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  • i Joker
    i Joker 41 second ago

    I need you to wrap that gallardo in matte black mate

  • Ben Harris
    Ben Harris Minute ago

    I would drive a Lamborghini

  • Fishing Fix
    Fishing Fix 2 minutes ago

    When gonna get yo license plate

  • Carlos Lopez Lopez
    Carlos Lopez Lopez 2 minutes ago

    Yoo do the mk4 wing like you said

  • Eric H
    Eric H 3 minutes ago

    6:15 that squirrel living life on the edge

  • Ron Tsumura
    Ron Tsumura 3 minutes ago

    Wow what a sick house

  • Yekta Duz
    Yekta Duz 4 minutes ago

    Fam y aren’t u in the fast and furious movie

  • Maria Rebelo
    Maria Rebelo 5 minutes ago

    I hate ricer

  • Ricky Murek
    Ricky Murek 5 minutes ago

    TBH I don’t rlly like the wing

    SAAD ZAHOOR 5 minutes ago

    Hey guys join my WhatsApp group. This group is only for car lovers. Link is here

  • Dimitri Chung
    Dimitri Chung 7 minutes ago

    Are we gonna ignore the squirrel at 6:10

  • deathstroke06 1
    deathstroke06 1 7 minutes ago

    November 3rd is my birthday

  • McLarenSenna07 96
    McLarenSenna07 96 7 minutes ago

    Oscar teleports

  • G Austin
    G Austin 9 minutes ago

    strad be goin full on ricer

  • Owen Liszewski
    Owen Liszewski 10 minutes ago

    How do you make that much money to buy ur cars?

  • I Ahmed
    I Ahmed 10 minutes ago

    You riced your supra

  • Martin Sánchez Ruiz
    Martin Sánchez Ruiz 11 minutes ago

    Strand you should race your Gallardo vs Clayton’s f430

  • Kevin Valverde López
    Kevin Valverde López 11 minutes ago

    I already miss the "yeiiiiiii" everytime Oscar is on camera

  • Alex strange, Toxic stranger

    I have a indoor basketball court it is half court thou

  • samuel williams
    samuel williams 12 minutes ago

    Comments in this: 60% Squirrel comments 20% supra comments 20% Oskar comments

  • Life of Passion
    Life of Passion 13 minutes ago

    Looks like Frankenstein all stitches!

  • Brad Schmidt
    Brad Schmidt 13 minutes ago

    Dafuq does this guy do for a day job?

  • miniclip
    miniclip 13 minutes ago

    Get rdbla to do it

  • ExVera -_-
    ExVera -_- 14 minutes ago

    Of course they squeak is gonna come back cause you keep messing with the door dumb ass

  • MahebaYT Gaming
    MahebaYT Gaming 15 minutes ago

    My dad got one but no widebody

  • jbhb8182
    jbhb8182 15 minutes ago

    No one: Stradman: Oscar !!!!!!!!

  • Cullen Crisp
    Cullen Crisp 16 minutes ago

    Anyone know this house location? I've searched multiple times along the range from Provo up past Ogden based on the background and sun setting. SLC area has a vast array of large homes but this one isn't boring like most. Just wanted to see if the rest of the neighborhood was the same or different.

  • Drew Kaitlyn
    Drew Kaitlyn 17 minutes ago

    Keep the wing 😍😍

  • Happy yt
    Happy yt 18 minutes ago

    Holy roket rabbit?

  • Nonplus 2op
    Nonplus 2op 18 minutes ago

    I’d rather have that house than any of those cars 🤣

  • Akritz
    Akritz 19 minutes ago

    Who's truck is parked to the left of the garage at the beginning of the video?

  • aquiles alviola
    aquiles alviola 19 minutes ago

    Hahaha don't wrap the wing

  • Bottish
    Bottish 21 minute ago

    The blue on the RS looks good, but man it would look killer wrapped the same color as the supra!

  • Ruwa Abeywickrama
    Ruwa Abeywickrama 21 minute ago

    I saw your lambogini flowed by a porshre

  • jaredz83
    jaredz83 22 minutes ago

    This body kit goes together like rice and sauerkraut or fortune cookies and bratwurst or...don’t do it.

