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  • Shenanigram S
    Shenanigram S 53 minutes ago

    I’d like it a whole lot more if the building weren’t such an eye sore.

  • Jacky Chin
    Jacky Chin 3 hours ago

    Just love you guys without words.

  • Robin A
    Robin A 4 hours ago


  • ravenmv 1150
    ravenmv 1150 4 hours ago

    I love “the lion king” 🦁🦁🦁🦁

  • sarah rose
    sarah rose 5 hours ago

    Momma & I are sooo ready! My sister & her family went 2 yrs ago & now they're taking us! So, we are really excited to get to go experience Disney World & the parade for the first time! We're really counting down the days now lol. 18 days today!

  • Asobah Naga
    Asobah Naga 5 hours ago

    Me during her age I played marble..

  • Youtuber Critic
    Youtuber Critic 6 hours ago

    I see what ya did there in the Walt and Roy section. Walt Disney opened Disneyland while his Nephew, Roy, was the one to Open the Magic Kingdom

  • Alexandria Adamson
    Alexandria Adamson 7 hours ago

    Liverpool, England

  • divanne. Sumakud
    divanne. Sumakud 7 hours ago

    well theres alot of ppl commenting that there from indonesia im from there tooo

  • Dorito lad69
    Dorito lad69 8 hours ago

    Looks retarted

  • Jarnoir & Co.
    Jarnoir & Co. 9 hours ago

    so happy and touchy vid. tx

  • UserInterface00
    UserInterface00 12 hours ago

    Front of the cars almost looks like Captain Marvels costume.

  • ANNE YAP Siow Lin
    ANNE YAP Siow Lin 12 hours ago

    It's probably a ride from Dynamic Attractions

  • Luke Butler
    Luke Butler 13 hours ago

    Mickey has moves

  • Erick Coffee
    Erick Coffee 15 hours ago

    Disney is magical 😭

  • CVerse
    CVerse 16 hours ago

    If I wasn't looking correctly, I'd think these were Transformers The Ride 3D vehicles

  • Dyaabs TV
    Dyaabs TV 18 hours ago

    Is the the boy from Twitter? Wow!

  • alex rod
    alex rod 22 hours ago

    I wish that would happen in my birthday😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Devis Melchiori
    Devis Melchiori 22 hours ago

    The best fireworks

  • Matteo Barbot
    Matteo Barbot 22 hours ago

    I will always remember when u guys Made me drew mushu thanks for posting this videos!!!

  • Kendall & Rajah
    Kendall & Rajah 23 hours ago

    4 seats per car??? OOF

  • Horizons1
    Horizons1 23 hours ago

    Hallowishes was better. Aside from the cool Jack puppet this is show is a step down from the previous one.

  • Sean Kent
    Sean Kent Day ago

    I still don’t think that was Russi Taylor who played the voice of Minnie in this show.

  • FuddyduddyBella

    This was so disappointing! I was looking forward to seeing Hallow Wishes for the first time cause it looked so cool. Got stuck with this one. 😪 oh well, Disney is so magical that it doesn’t matter. I had a really good time!

  • Indra Taylor
    Indra Taylor Day ago

    Love you 🙌🏿👏🏿🏰🎃🎆👻💀💖😍

  • Joshua Lowe
    Joshua Lowe Day ago

    Did this happen this year? If it did, why did it happen before Halloween??

    • glendepoorter 1
      glendepoorter 1 22 hours ago

      Yes from 2 weeks ago begon the Halloween event

  • Reddy
    Reddy Day ago

    Dc is better

  • Pami Pandimonium

    I really wanted to like this because Hallowishes was excellent. I'm disappointed 😔 it looks like you threw everything at it and it's a mess!! Too busy. More is not more!! Coming from Scotland and will be attending Sunday. Hope this is better in real life. It felt like you had to be quite far back to grt the fireworks but then couldn't see the castle projections, let alone Jack, clearly and that only got worse with smoke, lasers etc. Love the dancing ghosts though.... Beautiful!

  • RobFuz
    RobFuz Day ago

    Awesome Video! I love when you guys go live!

  • Phillip Paree
    Phillip Paree Day ago

    The shape of the cars reminds me of Journey Into Imagination.

