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    Post apocalyptic samurai... I just had a stroke of brilliance let me get the drawing tablet holy shit thank you

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    Fastest and easiest? JABOD forge: just a box of dirt.

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    Hola amigo me gustaría emprender una taller de cuchillos,ya llevo bastantes videos de todas partes,me podrías decir lista de herramienta y como pedir el fierro para el cuchillo y tipo de madera?por favor,de ante mano gracias

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    Really hard working.... 👌👌

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    The handle is just resting on glue. It will come off after using few times.

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    A very nice restoration. thank you.

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    I thought katana was supposed to be made from 2 piece metal and one of them is enveloping the other one

    • fred fry
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      usually, but cheaper models of a single grade of steel do exist.

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    How much would it cost, if you decide to sell it?

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    Okay, you made a sword sharp it is class a lethal weapon. So is the sword licensed?

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