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  • just sophia
    just sophia 8 days ago

    1:56 That’s intense, my inner child is quaking rn

  • kma Shaikh
    kma Shaikh 15 days ago

    I love dash

  • itslenlendesarapen
    itslenlendesarapen 19 days ago

    Literally wanda and quicksilver 😂😂😂

  • It is just me
    It is just me 20 days ago

    I hate how jack jack is the strongest

  • Sean Andre Lacuin Alcedo

    Like june 14 2018

  • Tiago Antonio
    Tiago Antonio 22 days ago

    Quem gosta da violeta da lak

  • Gerald Boy
    Gerald Boy 2 months ago

    Wait!!! Where did dash put his trophy

  • audrie sophia
    audrie sophia 2 months ago

    he’s fast and she’s weird 😂

  • sage tucker
    sage tucker 2 months ago

    I wanna see a Frozone movie about him and his kids.

  • Joseph Lewis
    Joseph Lewis 3 months ago


  • Trojan Prince
    Trojan Prince 3 months ago

    I dont appreciate the movie. It's very cliché and common. Like the villain, the powers, the stunts. Though, i like the humor in it and that's the part i like the most. Nothing more. Well, this is only my opinion. 😊

    • Maria Rinta-Rahko
      Maria Rinta-Rahko 14 days ago


    • nightbuds
      nightbuds 24 days ago

      @InstantNoodles kun Just bc its a kids movie doesn't mean it has to be bad.

    • InstantNoodles kun
      InstantNoodles kun Month ago

      It was supposed to be a kids movie. Relax 🙄

    • David Dolan
      David Dolan Month ago

      You're not wrong. It wasn't as dark, gritty, emotional, or a movie that made you put the pieces together like the first one.

  • Riko Sakurauchi
    Riko Sakurauchi 3 months ago

    Quicksilver and Wanda 😂

    HELLO THERE 3 months ago

    Now I want Incredibles 3 who is with me XD

    • Savannah Walker
      Savannah Walker 15 days ago

      I'm With You

    • David Dolan
      David Dolan 3 months ago

      Anyone with a pulse for this movie. I'd say 2024 at the earliest.

  • Аяжан Байболсынова

    I love film Inshallah

  • MegaPrice98
    MegaPrice98 3 months ago

    It’s funny how a kids cartoon movie has nailed a speedster better than today’s tv shows and movies

  • Jonathan Tan
    Jonathan Tan 3 months ago


  • jollyrancher30
    jollyrancher30 3 months ago

    My question is how the hell did violet catch up with dash? 0:03

    • Gerald Boy
      Gerald Boy 2 months ago

      jollyrancher30 time travel

    • SniperLyfe
      SniperLyfe 2 months ago

      jollyrancher30 using her feet

  • Robert Simon
    Robert Simon 3 months ago

    The movie made me hate Oliver Sansweet even more.

  • Peppa2thicc
    Peppa2thicc 3 months ago

    such a perfect couple😍 dash and violet😍

  • Toxic .EXE.
    Toxic .EXE. 3 months ago

    As it looks like.. Scarlet witch and silveeflash

    • jαsjαs
      jαsjαs 3 months ago

      Quicksilver lol

    • Quelaire
      Quelaire 3 months ago

      Same thoughts

    • Jake Johnson
      Jake Johnson 3 months ago


    • thetreewitch
      thetreewitch 3 months ago

      I think invisible woman from fantastic four has the same abilities as violet

    • Toxic .EXE.
      Toxic .EXE. 3 months ago

      @Storm Panther σн уєαн

  • Mary Hernández
    Mary Hernández 4 months ago

    I. Love. the. Boy

  • Noraaa Flower
    Noraaa Flower 4 months ago

    Can they make a movie just about violet now please? I love her!😂👌

  • RUBY, Lucy and Lefty
    RUBY, Lucy and Lefty 4 months ago

    No firing the baby around the house ok? 🤣 It seems like such a random thing to say.

