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  • Nishan Acharya
    Nishan Acharya 20 minutes ago

    Tottenham cannot win trophy even if Jesus want em to win one.

  • Deepali Sood
    Deepali Sood 38 minutes ago

    Bayern sacked kovac Tottenham sacked pochetinho But Barca??

  • lil Calder
    lil Calder Hour ago

    Do a what would arsenals side be if they did not let go of their youth

  • Darkwear GT
    Darkwear GT Hour ago

    No he will be a arsenal defender

  • Jay Patel
    Jay Patel 2 hours ago

    Jack Wilshere's Goal vs Norwich.

  • shrampee
    shrampee 4 hours ago

    just watch bale join tottenham or just score a hattrick for madrid

  • Marco Reus
    Marco Reus 4 hours ago

    Can he take out klopp?

  • CJSauce
    CJSauce 4 hours ago

    Real Madrid: *Disrespects Bale* Bale: *Gets his own back* Real Madrid: :O

  • NGE0219
    NGE0219 4 hours ago

    neymar vs Villareal for sure

  • Anay Gokhale
    Anay Gokhale 4 hours ago

    The best goal for me is Lionel Messi vs Athletic Bilbao in the 2015 cops del Rey final

  • Annitta Mugarura
    Annitta Mugarura 4 hours ago

    Matt you usually criticise him

  • keir
    keir 4 hours ago

    Mourainho is a club dictator

  • Damsco Tinus
    Damsco Tinus 4 hours ago

    Jose is not going to change anything the first games will be going great after 4 months shit is going down the drain Jose is a good coach but he don’t know how to work with people

  • Filip Zagar
    Filip Zagar 5 hours ago

    Decade began on 1.1.2011. Since then surely Ibra's overhead kick vs England is the best

  • Electric Light Lynne Trex63

    As if there isn't enough frauds in the premiership. They bring back the biggest one of all.. its laughable.

  • Seyam Rahman
    Seyam Rahman 5 hours ago

    Iniesta in the 2010 wc finals

  • Krishna Kumar E.K
    Krishna Kumar E.K 5 hours ago

    I think he will be exciting one, listening to him interviews of recent months, we might able experience different phase Mourinho as he says like promote youth and develop them not usually associated with his name and most importantly you know what you will get with Mourinho , "Trophies". I think about inter, i think we gona see better Mourinho and Tottenham . Really excited about combination. Although i would loved see him Real Madrid. Best of luck guys. I hope you guys will break famine of bad luck and lack trophies.

  • Carlos Quesnel
    Carlos Quesnel 5 hours ago

    The decade starts in 2021 not in 2020

  • Soccer boy
    Soccer boy 5 hours ago

    Every were mourinho go he won trophy

  • Yvan Sainathan
    Yvan Sainathan 5 hours ago

    Spurs gonna be the new man United...

  • Adam Simpson
    Adam Simpson 5 hours ago

    Where do you get your background music from?

  • Adam Simpson
    Adam Simpson 5 hours ago

    As a United fan, I always loved him until he was trying to get himself sacked. I hope he does well.

  • Roshan Tiwari
    Roshan Tiwari 5 hours ago

    my best goal was Mexes goal in champions league Bicycle goal!!

  • Adrian Williams
    Adrian Williams 6 hours ago

    Really you guys said he would be a winner at united and he just one 3 trophies come on do better than that

  • Zbihniew Dankowski
    Zbihniew Dankowski 6 hours ago

    You forgot about Lewandowski his goal yesterday

  • Vaibhav Hariram
    Vaibhav Hariram 6 hours ago

    Im a Chelsea fan but Giroud’s scorpion kick is just beautiful

  • Devin Kaula
    Devin Kaula 6 hours ago

    If I was Jose I wouldn’t have taken this job. 1. No money 2. Player exodus incoming 3. Small club with big ambition 4. London media will kill him

  • Abbas Parve
    Abbas Parve 6 hours ago

    Fernando Torres vs barca in champions League semifinal epic goal.

  • Olisa
    Olisa 6 hours ago

    Bale to Spurs!!

