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Bolton is OUT!
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Trump Fires John Bolton!
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Trump Goes Sharpie CRAZY
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Jay-Z "All Lives Matter"?
Views 79K11 days ago
WTF is Joe Biden Doing?!
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Pence Aide Triggers Trump
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  • ivy evans
    ivy evans Hour ago

    How did Candice pass school with out the ability of answering a simple question?

  • William Peete
    William Peete Hour ago

    Ubi isn't to live on, it to put majority of Americans at ease, majority don't receive welfare, and struggle check to check, while those receiving more than 1000 in current benefits, would no longer have to stay below a certain income 16k, a year to receive. it would make family units more desirable, so 2 parents would receive 24k a year, and that's a whole new income. senior's SS would go from 1200 a month to 2200 a month plus what ever extra they make, elderly couples would have 44k a year to retire with. to try to bash it as if those already receiving more on welfare wouldn't benefit, from being able to do better for themselves and not risk insecurity. disable workers who could and want to do mild work, wouldn't be punished for trying to work. The preemptive retirees could spend their time doing work they enjoy knowing, that wouldn't be fiscally stable during their prime. allowing middle america to have a cushion that allows peace at mind, if a child get sick and a mother can't go to work. A newly wed couple being able to afford to take a honey moon. little things people want to do but work time and income to allot.

  • No taurus excretus

    He will not be fixing the structure racism problem in the USA he refused to fix it in south bend he had the chance to sack the people responsible he’s real Obama Democrat . Going after the whistle blower instead of the criminals

  • Hipster Squirrel

    Thank you for discussing this in detail. I feel like UBI should be there for people who have no jobs and people who are really struggling. We need a full on gutting out of the outdated job structure to help empower workers again.

  • we mo
    we mo Hour ago

    The 4th stage of a Fascist takeover is when the Politicians openly speak against you. The 5th stage is confinement & elimination.

  • Anulus Facilities Maintenace Systems

    Since when did America become a mercenary army nation? This implies money is our guiding value and if we are for sale, how can our allies trust us.

  • Greg Jones
    Greg Jones Hour ago

    I like watching this every 2 or 3 months to remind me that it’s fun watching Cenk get his ass handed to him. PS - That annoying female scream you hear every time Cenk says something, is Ana Kasparian... Level 32 Cenk Fan Gurl.

  • toni tommasi
    toni tommasi Hour ago

    TYT..The everything is racist channel lol Trump 2020!

  • LJ B
    LJ B Hour ago

    Wtf is happening in politics? 😂😂

  • Ernest Heau
    Ernest Heau Hour ago

    Nobody is asking how Iran would benefit from attacking Saudi Arabia at this time. How would it benefit Iran? Just to sell more oil at the risk of their own nation being destroyed? It does not make sense for Iran to do this. So we need to make damn sure before we go off the deep end of endless war again.

  • Xnerdz
    Xnerdz Hour ago

    He won't bake a cake for Rubin, but would gladly take a look at Kavanaugh's dick...

    A CHOSEN VESSEL Hour ago

    So this is clearly a case of making up lies as we go simply because we don't want a Black man in charge. All of them should be bought on Federal charges. The mayor is a whimp and not honorable. He went along with their wrong to appease his rich donors. Galatians 6 vs 7.....wait for it because it will come. I hope they all get a double portion of the evil to plotted against the Black man. These racist are the sons of perdition.

  • Maureen Edwards
    Maureen Edwards Hour ago

    he is just as embarrassing as trump is to listen to. oh my god, soooo sad

  • Kano71
    Kano71 Hour ago

    This is one of the best interviews I have seen in the primaries. I wish cenk could do this with every candidate especially if the candidate wants to run on a progressive platform. And please Bernie sit down with cenk more often.

  • john dunbar
    john dunbar Hour ago

    They are so stupid that they don't see that Bernie is the only one calling for the kind of change they say they want. The fact that `moderate' democrats are backing her should have been a red light; she's not as radical as Bernie and may be susceptible to corruption once in office.