  • TheFiesta
    TheFiesta 5 months ago

    These two (And Jack Jack) are by far my favorite super hero siblings

  • yesui yesuhei
    yesui yesuhei 5 months ago

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    • air boit
      air boit 3 months ago


    • Deborah
      Deborah 3 months ago

      In english please translator

  • Alex On YouTube
    Alex On YouTube 5 months ago

    Just give frozone a patch with an I on it because he fights by their side all the time

  • Samael
    Samael 5 months ago

    Put out Dash from title

  • Daniel Rocha cronologias

    Minha nossa o flacha parece o Lucas nickle de Lucas o intruso no formigueiro na qual eu não suporto por que mostra nudez e também cuecão sinceramente aquele desenho devia ter sido censurado por que ficar colocando nudez pras pessoas ou ficar mostrar o menino sofrendo bullying Warner Bros próxima vez que for fazer um filme assim por favor censura ele eu não quero meus pais vejam estes tipos de cenas porque se não eles vão me deixar sem assistir tv por uma semana

    • Mary Chapman
      Mary Chapman 4 months ago

      Daniel Rocha cronologias In English please translator

  • Jada /very ugly
    Jada /very ugly 5 months ago

    I used to have a crush oh dash when I was like 8 lmaoo

    • Gacha _ Cookie
      Gacha _ Cookie 3 months ago

      Jada /very ugly same lmao

    • Jay Nigma
      Jay Nigma 5 months ago

      @Honin Akecheta samesies

    • Honin Akecheta
      Honin Akecheta 5 months ago

      I had a crush on violet as a lil kid but as soon as I hit my pre-teens the mom was on my radar lol

  • Thomas Tran
    Thomas Tran 5 months ago

    I like the details at the and where you can see what different ability the flying heroes might use to fly/levitate. One seems to just stand above an invisible force and the others are rlly levitating

  • Lance Forro
    Lance Forro 5 months ago

    Lower me aaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaa What do you want to say up or down?

    • Wolfie Abadeer
      Wolfie Abadeer 5 months ago

      Lance Forro Bob/Mr. Incredible: “Lower me DAAAAA” *splash*

  • ale a.s
    ale a.s 5 months ago

    Gosh I really hate jack jack ugh

  • José Baby
    José Baby 5 months ago

    Wonder if the 3rd will be about jack jack turns evil 🤔

    • Gerald Boy
      Gerald Boy 2 months ago

      David Dolan yeah vi is hard to think about for her hypnotized self

    • David Dolan
      David Dolan 2 months ago

      I kind of wish the screenslaver was used on the kids because that would just be an out of control battle for the ages. Jack Jack hypnotized would actually give me nightmares, Dash would look like a coked out tiger, and we wouldn't be able to make heads or tales of Violet.

  • Erick Langarica
    Erick Langarica 5 months ago

    Disney incredible 2 Dash

  • Saed Gamal
    Saed Gamal 5 months ago


  • Bijan Ashtiani-Eisemann

    What a great movie ahhhhh!

  • spectators turner
    spectators turner 5 months ago

    This is WAY better than Moana

  • Olugbenga Oyeleye
    Olugbenga Oyeleye 5 months ago

    not bad.....

  • Tonya
    Tonya 5 months ago

    What really that sad

  • Tonya
    Tonya 5 months ago

    Is that a piece of food walking around

  • David Dolan
    David Dolan 5 months ago

    There's Eric Cartman, There's Arya Stark of Winterfell, then there's Dash Parr. You're big 3 of badass kids.