  • A MN
    A MN 6 hours ago

    Haven't you and your colleagues said, Football has left Mourinho behind...? and now he's a winner...? He's gonna tear the team apart! He'll penalize good players (Delle, Sohn) for not jumping as high as he wants, get some skilled people (Moura) fired and get fired by trying to do so (Kane) leaving the team completely dysfunctional when the season is over...

  • Robyn Bowers
    Robyn Bowers 6 hours ago

    1:25 YES MATT!!! #COYS

  • Hamperbottom
    Hamperbottom 6 hours ago

    Aguero 94th minute goal

  • The Boss 900
    The Boss 900 6 hours ago

    How do you feel about Jose Matt

  • Vaibhav Hariram
    Vaibhav Hariram 6 hours ago

    Jose will win Tottenham’s first trophy in like 20 years

  • pat
    pat 6 hours ago


  • Πολυχρονης Γκρουγιας

    I want a video with my country : Greece

  • Raghav Sharma
    Raghav Sharma 6 hours ago

    ESPN? Sky sports? Bt sports? Nah, I would rather watch one football daily

  • Бигги Смолс

    Garrett Bale in Tottenham by January. Mark my words.

  • Michael Heston
    Michael Heston 7 hours ago

    He'll make them a joke like he did at United

  • Paul and Zlatan United

    Even though I’m a united fan, I think Jose will improve Spurs

  • Simm Dimm
    Simm Dimm 7 hours ago

    Weirdo Mourinho!

  • XBOXGAMERYT737 Bloxton

    I think Zlatan’s goal for Sweden was the best.

  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali 7 hours ago

    This man is legend if spurs win the FA cup.🤣😂

  • Pal Cabral
    Pal Cabral 7 hours ago

    Best goal? Zlatan against England. You know the one. Yes, Inknow you dont want to remember the one, but you do, dont you. Umtiti’s goal is a fly on the ball that Zlatan toyed with in the warm up in the game before the game against England when he scored his goal, and you know exactly what goal I am talking about. Owned.

  • Day Moody
    Day Moody 7 hours ago

    Messi’s chip against Real Betis this year or Ibra vs England in 2012🔥

  • Kral Eren
    Kral Eren 7 hours ago

    Well rip spurs

  • Dari Salmeen
    Dari Salmeen 7 hours ago

    Wow, what a poor team, they sack the best manager to ever step foot in their club, not back him, build a stadium over the money he brought to the team through competing vs lp, mc and other high class clubs, yet bring Jose and back him instead. And now I really lost all respect I ever had for spurs.

  • Gamevill 101
    Gamevill 101 7 hours ago

    We all got hyped when he joined man united but he ended up being average do how does Tottenham make a difference?

  • ajwasp
    ajwasp 8 hours ago

    At 0.07 look at all the empty Man City seats as Sterling scores.

  • Mxaxd 12
    Mxaxd 12 8 hours ago

    I'm sad that pooch left I like maucrio

  • anze pavliha
    anze pavliha 8 hours ago

    Oh boy are tottenham fucked🤣

  • Kenneth Dauda Samuel Onwuta

    He will be.

  • Karthik Raju
    Karthik Raju 8 hours ago

    Matt good marketing for Jose...Good Job

  • Kenneth Wepia Akibate

    Gareth Bale vs Liverpool, Neymar at Santos in 2011 or 2012 (cant really remember) or Demba Ba vs Chelsea

  • Abhishek Mane
    Abhishek Mane 8 hours ago

    Absolute garbage. If u sack worlds one the best coach and bring in manager who is not work recently for a big clubs, i think you team is going in hell in few months. Please first remove daniel levy. If u not respect the manager the team should deserve the loss. Look at the atletico club. They have a best manager in the world. Whatever would be reasult club always back the players and cholo. Thats why he is stayed in atletico 9 years and moreyear to come. Baddest decision by spur management