  • ToastytheBaker
    ToastytheBaker Hour ago

    Yang's plan does address to some degree the inherent flaws of our system. While UBI's $12,000 a year is not enough for basic living expenses, that is exactly the point. It incentivizes work, as it is not enough to live off of. The changes Yang is proposing are to create a "human-centered capitalism," which sounds like mumbo-jumbo at first but actually makes a lot of sense. Currently, national prosperity focuses too heavily on GDP. Now, it is entirely possible for a company to have a high GDP and only hire a small portion of the population, and it is entirely possible for a country to have a high GDP but record-breaking depression, suicide, drug-overdoses, stress and anxiety. The plan of "human-centered capitalism" is to align corporate incentives with societal ones. First, the Yang administration would roll out a new way to measure prosperity and make it a focal point of discussion. Called the "American Score Card," Yang would present this "score card" at each State of the Union. It would take into account GDP but also important metrics for education, mental health, crime, and more. Thus, we as a society will be more focused on tackling these issues. But how, concretely, could we get corporations to work towards improving our "score card?" A rough idea of the plan is to incentivize companies to perform work beneficial to society. For example, offering a tax credit if they can demonstrate that they are improving a community or its school system or something along those lines. The plan isn't perfect by any means, but it is a recognition that automation is not going anywhere. Convential means of curbing wealthy corporations are going to break down, since companies are no longer bound by the capitalist assumption that higher productivity requires more workers. In Yang's way, we acknowledge that automation is the future, and try to harness that future in a way that works for society, and not just for corporations.

  • Domink
    Domink Hour ago

    lol, thats what buttgieg got from getting involved with identity politics.

    • pewpew
      pewpew Hour ago

      Left eating the left get the popcorn

    • pewpew
      pewpew Hour ago


  • Dave"Nyce"Katulak

    Also TYT needs a betting pool on what Donald J.(erk-off) Trump will pick as his nw nickname . My votes are : West Side Biden, Tony Maria & Joey B., Blood Vessel-Pop , Papa-Pop or finally , Grandpa-Pop,

  • Mike DUB
    Mike DUB Hour ago

    This bitch is annoying, should've been her on the stage.

  • Space Exposed
    Space Exposed Hour ago


  • American girl
    American girl Hour ago

    Black Citizens this is the demoncraps plan to let foreign illegals they sold guns to will commit genocide against you and you are voting for it. Do you really think they're going to support you ?

  • pewpew
    pewpew Hour ago

    The best gun sales man award of the century goes to Beto O Rourke gun sales are BOOMING!

  • MrSouthern34
    MrSouthern34 Hour ago

    Virtue signal level: 100

  • Jeremy Kwan
    Jeremy Kwan Hour ago

    Sprightly Joe can be believed. "Cornpop" is deathly afraid!

  • Sunshine Daydream

    Dude has his own cannabis company, smoke all the hell the Dogg wants too.. Marley said he smoked over a pound per week.... 😆

  • Ardenwolfe
    Ardenwolfe Hour ago

    Auntie Ruckus. Pretty damn accurate.

  • spungar patar
    spungar patar Hour ago

    TRUMP2020BITCH!!!!🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  • aaronsande
    aaronsande Hour ago

    But Sam Harris says blacks don't like Butt Gauge because blacks tend to be homophobic. Hmm. Or it could be the racism. Or that.

  • tom patterson
    tom patterson Hour ago

    Did you hear that Republican it wasn't my baby

  • Alex Snow
    Alex Snow Hour ago

    So this is strange as I'm watching this video i noticed i wasn't subscribed to TYT but I never unsubscribed

  • Joshua Joseph
    Joshua Joseph Hour ago

    Maybe if he had black friends they could have saved them.

  • Zawlwin Moe
    Zawlwin Moe Hour ago

    So sick and tired of both sides of media!!!

  • Joshua Joseph
    Joshua Joseph Hour ago


  • Understanding Truth

    Audience is so racist and your panel is stupid

  • Carl Rice
    Carl Rice Hour ago

    The sad part if that these white officers will view themselves are the victims. Racists usually do.

    • Timothy Kozlowski
      Timothy Kozlowski Hour ago

      Odd, but doesn't Ilhan Omar, always view herself as a victim?