    HUGO STIGLITZ 23 minutes ago

    Supra content already played out and it hasn't even started.

    KRISH PATEL 23 minutes ago

    What gtr o it camo

  • Issa Bella
    Issa Bella 23 minutes ago

    Dude your speech is so good 👌

    SENJU STANLEY 24 minutes ago

    This supra is gonna look like the FT1 and im excited

  • Bob White
    Bob White 24 minutes ago

    The squirrel is too fast to furious

  • Live Free Moto
    Live Free Moto 27 minutes ago

    wide body good. hate the wing though looks like they just tried to copy a rwb porsche wing

  • Bill Thompson
    Bill Thompson 27 minutes ago

    What kind of dog oscar

  • Bushwood
    Bushwood 28 minutes ago

    What animal attempted suicide in this vid

  • Chimichanga Plays
    Chimichanga Plays 28 minutes ago

    wing looks dope

  • bnjmnry _
    bnjmnry _ 30 minutes ago

    Leave the body kit black

  • Quinn Uva
    Quinn Uva 30 minutes ago

    Hello nick. 7:25

  • eobauto2005
    eobauto2005 31 minute ago

    That spoiler is a must!! its so sick

  • A D
    A D 32 minutes ago

    This video makes me feel so poor 😂

  • Stuck 24-7
    Stuck 24-7 32 minutes ago

    I am 16 and i have not got my license yet so let me drive the aventador stradman😆

  • 13 in 33 Seconds
    13 in 33 Seconds 33 minutes ago

    Squirrel is clutch

  • RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7
    RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7 33 minutes ago

    Every time your lambo starts! Holy SHIT, never can get tired of that bro.

  • Ayden Kizzie
    Ayden Kizzie 34 minutes ago

    6:14 when I’m late for school

  • Jacob Barraza
    Jacob Barraza 34 minutes ago

    Were is sema going to be at

  • Jonathan Gomez
    Jonathan Gomez 34 minutes ago

    I’ve seen 2 supras in the past 4 days . Also a Ferrari

  • C.Bonsu Auto
    C.Bonsu Auto 34 minutes ago

    I like how he already accepted his fate if he were to tumble down

  • kenneth Villapando
    kenneth Villapando 35 minutes ago

    Where is Bugatti chiron

  • Nishchaiy Dakhane
    Nishchaiy Dakhane 35 minutes ago

    Incredible fun vlog James. Fantastic house 🏡

  • David Welker
    David Welker 35 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who thinks satin white Brixtons would look good on the Supra now that it's satin vampire red?

  • L.A Taylor 93
    L.A Taylor 93 36 minutes ago

    Stradman Tricks are for Kids! Your swimming trunks are not sharks those are Marlins you probably bought them at Tommy Bahamas 👍

  • Briston
    Briston 36 minutes ago

    I wonder how many strad girls watch his videos🤔🤔🤔

  • Honda Civic
    Honda Civic 37 minutes ago

    I’m gonna be straight forward I hate the wing

  • Owen Baumhardt
    Owen Baumhardt 38 minutes ago

    U r not putting your gas cap on tight enough that y your check engine comes on

  • Luke Goossens
    Luke Goossens 38 minutes ago

    Are we gonna ignore the fact he almost hit some animal

  • Mark Botello
    Mark Botello 38 minutes ago

    What?! No more "yaaaaay!!!" for Oscar reveals.

  • kailey waggoner
    kailey waggoner 38 minutes ago

    damn it looks nice

  • Josmer Suero
    Josmer Suero 38 minutes ago

    Holy crap James you almost ran over a squirrel at 6:15 lol

  • Sam Shackelford
    Sam Shackelford 38 minutes ago

    You make my day whenever it’s going horrible

  • Jonathan Martinez
    Jonathan Martinez 39 minutes ago

    Wing is gay

  • Alexis Aguirre
    Alexis Aguirre 40 minutes ago

    Someone : Aye wheres the tape Him : ummm on the Supra

  • Farewell_ To_Normalcy
    Farewell_ To_Normalcy 41 minute ago

    Not a fan of the wide body kit at all. That wing (much like all rocket bunny kits) is waaaay to much for that little car. But to each his own. If you like it that’s all that matters

  • Faris Latif
    Faris Latif 41 minute ago

    The aventador strike again with engine light and squickie door sound 😂

  • Aerial Productions
    Aerial Productions 42 minutes ago

    I Film Cars too! I wish I could be StradGirl!