  • Chilly Tot
    Chilly Tot 5 months ago

    So nice

  • Jose Guadalupe Santana

    Megusta Lika

  • Vebriyansah Pratama
    Vebriyansah Pratama 5 months ago


  • baby Jack jack x
    baby Jack jack x 5 months ago

    Jack jack is so cute

  • Sebastian Flores cuateta


  • Tính Keyboard
    Tính Keyboard 5 months ago


  • Tính Keyboard
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  • Claudia Cordova
    Claudia Cordova 5 months ago


  • mariasutubechan
    mariasutubechan 6 months ago

    Bubble Shooter Dragon Pop by Da peng Sun

  • Frayah Gt
    Frayah Gt 6 months ago


  • Kathrin Jäger
    Kathrin Jäger 6 months ago


  • Jamethe Jesus
    Jamethe Jesus 6 months ago

    Que hermoso vídeo😍 😱te amo bao💞 nunca cambien 😋

  • Nithiya Pannirselvam
    Nithiya Pannirselvam 6 months ago


  • 일본극혐
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  • Marcela Sivakova
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  • Hải Nguyễn
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  • Zeynep Ozseyhan
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  • bruno ETIENNE54
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  • Brenda Conna
    Brenda Conna 7 months ago

    Soooo hungery

  • Juan Mendez Da Silva
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  • Emanuel Reyna
    Emanuel Reyna 7 months ago

    🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗desde 🇮🇹🇮🇹👏🏽👏🏽👏🏼👌💖🌹💐💐⛄️🌨☀️🌸🌼🌻

  • Emanuel Reyna
    Emanuel Reyna 7 months ago

    Era tan Bonito él chiquito

  • Besos Aescondidas
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  • Daniela andrades
    Daniela andrades 7 months ago

    Que triste e doloroso 😭😭

  • Itzelin R,H.
    Itzelin R,H. 7 months ago

    Llase que eres la hermana gemela malvada

  • Michele O'Callaghan
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  • Otgonbayar Bold erden
    Otgonbayar Bold erden 7 months ago


  • mario del toro
    mario del toro 7 months ago


  • Eugene 233
    Eugene 233 7 months ago

    1:35 новий мем

  • gabriela orellana
    gabriela orellana 7 months ago


  • Gvrbazar Mendbat
    Gvrbazar Mendbat 7 months ago


  • ishaqification
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  • Bestebesties 4 ever
    Bestebesties 4 ever 7 months ago


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  • james olds
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  • Valentina Tagala
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  • seven Vera
    seven Vera 7 months ago

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  • Avinash Jaglal
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  • Gabrielle-leah Simbudyal


  • Marian Trinidad
    Marian Trinidad 7 months ago

    WHO IS who is cutting onions in my room

  • the Daderpie
    the Daderpie 7 months ago


  • 清水郁子
    清水郁子 7 months ago

    ( ̄~ ̄)

  • Webby Toes
    Webby Toes 7 months ago

    Your son tell you you tell me in Killen

  • Ryan Cochbain
    Ryan Cochbain 8 months ago

    Disturbing in security 👿👹💥🔥

    • Alberto Herrera
      Alberto Herrera 7 months ago


  • Irakli Jeba
    Irakli Jeba 8 months ago

    რა საყვარელიო ვაიმე

  • *Brawl* *Stars*
    *Brawl* *Stars* 8 months ago

    vou ver hoje

    WAHIID HASAN 8 months ago


    WAHIID HASAN 8 months ago


    WAHIID HASAN 8 months ago


  • AbbyHotCrownGirl 16351

    Oh you cutie pie

  • Danuu
    Danuu 8 months ago

    cuado la pasaron en el cine lloré pero mal deci que la peli era 3D

  • Lizbeth Gallegos Cerón

    Que tierno de bebe 😊

    • Funez
      Funez 7 months ago

      Gracias, Aunque no recuerdo en el Momento en el que Alguien lo haya preguntado o le Importe

  • Pato Gamer
    Pato Gamer 8 months ago

    En el minuto 0:00 empieza el video

  • Brooklyn Villa
    Brooklyn Villa 8 months ago

    cool as sh*t

  • Buğlem Gerçeker
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  • Stephanie McCall
    Stephanie McCall 8 months ago

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  • Claudio Añ
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  • Jenni peña hernandes
    Jenni peña hernandes 8 months ago

    Yo la bien de de cuatronds