  • FWL 88
    FWL 88 Day ago

    This was amazing I went to it and I saw the fireworks from my room in the poly

  • EquusHeart
    EquusHeart Day ago

    I miss the Headless Horseman

  • Scumbigula
    Scumbigula Day ago

    its a shame this massive company can only use their branded movies so we get the same thing every year; NBC, haunted mansion, and disney villians. i wish this technology and money was available to more licenses

  • Javier Alejandro Velasquez Urdaneta

    That was......... Phenomenal!!!😱😱😱😍😍 and so excited!!!😭😭😂😂 Thank You for watching the livestream!!😘 And I can't wait for "Disney's Not-So-Spooky Spectacular soundtrack" is coming out on music soundtrack!! Happy Halloween, Disney Parks!!!🎃👻💀🍁🍂 #DisneyParksLIVE

    • Ryan Kiser
      Ryan Kiser Day ago

      Do you know or have an estimate on when the soundtrack will be released?

  • James Abner
    James Abner Day ago

    that we be so much fun

  • Gergő Izsó
    Gergő Izsó Day ago

    I' hearing the fireworks sound and peoples''s voice, why is not coming the CD soundtrack in Disney World???????

  • Fernando Scocozza

    Really spectacular!! Everything is amazing in Disney parks!!

    • WinnerMatt11
      WinnerMatt11 Day ago

      Fernando Scocozza EVERYTHING!!!!... Except the prices.

  • Rose Taylor
    Rose Taylor Day ago

    Will there be a car for non transferring disabled?

  • TheAaronJudge 99

    Such a magical place. Many trips with my family I will truly never forget.

  • Ninjago Nick
    Ninjago Nick Day ago

    Looks soooooo cool😎💗🥳 wish we were there

  • geri puthoff
    geri puthoff Day ago

    Thank you for including us tonight.

  • tic toc app tic toc app

    The phantom Erik playing the organ

  • tic toc app tic toc app

    Step time they used the song from Mary Poppins

  • Thisisthelongestyoutubename haha

    I miss disney world

  • GarlandCharlotte19

    Loved it🎃😊💕! Thank you so much for sharing😊💗!

  • Jaden Cassamajor

    6:04 is when it starts

  • Omar Cadena
    Omar Cadena Day ago

    Me gustó mucho espero visitar Disney World en Halloween para experimentar el Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party

  • FP
    FP Day ago


  • Jaden Cassamajor

    I saw the fireworks from my room

  • Alyssia Gonzalez

    Best job ever

  • Bear Rain
    Bear Rain Day ago

    It was so cool loved it

  • conexaopatriciasantos

    Amei, I Loved Thanks! I m in Florianópolis South of Brazil

    • By Eduardo Ramos
      By Eduardo Ramos Day ago

      Brasileiros aqui kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk O show tá lindo mesmo

  • Hisham Said
    Hisham Said Day ago

    Watching from Malaysia! #disneyparkslive

  • Tiago Santana
    Tiago Santana Day ago

    Espetáculo 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Thomas W
    Thomas W Day ago

    People in the comments keep saying spinning coaster..... i bet its not free spinning i bet it will control itself to force you where to look.....others saying 8 riders at a time and long waits.... with it being part dark rode part roller coaster, i bet they have a continuous loading platform.

    • Theme Park Go
      Theme Park Go Day ago

      Thomas W i wouldn’t be surprised if you were spot on with your prediction. It’s pretty much confirmed that the cars will rotate to face the screens, and a backwards launch will kick off the action. I’d imagine that at some parts we may get a full 360 spin similar to Escape From Gringots.

    • Spongeycraft
      Spongeycraft Day ago

      Omni mover + roller coaster = this. A genius move tbh. a roller coaster where the ride can physically move your vision and show you where to look at the right time. It may sound bad, but for stuff like story and show scenes this is really good.

  • Brooklynn Shaw

    get it 'wish' so funny

  • Jill Libertucci

    Enjoy honey happy birthday and God bless

  • Ben Schubert
    Ben Schubert Day ago



    Love his shirt!

  • Peanuts n Pineapples

    this show was fantastic, i loved it

  • Youtuber sv
    Youtuber sv Day ago

    Oooh buen trabajo disney es mágico que ayuden a los niños a cumplir sus sueños

  • michelle ashley

    Wow published on 2011..

  • Brookey Maddie

    Awe when Mickey came out and he ran to him I traded up. 😭 I’m such a baby but this was so sweet.