  • Milan P
    Milan P 42 minutes ago

    Now that I think about it, go ahead and paint it orange with your Brian O’Connor looking @$$.

  • David Lim
    David Lim 44 minutes ago

    Wife calls husband when he’s working: “Hurry, I put the kids to sleep” Husband: 6:15

  • mj daniel
    mj daniel 44 minutes ago

    hi im your biggest fan can you do a give away

  • Yuvraj verma
    Yuvraj verma 45 minutes ago

    6:16 did you guys see that was that a squirrel??

  • Cooper Banks
    Cooper Banks 45 minutes ago

    Pause the video at 6:16 he almost hit a cat😂🐈

  • ChefM.D.
    ChefM.D. 45 minutes ago

    James James James please buy yourself a drone and STOP🛑 GOING ON THE ROOF!!! Please give me a shot out on your next video please!!!

  • Jack Doran
    Jack Doran 45 minutes ago

    Hey strademan will you come to my fall festival at saint Phillip school of Omaha Nebraska September 21

    • Jack Doran
      Jack Doran 37 minutes ago

      Saint Phillip neri school

  • Garrett Hunt
    Garrett Hunt 46 minutes ago

    You almost destroyed that squirrel

  • Nick Sloggett
    Nick Sloggett 46 minutes ago

    I’m content now seeing the Burlacher at 6’6” landing those 3’s. Was a good vlog boys

  • Elegant Mess
    Elegant Mess 47 minutes ago

    Always so much to watch, wishing you nothing but the best. Living your best life !

  • Zinou Gota
    Zinou Gota 47 minutes ago

    Make longer vlogs !!!!

  • The Car Enthusiast Channel

    Love the wide body. HATE! The wing. Reminds me of the of the early 2000s pimp my ride days.

  • Adrian Abad
    Adrian Abad 47 minutes ago

    Can you make a vr video

  • Jordan Payne
    Jordan Payne 48 minutes ago

    Mark 4 style wing would look WAY better imo

  • Gary Dodson
    Gary Dodson 48 minutes ago

    Get yellow wheels for your blue C8 Vette

  • weird* safa
    weird* safa 48 minutes ago

    6:14.. James u almost hit a cat😂😂😂

  • Rob b
    Rob b 48 minutes ago

    May be a stupid question but why not wait to put the kit on and then wrap it? Instead of wrapping then put the kit ?

  • Daniel Domingo
    Daniel Domingo 49 minutes ago

    6:16 squirrel almost hit

  • Default Sweaty
    Default Sweaty 50 minutes ago

    If I see this coming down the street(FULL SPEED) I am gonna run the other way

  • Christian Alboroto
    Christian Alboroto 50 minutes ago

    That place is sick.

  • Adrian Abad
    Adrian Abad 51 minute ago

    I'm always late because I'm on philippines and we are sleeping when you upload a video

  • Ivan Chow Benitez
    Ivan Chow Benitez 51 minute ago

    Who puts a wide body on a Supra lmao sob

  • Noah Tetreau
    Noah Tetreau 52 minutes ago

    what kind of puppy is oscar? (I know hes not actually a puppy, i call all doggies puppies bc PUPPY!!!)

  • The Texas Car Spotter
    The Texas Car Spotter 52 minutes ago

    James should get the liberty walk wide body kit for his Lambo!

  • Mike Krell
    Mike Krell 52 minutes ago

    720"S the rolls roace spec van

  • That one Guy
    That one Guy 52 minutes ago

    4:10 uhmm I'm 16 and I do this for a living

  • Scrizy
    Scrizy 52 minutes ago

    wing sucks

  • JoeHop *
    JoeHop * 53 minutes ago