  • Discount Diggory
    Discount Diggory 8 hours ago

    love the background

  • dharith pvr
    dharith pvr 8 hours ago

    So.... Was this all just a conspiracy by Spurs? A win-win situation for Poch and the club? Your words say so Matt..... I mean holding more faith with mourinho than with Poch for transfers?? How naive is that!!? You think Levy cares about glory?? Its good BUSINESS!! That UCL final changed things at the club. Levy knew this and so did Poch.... It is all just a clever ploy.... I mean come on..... That slump in form is too much in contrast with what he has been doing. Don't you think it is a deliberate attempt both by the club and Poch. Right now, Poch's stock hasn't dropped one bit. A man of his talents will be able to get a job anywhere.... even after a poor showing. He is probably happy he has left the club. As for Spurs.... Look what they got..... Mourinho!! Who in his right state of mind would have thought Mourinho would be handling Tottenham. That too when Spurs are 14th in PL....14th!!!!! Now all the players who were wiling to leave will consider their position twice. ANd probably as you mentioned, Bring in more class players!!... Just tell me this isn't all too cunning to you....

  • nadeem siddiqui
    nadeem siddiqui 9 hours ago

    Juan mata goal vs liverpool

  • super snake
    super snake 9 hours ago

    Newmarket in Brazilian league against Ronaldinho

  • Pathik Desai
    Pathik Desai 9 hours ago

    He will definitely be a hit One of the best coaches of this generation if not of all time . He will be a big big hit . Though being a United fan I believe he will lose to ole 🤣

  • Spyderqt
    Spyderqt 9 hours ago

    Look out for Real Madrid to sack Zidane and get Posh

  • Jeshua Esher
    Jeshua Esher 9 hours ago

    Poor dele alli will become worse than he already is

  • Bashar Malla Othman
    Bashar Malla Othman 9 hours ago

    Poch showed spurs how to Dare and now Mourinho will show spurs how to Do it. DO DARE IS TO DO

  • the-real- ellis
    the-real- ellis 9 hours ago

    He better not sell their best players or SACK HIM

  • Stephen Norcross
    Stephen Norcross 9 hours ago

    Gareth bale has scored the goal in this century in the chapions league final

  • football goalkeeper saves


  • Nasir Saberi
    Nasir Saberi 9 hours ago

    Messi free kick in UCL Vs Liverpool Or Xherdan shakiri goal in euro 2016

  • Yevhen Shatalinskyi
    Yevhen Shatalinskyi 9 hours ago

    Ronaldo against Juve in UCL QF 2018 Bale against Liverpool in UCL Final 2018 Konoplyanka against England in WC Quaf in 2012 Rooney against City in 2011 Ramos header in UCL Final in 2014, 92:48

  • Basil Baby
    Basil Baby 9 hours ago

    Funny how you kept bashing Jose @ manunited and finally he ended up at your club.

  • Marvin Nash
    Marvin Nash 9 hours ago

    I was really hoping to see him in the Bundesliga at Dortmund or Bayern.

  • Sanyam Goel
    Sanyam Goel 9 hours ago

    Mourinho at a club which does not spend much and likes to develop young players. Literally the last guy spurs should have signed.

  • Kinga
    Kinga 10 hours ago

    Matt is the best football presenter !

  • Dean Nicholson
    Dean Nicholson 10 hours ago

    I’d like to break your jaw

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 10 hours ago

    You were right about winning championships if you know what I mean

  • Ian shorett-jackson
    Ian shorett-jackson 10 hours ago

    Calling bale disrespectful is like calling the kid who finally stands up to the bully who’s been terrorizing them for years the aggressor smh. Bale has been treated terribly by Zidane and the biggest bandwagon fan base in all of sports for years now.

  • Raz Yahalom
    Raz Yahalom 10 hours ago

    It seems like Barcelona got a negative answer from Inter on Skriniar deal so now they are trying to set the ground to sign De Ligt next summer...