  • Aaron Green
    Aaron Green Hour ago

    Pretty sure most TYT viewers knew Lil Petey was a worm but i'm sure I've seen this movie before? hmm, ahh! "Revenge of the Nerds" and that would make the police in this story Ogre.

  • TheSmilingtooth
    TheSmilingtooth Hour ago

    Man he sounds like a munchkin

  • Petrus Delassio
    Petrus Delassio Hour ago

    Kizzi gets owned again.

  • Nicholas Briscoe

    She is the female Judas sell out her race for money

  • Understanding Truth

    America is great now you dumb motherfucker

  • Henry Badd
    Henry Badd Hour ago

    I like the bill, respect law enforcement. Don't like them. They do see themselves as above . But I don't think everyone on the right would go to bat for them!

  • mozbius
    mozbius Hour ago

    When Candace will be left behind by her owners NOBODY will feel sorry for her rat ass. I hope that what she's getting paid is WELL worth losing all dignity cause she is straight up garbage.

  • Riley Losordo
    Riley Losordo Hour ago

    I wonder if Corn Pop knew T Bone!

  • Kain Frost
    Kain Frost Hour ago

    lol, cenk and ana know nothing about gang member names. I know a few people name "popcorn" and other weird stuff like "Smurf"

  • Abhishek Nair
    Abhishek Nair Hour ago

    This is just brilliant reporting!!!

  • griner65
    griner65 Hour ago

    This video feels odd and scripted. This is the first time I've ever felt a tyt person is reading off of a teleprompter

    • Lindsey Stein
      Lindsey Stein Hour ago

      I was just thinking the same thing. I don’t like it and I hope they go back to normal

  • Iyumi Blue
    Iyumi Blue Hour ago

    maybe cardi b should debate her after all. she kind of sucks. no wonder she dodged both kyle kulinski and sam seder in a debate.

  • chakra25king
    chakra25king Hour ago

    Solid reporting, keep it up. Stories like this aren’t as sexy as others, but they are extremely important. The only two kinds of people who could dismiss that are people who are biased towards Pete in this case, or people who are narrowminded and can’t see big pictures. What is happening in South Bend may not matter to some because it doesn’t directly affect them, but it is destroying and affecting the lives of the people there, and it is systemic of a larger problem that affects everybody in the country. Saying who cares and ignoring the facts and these stories just keeps people ignorant and complicit, if you want the world to be a better place you have to pay attention to everything and learn.

  • Shadofx
    Shadofx Hour ago

    Always with the race card...smh

  • Owen Davison
    Owen Davison Hour ago

    Blah blah blah lies lies lies TYT is a joke

  • Dave"Nyce"Katulak

    Here is where he sounds like an idiot (again), anyone who has a freind that is a minority , in a situation where that person is in the minority & someone says something to diss him or her we immediately stand by their side & stick up for them , its not some courageous hero thing, its just what your taught to do & when you do it for a stranger , same, your just doing whats right.

  • Thezuule
    Thezuule Hour ago

    "I think we should negotiate with our enemies.." I think we should stop naming everyone our enemy...

  • Barney Brimlow
    Barney Brimlow Hour ago

    funny how tyt leaves out the part where Killer Mike agrees with her and disagrees with TI.

  • Michael Cartuccio

    Life is not perfect and crying about it isn't going to make it better there's certain things you can do that can change it .But if these people want to support senator Warren so what? Ana I thought you were calling things down the middle you're crying about that I thought you were not bias but you're are!

  • SuperLineman77
    SuperLineman77 Hour ago

    Damn I wanna see them titties through that fishnet shirt!!! I’m squeezing my eyes so hard!!!

  • Samuel Hicks
    Samuel Hicks Hour ago

    Slavery was used to punish Antagonistic Factions than just snatching up random people for free work and money. that's the misguided use of slavery, which made US Weak.

  • eric moss
    eric moss Hour ago

    You are known by the friends you keep. If the WFP wants to keep big money donors as friends, then they can screw themselves.

