then why would you let darkness exist? "Without the dark there would be no light" that's not true. Be logical. Why would you create a poor universe? Why would you instantly harm your creation? Why would you let evil exist? God doesn't exist. But the universe does. A poor and weak universe.. Created by your believed "God".

  • Dude 10111
    Dude 10111 2 years ago

    You look like a pedo

  • Edward Hernandez
    Edward Hernandez 2 years ago

    We cannot prove or disprove God. Why because of free will. If he where to reveal himself in all his glory we would fall on our faces and worship. We would not have a choice in the matter. So what does God do he reveals himself here and there a little just enough for there to be a possibility of God but not enough to take away your free will.

  • Aija Vanaga
    Aija Vanaga 2 years ago

    God has shown himself or many times, but the problem is that people dos not believed it. I believe that God s real because he heald me and set me free from depressive thoughts. Jesus came on the Earth, Jesus is the son of God- science also says that. Science says also that Jesus was a real person. You maybe want that God shows himself, just open your heart to him and say 'God, if you are real, show me that!' Remember that God does not push himself, God only gives a choice to choose Him and not world.

  • Damon Davis
    Damon Davis 2 years ago

    I love this video man, everyone needs to grow tf up and realize this.... if god created the universe he would need time to do it, and there was no time before the universe because its one of the laws of the universe, so how could god create the universe??????? That simple. He didnt..

  • landfish420
    landfish420 2 years ago

    People: Kids are so stupid, Santa clearly isn’t real Goes to church the next day

    • Christine Cecilia Mahirwe
      Christine Cecilia Mahirwe 3 months ago

      Santa and Christmas have nothing to do with Christ or His birth. Those are pagan induced holidays wearing a little cute pink doll baby on the outside. Please, if you will even talk about God, use the right referrals because when you don't you only sound like you are referring to those who deny Christ, and worshippers of satan and santa just like you.

    • Atiaba Smith
      Atiaba Smith Year ago

      The.Flaming.Tornado your right

    • i wonder if you're reading this
  • Matt King
    Matt King 2 years ago

    People who say there is no God, listen! There is a God just read the bible more and carefully and you'll see!!!!!!

  • Alpha Matrix
    Alpha Matrix 2 years ago

    God exists. Repent your sins while you still can

  • Hi it's Paeonia and I'm Everything!

    Sometimes life deals a very unfair hand and we have to realize we are that which we seek. Stop looking outside yourself. Christ taught us the kingdom of God is within and how to connect with the Supreme Creator by going within. The Supreme Creator gave us an ability to connect with them inside our soul/spirit consciousness. That is why spiritually corrupt beings try to destroy us within using parasites and other diseases.

  • erŔoR erŔoR
    erŔoR erŔoR 2 years ago

    You are going to that place not heaven 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • erŔoR erŔoR
    erŔoR erŔoR 2 years ago


  • erŔoR erŔoR
    erŔoR erŔoR 2 years ago

    Im crying because of YOU 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Itz Kevin
    Itz Kevin 2 years ago

    If you say god doesn't exist then HOW DO YOU KNOW FREAKING PEOPLE

  • Ben Str
    Ben Str 2 years ago

    John 14:2 In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. All you atheist out there are going to miss out this. Good luck to ya.

  • MahGuel
    MahGuel 2 years ago

    God does not show himself to us because if he did we would lose the free will to have faith on him. It's our job to have faith in him not his

    • asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg
      asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg 2 years ago

      Have faith in me, or burn in Hell for eternity? That's not a choice. That's an ultimatum, and whoever issues an ultimatum like that, is an asshole not worthy of worship.

  • WD40 0
    WD40 0 2 years ago

    Some one made up back in the day

  • Daniel Blair
    Daniel Blair 2 years ago

    All the evidence that we have points to the existence of God as much as any evidence that points to someone being guilty of a crime points to them as being guilty of that crime. Do you go around looking for someone else of being guilty of a crime when all the evidence points to someone else already being guilty of that crime? Of course you don't. God is guilty of creating the entire universe. If you and others want to deny the evidence of that and try to look for another explanation for the origin of the universe then go right ahead, but as for me and others that believe God exists we're going to stick with the evidence that points to the existence of God and declare him to be guilty of creating the entire universe. And for the record...I know as humans we tend to use the word "guilty" in reference to a crime, but it can also be referred to (on rare occasions) as doing something positive as well and that's how I'm using it in regards to God.

    • asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg
      asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg 2 years ago

      "All the evidence that we have points to the existence of God" -Uh, no it doesn't. "God is guilty of creating the entire universe." -According to... YOU? "If you and others want to deny the evidence" -LOL! What "evidence"?

  • Familia De Dios
    Familia De Dios 2 years ago

    Why is that the wisest/logical thing to do? Because you say so? The fact that you're breathing is proof that God exists.... He doesn't NEED you... You NEED him!!

  • Nelitype
    Nelitype 2 years ago

    HEY IDIOT, god does exist and he is not in the earth and he isn't in any other planet or in space he is so up high no one saw him because no one can get to him and i'm a Muslim and god for us Muslim's is named Allah he is our only god in the world and all the Muslims Pray only for him and he exists so shut up dude God (Allah) Exists.....and at the end of the world god kills everyone no one can live if he lives god will kill him god (Allah) can do anything he can kill me or u right now with no reason he can do anything he is not evil to kill u if he kills u its because u made something bad or u r hurting people so that's the lesson u need to know and last thing not everyone is going to heaven who pray for god and do good stuff will go to heaven but most important is to pray for god and read QURA'AN u will go to heaven hopefully and if u don't do these thing u r going to hell ;( and at the end of the world there will be a very thine line made of very sharp material and under it hell is going to be there and if u were doing that good stuff and u r a Muslim u go to heaven by this thin line u don't fall in hell u will go very super fast like lighting and if u r bad u suddenly fall in hell so that's all...