  • The Ollil
    The Ollil 10 hours ago

    Arsenal team goal is the best great football

  • The Gaming Whale 21
    The Gaming Whale 21 10 hours ago

    Pavards goal for France 2018 World Cup it was a Beauty 🤩

  • Juha Nieminen
    Juha Nieminen 10 hours ago

    JOSE MOURINHO PORTO 2002➖2004🔵⚪Replaced Machado as a coach in January 2002 when Porto was 5ft in league, guided them to 3rd. 2 and first full season won Treble: the league,Taça de Portugal and UEFA cup. In 3rd season won Portuguese super cup, the league AND The Champions league WITH Porto😮❗6 trophies in 2 saesons CHELSEA 2004➖2008🔵🔵 In 1st season won the Premier league conceding only 15 goals(the least in Prem history) and losing only once( and it was just 1_0 to ManCity). In Champions league won 5➖4 vs Barcelona but lost to eventual winners Liverpool 1➖0 with a "ghost goal" for some people. 🔵In 2nd season won Community shield and league with 91 points conceding the least. In CHL group lost once(the only game they conceded) lost to Barcelona 3-2 on aggregate and in fa cup lost to eventual champions Liverpool by only 1 goal. 🔵In 3rd season won Fa Cup and league cup, finished 2nd conceding fewest goals in league(24)and losing the least matches, in CHL lost on penalties to Liverpool in Semifinals🔵In the start of 4th season left after disagreements with owner. At Chelsea won 2 PL's, 2 League cup's, Fa cup and Fa Communityshield= 6 trophies INTER 2008➖2010⚫🔵 First season won Supercoppa and Serie A but lost 2-0 on aggregate to ManU in CHL. In second season won TREBLE🏆🏆🏆. Also won rivals AC Milan 4-0 and beat "the unbeatable" Fc Barcelona side 3-2 to reach the final. Won 4 trophies in 2 seasons. REAL MADRID ⚪⚪2010➖2013 First season(2010➖2011) at Real Madrid finished 2nd( with 96 points)only 4 points behind the best team of all time(FcBarcelona) scoring 102 goals(the most), winning CopaDelRey. In Champions league unbeaten(only 2_2 draw vs Milan, the only game they conceded) in Groupstage and lost in semifinals against that Great Barcelona team. Second season(2011➖2012) won the league with 100 points and scoring 121 goals and losing only twice. In copa lost in quarter finals to Barcelona by only1 goal, won all group stage games in CHL but lost to Bayern on penalties in Semi-finals. In 3rd season(2012➖13) won supercopa vs Barcelona, finished second in legue scoring 103 goals, lost the CDR final to Atletico and in CHL lost to Dortmund in Semifinals. Was unbeaten in home. Left after 3rd season after winning La liga,CDR and Supercopa=3 trophies Return to Chelsea🔵🔵 2013➖2016 Lost to Bayern Munchen on penalties in Supercup,lost the International championscup final to Real Madrid CF finished 3rd in pl 4 points away from title having best defence(27 conceded), beating Arsenal 6-0 in PL, losing to ManCity in Fa Cup 5ft round and same round to Sunderland in League cup. In CHL lost to finalist Atletico Madrid in semifinals🔵In 2nd season won the Premier league and having best defence and losing the least. Won the Fa Cup, was unbeaten in CHL groupstage but losing to PSG in roundof16 after extratime goal🔵In 3rd season lost community chield final to Arsenal by 1 goal but after bad start in Premier League left. Won Premier league and League cup =2 trophies. Manchester United 🔴⚫2016➖2018 In first year won treble( Europaleague, communityshield and efl cup). Finished 6th having 2nd best defence(29 conceded) but playing 15 draws. 2nd season lost supercup to Real Madrid finished 2nd having 2nd best defence (having Smalling and Jones who aren't that good). Lost Fa cup final to Chelsea and lost suprisingly to Sevilla in CHL. 3rd season started badly and he got sacked. In 3 season won 3 trophies. So 25 trophies won in 18 years Also to those talking about how defensive he plays: NOBODY scored more goals than Porto over his 2 full seasons in charge there, hi's Inter were top scorers in SerieA in each of his 2 years in Italy, at La Liga his Madrid in 3 seasons scored more than Barcelona: 326 vs 324,scoring 100+ in EVERY of his 3 seasons there, in his first season at Chelsea they scored 14 more than ManU that season. He's been in top3 every season as a manager (execpt in 2016/17 6th). He's managerial record : 820 matches in total 528 Won165 Draw127 Lost Scored: 1636 conceded 711