  • Cornelius Pearl
    Cornelius Pearl Hour ago

    Trump protects the kkk this is a constant double standards.

  • wienzard 93
    wienzard 93 Hour ago

    you guys aren't going to mention the fact that they endorse Crowley over AOC the last time??

  • Lee Alexander
    Lee Alexander Hour ago

    I'm happy that someone with a large platform, which I don't have, has finally caught on. My Twitter account just isn't getting it done.

  • Chocolate Silk’s World

    That was a phenomenal interview she hit the nail on the head 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • Munzy Stargazer
    Munzy Stargazer Hour ago

    Buttigieg is looking weaker and weaker by the day....White Boy needs to go back to Indianapolis and step away from the bid for Prez....he’s not the guy...

  • Michael Pondo
    Michael Pondo Hour ago

    This is the kind of scandal that no city should endure. Lets get together and woek to guarantee that we all have justice.

  • itsjayswelly
    itsjayswelly Hour ago

    Buttigieg polling at 0.6% with black people...we aren't gonna vote for him. He needs to drop out.

  • Elwood Scott
    Elwood Scott Hour ago

    What about Anita Hill? Are we also impeaching nasty ass justice Clarence Thomas?

  • Z.F.A.
    Z.F.A. Hour ago

    scary that cops do favors for friends or handlers while in uniform, including intimidation of business rivals

  • Anthony Eugene Williams Jr

    Ben Shapiro is Miss. Ballbricker from Porky's.

  • Daniel Salazar
    Daniel Salazar Hour ago

    Ok Dems you win, America was never great, that's why nobody wants to be here. Oh wait...

  • T.C. Eisele
    T.C. Eisele Hour ago

    His new nickname is "Joke" Biden......Let's give him a square on a remake of The Hollywood Squares and move on to more serious things, like electing a Democratic nominee.

  • Owen Davison
    Owen Davison Hour ago

    Bruh her attorney admitted in a video her accusations we completely politically motivated and 3 of the people who testified with Ford are under criminal conviction for making the whole thing up FORD LIED! End of story anyone who thinks kavanaugh is guilt is an idiot period

  • michellejean11
    michellejean11 Hour ago

    How can you tell when the Nazis are going insane, they all act crazy to start with. desantis sounds like a typical Nazi, no actual facts or evidence just playing to the emotions of his idiot audience. If desantis can not tell that Alexandria is a woman he may be asexual, an incel. or failed biology with the worst grade ever. I expect pelosi is trying to be the big shot in the house so she's worried she may not be in charge for long. We are not so much dealing with capitalism we now live in a corporate monopolies and greedy comrade trump wrecking our economy. We need another Teddy Roosevelt or maybe Alexandria to break up the monopolies!

  • Owen Davison
    Owen Davison Hour ago

    Bruh her attorney admitted in a video her accusations we completely politically motivated and 3 of the people who testified with Ford are under criminal conviction for making the whole thing up FORD LIED! End of story anyone who thinks kavanaugh is guilt is an idiot period

  • Sherri Greeydelinarez

    Gossip! Pure Gossip!!!

  • Lee Alexander
    Lee Alexander Hour ago

    How is a small town Mayor qualified to be President anyway? He needs to go back and solve his problems at home.

  • zak ortega
    zak ortega Hour ago

    I retract some of my statements on how I didn't think you were objective anymore. I still am cautious just as everyone should be with any and every news outlet.

  • James Timmons
    James Timmons Hour ago

    You're trying so hard to be a woman you even changed your voice and obviously that's not biological come on it's funny

  • carmay3600
    carmay3600 Hour ago

    So let me get this straight. Biden is not allowed to tell TRUE stories about his past? The story was about standing up to bullies. It wasn’t about how well he got along with black people. You guys are so petty.

  • Molly Thomas
    Molly Thomas Hour ago

    I really like him.......

  • Oscar Rodriguez
    Oscar Rodriguez Hour ago

    The Young Turds, hey man my dad was a farm worker in the fields of California, he came here on a Bracero program but USA made it hard for him to be a US citizen. So it was sad to see him hide for years he grew a beard long hair , to blend with the Hippies . System is broken that’s why millions come her illegally to just feed their kids . But open borders would be nail on the coffin to our democracy, factories left USA Robots and automation is here, Cenk where are these immigrants gonna work .