  • katherine elmer

    That sweet boy is an angel and i am happy he still gets his wish

  • ztslovebird
    ztslovebird Day ago

    Huh. I thought this would be a coaster with inversions or loops, but the cars don’t have the right restraints. Will this just be a spinning coaster?

    • Derp Da Duck
      Derp Da Duck 17 hours ago

      Coasters can loop with only a lap bar. I do not believe Disney has make a looping attraction without over the shoulder restraints before but it has been done before. Due to the lap bars being so curved there is a chance the attraction may still have a conversion or two.

    • ztslovebird
      ztslovebird Day ago

      Zachary Mleynek But will it spin?

    • Zachary Mleynek
      Zachary Mleynek Day ago

      half roller coaster, half dark ride

  • Rachel_Rebel_Makeup

    Pretty but please lower the prices on merchandise especially the Loungefly stuff.

  • :v
    :v Day ago

    Quisiera verlo en persona !!

  • :v
    :v Day ago

    Alguien español??

  • Hayden Kelly
    Hayden Kelly Day ago

    That’s amazing !!!! A kid like Jermaine deserves a trip to Disney world

  • Alecyang
    Alecyang 2 days ago

    Disney Fantasy is such a beautiful ship! I’ve been on it twice. Loved every moment of it.

  • Kelly Oyen
    Kelly Oyen 2 days ago

    SOOOOOO sweet ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • mary walker
    mary walker 2 days ago

    Jermaine you have a beautiful heart hope you have great fun at Disney love and blessings love from UK

  • Christina hester
    Christina hester 2 days ago

    He’s one lucky kid happy birthday

  • Lemonah
    Lemonah 2 days ago

    Wow this made me tear up, I love seeing kids like him, he’s so respectful and his parents did an amazing job raising him, he 200% deserves this trip!! 😊😊

  • Flying& Vacationing

    Will any of the Frozen merch proceeds go towards planned parenthood in support of Hollyweird??🤷‍♂️

  • Shaiyazat Thriranoorat

    When you do good, good comes back to you.

  • Alexis Garcia
    Alexis Garcia 2 days ago

    lol simba in the background is like yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Livy The shark
    Livy The shark 2 days ago

    Awwwww that’s sooooo sweet :)

  • Juljee
    Juljee 2 days ago

    my sister asked for a dorito and i gave her one, why didn't disney come to my door??

  • IIMimi BushesII
    IIMimi BushesII 2 days ago


  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren 2 days ago

    I swear I’m not crying.

  • The traveling steampunk Kitty

    It’s going to be a spin coaster...nice

  • Hinakurachan7
    Hinakurachan7 2 days ago

    I couldn't help but cry at this story! This is indeed the magic of Disney! That boy sure deserves it for the good deed that he has done! Such a pure heart! ❤

  • Ultra Jacksgaming
    Ultra Jacksgaming 2 days ago

    Still a lot of other ships you gotta show us

  • InvaderrrSteph
    InvaderrrSteph 2 days ago

    His “future King” t shirt 😭 so adorable, you can do it little guy! He looks so happy in his little Mickey ears ❤️

  • KJ
    KJ 2 days ago

    I know a lot of people are disappointed that this roller coaster doesn’t have inversions, but honestly I’m okay with that because I don’t like the feeling of going upside down. A lot of Disney’s roller coasters don’t go upside down and they are amazing so I’m looking forward to riding this one.

  • lexi 1
    lexi 1 2 days ago

    🌟 ❤ This is AMAZING and i wish Walt Disney can see this and some day I'm going to try my best and NEVER give up i want to be like Walt Disney some day ❤ 🌟

  • ashton gillin
    ashton gillin 2 days ago

    Enjoy your trip to!

  • Pony Luvr
    Pony Luvr 2 days ago


  • OrcaPuffCreationStudios

    You’re such a great kiddo!!

  • Hana Wiess
    Hana Wiess 2 days ago

    THIS IS SO WHOLESOME. Really needed this today :,)

  • ashton gillin
    ashton gillin 2 days ago

    Wow I would really want to go to Disneyworld

  • Jovany Marquez
    Jovany Marquez 2 days ago


  • Xanegoh
    Xanegoh 2 days ago

    The cringe is strong with this one.

  • Ryan Alexander
    Ryan Alexander 2 days ago

    He looks like he is 9