  • Preethi Thiyagarajan
    Preethi Thiyagarajan 10 hours ago

    Jose won't be successful in North London and probably get sacked after 2 season

  • Ibby FC
    Ibby FC 10 hours ago

    Who’s here after mourinho joined spurs

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 10 hours ago

    U sold ur soul to devil

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 10 hours ago

    That best than spurs are ever going to get ucl final

  • Gameplaytv
    Gameplaytv 10 hours ago

    I kind of like what Bale did: He got treated horribly and disrespectful and just said "fck it. you want me to be this way, i will be". Just think the first step wouldve been to use the option of an interview to say he's unhappy first, but thats one way to force a move out

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 10 hours ago

    Giroud scorpion kick against Crystal Palace for Arsenal

  • Pritam Biswas
    Pritam Biswas 10 hours ago

    Fuck you Gareth 🖕 Get out of my beloved club RMCF you bustard...

  • Hostile Cornball 7
    Hostile Cornball 7 10 hours ago

    The most important goal for me is Messi's el classico strike which made cr7 rage quit 3-2 shirt off into the stand he goes.. And if talk about purely amazing goal sure cr7's bicycle against juve last weekend fabinho strike for Liverpool and typically any zlatan's goal will make the list

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 10 hours ago

    Spurs have sold there soul to the devil

  • Freddie McGinty
    Freddie McGinty 10 hours ago

    Jose makes a bad team good. He did it at Chelsea and at United and tbh he is a winner and has a winning mentality. I think he will do well well at spurs.

  • Jones Boy
    Jones Boy 10 hours ago

    This is the type of things that makes the epl so entertaining

  • R Sahota
    R Sahota 10 hours ago

    Toby is a must keep for Jose

  • Ulqcifer
    Ulqcifer 10 hours ago

    Onefootball English: *Pochettino is out - Here's why Jose Mourinho will be a winner at Spurs! *Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United jerseys in the background all disagreed with Matt in silence*

  • R Sahota
    R Sahota 10 hours ago

    They over achieved for so long, you can’t ride the wave forever

    • Onefootball English
      Onefootball English 10 hours ago

      Exactly, and before the ride ends, it would be nice to win a trophy!

  • Caspean Sea
    Caspean Sea 10 hours ago

    Mourinho will win the league with Spurs. Now he has the sort of players he wants. Vertonghen, Aldeweireld, Cissokho, Wanyama all these steel type of players really suit Mourinho. He has a sharp and direct striker in Kane. Son will be his next Hazard. Eriksen will be his next Sneijder. This might well be his Inter 2.0. This is going to be the team that might put a halt to Liverpool's charge to glory once again. At United, he got no players. He got primma donnas instead. Even with that rubbish, he won trophies. But I fear for Delle Alli though.

    • Caspean Sea
      Caspean Sea 10 hours ago

      @Onefootball English Mourinho is a very good motivator. At least in his early days at any club he managed. So yeah, the players he wanted to stay will stay.

    • Onefootball English
      Onefootball English 10 hours ago

      Interesting take, but some of those guys are out of contract in the summer. Do you think he could convince them to stay?

  • Saish Sail
    Saish Sail 10 hours ago

    Matt is dead from inside.

    • Saish Sail
      Saish Sail 10 hours ago

      @Onefootball English Good luck for the rest of the season!!! 👍

    • Onefootball English
      Onefootball English 10 hours ago

      Where did you get that impression? Im happy!

  • laim430
    laim430 10 hours ago

    I think Kane and son might leave if they don’t fit what Jose want

    • laim430
      laim430 10 hours ago

      No i am a spurs fans⋯ but i just dont think son will work on park the bus, not sure about kane

    • Onefootball English
      Onefootball English 10 hours ago

      Sounds like you are a rival fan who wants them to leave? Haha

  • Rabi Prajapati
    Rabi Prajapati 10 hours ago

    Wish jose would bring back bale to spurs and improve his stats ... Bale in spurs Old days 🔥🔥

  • Amin Hawadle
    Amin Hawadle 10 hours ago


  • laim430
    laim430 10 hours ago

    I miss poch, I will still follow him in the future😭