  • James Timmons
    James Timmons Hour ago


  • cj cotton
    cj cotton Hour ago

    None black people should keep they mouth shut on black issues, even if I disagree with your position as a black person at least you come from the community.

  • Gilbert Valdez
    Gilbert Valdez Hour ago

    Bernie Sanders 2020✌🏾free health for all!!!!

  • Gilda Provenzano

    Yeah. So? Normal for him and trumptards.

  • Go Girl
    Go Girl Hour ago

    Do they know she is on the take with these corporations?????

    I HATE CHUMP Hour ago

    rent-an-army. dot .US

  • Christian Valencia

    Bernie is clearly the best candidate for President

  • Brian Bernstein
    Brian Bernstein Hour ago

    Cenk accused people of picking Sanders over Warren of being sexist literally ONE day ago, all because he ran into a cab driver whose brother was sexist. He extended THAT into "Warren being 9 points behind Sanders in NH means obvious sexism," as their policies are simply too similar for there to be ANY other reason to explain the discrepancy. So should we be accusing Warren supporters or WFP of being anti-men? Oh right, that would require actual consistency of argument.

  • G J
    G J Hour ago

    Is this guy mentally retarded or is this like The Onion? Even his police force reference makes me want to practice my 2nd amendment against him I need to defend my brain cells against death from his arguement. The police force are not the people they're not considered civilians number 1 and number 2 their weapons are provided by the government....are you fucken retarded? Not to mention if you read the federalist papers everything this terrorist says is a lie this man needs to be executed. That's not a threat we literally need to have a trial for execution hes a terrorist at worst

  • Robbyguy
    Robbyguy Hour ago

    Wait a second. We’re serious about bias, right? Well yeah, maybe this is a dumb story, but if you’re going to be dismissive because it took place in the 60’s, how then aren’t you also similarly dismissive of Bernie Sanders’ popularized participation in a civil rights’ standoff? Did it not also take place in the 60’s? Both, particularly if Biden’s account is true, which it appears to be, can be used and in Sanders’ case is being used, to provide credibility & bona fides of anti-racist standing. It should also be noted that Sanders participated like so many other whites at the time in “white flight” from Brooklyn. Stay honest and recognize your own bias

  • Jay Bees
    Jay Bees Hour ago

    A bunch of foolishness

  • Phillip Christopher

    Doesn't anyone know they're getting recorded?

  • Dragon1717
    Dragon1717 Hour ago

    TI came off somewhat buffoonish in that exchange. Here's a recap. Here's what he did. He honed in like a laser on negative aspects of American history such as slavery, lynchings and the crack epidemic. However he COMPLETELY FAILED to mention even a single good thing about America's past. A prime example is that black family units used to be intact and flourishing as opposed to current day where we have an explosion in single parent households / single mothers.

  • patricia zambrano

    If anyone believes that Iran did it than they believe the world towers collapsed due to airplanes. What a bullshit way to try and start a war.

  • OfThe Earth
    OfThe Earth Hour ago

    Hope the money was worth it, Owens. To forever be remembered as a shill and the only AUNT TOM ever in history.

  • Joy Anderson
    Joy Anderson Hour ago

    I love TI

  • PM 3736
    PM 3736 Hour ago

    Once again the effects of Pelosi's great leadership has lead to republican victory

  • Zach White
    Zach White Hour ago

    Fake News .... Still waiting for a leftist soyboy to try to put me in a gas chamber 😁🖕

  • Leonard Ell-Bon
    Leonard Ell-Bon Hour ago

    TYT investigates? Mayor Pete suspended the Police chief because he broke the law not because he was black. FBI was investigating the chief of police for breaking the law.

    • B GM
      B GM Hour ago

      Actually no. US Attornies denied that claim.

  • Kenny Peagler
    Kenny Peagler Hour ago

    She never should have went to a black audience with that BS.

  • imafunny girl
    imafunny girl Hour ago